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Behringer C-2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 46 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer C-2?

Questions about the Behringer C-2?

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  • from Concord NH April 1, 2017Music Background:
    Semi pro bass player

    C-2 stereo pair

    I'm impressed with the recent quality improvement of Behringer products. I own two small mixers,
    (802 and 1202) and tried out the C-2's with the 1202. I was very surprised at the clarity and definition of them. I'll be using the mics mostly for home recording. I tried them live at a jam recently, and my fellow
    bandmates chuckled when they saw how small they were. If they were run on a AA battery they would have
    appeared about the same size as the other mics. Great mics and incredible price!

  • from Houston, TX March 8, 2017


    When they arrived i was taken back by the size. They are small. But I needed them for a gig so I plugged them in and let the band do their thing. The clarity is astounding. Im considering getting another set. Can't have too many high quality mics.

  • from NEW MILFORD, NJ March 6, 2017Music Background:
    42 years and still rocking!

    Great Choir Mics

    You can't go wrong using these to mic a choir! I took a chance on these for this amazing price and was blown away that everyone could now hear the choir who tend to be mic shy. Having these set up a few feet away from the choir really made a difference!

    I work in a Broadway pro-sound shop so I know most people will compare these to the Rode condenser mics and feel that these can't be any good at all but they would be wrong! Yeah I know all the names and yes Rode makes a quality mic and Behringer sometimes gets the pass for being on the low end of quality yet these mics are truly amazing and at this price point.

    If you have the unlimited Broadway budget go for the big name but if you are like me and have to research every purchase to make your church praise band budget stretch as far as possible then I think you won't be disappointed. These mics are solid, rugged and sound great! I think the best uses for these would be wide choir pickup, front of stage mics for plays with un-miked children or for stereo video camera mics.

    As always, Mike Picotte was great at getting these out to me quickly and buying from Sweetwater is addictive!

  • from January 26, 2017


    If you're looking for a pair of overheads, or a pair of mic to record stereo acoustic guitar, look no further.

    I'm recording through a Scarlett 18i20

    For Overheads: I thought this pair was more crisp than the MXL 603's. They had more high end which was exactly what I wanted.

    For Acoustic Guitar: I personally liked using just one mic about 2-4 inches away from the neck of the guitar pointing at the 12th fret. I'm going in the UA 2-610S Preamp (which is a 710 I think) and I got the exact sound I was looking for: similar to that of Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World.

    For Piano: I found it to be a bit thin by itself, but in a mix with full set, these mics would help to remove unnecessary low end.

    For Voice: I found the mics to be a bit thin on the voice. Maybe I was a bit too far from them, though.

    All in all, if you're wanting to record drums or acoustic guitar, buy these mics! They're awesome!!

  • from Queens NY January 17, 2017Music Background:
    Home studio

    Great value

    Two for one ridiculously low price and you get the stereo mount? I use them for drum overheads and they work fine. I probably have to play with the eq a lot more than a more expensive mic but they have the pad switch which is very helpful. But in the end they work fine, and for drums they seem to sound as good if not better than a decent low end condenser such as the AT-2020.

  • from South Dakota January 8, 2017

    Worth twice as much!

    I have used these to mic instruments like guitars and drums/cymbals. Never fails! Also used to mic a medium sized choir outdoors and a high school choir. Much more than adequate for those tasks as well! Best part is the fact that it comes with wind screens and the stereo holder! Love these and will probably purchase 2 more sets because of the versatility!

  • from Milford, IN. December 29, 2016Music Background:
    Sound engineer for a Church

    Great Little Mic's for the price

    I bought these mics and had to quickly set them up (i was running late to church) to mic 4 acoustic instruments. I was running behind and just place them in the best location i could. And WOW they sounded great, I could clearly hear all 4 instruments, and i was sold. I received these mic on a Wed. and since i live about an hr away from sweetwater, i made a trip and picked up a 2nd pair on Sat. that same week. And after setting them up on Sunday morning at church. The same 4 instruments sounded even better. Thanks Sweetwater and my sells-man Greg Savino for his input on these mics.

  • from November 17, 2016

    Small but huge difference

    I switch from the Behringer C4 to the C2. Awesome mics . I used one of these on my Hi HATS''s clean crisp smooth sound.
    No need to purchase an expensive condenser microphone. These can do the job well.

  • from Austin, TX November 14, 2016

    Fantastic low-priced live solution

    I bought two pair for micing a small stage at a music festival. I cross-mounted the first pair on the stereo bar over the drums, resulting in a fantastic stereo mix. The other pair I used as amp mics due to their better low-end response than an sm57.

    I also used them to mic a combination xylophone and marimba. They captured the attack of the mallet strikes beautifully, giving each note that brilliant pop without being too bright. I've heard that band's recordings before, and these were absolutely the right mic for the job.

    It all sounded fantastic and matched my needs perfectly. At these volume levels, I had no difficulty with the noise floor (my driverack probably introduced more than the mics would), and the sound was smooth, detailed, and just plain wonderful.

    At $/pair, the price is incredible.

    The downsides:

    - The stereo bar is cheap plastic, including the female threading - very easy to cross-thread or over-tighten

    - I couldn't get the mic clips off two of my mic stands. I'm not blaming the c-2, but I've not encountered that problem when hand-tightening before.

    - They're condensers, which means you have to provide phantom power, and they're delicate. They don't have batteries, so you're entirely dependent on your board providing enough power.

  • from CA September 30, 2016

    Great mics and can't beat the price!

    I used these on a live recording and they worked very well. Nice sensitivity and decent response at a ridiculously low price. I'll probably pick up another pair.

  • from August 17, 2016

    great little mics

    dont let the size of these mics deter you from giving them a try they are small on size but big on sound they are perfectly matched and i use them to mic an acoustic guitar and they give me the perfect stereo image i was looking for

  • from Ga. May 27, 2016

    Behringer C2

    I used 2 pair of these for my wedding. One pair X-Y over the violins and one pair 10 ft from the officiant, also set in an X-Y configuration. They worked like a charm for live sound, low noise, good pickup pattern, and cheap, cheap, cheap! I haven't had an opportunity to use them for critical recording, but for live P.A use they are great.

  • from April 25, 2016


    Hi there audio guys and girls. My headline might be misleading. Who on earth would think a 60 pair of microphone would be any dang good? Well I have been touring and Producing in professional studios for 20 years. I have used every microphone under the sun miking everything from drums to a cuica. There is no reason why these mics are so cheap they sound better, crisper, and quiet and direct. Here it on a Leslie using there stereo clip that's included.WOW!!!! For people who are professionals or novice in the audio field you will not be disappointed. Good job Berhinger you have yet to disappoint in your new model of business and quaility products.

  • from Massachusetts March 30, 2016Music Background:
    Lead/rhythm guitarist, sound hobbyist

    Nice pair

    These by far are the nicest pair of mics i've ever owned! the sound they pick up is crisp and detailed; they can stay true to tone even at high volumes! I recommend these to anyone looking for great mics that won't break the bank!

  • from March 24, 2016

    Behringer Junk

    C-4's defective mic cable plugin, C-2's What a waste of metal, these are the most useless mics I have ever purchased. NO more Behringer junk for me!! Their quality control has not improved.

  • from Tampa February 19, 2016Music Background:
    Live/Studio Sound/Musician of 20+ years

    Agreed! Scepticism overcome!

    Like many others, I have heard many, many stories of crappy Berhinger gear, having never actually been "burned" myself. In fact, I told a colleague of mine, prior to buying these, that I was planning on purchasing them because I had low funds and needed enough microphones for a full close-miked drum kit. My colleague looked at me like I was crazy. Who's crazy now?! These things sound great, and for less than the average arena concert ticket! I love there dense transient pick up! You can put only these two mics over a drum kit, with a kick mic, and get a superb drum recording. I highly recommend these for the recording tech on a budget.

  • from January 18, 2016


    Service was rad! , support was rad! , product is the best for your buck.

  • from viriginia January 15, 2016Music Background:
    35 years live, recording, theater, praise and worship, etc.

    Skepticism Overcome

    I'll be honest, I've been burned by Behringer crappy gear before. I said I'd never again buy any. I took the chance on these after reading reviews. Did a mic shootout with an AT4050 with my Taylor 618. The only noticeable tonal difference was in the very low end, which I usually eq out anyway doing a full band. I bought them for drum overheads. I'm very optimistic.

  • from Utah December 21, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Professional Musician, Sound Engineer

    Can't Beat These for the Price

    You can spend a LOT of money on microphones. I know, I've done it many times. Quality mics can't be beat for studio work and that's when it's so critical to spend some cash for some good quality microphones.

    These Behringer C-2 mics are such a great bang for your buck item. Perfect for overhead or drum mic'ing, or flying over choirs or crowds. Never sound brittle, thin nor harsh. Absolutely love their small compact size and the switch for flat, low roll off or pad. They're very versatile and rock solid in heavy road use. We've been using them on drums for years and still have had no issue nor failure. We have a total of 8 now and use them every week multiple times.

    Great value, great live sound!

  • from October 12, 2015

    Great for the price

    For the price you can't go wrong with these mics. I've been using them for overheads on my drum kit and they work pretty great.

  • from Twin Cities, MN October 5, 2015

    Good for the money

    I've had a pair of these guys for a number of years now. I've used them for recording clarinet, ukulele, and vocals. I didn't know much about audio equipment in general when I purchased these, but I've learned quite a bit since then.

    When I'd used them previously, I heard a terrible hiss and buzz, that made my recordings garbage. But WAIT! Having pulled them out of storage, I've been playing with them a bit more. The problem was not the mics after all. See, when I purchased these, I ran them into a cheapy 2 channel Xenyx mixer, and was running RCA to my cheapy usb A/D converter. Not how you do it.

    At the price point they are pretty good after all. They aren't Neumanns, but they aren't pretending to be either. As others have mentioned, the sound is rather flat, so you might want to tweak it a bit with your EQ if you don't want it that way. I think as they are they'd make decent overheads, or X/Y on an acoustic. They certainly sounded good on ukulele.

    NOTE: If you're considering buying these, do invest in proper preamplification, and nice A/D converters. No Behringer Xenyx's. Their U-Phoria series is much cleaner, and certainly a viable option if you can't afford anything better, but they're still on the "meh" side as far as preamps go. Their A/D converters are pretty great though, if you have rack preamps. I'd recommend one of the newer Focusrites, or an Apollo, if you're doing bare bones recordings.

  • from Madison Wi August 25, 2015Music Background:
    30 years experience in Rock/ Country

    Great mic at a great price

    After a conversation with Jeff, he told me about these mic's. They were exactly what I needed for two applications; overheads on a drum kit and recording an acoustic guitar. Both applications are in the studio. Can't beat th for the price. Thanks Jeff!

  • from Ohio August 25, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer, Live recording mixer

    Really nice

    I have only had these for 3 weeks and I have used them for about 10 different tracking sessions of Acoustic guitar and ambient background vocals. The C-2s have really good high end clarity and the mids have a good thickness to it that I was looking for. Lows haven't been tested on any of the sources I have recorded but I haven't had to do much post EQ'ing with these Mics when mixing so that is a good sign.They have surpassed my expectation considering their pricepoint. Compared to my Royer(s) that I have been using for about 5 years and cost about 10x as much they stack up nice and add more presence to the few sources that I have captured.

    Missed the 5 stars because of the equipment they come with, the stand and clips are poorly made. Not sturdy and seem as though I may break them considering my studio gets so much traffic and I depend on dependable products to be used ALOT

  • from CA June 25, 2015

    Fantastic Mics!

    I can't believe these mics! I thought...OK I'll use these lower priced condenser mic's as back-ups. Just in case my others fail! I tried them, ( bought one set to try) and bought 5 sets in total and considering buying more. Great for overhangs on cymbals/drums, horns and guitar. I've recorded with these mic's twice so far and have become my favorite condenser mics so far!

  • from Skaneateles, NY June 13, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Technician

    Very decent.

    I run a little recording studio/jam spot out of my basement for myself and my friends and for recording vocals through my yamaha mixer, there mics are great. Shipping was fast, packaging was beautiful, they even included a little treat as well (few candies). I really enjoy the quality of these mics for the price they are at, i am very satisfied with my purchase.

  • from May 9, 2015

    Good for Vocal

    I use these mics for vocals and am impressed with the quality. If you want to keep spending down and want a good set of choir mics, these will do it. Very good quality and natural sound. Also the case is nice and small, making them easy to store or transport.It would, I believe, take quite a bit to damage them in their case.

  • from South Carolina May 2, 2015Music Background:
    gigging and recording bassist

    Great mics for the money!

    I purchased these to record my buddy's drums and they were great. The sound was crisp, sharp, and lively.

  • from Ithaca, NY April 29, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, performance artist, improviser

    Reasonable sound for the right price. Per Pair!

    I have two pairs of these. They are great live for theatre overheads, choir mic sets, and classical guitar; and recording of drum overheads, guitar/mandolin/banjo, and choir (when you can't do individual mics).
    They have a little too much self-noise to use as a primary mic for recording, but as a secondary mic (to pick up ambience, etc.) they have worked fine. My favorite use is live where -- due to their reasonable cost PER PAIR -- they add crispness while being visually unobtrusive that the average live mic can't do.
    Pros: cost, pairing, bass roll-off switch
    Cons: self-noise, feedback

  • from Indiana April 15, 2015Music Background:
    Audiophile, musician, recording engineer(for our high school)

    Comparable to high end Peavey's

    the only thing I have had a chance to compare them to are a pair of peavey supercardiods valued at $150 each. I can say that the C-2's are much more sensitive; in this sense they are good and bad. I recorded my high school band and I must say the peavey's sounded better. The freq response of the behringers emphasize cymbals: awesome. That same eq curve however makes trumpets sound overbearing and shrilly. When recording acoustic guitar, piano, and outside "birds" and various stereo testing, the C-2's shine in a way you wouldn't expect from a $60 setup. The entire package is an amazing value. The only thing I wish would be better is the stereo bar forces the cords of the mics to cross way too close and you can't position the mics where you want unless you have 90 degree xlr adaptors. Also, the case is plastic and the latch will break easily. For sound quality, though, the best matched pair for the value. Better than the C-4's (I've heard)

  • from MD March 31, 2015Music Background:

    Clean Recordings

    These things look small but they command a nice clean piece of recording. Don't be fooled by the size, if you need to record something on the go, these are your go to mics for the price.

  • from Tallahassee, FL March 19, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer, Engineer

    Great Value!

    Fantastic for close-micing cymbals and percussion instruments en masse without breaking the bank!

  • from Grand Island NY February 24, 2015Music Background:
    professional musician

    behringer C-2 microphones

    Been using them with my M-Audio MicroTrak 24/96 recorder for over 5 years. excellent recordings. Love these mics!!

  • from Divide, CO USA February 14, 2015Music Background:
    Rhythm guitar in an hobbyist band, guitar teacher, foley artist

    Great for guitar and foley work

    As a small film maker, I'd been looking for a way to capture foley sounds other than the onboard mics on my Tascam DR-40 and my wireless cavaliers that are getting pretty beat up. I saw this set, and the price made me go for it. These mics pic up sound very cleanly and truly, and I'm very happy with their performance. As this is a pair, I can set up to capture sounds in stereo very easily. And at their price, if they get beat up while capturing sound in an active environment or application, I'll just replace them.

    I also used these mics to capture my acoustic guitar. I set them up as a vertical spaced pair. In this configuration, they beautifully captured the guitar, creating a nice separation between the bass and the treble.

    If I have any gripe, it is that one microphone is oh-so-slightly more sensitive than the other. But a quick input adjustment on the recorder and I'm back in business.

  • from Llano, Texas December 2, 2014Music Background:

    Behringer C-2 vs. $500 mics

    I have a matched pair of Behringer C-2 mics ($69) that come with a nice holder bracket (so I only have to use 1 mic stand). I ran the two mics into the MIC2200 mic preamp ($99) and then ran 2 short cables from the MIC2200 to the Behringer UMC202 audio interface (($99). My acoustic guitar sounds better through this setup than other methods I've tried. When I removed the MIC2200 and inserted the GAP Pre-73 ($349), I was not impressed. The GAP Pre-73 is talked about frequently on the internet as being a Neve 1073 clone or near clone. However, it is a singe channel. I like my Behringer MIC2200 dual channel. I recommend it.

    I've owned a $500 AKG mic and a Rode $200 mic. The Behringer C-2 microphones are my choice because they sound very good and have a lower price. For a matched pair, they are #1 in their price range and hold their own against more expensive mics.

  • from Orlando, FL October 2, 2014Music Background:
    30+ years pro keyboardist, audio engineer, sound designer, and composer

    Small mics, big sounds

    I fully expected for these to sound great. What I wasn't expecting was to have such stellar success in recording far-away sounds from my high-rise condo balcony. There's a construction site about a quarter-of-a-mile away from here -- and using these mics, I was able to capture some sounds that I was then able to use in Absynth. Way-cool.

    As always, Sweetwater's service is quick and friendly. Thanks guys!

  • from Minco, OK, United States July 5, 2014Music Background:
    Live sound, Keyboardist

    Perfect Fit

    These Behringer mics are perfect for my live sound applications. I do a lot of outdoor events. These are great for string quartets, discreet enough to place to amplify wedding vows for the audience, etc. Great Value and a great bargain.

  • from Trego, MT USA June 10, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Songwriter, Pro Musician

    Rating based on cost

    Now, I don't expect a $60 pair of SDC's to compare with a vintage set of Neumann KM84's, so I'm not going to try. I purchased these cheap little guys for an extra set for those little moments when I want one more stereo pair for a session, some percussion perhaps, or a background guitar when all my 'premium' mics are already earmarked for other purposes.

    But of course, before I use them for such a purpose, I put them up and tried them out. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, melodica. Both mics where set up through Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest channel strips. I was worried they would be a bit shrill sounding, but they worked just fine. Not a lot of character, but that's OK, those channel strips allow me to dial in whatever character I want, so transparent mics work great. They had decent detail on the top end with the expected roll off down low. Build quality for the case, clips, stereo bar, etc. is pretty low but that's expected and not a huge deal. The mics themselves feel pretty solid, I found them to match well as far as stereo matching (I did not doing deep testing on that).

    My rating it based ON THE PRICE. Really, really cheap mics and they are certainly passable. It's pretty amazing what is available nowadays in the inexpensive range! These are certainly useable microphones with my setup (really good preamps and AD converters). Not my immediate 'go-to' set, but really pretty amazing for the price. If this where my only pair of stereo SDC's I would certainly save and get something a little more high-end (check the Torch by Lauten Audio), but as a spare pair for room mics and such, they're really quite nice.

  • from Atlanta, Georgia, USA May 7, 2014Music Background:
    Singer, Songwriter, Piano composer, Hobbyist, Student, Record-my-own-songs-er


    I absolutely loved this mic. I was looking for something to record a bright, warm, high quality sound for my piano. You know what? For $59.99, you can get 2 microphones that record like the piano part of "When I was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. I am dead serious. Blown away by these microphones- they are worth every penny. Plus, they are so high quality for a steal! You would be wrong to buy a Rode instead of this one! :)

  • from January 4, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer

    Worth every penny

    I bought these for recording ambience tracks and am very impressed. Plus they give you everything you need for setup. The storage case is nice and thickly padded. My only minor issue is the plastic stereo bar is a bit flimsy and the fine stand threads are cut into the plastic and may strip easily but the brass adapter compensates nicely.

  • from June 27, 2013

    Perfect for overhead

    I got these originally for acoustic guitar recording but decided to try them on my drum kit while my guitar was being repaired. I was shocked at how crisp the sound was and decided to make them my drum mics full time. No matter what you get these for you are not going to be disappointed.

  • from Miami, FL February 10, 2013Music Background:
    Jazz guitarist / Arranger / Producer

    Great for recording classical guitar

    Excellent mic to record classical guitar.

  • from Chicago January 31, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer, live sound engineer, musician, composer

    The biggest bang for buck you'll ever get

    I needed an extra pair of small diaphragm mics and I picked these for the price because they were recommended by a teacher who knew budget was tight. I've used these on live application and for live recording. They are crisp, clean, and true. I haven't noticed any noise only because I'm not trying to record bossa nova or acapella. I've used these for drum overheads, Hammond organ (top end), and sax. Trust me you will not be disappointed, and your wallet will be happy.

  • from Stockton, CA October 4, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound,Musician

    Nice at this price point

    Nice set of condensor mics, I've yet to try them with my set up, but a friend who has been doing sound for 20 years or so did a Park concert series had a set.very handy,So I have seen them used quite a bit and looking forward to useing them with my own band and set up.

    He used them from hi-hat to,ride cymbals to micing a group of barbershop quartets,Might be fine as overheads, or an acoustic instrument or two.
    like I said at this price point its a nice package and good to have for variouse situations.

    Only draw back I know of is getting ahold of Mic clips might be difficult, so dont lose them.

  • from Thomaston maine. March 28, 2012Music Background:
    Performer and home studio.

    behringer c-2

    An amazing mic at any price! Well consrtucted, easy to use. If you don't
    like them it means you got a faulty pair. Great anywhere you need a small
    diaphragm condenser.

  • from Toronto March 15, 2012Music Background:
    Broadcast & film sound specialist

    Mic Madness You Say?

    A few months ago I started researching, trying to see if in fact there were ANY cheap entry level interior dialogue mics that could serve the film school student and unemployed :-) indie film maker.

    I see tons of questions on pro sound forums about cheap mics that might get the basic job done. The stock answer from many pros is ďforget about it. It's not a Schoeps. Save up and buy the industry standard or rentĒ
    I donít see how that helps.

    I had heard some good things in music recording circles about the second edition of an instrument mic called the C-2 which was designed by Behringer and built in China at the 797 mic company.

    OK guys Iíll give you moment or two to swear your distain for all things BehringerÖ done?

    Well out of curiosity I ordered a set of these online and determined to test the C-2 against my Schoeps CMC. Madness you say? Actually it's a subjective evaluation based on experience and professional preference. There was no serious contest but definite surprises.

    Test One
    First I connected both to a pristine John Hardy solid state mic pre amp and recorded some close up voice into Pro Tools through an Apogee converter in order to get an idea of the C-2 as a vocal reproducer, something it wasn't designed for.

    I'd been using the Schoeps with the MK41 capsule that way lately to record a talking book and chose it over any of my large diaphragm condensers or shotguns because of its natural warmth and rendition of midrange minus the hype and bite. An audio book is nothing but voice, and a listener needs to be able to hear comfortably for hours. The reader should sound rich but still the effect must be transparent; letting the listener focus on the author's art, rather than the narrator's instrument.

    Aftrer recording I did some critical listening. To my ears the Schoeps has 4 distinct qualities in the midrange, the Behringer has two and something else. What the C-2 did capture of the mids,while less detailed, sounded quite acceptable and unlike most Chinese built mics the high end was smooth! - not really accurate but definitely not a problem, actually pleasing: seeming to add a little something to the definition of upper mids. Its proximity effect rounded out the bottom but not much. The pickup pattern rejected far more ambient sound and the self-noise is so low that the voice to room ratio was considerably better than the CMC. This is understandable considering that the C-2 doesn't have near the sensitivity of the Schoeps, but the almost non existent self-noise really helps what it does capture seem to jump forward.

    Test Two
    But thatís not the important test. Whatís more relevant is how they compare on a boom under conditions closer to a student film production. So I set them up in a small boinky sounding room at the same distance overhead with similar input levels and recorded speech onto an H4n using itís built in mic preamps. One thing I noticed right away is the Behringer and Schoeps have the same low handling noise characteristics. When I brought the tracks into Pro Tools there was another surprise.

    Of course both come across noisier and less sensitive due to the mic pres. The Schoeps was still rich, detailed and well balanced giving me a sense of the room and the person in it without the boink. In an edit I might apply a very small amount of NR to take back noise introduced by the H4n depending on the context of the scene. With the C-2 the voice was less detailed though well enough defined while lacking a natural bottom. It was more affected by the recorderís noise because of its weaker reach but still produced a good voice to room relationship and it too cut the boink. It managed to capture some sense of place and surprisingly the frequency response did not sound uneven or that radically different from the CMC Ė it sounded, how shall I sayÖ similar but less than, whereas an AKG Blueline has more detail but sounds very different. After adding a small amount of EQ and NR the C-2 dialogue made it into the acceptable category. Iíve heard worse from top notch equipment.

    Conclusion: The C-2 is dead cheap (almost free) and gets the job done.

    Schoeps CMC6 & MK41 capsule $2000.00
    Behringer C-2 hypercardioid $32.00

  • from Michigan November 1, 2011Music Background:
    recording, live sound, church sound, musician

    The noise in these will make you cringe.

    I purchased these with the idea that I might use them in recording a choir that I have a regular gig recording with. Immediately I noticed a low-end noise that was persistent in both mics and on all switched settings on the mics. Luckily I had my normal mics on hand to save me.

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