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Miktek C7 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 19 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Patrick Schaefer

    I was able to hear the C7 pitted against microphones that cost over twice as much. This microphone was AMAZING! Do yourself a favor and welcome the C7 into your mic locker. Although, you may not have it in the locker too often because this mic sounds great in so many situations.

  • Nick Schenkel

    This microphone should cost a lot more than it does. The voicing and response remind me of the old FET versions of a well-known German vocal microphone (the new version of which costs more than $3,000)! Hearing the Miktek C7 and then seeing the price tag is a shocking experience. The sound will blow you away. This is a company whose name will be well known in no time. Simply amazing.

  • Stuart Niven

    Wow! Custom transformers, made in the U.S., and they compete with microphones five times the price. I am sold!

  • AJ Becerra

    The Miktek C7 sounds phenomenal on absolutely any source. Vocals, drums, acoustic guitars, electric cabs, pianos, etc. all sound great through the C7. There is not much out there that can touch the sonic presence and accuracy, ESPECIALLY at that price. I would feel comfortable paying twice as much for this mic, although I'm glad I didn't have to!

  • Chris McCown

    New to Sweetwater, and to the industry, MikTek microphones are the real deal. We recently did a shootout with this mic vs. several other popular mics, some of which were considerably more expensive. This mic shines on vocals and sounds amazing. Don't let the unfamiliar name intimidate you, because it won't be unfamiliar for long. Quality components, excellent quality control, and the main thing - it SOUNDS way more expensive than what its price tag says.

  • from detroit, MI August 11, 2013Music Background:
    Artist and recording engineer

    Made my life wonderful

    I Had went through adventures with cheap microphones. So one day i decided to take a leap because i just had a good feeling. Even using this mic on a stock interface pre my vocals sound amazing. Now i have a gap pre 73...im blown away theres really no eq boost needed its perfect.....later im going to buy a gr 1nv so excited to hear how that sounds.! If you have it in mind buy it!

  • from Phoenix, AZ May 4, 2013Music Background:
    Studio Owner, Recording Engineer, Songwriter, Musician

    I like to share my experience with others, so I felt compelled to jump on the "Wow" bandwagon. I just finished playing with some acoustic guitar tracks, and some pop vocals, and boy did this mic shine! I've recorded with some seriously expensive microphones, and I can't think of a single one of them that is a better value. I honestly think the C7 is WAY under-priced. It's so much better than what you actually pay for, and I can't imagine why. The build is solid, with obvious attention to tight tolerances, and the sound is just amazing. So, believe all these reviews, it's definitely not hype, it's the truth. You can't go wrong with the C7. I can picture it on just about every instrument in the studio.

  • from Philadelphia Region May 6, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist, recording engineer, producer, studio owner

    Miktek C7- Classical Gas

    Bought this mike solely on recommendation of my "go to" Sweetwater Expert (Wayne Davis) to capture a vocalaist with extreme dynamic range as well as her percussive acoustic guitar and it exceeds all expectations. Extemely smooth! Where I was truly blown away was when using the Miktek C7 (through a Drawmer 1962 Tube preamp) on my own acoustic classical guitar. Ive been using my Gibson Chet Atkins and Godin electric guitars to track classical guitar parts...no more. Extremely versatile Mic.

  • from LA, CA March 15, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer, Arranger

    Reviews Can't Do Justice

    This is one of those "hear to believe" situations. You've got every reviewer telling you its the best 900 dollar mic around, and it holds well or even beats mics much more expensive. Right... Like you haven't heard that one before with... what... every mic review on the planet?!

    I was in your shoes a week ago.

    Get it. There isn't one thing about this mic I don't honestly love. The look (much bigger in person than the pictures make it seem, honestly about the same size if not bigger than a u87), the box, the case, the shock mount. Oh yeah! It also sounds amazing!! It has a very smooth and rich mid range. The high end is still a tiny bit sibilant to me, but honestly every solid state mic is to my ears. This is the best FET I've heard, in and around its price range. I don't know if its the best around, I haven't heard them all. And there's a lot of great mics out there.

    This is one of those pieces of gear you hear and go "I had NO IDEA what I was missing". Its just another step closer to being able to compete with the biggest studios around. There's a reason why all the big name engineers and producers are flocking to these mics.

    You've gotta hear it to believe it.

  • from New Mexico October 20, 2011Music Background:
    Artist/Musician & Recording Engineer

    MikteK C7 is Awesome !!

    I was looking for a good condenser at a reasonable price - I knew I couldn't afford any of those top of the line mics out there, so I was suggested trying the C7. Wow, I was so impressed with this one I couldn't believe the price for a mic that sounds as good as the top mics out there! Try it - you will love it :)

  • from St Louis, MO USA October 2, 2011Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter

    ITS MAGIC!!!

    I expected this mic to potentially be very nice. But after i plugged it in and powered it up.....WOW....This little FET sounds legendary. If you have the money....or even if u dont have the money...save up....i would take this mic over anything else in this price point. It has been the answer to my home studio sound....i use it for vocals thru my UA SOLO 610....ITS MAGIC!

  • from September 30, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, producer, musician

    My go to mic

    I was hunting a new mic just for variety. And I plugged this mic in and was blown away. Piano, acoustic guitar, drum overhead and room mic, it doesn't matter this mic is awesome on everything!! I love this mic on vocals the smooth top end and the mid range is dipped a little. I ran this mic through a 1073 into a CL 1B and it was one of the most amazing vocal chains I had ever heard. Absolutely love this mic and the price even more! Great job Miktek

  • from Nashville Tn July 28, 2011Music Background:
    EMMY award winning producer, engineer,singer, musician and #1 songwriter

    Hottest new mic company

    I've recorded over 9000 songs in Nashville and just replaced my overheads with the C7s and they are awesome. Totally flat eq and they sound great.My drum kit has a totally different sonic picture. I tried it out on vocals with the same result. Totally flat eq and great. Same with acoustic guitar. These Mics are as good as any of my high dollar condenser mics that cost more. A great addition to any studio of any caliber. The integrity is in the owner, Mike. He's in it for the right reasons. Make it sound great!!

  • from Nashville, TN May 5, 2011Music Background:
    Tracking and Mixing Engineer, Studio and Live

    C7 Answers Our Prayers

    just had to write you guys an e-mail and let you know how much I love your
    microphones. I have been Keb' Mo's recording and mixing engineer for a while now and I have used many different mics to record his vocals.

    Recently as we were wrapping up production on Keb's up coming record, we
    picked up and moved from Los Angeles to Nashville. While in LA we cut vocals
    for Keb's record on a ELA M 251 and were really happy with the results. Upon
    moving to Nashville I bought a house and a studio and an Miktek C7. One day
    we were recutting a vocal for the record with my new C7 and the two of us
    were completely blown away by the results from the C7. We have since gone
    back and recut 50% of the records vocals with the C7. Both Keb and I are
    huge fans of this microphone and we will be stocking both of our new studios
    with more mics from Miktek.

    Keb' had mentioned to me just today that he has never used a microphone that
    has delivered the kind of results that the C7 does on his voice. "This mic
    is so round and poignant, it's just beautiful, I need this signal chain for
    every vocal I cut."

    I continue to use the C7 as my goto mic. Thank you for making such a great
    and affordable product. The C7 blows the doors off of the 251 when it comes
    to recording Keb's vocals.

  • from Nashville August 18, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Songwriter

    Pretty blown away...

    Awesome detailed mic without hype on the bottom or top. On vocals - great top end without sibilance. Nice mids - not scooped. On Acoustic - unbelievably good on acoustic. Thumping tight lows without rumble and detailed, thick highs. I've owned Tele's, Peluso's, Wunder's, Neumann's, Korby's, Blue's, Studio Projects, etc. and this is now my main vocal mic. I haven't tried the CV4 yet, but if it's a step up from this, then it's quite the value...

  • from December 31, 2013


    I bought for vocals and am very impressed with the transparancy of this mic. Not much needed in the way of EQ - sits in the mix just fine for male vocal. The unexpected surprise is how great it sounds on acoustic guitar! WOW!

  • from tucson,az August 23, 2013Music Background:
    project studio engineer, performer and writer

    just the right amount of bright

    i was in need of something like this. a big smooth vocal mic with enough controlled "bright" to pop through a mix. versatile and rich, it's the best mic in my small collection. i get a thrill every time i use it. vocals and guitar so far but i imagine it would sound great on a number of sources.

  • from Redondo Beach, CA, USA August 7, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, Home studio owner

    U87 style mic at a relatively affordable price

    If you're looking for a U87 and can't afford the price tag, this mic is for you. I used this on three different singers as well as (farther away) on opera singers (using the -10db pad) and had great results. Did not have to use eq at all and the vocal sat in the mix quite well with a little compression. Silky, present highs. Not a lot of low end here, but 9 times out of ten you don't end up by using it in the mix anyway.

  • from TX, USA May 16, 2012Music Background:
    X-Pro Musician and Home Recording Enthusiast

    The C7 is versitile and very smooth

    I upgraded from an AT4033 to the Miktek C7 and it's like you removed a blanket from my vocal recordings. Very smooth and open clarity without the harshness. I also like how well the mic handles SPL even w/out compression and having the bias voltage selector switch is like having two mics in one. I like the factory setting down +48 volts best for lead vocals but the up setting +60 volts is more in your face and less open so you can experiment with v/overs or rock vocals or guitars here. Was a little more than I wanted to spend but well worth the price!

  • from NJ April 23, 2012Music Background:
    musician, songwriter, engineer


    Clean, balanced, smooth, and big. I used this thing in omni mode as a room mic for a drum session recently, and it really brought the track to life. Vocals sound nice and rich, and they sit better in my tracks as well. I love the multi patterns, and the shockmount is wonderful too. For the price, you really can't loose on this thing.

  • from Nashville February 22, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer, Songwriter

    Best mic for the price

    This is a top notch mic, plain and simple. There are more expensive mics. Some are even a bit better . . . or least a little different. But you will not get into a situation where the C7 is completely outclassed by another FET condenser. It is super versatile. The internal voltage switch increases the sounds you can get out of this thing, particularly for fat vocals. So far, I think it shines the brightest on vocals and acoustic guitars. For close micing vocals, you get a very present, in your face sound that becomes more delicate and "true to the room" if you back the mic off the singer, a bit. Depending on the genre of the artist I'm recording, I'll often opt for the omni setting when doing vocals to pic up a little room ambience and give the recording some space. On the other hand, the C7 does upfront pop/rock/Hip-Hop vocals perfectly, as well. I like pairing it with the full tube side on my UA 4-710d and pushing the gain as far as it can go before it's obviously distorted. The tube pre rubs off some of the high end harshness while the mic does the rest of the work in capturing a great, fat vocal sound.

    Acoustics sound HUGE through this mic. I think it's perfect for capturing the depth of a jumbo Gibson acoustic or something of that nature. The low-end roll-off keeps it from sounding boomy while all the other frequencies are captured in all their glory.

    In addition, I've used this on Piano (very good), Banjo (good, but I would prefer a ribbon mic), and outside of a kick (really good sound, pad comes in handy).

    Bottom line, this is a mic you can use for life. As far as FET mics go, it doesn't get much better, especially at this price. Every good studio has got to have a few good large diaphragm FETS in the mic locker, and this is as good a place as any to start and finish that search. I've liked it so much that I would like to add the MikTek Cv4 tube mic to my arsenal soon for a different flavor. I've been lucky enough to use a wide variety of high end mics. There are many amazing mics out there. But very few if any will give you this much bang for the buck . . . and almost no others in this price range will stand up to some of the iconic mics as the C7 does.

  • from Colorado Springs, CO USA October 19, 2011Music Background:

    Rap, R&B, Alternative, Country, Pop...

    Upon opening the package from UPS I noticed that the microphone looked low-end. When I plugged the microphone through the 1176Ln I was suprised by the sound when compared to my 87 on same chains.

    I had a couple friends come by the studio to freestyle over some instrumentals, and almost all of their vocals sounded professional. The microphone couldn't perform miracles for some of them, but their vocals still sounded good.

    In another session with a rock band, I ran the lead vocals through a Manley SLAM, and it once again sounded really good. I mic'd a Taylor 214 without taking much time to get a good microphone placement and it still sounded pleasant to the ear.

    Overall I am still impressed with this microphone after 8 months. A great buy for the gearslutz out there...

  • from Lowell, Mass April 13, 2011Music Background:
    Producer and mixing engineer


    Great vocal mic. I am blown away by the amount of details this mic bring to vocal performances. I will reccommend buying this mic and enter the joy of sonic. Youra vocal stands right at the center of the mix..

  • from NY USA February 3, 2011Music Background:

    Great on Vox

    I'm using this mic for vox. Love the sound it puts out. My MA-201fet is great but doesnt sound like the C7. C7 is just better overall. Some cosmetic blemishes on the microphone and it was purchased in new condition. I spoke to a C7 owner, b4 purchasing, he recieved his first C7 DOA. Only reason for 4 Stars and only being honest. Great FET.

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