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Samson C01U Reviews

3.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • frank george
    from United States February 19, 2013

    Sansone mic

    great product, great support, very satisfied.

  • Mark
    from Sauquoit NY USofA July 1, 2008Music Background:
    I`ve been playing 30 years

    great for getting down song ideas

    I bought this mic to record song demos and ideas.It works great for that,I sing and play at the same time instead of using it as a multi track which you can do but I would go to a recording studio to record anything I was going to sell anyways.Great cheap way to get your song ideas recorded.

    from Easton, PA, USA December 20, 2007Music Background:

    This microphone is a home run!

    I purchased the Samson CO1U for use in Podcasting and it has exceeded my expectations. I just plug the USB cable into my laptop computer and I am ready to record. The quality of the sound is more than adequate for me. No mixer is required with this microphone either. I also purchased a mini boom stand,[OnStage], and the shock mount [SP01] that goes with the Samson microphone.[I removed the European adaptor with a screwdriver] I purchased all of these items from Sweetwater, and I am more than happy with their no nonsense approach to their business. Thank You, Sweetwater.

  • Victor
    from Amherst, Ohio January 21, 2009Music Background:
    High school student recording concert band, rock band, and various video projects.

    Good Starter. XLR mic maybe better

    I bought the C01 two years ago for around $65. For having NO experience recording, it really was simple. I use audacity on windows Xp and this mic to record the high school's marching band and a friends band.

    I also dub over camcorder footage because I find the sound superior to the built in microphones. I now find this mic impractical for larger needs and will invest in the mdr1064 mixer soon. If you have the money buy the G-track because it has an analog out eliminating computer latency during monitoring.

    The mic has noticeable noise on quiet sounds. I have tried using a sm57 and find this condenser to sound better. The only downside of this mic is that it has a analog digital converter of only 16 bits and 48khz. A computer sound card can do MUCH better for only a little more. Overall I trust Samson as a cheap quality brand and will buy more.

    Just for the information USB cables have a maximum length of 16 feet without powered extenders. This is also a reason why I will be investing in a pair of XLR mics for stereo use.

  • Customer
    from Prairie Grove, MB, Canada April 26, 2007Music Background:

    CO1U Review

    The CO1U performed adequately for the studio voice recording I needed it to do, although I was disappointed with:
    - the sound resonance (it made my voice sound quite muffled)
    - the interface (it seemed to cause conflict and distortion with Audacity on the Acer with a Turion 64 chip)

    I have now sold it and am hoping to upgrade to a ElectroVoice RE20 with a Tascam US 122 in the near future.

  • darryl carter
    from Elizabeth city, NC February 5, 2013Music Background:
    10 years strong recording and production, videos

    the samson

    i brought this mic hooked it up so sad so sad never again my regular dynamic mic was better then this don't waste y'all money. if u want good mic sound and control get a phantom power mic i got the AT2020 right after i got this so called mic and as soon as i heard the AT2020 this CO1U went right back in the box and in my closet forever more says the crow.

  • Brandon D
    from Queensbury Ny August 11, 2009Music Background:
    Hiphop Recording engineer/artist

    Honestly I Hate This Mic

    I am A hip hop artist and Have used many Mic's from the famed Rhode NTA-1 to the AKG perception but i have allways been a fan of Samson's quality and abilty to make good products and sell them at a low price, I had purchased a Co1 with XRl connector and was very pleased with the low self noise and quality of the mic and thay the mic gave me zero problems at recording time ...so when i bought the CO1u I expected the same that is not the case...the self noise of the mic is anoying and notciable,even after i ran it threw a compressor and tryed a few settings on Izotope ozone 4...i run vista whith 4 gb of ram and still it glitches when runing threw asio panel also when monitoring live to the headphones there is a very long delay making monioring/recording at the same time impossable...i wouldent recomend it for vocals or music instead I recomend the CO1 which is actually less u just need a phantom powered mixer...i love sweetwater and there commenment to the coustmer that i am satisfied with just not the mic

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