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Nord C2D Dual Manual Combo Organ Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Nord C2D Dual Manual Combo Organ?

Questions about the Nord C2D Dual Manual Combo Organ?

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  • from January 31, 2017Music Background:
    musician for over 60 years

    Nord C2D

    Great instrument. The instructional manual could be improved with more DETAIL on the use of the many functions in the C2D.

  • from OH December 12, 2016Music Background:
    Professional (Christian/Gospel music)

    Nord C2D = Perfect Hammond B3/C3/A100 clone

    The Nord C2D provides the best means of replicating the Hammond B3/C3/A100 you're accustomed to WITHOUT A LESLIE (i.e. bass rig, powered speaker, etc.). When you do decide to pair it with a Leslie (i.e. 122), the sound is INCREDIBLE!

    I'd get the Ashby Gigger HalfMoon rotary switch (Google it). Concerning pedals, I'd go with Nord 27 PedalKeys. In my video demo below, I'm using the JG3 Tech pedals. They are a complete DIY project (had to replace cheap springs with rubber bands, pedals cut out when major appliances turn on). For a stand, I'd go with the Quik Lok WS-540 Mixer Stand.

    To hear my 4-minute Nord C2D organ demo, please search in YouTube:
    "Nord C2D Organ Demo by Cedric Jackson | NordKeyboards"

  • from Chicago, IL January 21, 2014Music Background:

    The #1 Hammond Clone!

    I grew tired of moving my B3 and decided to look into clones. I purchased an XK3c system when it came out but always felt it was lacking something in the sound, in number of drawbars, and Leslie simulation. Fast forward a couple of years and Nord releases the C2D! Wow, the interface is laid out like my B3 and the sound is spot on. I have actually considered selling the B3! Before settling on the C2D I traveled to a music shopand tried out a Hammond SK2. I found the layout, sound, and build quality superior on the C2D. Plus, the SK2 is made in China! Bottom line... the Nord C2D is the #1 Hammond clone!

  • from United States November 9, 2013Music Background:
    Life long musician - now a 56 year old band leader.

    100% Organ

    I actually bought this for my step son (he's gonna pay me back) - he's an awesome keyboard player - with a great left hand.

    We really agonized over which keyboard to get - there are several in the 3-5 thousand dollar range that we were considering. My own research had indicated that Nord was the way to go - but I was thinking the Nord Stage Two. My research was based on reading on line - and talking with the keyboard player in a band that is actually quite successful in our three state area - he plays the Stage Two - and reported to me that it is hands down the nicest keyboard ever - for a working musician - everything you need - in a single platform - awesome sound samples - and super easy to navigate. When I told him my step son was thinking about the C2D - he said - "well - if he just wants to play organ - that would be fine". (The C2D is the originator of the samples - but the stage two also uses them (along with a lot of other sounds.)

    In the end - the step son decided that he really did want to concentrate on being "an organ player" - so we went with an organ only instrument. At that point we were kind of down to the Hammond XK2 (is that right?) - and the Nord C2D. He had watched and listened to hundreds of you-tube videos of players on both - and was leaning towards the Hammond - as maybe a little more "authentic" (and a little cheaper maybe) - because of course the sound that all these digital organs are trying to emulate is the Hammond B3 - right?

    But - when we got up to Sweetwater - and played them along side each other - there was no question - the Nord sounded better. Now - we were NOT expert at all the settings at that point - and there IS a lot to learn - maybe a more experienced technician could have tweaked the Hammond for us and got it to sound very similar - I don't know. But out of the box - the Nord sounded better hands down.

    That was a month ago. Today - he is still extremely happy with his choice. He says it is an awesome awesome organ. Since it does not really have a bass synth "mode" we were a little scared it might not have a "big enough sounding" bottom end for his left hand - but he reports there are several VERY NICE bass sounds. And the top is magnificent.

    The Nord C2D - is "only" an organ (I don't even think there IS a piano sound) - but truly - it is as good of an organ as you could ask for. Obviously at like $ 3,700 - it is only for the serious players - but - this organ - really can take you (I would say) ANYWHERE your talent will permit - and that would include - clear to the top.

  • from United States November 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Best Of The Clones!

    I had a Hammond SK2 on order until I came across the CD2. The CD2's build quality is superior to the Hammond and I like the fact that the CD2 is made in Sweden instead of China (where the Hammond is made). The C2D is laid out pretty much like an actual B3 and when paired with a Leslie or a Neo Ventilator it is almost impossible to tell it from the real deal. Thank you Nord!

  • from February 23, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Better than most Hammonds

    I sold my XK-Pro system to buy this, because it destroys the Hammond in tonal authenticity, and is half the weight. Nord really outdid themselves; I can't imagine a keyboard/plug-in getting closer to the actual sound of a tonewheel organ. Plus it is quite easy to tweak, whereas the Hammond took forever to edit, with minimal positive results. I usually play it through a Leslie 145 and a GK bass rig, which sounds incredible. The Leslie sim can hold its own, especially run stereo. The synth bass function is awesome too!

  • from Milford, DE July 3, 2012Music Background:
    Full time musician, luthier

    Best B-3 clone I've played

    I grew up with Hammond organs and I still own a Hammond B-3 and Leslies so I do know what they are supposed to sound like. Over the years I have tried most clones and was never really that happy with them, mostly because of the top end being thin. Most recently I owned an Xk3c pro system which I liked but for me it was still not the answer. This is the only B-3 clone that has a top end that sounds right to my ears. I love the C2D organ and even more so with my Neo Ventilator. Both are fine products and a Killer combination.

  • from Nashville, TN USA June 22, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Recordist, Guitarist, Pianist, Keyboardist

    There ain't nothin' like it---except the REAL B3...

    Like the other reviewer, I had mine preordered for 3-4 months, as soon as I read Nord's release. It was what WE all wanted as organists: A dual manual, dual drawbar organ simulator with Leslie outputs.

    Well, Nord MORE than delivered. This thing weighs almost nothing (well, compared to my B3 it's almost nothing), and looks perfect, and feels just "right". Without a Leslie, it's STILL the best thing out there, but, WITH a Leslie---OMG, it'll rattle your BONES and shake your Moneymaker!

    If you want a portable B3, there is absolutely NOTHING out there that's as close to the real thing. Get this NOW! You will not regret it. It sounds AMAZING, and plays even better, plus your back won't hate you (or your roadies) in the morning!

  • from Wyoming, Pennsylvania May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Keys

    It's Alive, and

    I have been waiting with great anticipation for this baby to get in the stores. I have watched the demos 10,000 time and salivated each time. Well mine came Fedex today, 5/31/2012. Could not wait to get it unpacked. What I got when I turned it on was nothing less that sheer Joy.It sits right next to my B3, and I played both matching percussion, vibrato and the like. Turn your head or close your eyes and you can't tell the difference, right down to the dirty leslie growl. Like my stage 73, I have one of the first and am looking to end my career with it smokin. If it something that yu have been considering, and I realize it is expensive, bite the bullet and indulge, I promise you won't be sorry!! Believe you me, it has far more than is mentioned in any ad, lots more.

  • from Little south of nowhere January 19, 2012Music Background:
    All kinds

    It's about time...

    Yep, it's about time Nord put real drawbars on these! I'm in love.... Now I just have to save up enough to replace my Electro 2, which come to think of it, I still may never replace!

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