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Studio Projects C4 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Studio Projects C4?

Questions about the Studio Projects C4?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Casey H
    from Brooklyn February 15, 2017Music Background:
    composer, producer, engineer

    For hyper real group vocals, try the C4

    I've had these mics for a while, used exclusively with the stereo bar in ORTF formation for drum overheads. They work great for that. Then this past weekend I had a bunch of group female vocals to sing and decided to employ them for that through my Apollo- wow our minds were truly blown by the insane realness of the stereo image to the point where people were confused on playback thinking people were still singing in the room. Madness! The way they slide into a mix with the lead vocal is also just so natural but with great separation, they sit right where you'd like them. Try these for group vocals (if you can manage to snag a pair). You'll be amazed.

  • Customer
    from August 11, 2015

    Great first recording

    I just got the mics and had a little home project to do using my Boston baby grand piano. Set them up based on what I'd seen on one of the Sweetwater videos and first takes were gold. Several other takes required but not due to the mics.

    BTW - I used my Studio Project B1 for the vocals - very sweet.

  • Customer
    from June 19, 2014

    super versatile

    glad that I bought these. I had an opportunity to test them against a pair of sm137's. I couldn't tell much difference when used as drum overheads with the cardiod tip. The omni tips pick up a lot of low end too. Guitar amps had a good growl.

  • Janet
    from Canton, MI January 11, 2013Music Background:
    No musical background

    Excellent VALUE!!

    I purchased this to replace a mic that retailed at over $800 and I am thrilled and impressed that I am getting such comparable quality. I teach high school video production and we use this microphone for group interviews. It really serves our purpose well. The interchangeable capsules also add to the versatility of the microphone. I am so happy that I purchased these.

  • Customer
    from Los Angeles, CA December 3, 2016

    Studio Projects C4

    I use the C4's to record guitar duos and overhead drums and percussion in stereo. I think they are fantastic with a rich bottom end, warm mids, clear top end but not harsh or strident. If you experiment with placement you can achieve clear and balanced stereo recordings. Love 'em.

  • Casey
    from Brooklyn July 9, 2015Music Background:
    Musician and producer

    Pair of SDCs with lots of added value

    It's hard to beat this kit. A pair of great-sounding small diaphragm condensers just by themselves could arguably be worth the asking price, but throw in two additional capsules per mic, and two-setting pad and high pass switches. Whoa! But wait, would you also like a stereo bar with that? Super Sweet!!!

    I have to say, my only small disappointment is that these mics and all the components do not come in a hard case. I would pay extra for that feature. There's a padded soft bag included, but it's not nearly big enough to jam all these components into.

    Still, awesome value.

  • Keith
    from TX November 6, 2011Music Background:
    40+ year hobbyist, playing regularly (CC), tinkering with live recording for a few years

    Great value - recommended addition

    I got these to use to capture a stereo image and planned to augment the recording of other mics that were dedicated to specific instruments, but found that much of the time an X-Y configuration of these is more than good enough. Nice and quiet and very well matched. Cheaper than just one of the other small condenser mics I have, and so far, these are the ones that I rely on. If you don't have a matched stereo pair, these are a good choice.

  • Todd
    from Inland Empire, CA December 14, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer (in school)

    What a steal...

    So I needed some pencils, and it was between these and the Rode NT5's. I went with these for two reasons; price and function. I liked the fact that these came with two capsuls (omni, cardiod). I also really wanted the roll off, as Im using these mostly as cymbal mics, its almost essential to me. And of course the db pad is a nice plus. I would imagine the NT5's probably sound a little better, and I'll likely end up buying those too in the next year. But for right now, money is an object, so these came first. Now in terms of sound...

    They're pretty detailed, a little bright, but not shrill. They're pretty good quality, I'd say they sound very similar to Shure KSM137, maybe not quite there, but close. So if you're looking for good overheads at an amazing price, I give you my blessing.

    Also, mine came in a VERY nice cherry wood case, where all my other mics are in a filing cabinet draw, these are on display on my desk.

  • Gourmet Grooves
    from Nashville, TN August 19, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Studio

    Amazing Quality for the Price

    Bought a pair of these because we wanted stereo capability. The build quality is fantastic and they are loaded with features that you would double the price to get. We have a large diaphragm Studio Projects mic that we were able to mod with a U67 Capsule clone. The Schoeps electronics inside are open and clear. I'm not sure if these mics have the same guts, but they really sound great. Give them a shot with a UAD Pultec and hear the magic

  • Mark Johnson
    from Lees Summit, Missouri December 31, 2007Music Background:
    Producer/Engineer, Drummer, Bassist - 7 total years of studio experience

    Small Diaphragm Bang for your Buck!

    With abundant capsule (omni or cardioid) and pad/rolloff options, these mics have stunned me in only 3 sessions. I've heard them likened to 'human ears', and that's a fair assessment. If your room is less-than-ideal, you can close it off with the presure-gradient caps. If you want your living room in the recording WITH the piano, the omnis will give you just that. Warm, bright but not brittle, these mics will serve you well on piano, vocals, drum OHs, and many other applications.

  • Customer
    from January 15, 2007

    Possibly the best in its price range

    The C4 set is a great pair of microphones. I've used them on drums, acoustic guitar, ambience mics, and also some experimentation with the omni capsules. They sound good. Period. Very versatile, very clear, but without sounding sterile. I have yet to be disappointed by any mic from Studio Projects. They all have had fantastic sonics and a really decent price. The C4 package continues that trend.

  • Customer
    from April 15, 2011Music Background:
    Composer, Music Technologist, Researcher

    Good for the price

    A very nice pair of mics. They sound great and are very versatile. The build quality is cheap and mine didn't come with one of the hyper-cardioid. Studio Projects has made it very easy to get the capsule sent to me with no hassle. So that makes me feel good about the service. Obviously low QC though.

    I would buy them again. I like them more than the NT5 matched pairs for ambient recordings. They aren't Neumann, but for the price they certainly are nice.

  • Doug
    from Thurmont, MD November 28, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Great sound, so-so build quality

    These mics sound great, and provide a decent budget-minded alternative to a pair of Neumann KM-184's. There are a few odd things, though. First, the "matched pair" microphones come in plastic bags with stickers containing sequential serial numbers. The mics themselves are not marked with serial numbers, so if you buy more than 2 (as I did) it's easy to get them mixed up so the "matched pairs" (if they even really are) are no longer matched. Second, after a couple of months, the diaphragm assemblies in 2 of my 4 mics have begun to rattle when the mics are moved. I haven't noticed any difference in the sound of my recordings, but it's a bit disconcerting. Are they falling apart? Third, the included mic clips are too tight, and can cause the little SP logo medalions to pop off very easily, requiring them to be super-glued back in place. Lastly, the "wooden" (read: plastic) box included with each pair is really just for show, is not that well padded, and is much larger than it needs to be, making for inconvenient carrying/transport.
    I'd recommend these mics for their sound, but given all the "little things" listed above, I'm not sure how long they'll last.

  • Mister McC
    from SLC, Utah August 3, 2015Music Background:
    10+ years of studio and field recording

    Reliability Questionable

    I don't like writing negative reviews, but I feel obligated to share my experience when it might help others make informed purchasing decisions. I purchased the kit a few years ago before they changed the finish and added the hypercardiod capsules. Perhaps the newer versions have improved. I picked up a few Studio Projects mics at the recommendation of friends and because the are priced well. I've had major issues with them and don't trust them anymore. For some reason, I have major noise and output issues with certain capsule combinations. The problem is, there are not consistent. I've tried multiple pre-amps and field recorders with these mics and found that I was getting a strange frequency sweep artifact with the Zoom H4n.

    When they work, they sound great. When they don't, I'm not pleased.

  • Customer
    June 1, 2005

    good for the money

    These mics are pretty good for the price. I've never had much luck with SP mics. One always seems to arrive broke. But most people don't have this problem. As far as sound, its a bit heavy on the hi end and definitely deficient on the lo end. Its not harsh or tinny, mind you. Its just that it really lacks any definition from like 500hz and down. And if you're using it for drum overheads, that might not be so bad. But why they ever put a lo cut filter on this mic is beyond me (the omni does have a bit better bass response). All that being said, it is a real sweet sounding mic for big Martin guitars (on a Taylor I'd bet it would be too bell like). As for me, I'd rather use the Rode NT5s (similar price range) for a more full bodied sound. Of course, these C4s give you a ton of options. I think these are great starter sdc mics. And they would be great in any number of situations, esp for the price.

  • Customer
    February 1, 2005

    Studio Projects C4

    These mics are absolutely fantastic. They come with 2 sturdy shock mounts, 2 cardioid and 2 omni capsules which are easily interchangeable, along with a sturdy flight case. As Drum overheads they are full, extremely detailed and have a very smooth top end. On acoustic guitar they perform perfectly, further showcasing their smooth nature and impressively low self noise. Overall they are a great buy for recording acoustic instruments on a budget

  • Dean
    from Sacramento, CA September 1, 2004

    Great value for the money

    These are great mics for the money. While not in the same league as Neumann KM184's or Earthworks, their price is about 4-5 times lower for a pair. The build quality is good. The shock mounts are plastic with easily stripped threads, but they are better than standard mic clips. If you factor in the two sets of capsules and carrying case, better mics for the money would be hard to find. For acoustic guitar, they were forward and present with the cardioid capsules, and open and airy with the omni capsules. I have not tried them with other instruments. Recommended if you are looking for a pair of small diaphragm condenser mics in a lower price range.

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