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Cordoba C7 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the Cordoba C7?

Questions about the Cordoba C7?

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  • Ryan Beluk

    When I started lessons for classical guitar, I needed an instrument that wouldn't break the bank or sacrifice tone. The Cordoba C7 delivers on all these levels. The combination of Canadian red cedar with Indian rosewood for the top, back, and sides offers well-balanced, velvety tone.

  • from Milford, IA February 28, 2017


    Just got mine. Very, very happy with this guitar. Sounds really good, fit and finish us unbelievable for any guitar, let along one in this price range. I have owned top of the line Martin's and Colling's, I know what a good guitar is and I am proud to own this one. If you want a really really nice classical guitar that doesn't break the bank, I highly recommend this guitar! GREAT JOB Cordoba! As always Sweetwater is the best.

  • from Indianapolis, IN September 19, 2016Music Background:
    Writer, Producer, Novice Engineer

    A Part of My Life Now

    This isn't a technical review from someone who's been playing for years. I've had my C7 for 2 months now after having purchased my first guitar only a month prior. Learning acoustic guitar was something I always wanted to do and this year I decided to finally take serious steps towards learning how to play. Initially, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a relatively inexpensive Yamaha (F335) just to see if I would really be passionate about playing. The Yamaha is a steel string. I began learning basic chord shapes, scales, etc and realized that the style I was most drawn to was actually classical/fingerstyle/flamenco. I didn't grow up around guitars or listening to music for the instruments more than for the words so I had no idea that there even was such a thing as a nylon string guitar. Once I realized the style I wanted to learn, I started doing my research by looking up as much music as I could, all the while still practicing basic stuff with my Yamaha. After a few weeks I realized that I had actually fallen in love with the guitar in general as crazy as that sounds. I have such an appreciation for the instrument and the people who have really put in the time to be able to express themselves through it. I knew I wanted to get a classical guitar. NEEDED to get a classical guitar. The question was which one. I had a little money to spend but I wasn't, and still am not, ready to shell out $1,000+ for an instrument that, as a beginner, I wouldn't even completely appreciate yet. After looking around, and reading more reviews about more guitars than I can count, everyone said the same thing I'm going to say: If you are just starting out learning classical guitar and have the money to do it, the C7 is an AMAZING guitar!!!!!!!!! The sound of it alone makes me want to practice as much as I can!!! It just sounds great!!!! The more time I spend with it, the more I notice the subtle little nuances of just how sweet it sounds. I decided to pick one really complicated piece to learn while I continue learning theory and basic skills. The piece is called Classical Gas by Mason Williams. I practice a little bit on that song every day and bit by bit I'm getting it down (SLOWLY LOL). If you're just starting out, I'd definitely recommend you set a big goal in terms of something to learn. It will keep you motivated while you learn the basics and will also help you really get to know your guitar and bond with it. I hope to learn Classical Gas completely by next summer so I can begin on Mood for a Day by Steve Howe. The C7 is an amazing instrument. I'm so happy and grateful that this is the guitar I began my journey with. If and when the day comes that I want to get a high end guitar, it will probably be a Cordoba and I'll most definitely be ordering from Sweetwater. Kyle Malone has been my sales engineer for about 2 years or so now and has always been helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional in how he guides and monitors my purchase experiences. If I have a question, he either has an answer, several options, or can find an answer for me. The only thing better than the Cordoba C7 is the Sweetwater experience! Thanks guys!

  • from July 19, 2016

    Fantastic purchase.

    I'm no expert on classical guitars, but the build quality of this guitar blew me away, especially for the price. I'm excited to get to know this guitar even more.

  • from California February 12, 2015Music Background:
    Classical, Rock, Recording engineer, Student

    The best starting guitar for students

    Im absolutely blown away by the way this guitar sounds, feels, looks and plays. I personally got the cedar top cause i like the warmer tones that come out of it. Don't waste your time and money on the lower models like the C3M and the C5 unless you cant afford it, hands down this is the best entry level guitar to get.

  • from Piqua, Ohio ,USA October 2, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar student

    Sweetwater And My Cordoba C7 blew Me away!!!

    I Am very Impressed with the Cordoba C7,I feel like a real guitar student evrytime I play this Amazing Classical guitar.The look and feel of this instrument are the best quality and value I have ever found.

  • from Lake Charles , La. Between the Camp and Trout line July 1, 2014Music Background:

    Cordoba C7

    The best sounding classical guitar.
    It's no use to go on and on . Get one
    you'll love it !!!!!!
    Try to use Guitar Gallary like I did .
    Like that you know what your getting.

  • from Mississippi USA May 17, 2014Music Background:

    An Excellent Guitar

    This is an excellent guitar for this price. The fit and finish are superb. I am an accomplished woodworker as well as musician and the craftsmanship is top notch. The guitar plays like a dream and the sound is full and open. The wood selection is beautiful and the tuners are smooth and accurate. The neck feels smooth as glass and is very comfortable (the Mahogany is just beautiful). It fits perfectly in my lap. I could play it for hours. I've played several nylon string guitars in various price ranges and the C7 wins hands down. I have wanted a Cordoba for so long and I am so excited to finally own one. The gig bag is very cool, too. I can even fit my collapsible foot rest in the pouch; what a plus! I highly recommend this guitar to anyone. Oh yes, Chris at Sweetwater was very helpful, as well.

  • from Walker, LA March 27, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    First of all, this guitar is beautiful to look at. It is made of gorgeous wood. The machine heads are very ornate. It is easy to play and the tone is fabulous. It has amazing sustain. It also stays in tune. I play it every night when I lay down. So soothing to listen to and sing along with.

  • from May 30, 2013

    Cordoba c7 is good value

    Very good fit and finish. Well made. Very good sound.

  • from Winston Salem, NC March 21, 2013Music Background:
    Classical Guitar Student

    Amazing Value!

    This guitar sounds as good as my Yamaha Grand Concert. It is very responsive and you can feel the whole guiatar body vibrating. Cedar top is straight grained and book matched. Cleanly constructed inside and out. Surprisingly large volume and full tones. Intonation is good. Quite surpised at how light weight the C7 is, especially considering it has a neck adjustment rod. Amazing value with bone nut and saddle, inlaid rosette and good quality tuners. Bought the C7 thinking that if I don't like it, I will take advantage of Sweetawater's generous return policy to upgrade to the C9 or C10. No need! This is one heck of a guitar!

  • from San Jacinto, CA January 18, 2017

    Very Satisfied

    I've had this guitar now for a week, and I love it. It has great tone, and volume. I'm not a classical guitarist, but this guitar makes a great addition to my guitar collection, and it's the type of guitar I first learned to play on. . It has the looks, feel, and tone that I expect of all my accoustic guitars.

    I'll admit I had some concerns after reading some reviews where the bridge had pulled off, but I carefully inspected the guitar when I got it, and expecially the bridge and the top just behind the bridge for rippling, and I found no problems with the guitar. That was one reason for waiting a week before writing a review.

    The only thing I've noticed is a slight string buzz, but that can easily be taken care of by adjusting the truss-rod.

    I keep my guitar in the gig bag it came wit, and I use a Planet Waves GH Acoustic Guitar Humidifier, and a Oasis OH-2 Digital Hygrometer to keep track of the tempreture and humidity. I'm very happy, and satisfied with my guitar.

  • from Michigan May 2, 2015

    Great Purchase

    This is the first classical guitar I've purchased and so far I am very impressed by the craftsmanship and quality for the price. I love the tone and volume that it produces, and am looking forward to breaking it in.

  • from Oklahoma City, OK USA August 19, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Aspiring

    Great Guitar

    This is a terrific guitar. Very "playable". Terrific tone. High build quality. Intonation isn't perfect, but at this price you don't get everything. Tuners are pretty cheap too. But that would be an easy DIY upgrade.

    I find myself picking it up often because it's a joy to play. That after all is the idea!

    Bang for the buck - Great guitar.

  • from grand junction co. June 12, 2014Music Background:
    aging student

    misleading info?

    A very nice instrument. I would have given it a five if it truly had a solid
    mahogany neck as stated in the description. I was disappointed to find
    a three piece glued up neck (I assume all three pieces are mahogany)
    as this was a big selling point to me. Overall this guitar is a keeper,it looks
    and sounds great. I especially like the understated binding.
    So be advised,the neck is not one piece.

  • from Baltimore, MD USA May 13, 2014Music Background:
    50 years learning to play the guitar. Fingerstylist. Every day there's something new!

    Good Value, Not Perfect.

    I'd avoided classical guitars because of the ultra-wide nuts and string spacing. I loved the nylon sound, but not those wide nuts... They just didn't FEEL right! Way too BIG! However, over time, I moved from the tightly spaced strings of typical modern electric guitars to the slightly wider spaced strings of folk acoustics, then to the very wide 1 13/16 inch nut width of a very special Martin, and found it quite playable, even with smaller hands. It just took some getting used to! So then, I began looking at crossover guitars, thinking the jump to a 2 inch nut might be a bit be too much. I was incorrect. I found the 2 inch nut of the Cordoba required only a few minutes to get used to, but I had already been playing on a guitar with a fairly wide nut, so I guess I'd been moving toward a classical guitar for years. Great! Next concern was the action. Classical guitars in stores always had terrible, high action, but the Cordoba had a truss rod, and that allows one to pull the neck back a bit! Well, I found a C7 in a store, played it and thought "I can make this work!" so I bought it. However, there are some things you should know. This is a $500 laminated body classical guitar. It sounds good and is a good value, but your hands will get cut on the sharp fret ends (it should have had BINDING over those razor blades, or better finishing to push the sharp parts into the wood), the truss rod has literally NO adjustment range (about a quarter turn), and the bridge sets high so you cannot shave the saddle bottom as much as you may like, to get good action. So, if you can live with action a bit higher than you like, and can file the fret ends, you may enjoy this guitar. The gig bag that comes with it (if still included) is good value, one of the better bags I've seen, offering seriously good protection for minor bumps. It's not a hard case, and it's not a Mono or Reunion Blues, but it's quite nice and more companies should offer this bag. To sum, good value as an inexpensive classical, but may need some work to make it acceptable. I'd like to try one of Cordoba's Master Series guitars, as I suspect they offer a significant jump in overall quality. The C7 is a pretty guitar, sounds good, and being laminated should prove durable. The Cedar top is very nice, although the finish is a bit thick. It has a high gloss, though, so your friends will like it. FWIW, I bought this to see if I truly wanted to invest in a much more expensive classical guitar. I do!

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