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Miktek C5 - Matched Pair Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Miktek C5 - Matched Pair?

Questions about the Miktek C5 - Matched Pair?

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  • Bart Good

    I recently used the Mikteck C5 matched pair to mic my acoustic guitar. Wow, what an incredible sound! The "hype" is well-deserved with these mics. They've set a new standard for me, and it will be hard to use anything else on acoustic guitars from now on.

  • Nick Schenkel

    We just heard the entire Miktek line shot out against "the usual suspects" of studio microphones. These microphones are unbelieveable. The warmth and character of the C5 microphones set them apart from an increasingly sterile market. They sound great. At this price, you owe it to yourself and your music to check them out.

  • from Nashville March 31, 2015Music Background:

    The only mic I use now

    These are great for acoustic guitar, as you have heard. But I recently started using it as a vocal mic. I'd been using the Blueberry, but this little mic sounds just as good as the Blueberry but captures more nuance of personality. Very subjective and difficult choice, but it's what I'm using for everything now.

  • from Baltimore, MD June 16, 2014Music Background:

    Great for any acoustics, even film dialogue

    Amazing clarity and definition. I used the C5 MP to record dialogue for a recent film. We had lav mics setup for talent as well, but in post the Miktek's performed so well that ended up not needing the lavs at all, and the stereo field is exquisite. Can't go wrong here!

  • from CT May 2, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Audio Engineer

    A Wonderful Mic to Have in Your Tool Kit

    I was looking for a mic to capture acoustic guitar that was transparent and with proper mic placement, sounded like the instrument does when your physically standing in the room while it's being played. I have tired AKG C100's, Rhode NT1-A and a couple of other lower priced mic's but they all have a darkness to them that didn't pick up the true sound of the guitar and needed a lot of EQ to make them sound decent, but was always falling short of a great acoustic guitar tone.

    I called to speak to my sales re (AJ Peterson), who by the way has been extremely helpful to me over the last couple of years as I been setting up my studio....Thank you A.J.!

    He had suggested going with the Miktek C5. He said he was really impressed on how well and transparent these mic's were and that he not only had great success using them on acoustic instruments but also using them on drums as overhead mics. So I thought, These could be a really nice pair of mic's that can be used on several different sources with great success.

    I first tired these on acoustic guitar. We were playing a Taylor 900 series 6-string and also recorded a Taylor 355 12 string. Set up the mic about 6"-8" away from the body pointed at the 12th fret on a 45 degree angle....pretty typical mic technique right?

    We were blown away on how well these mic's sounded. When listening back to the recording in the control room we were amazed on how transparent the Miktek were and if you were to close your eyes you would think the person was in the room playing the guitar right in front of you. No EQ really needed, just roll off a little bottom end.

    We tried a few different mic positions and the result was the same. It was impossible to make this mic sound bad. If you want different tones, just move the mic and the Miktek's will accurately reflect the true tone of the guitar.

    I have not tried these on drums or electric guitar yet but I have read other reviews where people have and had great results so I am looking forward to that! I would say if your looking for a good mid priced mic that can be used on several sources and sound great, the give the Miktek's a try. For the money you really can't beat them.

  • from Minneapolis, MN November 4, 2010Music Background:
    Studio Owner

    Sell your 184s.

    Fantastic acoustic guitar microphone, but money in the bank on overheads, a stereo pair over a string quartet, and almost anything acoustic. Not brittle, but very sharp. A/Bed them against a 184, an SM81, a 414, a C451B, and an NT-5 on acoustic guitar through an Avid 192 & an API 512c preamp, and the C5 is the clear cut winner. A fantastic microphone investment for casual users AND professionals.

  • from Los Angeles California April 1, 2017Music Background:
    Theater sound designer / Studio owner

    Still in love with them after 6 years

    These are still my go to SDC. Very warm very natural never brittle in the high-end. A friend of mine borrowed them to make up a choir and the choir director came to him and said why does the choir sounds so much better. Of course it was the C5s.

  • from Galloway Township, NJ, USA June 21, 2014Music Background:
    Live sound engineer & songwriter

    An eye-opener

    I haven't had a chance to really put them through their paces, but I can say that they seem remarkably accurate, smooth, and even across the frequency spectrum. They are "honest", sometimes painfully so, as they really point up the inadequacies in my recording room! The mics and accessories are beautifully packaged, and they come with omni capsules, too ( I bought them not realizing this, so I was pleasantly surprised ).

  • from Pac NW November 22, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter

    EQ? No need....

    I only have 2 words to say about this matched pair....... Accurate and detailed. These mics pick up the slightest nuances of sound and player. Hands down the best stereo pair I've ever played in front of. Sorry Nuemann. Ya got beat. I took a chance on these hoping that I wouldn't be disappointed. They by far exceeded my expectations. I might buy another pair just to hang on my wall. I gave them a 4.5 because one of the miktek badges on the side of the barrel is loose. A simple aesthetic issue that does not effect performance but is nevertheless annoying.

  • from Lima Peru August 12, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    great great great

    excellent design, excellent presentation (talking about the matched pair) nice stereo bar, nice clips and shock mounts!!

  • from Phoenix, AZ June 14, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Songwriter, Recording Engineer, Producer

    Excellent Microphones

    I purchased the match set of C5 mics on the advice of my sales engineer. I had no previous experience with Miktek, and was hesitant to spend the money on something with which I was unfamiliar. What a great buy!

    I recently recorded my Taylor 414ce acoustic using the C5, and a Great River, 500 series preamp, and I couldn't believe the sound. The tone was excellent, and "airy", and the low end "boom" I usually get with larger diaphragm mics was exceptionally diminished, which created a more round, clean tone. The high end is well pronounced without being harsh, and the mids are nice and smooth. I would compare these mics to any mic costing twice as much, plus they're made in the US! Finally I have a matched pair of great mics, that capture the sound of my acoustic guitar with incredible fidelity.

Questions about the Miktek C5 - Matched Pair?

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