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Composite Acoustics Legacy Dreadnought Acoustic Electric - Raw Carbon Finish Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from July 6, 2015

    Lifetime Guitar that Sounds GREAT!

    I have this guitar in the carbon burst glossy finish and it looks and sounds amazing. I have a Taylor and a couple Martin D18s as well. First off, the neck on this guitar is perfect. Easier playability and action than Martin or Taylor and it plays the same no matter what the humidity or temperature. The tone is incredible even compared to wood. It is almost as it it has the ideal tone that guitars are supposed to sound like. Very balanced tone. I like to record mine with an AT4050 in omni a foot away from the 12th fret and then use another AT4050 in omni about 3' from the bridge. The tone is even better than the already mentioned high end wood guitars. Choice of strings and keeping the strings fresh on these guitars is important. I like 80/20 bronze on my glossy finish CA Legacy but on the RAW model regular phosphor bronze may suit you just fine. That is up to the taste of the owner. The durability and great tone of CA Guitars makes wooden guitars almost obsolete. Rainsong guitars are great but the CAs sound more like a wooden guitar.

  • from Dublin,Ga December 8, 2014Music Background:
    Beginner guitar player

    Composite acoustic guitar legacy

    I'm not a musician.Just a new beginner that believes in quality.The selection for guitars are mind boggling for a newbie like me.Thankfully ,Patrick D at Sweetwater has been very helpful and recommended that I go for the Legacy instead of the Cargo that was my initial choice.My decision to buy Composite was initially driven by its impervious characteristic.I know it will survive traveling to different countries with unpredictable weather but I was very surprise by its great acoustic sound that is usually inherent to guitar made out if wood.Our band leader at the church asked me to bring the guitar at church.We had it plugged in with PA system and it sound really good.I was told,it was a great choice.This was coming from a pro.I enjoy the guitar,plug or unplug,it sounds fantastic for me.This was not my initial purchase from Sweetwater.I have received consistent good advice in the past for other products that I purchased before which are not necessarily the most expensive item (headphones/earphones)but it has survived the typical "gentle care" of a teenager son.I thought it wasreasonable and of good quality .Patrick just did not recommend to sell but did because in his opinion is ,what he will buy if he is purchasing the item for himself.Professionalism ,service oriented and sincerity exuded by any sales professional that is evident in any transaction will gain trust from customer.This is the hallmark of a thriving business that wants to stay in business.Thanks Patrick D !

  • from Minot, ND USA November 29, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Musician/Amateur Home Recording Engineer

    Impossibly good tone!!

    Okay, so I don't own this. I probably won't for some time as it's not in the budget. BUT. I played one of these at my local music store and I can say with 100% confidence that this is the fullest sounding acoustic guitar I have EVER played. The salesman put it in my hands, and said something along the lines of "This guitar is made of carbon fiber, so you're thinking it's probably going to sound really thin, right?" I laughed and scoffed at the price tag, thinking there was no way it could beat the Gibson and Guild acoustics behind the "premium counter." I strummed a G chord and almost fell out of my chair. This guitar is so warm, so full, so breathtakingly gorgeous sounding! It may not fit your preconceived notion of what a high-end acoustic should look like, but depending on what you like out of a guitar, this will blow any Martin or Taylor I've ever laid my hands on out of the water!

    Speaking of water, have you heard how durable these are? At NAMM a few years ago, the company that makes these put one of their guitars (not sure if it was a dreadnought or their more compact model, but I think the end result would be the same) in a big tank of water, Houdini-style. At the end of NAMM, they retrieved it from the tank, dumped the water out of the acoustic chamber, and it played IN TUNE!!! These are guitars that are built to withstand the rigors of the road life! If you're like me and baby every piece of gear you get, this will last forever. If you bounce your road gear around like a beach ball, this will still probably last forever! Seriously, buy this guitar sight unseen! Once you get the action how you like it, you can leave it in your car, strap it to the roof of your tour bus, or let your eight-year-old niece drag it behind her to your next gig, and it will still sound amazing! I am beyond sold on this guitar! I just crossed off "Martin Fund" from my piggy bank and wrote this in instead!

    Oh, one more thing: these sound great plugged in too, but if you are okay with going this route, opt out of the model with electronics (I know, that's the one I'm reviewing). Take the cost savings and put it towards a condenser mic you like, and stick that in front of this if at all possible. In my short experience, even the wonderful electronics in this instrument don't quite do justice to its true capability.

    Hope this review helped! When I have saved enough to get one of these, I will absolutely be back with another review!

  • from Klamath Falls, OR July 11, 2014Music Background:
    Former pro musician, hobbyist, project studio

    Five Stars

    This guitar, and it's smaller sister the OX, are basically now the two guitars that I would choose if I had to get rid of all my others. I got this one first and was so blown away that I got the OX as well (for the combined price high-midline Martin/Taylor). I'm keeping my 1968 D-28 and a resonator, but am slowly selling all my other wood guitars. [No more humidifying, no more cracks or warps, and no more adjusting!]

    Sound-wise I'd say this guitar sounds Martinish, but it's neck is thin more like a Taylor (and 1 3/4" nut, which is great). It's almost a cross between a D-18 and D-28. I've heard people say composite guitars, great as they are, just won't have that "complexity" of tone. Hmm. . . MAYBE. But I only THINK I can hear that difference in my 1968 D-28. All other guitars, incl. Martins and Gibsons in the $2000 range are indistinguishable. And my jam circle friends (with their Martins, Taylors and Breedloves) CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE when forced to look away!

    Also, these guitars work better with my Fishman Aura pedal than any others--phenomenal "natural" sound.

    I really, really recommend taking a chance on this guitar, and if not a dreadnaught, then the OX is even less $. Or like me, get both.

  • from United States March 26, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist with a studio

    Fantastic instrument

    I've owned a Legacy Dreadnaught for years. Its been my goto instrument for everything. It excels in the recording studio. I've had dozens of clients in my studio refuse to record with the guitar they brought along after strumming this instrument. Even sounding, easy to play and resistant to temperature changes. Makes this the perfect guitar for any situation.

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