Composite Acoustics OX - Raw Carbon

6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Carbon Fiber Top, Back, and Sides; Carbon Fiber Neck and Fretboard; and LR Baggs Electronics - Raw Carbon
Composite Acoustics OX - Raw Carbon image 1
Composite Acoustics OX - Raw Carbon image 1
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Composite Acoustics OX - Raw Carbon
In Stock!

The Evolution of the Acoustic Guitar

Tired of your guitar acting up because of the weather or climate? The innovative Composite Acoustics OX acoustic-electric guitar replaces traditional woods with carbon fiber for a rock-solid guitar. Extreme temps and humidity don't affect the OX, giving you a guitar that is ready for any gig anywhere. The great-sounding acoustic tone is perfect for small gigs, and the LR Baggs electronics give you excellent plugged-in tone. Every Composite Acoustics guitar is Plek'd at the factory for a lifetime of perfect playability. If you're looking for an ultra-stable and reliable acoustic-electric guitar, then you need to check out the Composite Acoustics OX!

Composite Acoustics OX Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • Plek setup from the factory
  • Modern, man-made materials create an ultra-stable instrument
  • Tailored acoustic guitar tone
  • Constructed with laser precision
  • A hassle-free guitar
  • LR Baggs electronics give you plenty of sonic control
Plek setup from the factory

In an effort to offer the best-playing, best-sounding acoustic guitars on the market, Composite Acoustics puts every one of their instruments through a computerized Plek Pro setup. The Plek system takes measurements of each guitar, perfectly levels and crowns each fret, and cuts the string nut at the ideal height and width for a perfectly set up instrument. And thanks to the carbon fiber construction, it stays that way with no variation.

Modern, man-made materials create an ultra-stable instrument

Acoustic guitars made from wood have always been plagued with temperature and climate issues. If it's too humid, your guitar sounds muddy, and if it's too dry, it can experience shrinkage and cracking. And let's not forget that hot and cold can also wreak havoc on your instrument. Composite Acoustics has eliminated all of these annoyances by building an acoustic guitar out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and super-strong material used for everything from Formula One race cars to airplanes. Besides being immune to climate and temperature issues, the strength of carbon fiber means you'll never have any "bellying" on the top or ever have to adjust your neck.

Tailored acoustic guitar tone

Another great aspect of the Composite Acoustics OX carbon fiber acoustic-electric guitar is its sound. Whether you play it acoustic or electric, the OX has a great voice and tonality. Extensive design and testing has led Composite Acoustics to find the perfect formula for amazing acoustic sound. And since every guitar is created using exact tolerances, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, they all have that killer acoustic voicing. The body and neck are created as a single piece, which gives the OX maximum tonal transfer. The top uses carbon fiber bracing to give you the perfect acoustic sound for any style of music. Even the bridge and saddle are precision made from carbon for maximum sound and vibration transfer.

Constructed with laser precision

Modern technology creates greener houses, smaller computers, and more economical cars, so why not a better guitar? Composite Acoustics utilizes the latest in modern production technology to build the OX acoustic-electric guitar. These American-made guitars are built to extremely strict tolerances using CNC machines, CAD design, and laser-cutting devices that give you the perfect instrument. The Plek Pro fret-leveling process creates an outstandingly playable fretboard. You won't find a more precisely made guitar on the market than the Composite Acoustics OX. Every Composite Acoustics guitar comes with a lifetime warranty.

A hassle-free guitar

Traditionally constructed guitars need lots of care and babying from the elements and climate. The Composite Acoustics OX's unique carbon fiber build makes it impervious to weather and climate conditions. You won't have to worry about shrinkage, cracking, or expanding. In fact, you never have to oil your fingerboard or humidify a carbon fiber guitar. Carbon fiber is a stable and ultra-durable material, making it perfect for traveling musicians. The top of the OX won't split down the center in dry climates and won't warp or swell in wet climates. The reliability and stability of the Composite Acoustics OX is something we at Sweetwater know most guitarists will appreciate. You can keep it in your car all day long ,no matter what the temperature. The Composite Acoustics OX is perfect for camping, festivals, and any outdoor gig.

LR Baggs electronics give you plenty of sonic control

You can shape the sound of your Composite Acoustics OX acoustic-electric guitar for virtually any scenario with its LR Baggs StagePro Element electronics. You get control over volume, bass, treble, mid, phase, and notch filter, so you can get a great sound in any environment. A built-in tuner lets you tune before the gig and even onstage.

Composite Acoustics OX Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
  • State-of-the-art guitar made from carbon fiber
  • Plek process creates an amazingly precise fretboard with optimal fret leveling
  • Great acoustic sound that won't change
  • 1-piece guitar body and neck for maximum vibration transfer
  • Carbon fiber is extremely rugged and impervious to climate and weather conditions
  • Easier to care for than traditional wooden guitars
  • Durable stainless steel frets
  • Carbon fiber nut and bridge
  • Precision 18:1 ratio tuners
  • Great plugged-in tone with LR Baggs electronics
  • Handcrafted in the USA by skilled technicians and craftsmen
  • Lifetime warranty
Get an extremely durable and rugged acoustic with the carbon fiber Composite Acoustics OX!

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Tech Specs

String Type Steel
Number of Strings 6
Body Shape OX
Body Style Single Cutaway
Left-/Right-handed Right Handed
Color Raw finish
Top Wood Carbon Fiber
Back & Sides Wood Carbon Fiber
Body Bracing Performance tuned carbon fiber bracing
Neck Wood Carbon Fiber
Fingerboard Material Proprietary Reinforced Polymer
Fingerboard Inlay Aluminum, dot
Number of Frets 20, medium stainless steel
Scale Length 25.5"
Tuning Machines Ultra Precision Tuning Machines (18:1 ratio)
Bridge Material Proprietary Carbon Fiber
Nut/Saddle Material Proprietary Carbon Fiber
Nut Width 1.75"
Body Width Upper Bout 11.11", Lower Bout 14.97"
Body Depth 3.58"
Strings Elixir Nanoweb Strings (.012-.053)
Case Included Foam Core lite case
Manufacturer Part Number 03011260

Customer Reviews

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sleek, elegant performance acoustic

i've owned and gigged my Raw OX constantly since 2012 and it's just a dependable, unflinching workhorse of a performance instrument. it's an ultra sleek, Ferrari of a guitar and perfect for especially "lead acoustic"'s not quite as harmonically rich acoustically as my other high-end solid wood guitars, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when playing plugged into a high-volume stage setting. the CA Raw OX is also much warmer-sounding than any of the other CF guitars i've played from RainSong and others...the raw finish always feels warm and dry to the touch, as well, and never feels sticky or smudgy like the high-gloss CF acoustics i've's just fantastic. i've left it sitting in my 120+degree black Jeep all day, pulled it out of the case and it's never anything but in tune and neck is perfectly flat and straight as the day i bought it in 2012...
Music background: singer.guitarist.songwriter.producer

Composite Acoustics OX guitar

Plays great and sounds great, couldn't be more pleased.
Music background: Hobbyist

Great guitar, but may have to give it time to grow on you.

Perhaps I was a bit hasty in my first review. Having played this for a couple weeks now, and using it on a Line 6 and a Fishman Loudbox mini and well as unplugged, I am growing to like it more and more. The neck has a great feel, smooth and fast. I haven't had to re-tune it once. Very stable tone. Action is a bit higher than I like, but as I said I'm a Taylor fan. I was going to return it, but after playing it for a while, I realized what a great guitar this was, especially considering I wouldn't have to take my higher end Taylors out if I was going to be playing outside someplace. I don't play in a band, or do solo gigs, but I do take my guitars to the park with the kids and like to play outside by the pool and take it on vacations. This really is going to be great for that. Don't misunderstand, I'm still spoiled by Taylor guitars and their rich tone and great action, but this is really a great guitar for gig players and playing outside. Not to mention changing climate regions. I gave it 4.5 stars because of the comparison to tone woods. If you are looking for a sturdy, stable, reliable guitar with good tone and hassle free, I would highly recommend it, and don't judge it too quickly. Play it for a while and let it grow on you. A big thank you to A.J. Becerra my Sales Tech for suggesting I play it some before returning it. He was very willing to take it back, don't get me wrong. No Hassles, he just gave me some insight into the guitar itself that really made me appreciate what I had. That's what I love about Sweetwater. No hassles, but lots of great advice based on exceptional knowledge of their products and the best service anywhere. Oh yea, and the candy. ; )
Music background: Intermediate fingerstyle hobbyist

Nice Player

I really like do this guitar, yet I'm disappointed at the same time. I love that it stays in tune perfectly, and not having to worry about temperature and humidity fluctuations. It sounds great. The first thing that disappointed me was that the strap button of the L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Element had some cosmetic damage on it, as if pliers had been used to tighten it. This was not a big deal, and was just cosmetic, but hey, I'm picky, and this wasn't a totally cheapo guitar. Composite Acoustics ignored my email asking if I could get a replacement. Fortunately, someone at L.R. Baggs responded immediately and mailed me a replacement strap button right away. The headstock has obvious scuff marks at each tuner, where a peg-winding tool had been used during string installation. Again, not a big deal, but I'm not sure why it's so hard to assemble a guitar without damaging the surface. The next issue I found was that one of the tuners was messed up. It had about 1/4 of play in it, meaning that it would take that much of a turn simply to engage the gears inside at all. This did not prevent it from obtaining or staying in a state of tune, but was annoying to deal with, especially when trying to make minor tuning adjustments. Again, Composite Acoustics ignored my emails. Sweetwater inquired on my behalf, and before long, Composite Acoustics sent me a replacement tuner. Unfortunately, the replacement tuner had a scratch in its finish. I guess the people at Composite Acoustics are rough, apathetic, or both. I later noticed that several of the other tuners have the same issue, to one extent or another. I'm not sure if the issue didn't surface until the tuners had been used a bit more, or if I just didn't notice it for awhile, but I decided to just live with it. The guitar sounds great and plays really nicely, especially after lowering the saddle a bit. But I'm pretty sure this will be my last Composite Acoustics guitar.

Good if climate or travel is an issue

I bought this guitar to try it out and see what I thought of the sound and hype. First off let me say I was comparing it to a comparably priced Taylor 314ce. If you live in an area where climate issues are a problem or if you play outside gigs a lot or travel. I think the OX would be a good guitar for that. Having said that, it doesn't even come close, in my opinion, to the quality of sound that a Taylor 314ce has plugged in or unplugged. For the money, unless some of the issues stated above apply, I would stick with the Tone wood acoustics, especially if you are a fingerstyle player.
Music background: Intermediate fingerstyle hobbyist

Sweetwater Advice

Andy Miller

As I've used the Peavey OX for studio work, I've noticed that I don't need to spend much time EQing my tracks. It's like someone carefully dialed out the boxiness and midrange resonance for me. The intonation is great (no more retuning my B string between A and D chords) and this guitar delivers the stability I need to take chances when I play live. It's like driving a fine sports car!
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