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Miktek C5 - Single Mic Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Miktek C5 - Single Mic?

Questions about the Miktek C5 - Single Mic?

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  • Chris McCown

    We recently had a shootout with the C5 vs. several other well known (and much more expensive) small-diaphragm pencil condensers on an acoustic guitar. The Miktek C5 won hands down. It's got a warm full sound that isn't typical with pencil condensers. Shimmery high end, excellent bottom end, and very smooth midrange.

  • from Portland, Indiana November 14, 2014Music Background:
    Home Studio recordist,Musician etc.

    C-5 Omni caps

    This my 3rd review of the C-5. I had been wishing that Mik-Tek would make omni caps for the C-5. I had read reports on the net that said in fact these caps were indeed being made, yay !! Contacted my SE Matt and was informed that they were special order but he could get them. Placed my order on Monday got them on Wednesday. They were as expected, outstanding on acoustic guitar, no surprise there. What really made me say WOW though was using them as OH's on a drum kit. Didn't even need to mic the floor toms, the pick-up was that good. If you, like me, bought the C-5 before these caps were available, do yourself a favor a get a omni cap for your C-5, you won't be disappointed.

  • from July 12, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Pro Musician

    My favorite!

    My favorite mic for acoustic guitars, mandolin, violin... I have a stereo pair of those for the past three years and I've always found a good use for them in every recording session..

    It always wins whenever I have to choose from a Neumann km184 or an AKG C 451 B.

    Thank you so much Simon Picazo for all the great gear you have always pointed out so assertively!

  • from Portland, IN September 9, 2012Music Background:
    Home recordist/musician

    Another C-5

    This review may seem a little redundant since some of what I am about to say I covered in my review of the Grace m101 micpre. But I digress. I bought my 1st C-5 a couple of months ago and was absolutely amazed at how good it sounded on acoustic guitar, my main app by the way. Fast forward a couple of months.... I order another C-5 and a stereo bar so I can record the acoustic (a 1955 Martin d-28) in stereo. I know in theory you buy a matched pair to record in stereo. But I (obviously) didn't. So how did the two mics "sound" side by side ? Amazing, wonderful, beautiful , outstanding...well you get the idea. The C-5 ships with a frequency graph plot and these two mics, tho a couple of months apart, their respective plots showed only 1-2 dB difference at around 12K. Did I hear a difference? Nope, would some one else hear a difference, maybe. But since it's in my studio and I didn't, the point is moot. Quality tells, the proof is in the "sound" pudding. Bottom line, singlely or in pairs, the C-5 is an amazing mic.

  • from Portland, Indiana February 26, 2012Music Background:
    Home Studio/Musician

    One Word: Wow !

    Put this mic through a Grace m101 pre, and on the 12th fret @ about 12" out of a 1955 Martin D-28. That old guitar never sounded so good. The C-5 captures what my ear hears, only better. Amazing mic.

  • from Nashville, TN February 5, 2012Music Background:

    Favorite vocal mic, as well

    I use it on acoustic guitar, but it's great on vocals, better than any I've tried (nearly all Rodes, USA CADs, ADK). I even like it better for vocals than the Miktek C7 as it's truer, more transparent. Now I have to sell a bunch of mics, since this is the main one I use now.

  • from MT January 15, 2012Music Background:

    My New Go to SDC!

    Got to use my new Miktek C5. WOW! The guitar sounded like the guitar and the banjo sounded like the banjo! I have many small diaphragm condenser but this one is now my go to. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike from Miktek last December. It was great to meet someone so passionate about their products! After hearing this mic I plan on purchasing more Miktek products.

  • from Malaysia September 4, 2012Music Background:
    producer,arranger,engineer,song writer

    You Record what u hear~~~

    im using it for acoustic guitar recording... i cant record my Taylor GS richness and sweetness before i get this Miktek C5...

    It capture very nice sweet tone at 12th - 14th fret .

    is a "WONT REGRET" SDC Microphone!!!

Questions about the Miktek C5 - Single Mic?

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