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M-Audio Fast Track C600 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • Robert Inman
    from Columbus, OH, USA August 22, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Sound Designer

    Works great with ProTools MP9

    Very quiet circuitry, small footprint, very easy to set-up and configure with DAW, and like fact you can configure the visual lay-out in screen user-interface. Love the design and price-point but only reason I gave 4.5 is for the price M-Audio should have used a metal top surface because all you have to do is look at it's shiney plastic surface to impart scratches and fingerprints on it. Other than that small fact, it works very well with generous inputs and outs and other than plastic, it DOES look pretty cool and have had no problems with it.

  • Victor
    from Syracuse, New York June 25, 2012Music Background:
    Recording, Live Streaming, Live Audio, Web Casts

    Great Interface

    Very low noise, and working fine with Adobe Audition, and Ableton Live 8.30. The cleanest sound I ever had so far with any interface. Very compact. Used to replace my Behringer Xenyx X1222 USB.

  • Philip
    from KY May 21, 2012Music Background:
    Masters in Church Music - currently worship pastor

    Awesome interface

    This was an upgrade from the M-Audio Firewire 410. What a beautiful piece of equipment. Easy to install - the transition to this new gear was as easy as pie - and pie is E-A-S-Y! Nice clean, crisp audio... I use earbuds for performance and the interface is totally silent when idle. Thanks for a great product... will continue to purchase M-Audio equipment when needed. Thanks to Sweetwater for the recommendation.

  • Mark Hubert
    from Buffalo, NY May 10, 2012Music Background:
    Music producer


    Upgraded from my MBox2 interface and I couldn't be happier. This thing does everything it claims to do and it's easy to use. Great price, great product...>GREAT service...

  • Freddie Lopez
    from Layton, Utah USA April 7, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    M-Audio C600 - AMAZING!! SYLING!!

    I just recieved this machine in the mail yesterday. When i opened the box i noticed scrtaches on the surface of the interface on the left face of the interface where is hould be smooth. I was of course upset about it because i wanted it to be new. I was looking close and noticed its just a protective film and the film peels off. when you peel the film off it's shiny and sleek and un-scratch able. From there i was amazed on how easy setup was, All you have to do is insert the disk the interface came with and install the drivers. After that you can look online and update the drivers if the disk doesnt have the most recent driver installed.

    After plugging it in my recording software (ableton live) i was able to start setup easily. my software recognized the C600 and i was able to use it within 20 minutes from unboxing. i was amazed on how easy this is to use. The interface and it's "convienient" buttons are defaulted to be used with pro-tools. I went to m-audio.com and they had a page with directions on how to set the "easy buttons" to Ableton Live. I am fully satisfied with this interface, recording, there is no delay/latency problems with sound from the microphone to the headphones/computer/interface. All the inputs work great and this thing is amazing.

    It doesnt feel cheap like other interfaces i've used before. It feels nice and firm.

    ***The ONLY thing is, it doesnt have a power switch like every other interface.***

    Im unsure if im suppose to leave the power plugged in (it doesnt turn off). But i have, for the past day, been unplugging it when im not using it.

    Other than that this thing is amazing.

  • Keith
    from TX April 6, 2012Music Background:
    40+ year hobbyist, playing regularly (CC), tinkering with live recording for a few years

    Works great with GarageBand

    I got this based on a recommendation from Sweetwater when I realized that my 2-input Roland was not going to be adequate for some recording I needed to do. I was transitioning from Windows to a Mac; and when I got this, I installed the drivers, plugged in, configured GB,a and have been recording 1, 2, 3, and 4 tracks just flawlessly ever since. It works with all my mics - dynamic (2) and condenser (4), and I use it to record mono, stereo, over-dub, etc. No problems at all.

    I use a pair of the line outs to drive some desktop monitors, and the big volume control is very handy.

    It's really designed for desktop usage. There's a lot of plastic - the only reason for not getting a 5.0. I've packed it around and recorded just fine, but that's clearly not the design's purpose, so if your primary use will be *outside* your home studio, you might look at something designed for portability. For a (primarily) stationary use, it's very nice!

  • John Murdoch
    from United States March 29, 2012Music Background:
    Church music director, recording artist, spoken audio recording engineer

    Really nice interface--just not quite ready for prime time

    The good news: this is an elegant, attractive, useful piece of audio gear. It is easy to set up, easy to configure, and very easy to use. I'm using it with three stereo channels (thus all 6 audio outputs) as well as one headphone channel--it's very easy to use.

    The bad news: This product depends upon a Windows device driver that will hang if you open a second audio application. When it does, you will have a difficult time restarting the interface, and restarting your audio apps. I have had to uninstall/reinstall the software repeatedly.

    This product uses an ASIO interface. The ASIO spec permits one application to use the ASIO interface at a time--if you open a second app that uses the ASIO interface, it simply won't be able to use it. That's typically how it works.

    Not with this interface. As of this writing the only released driver for the C-600 is the version 1.01 driver that shipped in October. And that driver will HANG if you launch a second application that attempts to load that ASIO driver.

    Example: open Sibelius (another Avid product, BTW): load a playback configuration that uses the C-600 interface. Export a MIDI file of a piece of music. Now attempt to open that piece of music with Reaper (or ProTools, or Audacity)--the C-600 interface will hang.

    How can you tell? None of your audio applications will work. And won't work, until you disconnect the interface from your computer, and reboot your computer.

    This is not the end of the world: you just have to do a bit of planning, separating the time you spend creating music from the time you spend with post-production. Writing stuff down on paper, keeping notes, and stuff like that. That's significantly affected my workflow (and not in a good way) but it may not be a hassle for you.

    This is a rev. 1 driver--these sorts of issues happen. They'll fix the driver, and this problem will go away--but I'd wait until the updated driver is released before buying this product (or the C-400, which uses the same driver).

    Overall: Really nice interface--just not quite ready for prime time.

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