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AKG C 2000 B Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Nashville May 14, 2013Music Background:
    recording and mix engineer

    my first studio mic

    This was my first studio mic, funny seeing it on the site now. I bought this mic back in 200 or 2001. Didn't know they still made them. But anyway, this was a huge upgrade over the mic I was using before. I think I paid $400 for this back in the day. This mic saw a lot of vocal work for me and even had a chance to track a sax with it one day. I shot this mic out at the music store against other $500 mics and this to my ears was the best. At this price I highly recommend this for anyone starting out or anyone who wants to add to their mic locker

  • from Queensland, Australia May 15, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Great mic

    This is my go to mic for acoustic guitar and vocals, I have a fairly decent mic collection and have a fair bit of option, but for some reason this just sounds better then mics that cost 5 times as much.

    The only con I have for this mic is that it makes my more expensive mics seem less competent :(

  • from Massachusetts, USA July 23, 2009Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Semi-Pro Recording Artist/Tracking Engineer

    AKG C2000B-studio workhorse

    I picked up one of these used when I was starting my project studio. I now own a pair. My cabinet has expanded to about $8000 worth of mics, and no matter what comes and goes, these mics just stick around. They are good as overheads, a fair vocal mic, especially on female vocals, good on acoustic instruments, great on Conga, Djembe, toms, or hand percussion, and absolutely rock as a cab mic. I don't mean as an ambient room mic, but up close and personal. For most things (except cabs), I've got mics I prefer by a little bit, and those mics invariably cost a lot more. Yeah, I prefer Neumann KM184's for overheads, and AKG C414 on acoustic guitar. I prefer most vocals on B.L.U.E. Kiwi. But- the referenced mics are only slightly better than C2000B for those applications, and cost 3X-6X as much. The C2000B is my main remote recording stereo pair, because the only comparable mics I own are too expensive to risk in remote environments. It is simply the mic I use for almost everything when the mic I would rather use is already on something else. I consider it the best cheap all-purpose condenser on the planet. Best thing- it lacks the high end hype that we have come to expect from everybody's cheap Chinese mic, including the Perception series. Its frequency profile, from 100Hz to 6kHz, is ruler flat, with a very gentle bump from 6kHz to 10kHz. It does lack the fanatic high end detail of the C414 or the Neumanns, and for many sources in the real world, that is often better. It is also surprisingly feedback resistant, and can be used for live sound reinforcement or on a live soundstage for strings, woodwinds,sax/brass or piano. I've read a lot of these reviews, and I've never written one, but I had to write this, because this product never ceases to amaze me, and it has escaped replacement in a studio with a boatload of more expensive mics.-Richie Monroe

  • from New Orleans, LA January 27, 2007Music Background:
    just a guy who has been recording for years, and knows about it

    this is it

    I bought this as my first condensor when I was about 16 (6 yrs ago)and I have to say after using may other products and changing my recording setup numerous times, this was one of the best purchases I have made over the years. I used this mic for vocals. vocals not even being suggested as a primary use listed by AKG, this mic handles them WELL. Awesome even. I have an expanded mic cabinet now (I won't name drop) and this mic being the cheapest one of the bunch, always comes up for somthing. I would call it a step-child of the AKG C414, because it does not have the senitivity of the C414 and it does not have the beatiful reproduction of hi and mid range like the C414. If you are recording in a less than perfect acuostic enviornment, that is a good thing. So, if you want this as a home studio mic maybe fist mic maybe an addition to expand your capabilities, buy this mic. this mic really sounds like the voice or intrument, and not a recording of the voice or instrument. Its is a more than smart investment for the money it is offer for. In fact, the mic is now more expensive than when I purchased it. this tells you somthing big, when does a microphone ever appreciate??? go up in price??? this is coming from the guy who does claim to be some fancy "recording engineer" I just have been around the block with recording and I'm saying this mic is a rare creation in the world of audio.

  • from Portland, OR January 8, 2010Music Background:
    Pro musician, budding engineer/home studio type guy..

    Great workhorse

    I bought this mic on a whim when I was flush with money and needed a studio condenser for general purpose work. Little did I know it at the time, but this has turned out to be a very handy mic to have in my small quiver. It seems to handle everything really well, and it hasn't given me any nasty surprises yet, after over 5 years of use. Like one of the above reviewers commented, it's perhaps not the most sensitive microphone, but it's still sensitive! This mic is an incredible bargain for the money. I've used it for location recording, guitar amps, acoustic guitar, vox, accordian, percussion, and it worked out great on all of these. For people on a budget that need a really solid, very abuse friendly (not quite) LDC, this mic will make most folks very happy. Get it before they're discontinued.

  • from Byfield, MA October 2, 2008Music Background:
    Musician, Live & Recorded Sound

    Presents some Presence

    I have found this mic to be great at helping other mics, but I have yet to find something I personally like it on by itself. Primarily I have used it as a secondary mic on both acoustic and electric guitars. On acoustic at the sound hole in conjunction with an SM81 (or two). And on electric as the far mic coupled with a close mic (pick you favorite close cab mic). I found by doing this I was able to capture some presence without having to eq after.

  • from Allen, TX July 1, 2004

    AKG C2000B

    I've been using this mic in my studio for almost a year. Incredible value. Records acoustic guitar and female vocals very nicely.

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