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AKG C 5 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the AKG C 5?

Questions about the AKG C 5?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Ryan
    from Virginia August 8, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-professional Musician, Live Sound Engineering "Hobbyist"

    Great Mic!

    This mic wasn't even on my radar until Luke at Sweetwater suggested it after I listed 10 other mics that I wanted to try out. My wife and I have performed for years and had always used SM58's, simply because they were available and we didn't know any better. After auditioning about 10 mics in this price range (EV, Shure, Sennheiser, etc.), this is the mic that I went with for my vocals (male baritone). This mic gave me just a little more low end growl and punch than others when I needed it. A close second was probably the Sennheiser e935, which is also a great mic, but didn't quite possess the clarity I found with the C5. Give this mic a try if you are looking for a mic with a strong presence for a male vocal. (My wife kept the Shure SM86, just for reference. The low end of the C5 wasn't needed on her vocal, and might not work for most female vocals. Muddies it up a bit.)

  • Dee Cairoli
    from Roosevelt, Utah January 31, 2012Music Background:
    Worship leader, Musician, sound tech

    Excellent stage mic

    Very smooth generally and sensitive when you get on it directly. Outperforms every other mic on the platform!

  • Matthew Juice
    from Scranton, Pa, USA June 8, 2009Music Background:
    Recording engineer/mix artist, vcocalist Infected by Hate

    Where's my check AKG

    Dear AKG:

    As the new breed of metal musician, I applaude the dynamics the C 5 offers to a vocalist, whom by preference, needs a mic that can handle a large dynamic range.

    This microphone eats the competition alive, and as a long time recording artist I understand the importance of a strong mic in a mix. I have a long history of using AKG microphones in many situations and AKG never let me down.

    I use this mic as a live vocal mic connected by a either 1 or 2 20' monster cables. The sound reproduction is flawless. I am sure to recommend this mic to any of my metal peers looking for a great live show mic.

    Hey Akg, let's get a representitive on the phone and talk endorsement. Hey sweetwater, put a little extra in Chris McGown's check. He aided me in my decision making on this product. THANK YOU CHRIS!

  • Das Blankout
    from June 29, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician (Guitar & Vocals)

    Excellent Mic For Many Reasons

    I have compared this mic with an SM58, Sennheiser e935 and an Audio Technica AE4100. This mic, and the last two are all fairly equal and excellent in their own way.
    I've read that it has problems with feedbacking and popping, but this is not true - we use this mic at a very high levels in our band (alternative rock, we play loud) and there are no issues at all. I've also read that some people find it overly bright or dark, also not true - it is fairly natural (check the EQ graph) and you will not need to adjust much, if any, EQ. You may notice an increased proximity effect when you approach the mic within a couple inches, but this is a condenser and it's quite normal. You can make use of this effect, or roll off bass EQ if you don't want it and still want/need to sing close to the mic.
    It is also built well and solid (made in Poland, not Austria), but that isn't normally an issue with live application mics.

  • Adam Stavrum
    from Minneapolis, MN September 19, 2014Music Background:
    sang a little bit. hehehehehe

    Good Work

    I did my own version of testing on this mic. I compared and contrasted it to my 18 year old SM-58.

    It's a fine mic with different sounds. My SM-58 isn't going anywhere (ever), but I really think the C5 mic is excellent. 180 bux for fun isn't that much money. It really is 2 different mics.

    from Torrance CA USA December 4, 2011Music Background:

    Big Sound

    For a Hand held on stage Mic the AKG C5 Cannot be beat. It has a beefy and big sound. I use it through my TC Voice Live and I get well-balanced Vocals. Its a truly a Great Mic ...Its an AKG.

  • phagood
    from Nashville, TN USA September 13, 2008Music Background:
    Live Sound, Recording Engineer, Music Business Student

    Good Mic, but not good enough

    This is a rugged mic, but not too pretty. I have two Beta87s which are not much more expensive, but much more versatile. This mic has a TON of low mids and takes EQ on almost every voice. I use it almost solely as a talkback mic. If you need a really beefy sounding mic this is it. But there are few voices that it sounds nice on. Its more friendly to female vocals.

Questions about the AKG C 5?

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