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Studio Projects C1 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 64 customer reviews
Questions about the Studio Projects C1?

Questions about the Studio Projects C1?

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  • from Los Angeles March 2, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician/recording

    A wonderful Microphone!

    Compared to comparable condenser mics, that cost a whole lot more, you can't do better than the C1, Studio Projects! I bought one about a year ago and have used it for both instrumental and recording live voice/instument, Microphoning! I love it...for the quality, sound/audio and over all performance...and it looks great too! I have just place my second order for 2 more of these microphones! Hey, at sweet water you get extra warranty and the shock mount included!!

  • from Chippewa Lake, OH USA August 16, 2013Music Background:
    Singer songwriter, Performer, Producer, engineer


    Everything they say about this mic is TRUE. You will not be disappointed. Worth twice the price!

  • from Nashville, TN April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Engineer


    For the money this is the best vocal mic out there. You still are getting a budget mic, not a U87; but the sound quality is outstanding. I have used this on several sessions since purchasing it, and I am yet to be disappointing (especially since an hour in the studio has it paid for)

  • from waikoloa,hi usa April 8, 2012Music Background:
    indie recording artist, professional musician,producer and engineer (studio owner)


    This Mic has been the go to Mic for years in my studio. I've had a bunch of other brands at many times the cost and still I choose this every single time.. Studio Projects whole line is awesome and the price you can't beat it!

  • from December 29, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    This is the Mic!

    This mic just sounds great! The biggest thing I notice is that I'm not doing any eq'ing afterwards. The sound I'm getting on vocals just sits perfectly in the mix. It has a nice 'presence' with a high quality sound with just the right bump in the high end. Midrange is clean too! I've found that if you have a clean midrange things sounds way better. Also, I'm using a Golden Age Pre-73 preamp with it which is sweet too! One weird thing is that ran it direct into my board and it sounded great that way too. I can tell you one thing this mic blows away my AKG C4000b by a mile. The AKG is muddy and not very flattering to say the least and I paid a bunch more for it.

  • from Port Arthur, Texas USA March 30, 2011Music Background:

    Love This mic

    I Love this mic. i Has clearity and gives the vocals warmth. i Use it all the time at school when I have projects due. I am an audio engineering major from Port Arthur and we use this mic alot. i give it a 5/5

  • from Boston, MA October 28, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Engineer, Music Instructor

    You Got To Hear It To Believe it!


    If you don't know how to record properly, no mic is going to record to it's potential....Period!
    So there's really no need to compare the "Wish List" mics with the SPC1.
    However, this mic's price tag is extremely misleading in terms of the true potential of this gem.
    With "improper" settings and a less than optimal invironment this mic will sound mediocre to good. In the proper invironment and correct settings this mic will sound "Fantastic!"
    So, we do our homework and realize that a price tag has little bearing on creating a good recording, in light of the more important factors like.......Knowledge!

    Then we "Know" what a great mic the C1 is, and can be!

  • from Colorado July 29, 2010Music Background:
    Professional musician. semi pro engineer.

    Great Mic, Great Company

    I've been VERY happy with this workhorse. Great sounding mic. I use two of them. Today I found out that when you have issues, the company is there for you. Now I'm more impressed.

  • from VEGAS,BABY! October 16, 2009Music Background:


    I have owned this mic for almost 4.5 years(I think) when Sweetwater first offered it. If you really want to hear how well this mic works,listen to my cd "UNAPOLOGETIC SOUL" on Itunes on the VEGAS FLAVA label,or you can stream it for free at WWW.NURREDIN.COM. I used to own a Sony 800,(the same mic Luther Vandross used), and it retails for $8000.00! If you know what you're doing, you can emulate a U87 with this mic.Here's a hint: boost the eq 2Db at 12k,1k. boost eq 3DB at 1.5k,5k.I defy you to tell the difference.This is for vocals. I ONLY use this mic for vocals.As far as reliablity,this mic never leaves my studio,so it works like a charm every time I fire it up.It doesn't get banged around because it never leaves the vocal booth. Never had a problem with the shock mount,but it may be because it never gets moved. You can't beat this mic for the price,and you can spend the money you save on quality outboard equipment.

  • from Mass October 8, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer

    Unbelieveable sound, lousy workmanship!

    The first thing I gotta say is that this mic is incredible. The crystal clear sheen on vocals is unparalleled. I have used them for years.

    Yes, "them" meaning plural. I'm on my third one of these guys, they just don't seem to stand the test of time. After a couple years they simply don't work anymore. Sound signals become intermittent, and finally cease to pass signal at all. My guess is capsule, but I'm no tech. And at this price range, you might as well just get a replacement! (which is exactly what I've been doing!)

    Another downfall is the "shockmount" it comes with. Unless they've changed something over the last year or two, its GARBAGE.

    So unfortunately, I think the time has come to move on to a different mic and leave my beloved C1 behind. Man, what an awesome mic for VOCALS especially, guitar cabs (especially rock leads, WOW!!), and ROOM mics, where a pair of these REALLY shines.

    I'll miss ya, dude!

  • from Istanbul, Turkey April 2, 2009Music Background:
    Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Pro Musician, Recording Artist

    A Great Mic!!!

    What a great mic!!! It sounds great when used with vocals, percussion, guitar... I've thrown them all against this mic, and it has truly delivered great sound quality. For this price, it cannot be beat. I use the C1 simultaneously along with the Rode NT1; the sound is great between both of these low-cost, high quality condenser mics!!!

  • from Joplin Missouri September 13, 2008Music Background:
    Drums, Production, Mixing, Guitar and Mastering

    Beyond Belief

    I'm not writing this review to mislead. I'm writing this review to inform those who haven't used this mic. I have owned this mic approx. 2 years. I also own other mics and have worked in many studio situations where a variety of mics were utilized. If I happen to be speaking below your particular level of experience or studio expertise I do apologize. However I am a DIE Hard Sweetwater customer not a Studio Projects Employee. The message I would like to convey is the fact that until you learn to use your equipment any mic can sound inappropriate in any given situation. Until you learn about EQ, Compression, Reverb, Timing and placement...this mic as any other mic can give you varied results. What I can guarantee that this mic does is react in a sensitive way to what it is capturing and performs that task in a clear fashion. It does have a pleasant top end, and it WILL hear every breath IF you adjust your front end equipment appropriately. Whether YOU prefer a U-87 to this mic is your business. I personally choose to save the extra scratch I saved by purchasing this unit for myself and leave the conversations regarding boutique equipment to others.

  • from the space coast of florida July 10, 2008Music Background:
    producer, musician, recording engineer, live sound engineer, media producer

    Standing the Test of Time

    i have owned a pair of c1's since 2003 and they still sound as good as when i took them out of the box for the first time. ive had one sitting in my project studio in the shockmount out in the open for almost the life of the mic and the quality in sound has never waivered. i love the c1 for how it defines the clarity in the highs and mids. im not sure how many of the other reviewers have tried it on a drum set but for me im impressed with how it sounds as an overhead on a kit. my main use for my c1s has been acoustic guitar, percussion and most importantly- vocals. this mic shines at recording vocals. i have produced and recorded several projects with female vocals and this is where i have relied heavily on my c1s to give me good, clean vocal tracks. i rarely use eq or compression while recording and the c1 fits my modus operandi very well. i am at the point where the c1 has actually defined my sound as a producer (in a way) and i plan on staying with studio projects for a long time. believe me, you can trust this mic to deliver quality. tied to a decent mic pre (mine are chained to presonus tubepres) they can be counted on to give you good tracks day after day. if i could be an official studip projects endorser, i would. this isnt just a bunch of people saying this is a good mic. THIS IS A DARN GOOD MIC!

  • from Saginaw,MI March 17, 2008Music Background:
    R&B,Hip Hop,Pop

    The New Standard of Microphones!!!!!!!!

    I have been using the C1 for over 2 years know and every time i switch to the older Groove Tube i have i give in and switch back to the new standard the C1 because it sounds more richer in the top end and i don't even have to boost the highs as much.This mic actually starts sounding better and better by simply getting used to the uniqe sound of it,it's a absulutely stunner for the price no doubt it is industry......................

  • from New York, USA November 14, 2007Music Background:
    Hypnotist at the New York Hypnosis Center

    Pure Silky, Persuasion Power

    Hey, I'm a hypnotist at the New York Hypnosis Center. I've done a lot of recordings over the year. I have an arsenal of microphones and I can tell you ... not every microphone suits every voice or for the particular
    job at hand.

    I have an AKG C414, a Rode NTK, Sennheiser 414 ElectroVoice RE27, several wired Sony Lavalier microphones, a Rode NTG-2, Shure SM57 and SM7 ... and all these mics work great for vocals with the right processor.

    But if I'm going straight into my computer and I want the warmest, most compelling sound for MY VOICE without any processors .. just an attached USB sound card.... this Studio Projects C1 microphone is pure silk and power. Studio Projects have a winner. I WISH I had the Neumann U87 which this microphone has been compared to .. to give it a go .. but in the meantime .... This very very inexpensive microphone is a ten plus to me .. a triple platinum beauty.

  • from Orange County, CA August 24, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician, etc.

    Great Mic!!!

    This mic is awesome! I've used this mic for wide veriety of applications including acoustic guitars, electric guitar & bass cabs, drums & percussion, organs, harmonicas, vocalists and voice-over artists...and it has shined in every instance! What I love about this mic is it's amazing clarity without the obnoxious highs (like so many other low cost condensers). The bass and low-mids are nice and full without sounding at all muddy. Also, it can handle very high SPL sources (such as kick drums) thanks to the built in pad switch. For this price you can't go wrong.

  • from Louisville, KY August 4, 2007Music Background:
    Musician, Producer

    Charming Mic.....!!

    Ok people open your champagne bottle!
    and celebrate the welcome to one of the mics ever made...
    The SP C1 is now sharing space with my AKG 414, and SE Electronics 2200A both great mics too...
    after doing a test trough my MOTU Traveler Preamps (wich sounded ok) the C1 keeps the neutrality I like,
    just a little boost in the high end (love it!)
    then run other test with the mother of the preamps:
    the UA Solo 610....
    Charming sound!
    making the long story short...
    quality+sound+feature+price=KILLER PRODUCT
    Get some before is too late!

  • from japan/harvey illinois June 26, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Rapper,Producer,Engineer,and always Student

    This Is A Superior Mic In Any Class

    As I own many many microphones the Studio Projects C-1 is Just A Great Mic plain and simple in ANY price range. Its not my go to mic (actually mine are my neumann M 149 and the marshall MXL v69 mogami edition,yeah thats right)
    they just fit my voice quite nicley but its shines on other people i record(some pick it over the m149) See its not the mic its a combination of things, your mic pre ,your compressor of choice, your ad/da conveter,hey and lets not forget about acoustics and the fact that everybody voice is different as well as there finacial situation for the money the Studio Project c-1 with the right engineer is THE MAN as Well as other mics in its price range with the advent of todays technology i can buy many other stunning mics in this price range and have sonic vocal results best thing to do....... Study the art of music more you will come to an understanding of what i mean

    By the way Sweetwater is the Great

  • from May 7, 2007Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter.

    No discussion.

    Okay, Im no beginner in the music field. I have been recording and producing for 13 years and have several albums and releases out on the radio. This is a GREAT mic. Sounds better than anything under 1200. I do R&B music where we really like the high end clarity for vocals. This does the trick. I've found that only people who have previously bought a u87 and spent 12X more for a mic have "problems" with this mic. If you presented both mics to an engineer, singer, or producer who neither owned a neumann or a SP mic before, then would certainly question how the neumann sounds similarly close to the c1. Its just hard to justify the extra 2G's for the u87. thats just my 2 cents.

  • from California January 30, 2007Music Background:
    Full-time club musician, singer, serious home-recording

    Presence & sound in mix is great - Even without ANY EQ added

    I am really loving this Mic. I've been using an Audio-Technica AT4030 (costs about $200 more) up until now, and the captured vocals were relatively dull sounding, I had to REALLY tweak the EQ to get high-end presence in the mix, to the point of adding sibilance, making it sound harsh (but still sounding kind of muffled, frustrating.)

    First day I got the C1, I re-recorded a vocal track, and without even tweaking EQ on the track it sounded good (and present) in the mix without any sibilance.

    Also, my PERSONAL observation - I'm just recording in a regular room (no acoustic foam etc), and the C1 seems to be recording a more pure vocal (no "room ring" or weird acoustics), whereas the Audio-Technica seemed to be picking up the poor acoustics of the room more. It's a HUGE step up in my vocal sound, very glad I made the purchase. Unless you specifically DON'T want hi-end presence in your vocal tracks, I think you'll be very happy with it.

    (BTW, read the instructions when you get it about singing 6" - 12" away and always using a pop screen to avoid moisture damaging the condenser!)

  • from Central coast, Ca USA October 13, 2006Music Background:
    Rap artist and recording engineer

    Good for starting

    I just built my studio about 10 months ago this mic is really good you just gotta buy a pop filter for it and you'll be set. I'm impressed by the low and mids of the mic. the high end is decent but with the right plug ins is good. I think this mic was meant for instruments.

  • from Boca Raton July 21, 2006Music Background:
    Engineer, producer, live sound engineer, pro-musician, vocalist

    talk all you want.....

    ok all, hands down, this is just a great mic. Period. Not for the money...in any price range. It EASILY stands side by side with any other FET mic. You really do have to get into high end tube mics to get the same quality. NO, the price does not affect it's quality. They're made in china at a plant where all they do is make mics ALL DAY LONG. Fact is fact, this guy has more output than any Neumann, lower self-noise and better spl handling. Depending on the preamp used, it will sound just as good, or better(IMO), than Mr. 87....sorry if you spent the money on him....If you've ever heard this guy sound just whatever, take a look at the preamp you're using. Also, you won't hear the detail this guy provides unless you've got killer monitoring, good clock and good D/A like I have in my studio to notice it. If you're using a little m-box with a mackie pre, sorry to tell you, you're not going to like this puppy, cause you won't even be able to hear what he's doing properly. Lastly, bright, bright, bright....what is this? Are you people soloing your tracks and only gauging by that sound or something? Never gauge ur ultimate sound by the soloed sound. Again, unless your summing is awesome and you've got inteligibility inside your daw, you'll rarely find a situation where your soloed sound is the same sound you get from that instrument with respect to it sitting in a mix. Yes, this mic is bright, so are Brauner's, so are mostly all great mics. That allows the instrument to sit in a mix well....guaranteed. Without that presence rise, you'll find yourself Eq'ing the daylights out of it to get your instrument to sit right in a mix. So anyway, get yourselves a nice x73i from Sweetwater, get this mic, get great conversion and clocking. If you want tube, then get a T3(same German capsule) and if you want more bang out of that puppy, switch out the 6073 that it comes with for a Mullard, Telefunken or Bugle Boy 12ax7. You'll pay about $85 for a good one, but it's worth it. I personally went with a 1960's Telefunken Ribbed Plate tube and now my T3 is a whole new mic.

  • from June 14, 2006

    Debate goes on

    The fact is EVERY SINGLE mic gets different reviews. pick up "Behind The Glass" a book full of interviews with top producers. In it you'll find producers who don't like that U87 and other high end mics at all, you'll find others that love it/them. You'll find producers who woudn't touch a Shure 57 and you'll find others who love them. The fact the C-1 debate is on going only proves more of the same, that like the U87, some like it and some don't. Sure, some suffer from the gear snob mentality and can't bring themselves to admit it's a good mic, but then again some honestly just don't like it, just as some people don't like the U87 and other high end mics. My opinion, it's one hell of a mic and can certinaly be used in any pro application. GET ONE!

  • from November 24, 2014Music Background:
    Student in sound production

    compared to the rhodes nt1a

    So there i am doing a 5.1 capture with 3 x akg 414 set to omni and at the back i'm relying on the nt1a pair set at ORTF position, to pick up the reflections. (set at cardoid),anyway one of the nt' mics pack in, I remember the c1 an put it in its place. i take the recording back which was of a harmonica player, i pop it through the 5.1 speakers and wam bam thank ye mam its all good. The only thing i had to do was raise the gain by about 3 decibels for it to match the rhodes mic. The clarity was all there, great mic an it saved my but being as this was for an assessment.

  • from Chicago, IL May 1, 2013Music Background:
    Singer, Amateur Sound Engineer

    Excellent purchase for the price...hands down

    I had originally purchased the B-1 model but then sold it and purchased the C1 model. I am definitely impressed with the sound quality. However, I would personally raise some of the "hi's" to give it the expensive U87 sound. I would buy this mic over any $500-1000 mic any day.

  • from Oakland April 4, 2013Music Background:
    Artist, Recording Engineer, DJ

    Good Mic Great Price

    I Was Recommended this Mic From A professional Engineer And I Took His Word For it And Bought it For my Home Studio, I Instantly Loved the Sound That Came out of this Mic, Before I Knew the Mixing Process I Was Satisfied with Basic Recording with this mic without a Mix, And at that time it Made it Easier to take my Project to bigger studios for professional Mixes! Thanks to the c1 i Further My Education On Mixing And Editing On Pro tools, Now Im Working On Mastering

  • from Chicago March 13, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer, musician

    I'm Impressed

    For the money, it's a great sounding mic. I would recommend as first vocal condenser for a home studio. It's a touch bright, so running through a good tube preamp helps a lot.

    I took half a star off because the basket mount that came with it broke the first time I used it. Sweetwater replaced it right away & I had the new one in my hands the next business day, which is one of the major reasons why I buy my stuff here. But it's a very bad design, so plan on buying a backup.

  • from March 19, 2012

    Don't spend thousands of dollars

    Great all around studio and live performance. It can handle any venue and any source from the low crooner to the head banger. the -10db and -20db pads switchable at the mic make set up super quick. I use two with different orientations to capture vocals that sometimes fall off the grid during the recording performance. A good buy for sure.

  • from Elko,NV January 7, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, 220Studios LLC

    Good All Around Mic

    The other detailed reviews here are spot on. A very good mic that has the Neuman U-87 closeness. I'm not saying it is exact, but it seems close to me when you use a great pre-amp in line. I own the first C1 that came out and I have to say the old model is missing some low end. It is clean with details in the highs that's for sure. I purchased the latest C1 model recently and its sounds amazing compared to the old one I have. I bought the Red Dot C1 which I defiantly love! I believe there are 3 colors to choose from so that you can match a pair. Ask your Sweetwater sales person, and they will steer you right. I would recommend this mic to anyone and have it handy in their mic locker!!! You can mic a lot of different instruments and it is clear. You won't find a better mic for the price.

  • from Florida June 11, 2009Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Musician

    The C1... the real scoop.

    I use this mic for vox primarily where it is spectacular. It replaced the M147 I bought for vox and ultimately sold. It is amazing as a room mic for drums as well. One thing I haven't seen dicussed here is the workmanship... which is the only area where the price reveals itself. I own 2 of these and they both have different quality issues. The most important is that the second one is noticably brighter than the first, which explains to me those reviews that complain about the mics high end. The other issue is the metal mesh on the first mic constantly fell off till i had to use apoxy to secure it. The fit and finish is cheap as well but all of these things are meaningless compared to the price savings. The C1 is a gem.

  • from Michigan April 6, 2016Music Background:
    Honeycomb Studio, and songwriting over 40 years.

    Great Mic!!

    I'd consider the C1 Studio Projects mic to be equal in sound quality to my old AT 4050! And it was $750.00 over 10 years ago!! I've been designing and building my own mics (and selling them too) for several years and this $250 mic is hard to compete with. Visit my site at wildemicrophones.com.
    Thanx Sweetwater for a really great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Katonah, NY January 4, 2016Music Background:
    Singer/songwriter - guitar, piano, etc.

    Dang, good mic

    I bought this mic four years ago. I put it on the shelf when I bought a Rode, then an Avantone, then a Neumann and finally a Mojave. Last night, on a whim I got it down and recoded some rough vocals. Well, basically, I could have saved myself a lot of money. It won't handle really loud sources like the Neumann and doesn't have the warmth of the Mojave but it does a really fine job of picking up a 'true sound' of a vocal.
    The C1 is a real deal.

  • from Portland, OR USA June 20, 2014Music Background:
    voice ovet actor

    A great mic at a great price

    I'm a voice over actor, mostly audiobooks, so my mic gets a lot of miles. The C1 gives a professional sound at fraction of the average high-grade mic price.

  • from Houston May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician for 30 years. Hobbyist recording

    C1 great mic for a small studio

    This is a really good mic. I've owned it now for over 3 years and have done a ton of recording on my vocals. It is a bit too bright for me so I have to EQ to get the sound I like. I don't know what a Neuman sounds like but I know that this mic will not get you crystal clear prescence of the pro sound you hear on many classic recordings. I use a focus rite ISA one preamp which compliments it very well. My tenor voice sounds better with a Shure SM7b on more rock oriented recordings but for acoustic, clean, this sounds great.

  • from Houston May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician for 30 years. Hobbyist recording

    C1 great mic for a small studio

    This is a really good mic. I've owned it now for over 3 years and have done a ton of recording on my vocals. It is a bit too bright for me so I have to EQ to get the sound I like. I don't know what a Neuman sounds like but I know that this mic will not get you crystal clear prescence of the pro sound you hear on many classic recordings. I use a focus rite ISA one preamp which compliments it very well. My tenor voice sounds better with a Shure SM7b on more rock oriented recordings but for acoustic, clean, this sounds great.

  • from United States May 22, 2012Music Background:
    Music educator; musician; songwriter


    I am very pleased with the results I'm getting with the mic.

  • from Branson December 1, 2011Music Background:
    Audio Engineer for the last 25 year and a musician as a backup lol

    great for the price

    no you are not looking at a U87 alternative but I have been using this on acoustic and more rock vox. It cuts like a knife through mucky music and muddy singers. definitely needs a tube pre or it will chew up the ears. In short it is the only mic I have that works for rock vocalists. couldn't live without it but don't make it your only mic.

  • from Colorado February 16, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engineer, Pro musician.

    Good mic

    I do like this mic but sorry guys, this is NO U87! I like this mic and iwll keep it but I am shocked to hear people say that the C1 sounds like a Neuman. It's a great mic for the price but compaired to a U87 I found it to be a little muddy sounding. All in all, it is the best bang for the buck in my experience.

  • from Cincinnati March 2, 2009Music Background:
    Engineer / Producer

    C1 vs. U-87

    We use Neumann U-87s as our standard voice-over microphone. A talent brought in a C1. We put it up next to the 87 using the identical mic pre and compressor and recorded the signals into pro tools.
    We then did a blind playback soloing each mic randomly.
    We monitored on Mackie Hr824s - which are really flat monitors.The result was so close that I would suggest this mic to anyone. Don't know about its durability but the sound is fantastic for the price!

  • from Monterey, CA September 30, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist, Musician

    Honest Review

    I don't personally own this mic, but I am really considering purchasing one. My friend recorded a couple of tracks for me, and he praised this thing to high heaven.

    First of all, I will say that this is NOT an exact replication of a U87, which a lot of people seem to think. However, it does come very close to matching the warm mids and bottom end that the U87's possess.

    The highs on this mic, however, were a bit too bright for many of the applications I tried it on. On the vocals, especially, I had to roll off the high end quite a bit. The place where this mic really shines, in my opinion, is on acoustic guitar.

    I stereo mic'd it with an Oktava MK-012 (I know everyone preaches about matched small diaphragms, but this works for me), and to be quite honest, the average listener would never be able to tell I used a couple of budget microphones.

    The extreme highs on this mic really worked well with the ring of the strings, and the guitar came out sounding as crisp as a small diaphragm mic'd guitar, with the clarity and low end that a large diaphragm can offer. The bottom line is, with any mic you purchase, you have two options.

    Buy a mediocre mic and spend hours EQ'ing to get a respectable, professional sound, or buy a high end mic and skip the work. This mic does need some EQ to shine, but it certainly is a happy medium between the two extremes.

    In the hands of a knowledgeable engineer, this can really shape up to be that secret weapon you are searching for.

  • from Los Angeles, CA August 10, 2007Music Background:
    Producer, Musician, Recording Engineer

    The C1 = C$

    This is a great MIC, especially for the price. I just got it about 2 months ago and started using it in the studio. Low to Mid range is AWESOME, it beat out the more expensive MICs that I have. The top end is ok but if you know how to use an EQ and Multi-pressor, you could get the crisp highs needed.

    You can't go wrong for the $pent. It has a fullness to it that I don't get from my other MICs.

    My C1 is coupled with an Avalon 737 MIC preamp and a MOTU HD192 Audio interface for those who are wondering what Hardware used to record. (Logic Pro7 editing software)

    Hope this helps! Enjoy....

  • from Minneapolis, MN July 23, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Eng., Producer, Arranger

    Great Mic For The Price

    Dont let anyone tell you wrong if they say this mic is not worth your time because it is. It sounds great on the Mbox, and is very good for entry level users such as my self. I purchased mine from sweetwater over 2 years ago and it still works just fine, and still has the great sound quality I had when I first got it. You dont have to think twice, go for it.

  • from Gainesville, Florida December 15, 2006Music Background:
    Almost failed my music class at UC Berkeley. Semi pro self taught.

    Studio Projects C1

    I can't hear a drastic difference between the C-1 and other great mics, and definitely I don't hear a $2000 difference. I own a $2000 Rode Classic mic and on a lot of my vocals it just doesn't cut through the mix as well as the C-1 does. I am totally happy with the results I get with the C-1. This is also due to the fact that I have a good mic pre. Spend the money you save by buying this mic on a good mic pre and you will get great results.

  • from New York October 24, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Studio Vocalist/Producer/Entertainer

    U87? Not really.

    This is a great beginner mic and on certain sources it sounds incredible, but it's far closer to a TLM 103 than the U87. The mic is a very bright mic and is missing the low end of the U87. The top end can be brittle depending on the source. There are some mods out there to get it closer to a U87 if that is what you are looking for. Otherwise, this is a nice starter mic and I preferred it to the Rode NT2A

  • from Greensboro,Florida August 11, 2008Music Background:


    ya probably thinking like i wonder if these guys telling the truth about this mic just nip it in the bud b/c this mic here is a winner.It's good on lows and mids might need to eq just a little though on highs but besides that it's does the job maaan!,don't forget to use a pretty good decent pre and you'll be straight,beating mics over 1200, LOOK MAN YOU FIND A BETTER MIC WITH TRIPLE DIGITS THAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

  • from January 17, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Dissapointing Performance

    This mic has great ratings, but the matter of the fact is the cheap components and the lack of build quality is apparent. The sound can work on some singers but sibilance can often be a major issue due the hyped frequency response of the C1. In my opinion it lacks the fullness and depth of the more expensive mics it seeks to emulate, and even without such comparison it is substandard for most quality applications. Note that I've tracked mainly vocals and guitar so I cannot speak towards its performance in other areas.

    Most people in this price range will be looking for and will benefit from an all-rounder mic, which this mic is not. Also the shock mount was of terrible quality, and had to be replaced, the replacement from studio projects was not much better. It never feels securely mounted but the presentation of the mic is nice. In conclusion this mic cannot offer you the versatility or direct quality of some of its peers.

  • from Newport News VA April 19, 2006

    The more it's used the more it's liked...

    I have had this mic for some 8 months and find it better now than than I first thought, I used other cheaper mics, but this is the tool I always go back to as I'm on a budget.

    Everything recorded with this is in such fine detail and can be found much easier in my mixes... cheaper mics seem to muddy the sound a bit on each track causing the total mix to be dirty...buy it and dont believe the U87 people who think you need that mic to make a home recording...ha!!

    I will say this, this mic will probably not endure the torture of a Neumann or Shure or other high end mics as the switches seem flimsey... but if its in a stable location, it should be ok for a while...Jim

  • from St. Kitts and Nevis April 18, 2006

    Mic Test

    I placed my headphones over my head, I turned on my preamp, turned my volume up and began to sing and what I heard... was unbelievable! I use to use a shure mic before and yes it sounded great.. but this mic BLEW ME AWAY! It's worth the money and it's a steal.

  • from Canada/Ontario December 1, 2005

    U-C1 ??? I don't

    I am dumbfounded about where Jim is coming from .. but I don't think he is thinking realistically about these reviews and how one should perceive these posts... but to each there own..right!! ??... well here is my 2 cents...

    I think most would agree that this C1 is a fine Condenser mic ...FOR THE $MONEY$ ... however it is not a U87... and yes , a sorry singer may sound bad to begin with, but in the end... a high quality mic will capture the person with much higher quality output overall.

    Ya ..go get it ... ya.. the great C1 ...hell ...buy 3 if you like and send one to grandma to boot..... but if you have money to burn or would like to invest in a mic of a life time... then take a good look and listen around and think of putting the dollars out, as you will love your end results. The cost of these product are for a reason ... don't be fooled buy the "poor mans Neumann" ...most of the time a price tag represent the products overall quality to the finest detail.

    I own the Neumann and the C1... but I am not the richest guy or the "know it all in the studio" by no means. But I know this... when I'm doing a live/ quick demo, the lead singer gets the Neumann and the others can fuss over the the C1's.... there not the same mic at all.

  • from Canada Ontario October 1, 2005

    C1 -good price but.....

    I like this mic for the money ...it is a great option for one on a lower budget. However I will say that it is a very, very BRIGHT sounding mic and does not pack the punch of a more costly $$$ Condenser. If you have owned a high quality mic and have used it for a number of years, you would notice the tone quality of this C1 is not of optimal standards, as the price spells it out. This is a great low budget/starter mic and you would probably want to move up the ladder down the road, especially if you are looking for a pro vocal mic. You get what you pay for most of the time in this industry.

  • from Virginia October 1, 2005

    My Baby works great!

    WOW, this didnt blow me away until i mixed a couple of songs that I recorded vocal and guitar parts with. The instruments and vocals STAND OUT in my mixes much better than with older cheapy crappy Condenser mics. Vocals are SILKY and smooth closer to a Neumann. I want another with a 3 polar position next or the tube version...cant go wrong, BTW I use it with a Studio Projects PreAmp that I bought for 100 bucks here ...

  • from Newport News VA October 1, 2005

    Reviews of these mics

    I am dumbfounded about the reviews of mics and this C1 in general. I went to Harmony Central and read some reviews on this mic (which were better than the U87) and the U87 Neumann. I really think we have some SORRY musicians and singers that review these badly as with the reviews on HarmonyCentral with the U87 ...I think they were of the same sorry (U87 reviewers)lot as the ones given this mic a bad review. This is a great mic for the price and if youre a sorry singer, muscian etc, even the Neumannn cant help you my friends! GET IT and a nice Preamp

  • from AR September 1, 2005

    Not Bad

    I have a Rode K2 and i just bought this C1, and honestly the K2 is better than the C1 a million time.. but, the C1 is not bad microphone, it's only so bright.. and you will hate it if your sound is high freq. where most people live, but other than that it's not bad..

  • from South Flroida, USA August 1, 2005

    best buy

    Easily one of the top 5 best buys here at Sweetwater along with a UA UAD-1. Use this mic with an LA-610 and watch it shine! Overexcitement is what you'll experience. Then again, running off an ISA-220 or 9098 EQ mic'ing vocals, acoustic guitar, or a guitar cab all sound quite amazing with this mic. Not too many things this mic can't do and it's easily the best sounding all around mic available on the planet for under $1k. Hope all this is helping. Also, if you're first starting out, plugged into a Focusrite Trakmaster sounds pretty nice when you use a nice reverb(UAD-1 Realverb or Waves IR-1 - all available here at Sweetwater). If you don't even have that, the SP VTB-1 preamp is an awesome starting point for a beginner's preamp. It's only $99. Best of luck everyone.

  • from Lowell MA USA February 1, 2005

    Can't go wrong, buy it

    The C1 sounds great, period. The mic has a high output so it wont put a stress on the pre no matter how soft the source is. It sounds and looks like a mic that one would buy for 10x what I paid.

  • from Madison, WI July 1, 2004

    C1 - the next level in price for performance

    This microphone, like the Rode line, takes the industry to a new price-for- quality level. This is more, however, than bang for your buck. This microphone is not necessarily just "great mike .... for the money." This is a GREAT sounding microphone. I am no engineer. I have never heard myself through a Neuman U87. However, I have compared this microphone with the Rode NT1000, AT4033, and AKGC414uls (not TL) on vocals. This mike easily beats all three mikes for male vocals. It has a warm presence and silky top, and yet it cuts through the mix beautifully. I A/B'd this mike side by side with the others I mentioned. Only the AKG could match it for smoothness, although it still could not match the C1's for presence in the upper range. The AKG was dull by comparison; the Rode was tight and clean (very high quality all-purpose mike) but lacked the silky top. Granted every voice is differet- mine is on the warmer mellower side- so I don't know how it would do on screaming rock vocals. I suspect just fine. You cannot go wrong buying this mike. It also does fine on acoustic guitar (although the AT4033 is a little better) and I have read C1s are good on drum overheads. I was truly surprised and pleased at the quality.

  • from Hot Springs, AR July 1, 2004

    Great Microphone!

    When I first got this microphone out of the box and hooked up to my Lexicon Omega, I recorded myself talking and did not like the way it sounded to me;however, Once I started recording with this mic it sounded wonderful! Everything is open and warm. For $200, It is DEFINATELY a great buy! I did not find its high end to be as exgaerrated as some people have claimed. Everything I recorded fit very nicely in the mix! If you're just get starting with a small home studio, I would definately recommend this microphone to anyone who wants an expensive sounding vocal mic!

  • from CT May 1, 2004


    My new secret weapon...

  • from Temple, Texas May 1, 2004

    Get two

    Great sound at any price. For two bills and change... unbelievable. Combine this with a good preamp and the vocal clarity is fabulous. Can't go wrong. Get two.

  • from NY,NY April 1, 2004

    The Best for its price...

    Basically it,s a poor man,s U-87, we use it on pro sessions for major labels great hopefully they,ll go in to the mic pre business (LOL)..

  • from Miami, FL April 1, 2004

    C1 is no Joke!

    I've been a customer of Sweetwater now for a few years. I am a singer/songwriter/producer. I work at the University of Miami School of Music where the music engineering program is strong, I'm exposed to people who know their "sxxx" when it comes to recording and I hear what good quality recordings are supposed to sound like. In our main concert hall, when amplifying instruments or vocals, the mics of choice are either Neumann's or the ever popular AKG414'a. For our jazz vocal group's, all soloists run through the KMS105. Our studio jazz writing program also owns a decent studio that has a U87, if not 2 of them which are obviously industry standards for a lot of tracking. Sorry about such a long intro, but it's necessary to give credit to the things I know about and that most other know about and believe to be "tried and true". The bottom line is that while Neumann mics ARE incredible. However, I must say in all honest that there is definitely a new standard for price vs. quality!

    I recently bought a C1 after hearing some sudio tests on piano, guitar and overheads as well as me singing through it and reading reviews. Yes, I'm gonna go there.......this is one of the best mics on the planet! No joke, no gimmic, I have not been paid. I got a chance after I bought it to take it to my nearest Guitar Center and A/B it against some other mics. Let me just say that I used the exact same channel, same mic cable, and various preamps. I tested it against the Neumann TLM103 and the U87, AT's 4040, 4047, and 4050, the Blue Blueberry and a Groove Tubes mic that I don't rmember the model of. Long story short, it wasn't the absolute best sounding mic and I honestly wouldn't use it for everything. However, it did sound extraordinarily close to the U87. So much in fact that I had to open mic eyes and cheat to see if I was really singing through the C1 at times. At the end of the battle, I had sung through all the mics through a Groove Tubes Viper Preamp, a Focusrite ISA220 and the Avalon 737. I must also mention that the Focusrite was my favorite preamp of them all. After singing through all the mics through all three of the preamps, I chose the Focusrite as giving the most "sweetness" to the sound. The others were good, but when I turned the knobs on them, the sound wasn't always nice. It just seemed like everything I did with the Focurite, once I had read what the knob was for and decided to grab that knob and change something, it did exactly what my interpretation of that knob said, to me. It seemed like the perfect preamp to do this test off with. So anyway, in the end, I like the AT4047, both the Neumann's and my C1. I'd have to say that my absolute favorites were the TLM103 and my C1. The U87 didn't sound "sweet" a lot of times. It did have a very nice output and low noise, but my C1, I felt was "prettier" sonically, has even lower noise and more output. I really liked the body that the TLM103 gave to the overall sound. It was probably due to it not having a low pass filter, but it impressed me and I'd probably buy it before I bought a U87 even if I had the money. So guys and gals, I don't know if this helps with the "buzz" on this mic, but I had to do the taste test myself to see if I was right in buying my baby. I'd describe the sound of the C1 as crystal clear, accurate, beautifully natural high's with awesome lows and no boominess. After all, on Studio Project's website they state exactly this....."We use an outstanding capsule based on a 1950's German design, but we have made it sonically better due to advanced manufacturing techniques." I'd have to say that this statement is incredibly accurate being that I do remember saying just about the exact same thing earlier in this review looking back on it now. Seriously people, get yourselves a C1, you won't regret it.

  • from Nashville TN March 1, 2004

    Great Mic, Great Price

    Yes, this is made in China, but unlike the others, this mic is not junk. And for the price, it sounds amazing! Extremely versatile and terrific on vocals. It has perfect amount of brightness and good presence. For those who prefer a "darker mic", this is not for you (go with a Rode). I also recommend a decent (not cheap) tube preamp with this mic. For $200, you have no excuse not to have this mic in your locker.

  • from Kalamazoo, MI January 1, 2004

    Studio Projects C1

    I can't beleive what I paid for this mic, incomparison to it's sound quality. When I first plugged in, it blew me away.

  • January 1, 2004


    Although I've been a playing and recording professional for over 25 years, I'm new to the art of recording from behind the desk. I've enlisted some wonderful engineers to be my teachers. My first vocal recording was recently with the C-1. Immediately following was a Miles-type trumpet solo. Well, both musicians were thrilled with their sound and later to thoroughly check out my work I asked a great engineer and friend to come by. He was blown away at the clarity and lack of articial artifacts that can 'colour' or 'cloud' a recording. Needless to say I'm am thrilled. I think my next purchase will be the paired C4's.

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