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Mackie C200 200W 10" Passive Speaker Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Mackie C200 200W 10" Passive Speaker?

Questions about the Mackie C200 200W 10" Passive Speaker?

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  • from February 22, 2017

    Great Sound, Lightweight Speakers

    We needed lighter speakers for a conference center meeting room; we had some older, really heavy Peavy speakers which are wonderful but hard to move around. I saw these on Sweetwater's web site and knew we had to have them. Once they were in place, I plugged a mic into the amp and started singing. The purity of the sound, both when talking and singing, were excellent. The price: so reasonable that my wife and I will be buying a pair soon to replace our 25-year old Peavy speakers (again, still good quality, but too heavy for us to drag all over the place). Couldn't be happier with the Mackies!

  • from Wisconsin August 5, 2016

    Great speakers

    Perfect for.our application. My wife wants to listen to.music in our courtyard. Got these for her because they are high quality. Tough, good,flat response and great field coverage. Check out Mackie dispersion angles. These speakers cover some area

  • from philadelphia ,PA December 11, 2014Music Background:

    This speaker is worth $ 800 and not the $200 that i paid.

    Its been 2 hrs since I started to listen this speaker as my center channel speaker in my home theater set up. It was delivered yesterday from the good people at Sweetwater. Its been 2hrs of heavenly bliss! I hear horses galloping,base balls hitting bats and the splashing of water as divers dive in a pool. I am hearing SPECIAL EFFECTS in television commercials. HI-FI manufactures run for the hills! The Pro Audio people are coming for your markets! First they took over the amplifier markets with amps such as the Crown XLS series. Now they are coming for your speaker market. I will never buy another high fidelity speaker ,not as long as the Pro Audio world are producing super speakers like this Mackie C200.

  • from Temple, TX September 26, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior, praise team leader

    Powerful beyond its size

    I bought two for my praise team keyboard rig. I already use two SRM450 powered monitors in my cover band (and love them) and just needed something smaller and less expensive as a decent monitor for services. (I already had a powered EV mixer.) I was concerned that these would not match up to the tonal quality of my 450s but I was wrong... they are every bit as clear and rich sounding in the smaller venue. Great value for money.

  • from N California September 11, 2012Music Background:
    pro recording artist

    Stellar Mighty 'Mo'

    Replaced my JBL Eon 305s in lieu of these Mackie C200s. I could not get a decent sound out of the JBL...it was hollow and no matter what I did with eq settings or speaker placement I had trouble. These mackie C200s have made all of that go away. They are crisp and clear yet very translucent in their tone with plenty of bass response and crisp delicate highs - very nice - don't let the 10" woofer dissuade you - they are loud too if you want them to be. I suspect you'll be as happy as I am. I am playing a Yamaha keyboard through them with vocals - they are stellar!

  • from March 21, 2012

    Can't be beat

    Amazing sound reproduction for a PA speaker. I am combining these with a Crown XLS1000 and a Yamaha MG82CX for a small PA system. I have heard every respectable portable PA and this combo is far ahead of them all

  • from Bethalto, IL December 23, 2010Music Background:
    sound board operator

    Clear & Crisp

    I usually do not rate any product at a five, but the price point verses performance earned the extra point. It was not just the price point that drew my attention to these gems. After reading the specs; it appeared on paper to fit my need lists. The crossovers worked live as they claimed they would on paper. The spatial pattern lived up to my expectations; with absolute minimal weak spots Understand however that I am filling alot of space with alot of sound with these. I am using two as main PA and two as floor monitors. Which I like because EQ, compression, and effects are not altered due to the usual differences between PA and monitor designs.
    The overall sound is very clean, precise, and uniform throughout the venue. I knew going in I would be losing the very lowest end given the driver size and FQ response of these speakers. I also knew that I could "enhance" the low end with EQ and added digital processing. I can "thump" them if I wish. The crossovesr are very responsive to EQ changes; a technology Mackie claimed-and is true. The only reason I could see bumping up to the c-300 is a larger driver for bands or dj's that need alot of lower end to complete their sound. I could see many uses for this speaker- including home use as a guitar or piano rehearsal. I have no doubt that it would faithfully reproduce these instruments with no problem.

  • from Seattle, WA July 18, 2012Music Background:
    Live Audio Engineer


    Better than expected.

    These sound great! High & Low speakers seem to be balanced well!

    A big improvement over the old school C200s.

    The high tweeter is pretty smooth for the cost.

  • from Princeton NJ area April 12, 2012Music Background:
    played in bands on the side for 4 decades

    clear as a bell

    Great speaker for the money. I am picky about sound - hate it when it is muddy. These speakers provide a kind of clarity in the vocals that has been missing in the previous EVs, Yamahas, and older Mackies I have used over the years

  • from Kalispell, MT November 30, 2010Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Great Speaker for it's range

    I bought a pair of these to replace some old 12 inch tin sounding JBL speakers that worked great in the day but just got old. These not only matched those larger speakers but blew me away with the clarity, volume, and dispersion. I mounted a speaker in each corner of a larger sized gymnasium and they filled the room with clarity from every angle. I would totally recommend these to someone who needs a small scale sound system and if I had the money I would throw a sub under these. I believe the pair would be awesome

  • from December 16, 2015

    Mackie C200

    Very pleasantly surprised by their sound, not harsh, not sweet or boomy.
    I got these to evaluate and will probably get another pair once the Bar is built!
    Using them to 100hz with very large tapped horns for bass, blending very well.
    Behringer DSP3000 on the subs, Yamaha MX 800u (old school class A) on the C200s.
    Excellent follow thru on the sale by Sweetwater also.

  • from New York November 20, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Good, clear and powerful

    Great sound. Clear and crisp. Good projection. Only thing missing is built in level control

  • from March 13, 2015Music Background:
    Vocalist,piano,guitar Modern-classic country,jazz,pop

    Really good speakers

    nicely surprised when I received these speakers
    very well made and great dispersion too. they really sound good.even in my small practice room and I have tried a few others Plus they make good monitors for live stage work

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