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Samson C01 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 33 customer reviews
Questions about the Samson C01?

Questions about the Samson C01?

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  • from July 18, 2016

    samson c01 review


  • from Macon February 20, 2016

    Great Mic for the Home Studio!

    This was my first condensor mic. I bought it back in 2005 from a local music store and it has been my go-to mic ever since. I've gotten two other condensor mics, but I still revert back to the C01 for my vocal recording needs. Its sound is warm, clean, and clear! Who needs a Neumann?!

  • from January 4, 2016

    Good mic, 3.5 overall. Considering the price, 5 points.

    I have had my C01 for 10 years now and it is hard to fault considering it cost less than $100. I have found that it does a reasonable job recording vocals, acoustic guitar, clarinet, and trombone. No doubt a person would find fault with this unit especially when comparing it to more expensive mics; however, it is definitely worth the price and useful even when compared to more costly products.

  • from October 9, 2014Music Background:

    Very Satisfied

    With its very affordable price and the quality of it, you cant simply look for anything else. It has that professional feel microphone. Quite heavy too. VERY SATSIFIED with its performance.

  • from United States October 8, 2014Music Background:
    Recording artist ,Recording Engineer ,Student

    Not Bad

    This mic is not a large capsule mic it is a small capsule mic....that being said it is also a hyped super cardioid mic ....which makes it extremely sensitive, the overall sound is not bad but it can get very bright and harsh in a hurry i have found recording this mic not as hot as you would other mics gives you the best tone and usable recording .....I have used this mic three several pro quality preamps and i actually use it for certain voices and choruses over 1000 dollar mics so it does have its place and uses but it is not a poor mans neuman in any way shape or form

  • from marin county, usa April 30, 2014Music Background:
    singer songwriters

    samson c01

    we're a duo doing a home studio project. we use the tascam 2488neo. we are recording live and adding parts later. our instrumentation is acoustic guit, elec guit, bass, 2 voc and harp. our weak link were the behringher small diaphragm mics for the acoustic guits compared to our rode nt-1's for voc. because of bleeding, the behr's picked up the voc and actually added an inferior quality voc to the overall mix. we are delighted to say that the samson c01's leveled the playing field! and at $160 for the pair we are very pleased. they stack up to the rodes which cost $275 each. now, the rodes included pop filters and shock mounts and cables and they are large diaphragm but they were almost twice the price, very happy indeed with samson for making our 1964 j45 sound as beautiful as she really does! our 60's guild as well! go for it, don't worry about the cheap price.

  • from Memphis,Tn April 5, 2014Music Background:
    Home skillet recording / Hobbyist

    An excellent mic for me

    I have'nt got a lot to say,but right away I liked the fact that there was NO noticable self-noise or hiss with this mic and it has handled everything I have thrown at it so far. Very clear and natural sounding...the blue led is cool too, Thanks Alan F. for the great service and helpful info on this.

  • from Columbus, OH May 1, 2013Music Background:

    Samson C01 is a beast!!!! Plain and simple

    Due to an unfortunate accident I had to rebuild my studio from scratch.
    The Samson C01 was my favorite before the accident amongst my 6 mics, so naturally the first mic I bought after the rebuild was.........The Samson C01, not one but 2 of them. I will buy other mics, but for my voice, I'm rockin' with the C01

  • from United States May 14, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist, Artist

    LOVE IT Excellent Professional Studio Condenser Mic

    I love this mic, way better than my previous Samson dynamic. All I need is a preamp to make it perfect in my ears. This and Pro Tools, awesome quality.

  • from March 24, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyist / home recording

    Samson C01

    This is a really great mic. I have used it for vocals, overhead drums, acoustic guitars and some live recording. It is warm and sensitive and very sturdy. I recommend it for anyone who wants quality sound without spending a ton of money.

  • from India February 16, 2012Music Background:
    Rec Engineer,Music Producer,Composer lyricist,singer,arranger,musician,sound Engineer,Sound Designer

    Great Mic

    Fantastic,best,and outstanding mic.there is no other words to tell about this mic.most recommended for home studios starter mic.As it is all-rounder mic , recommended too pro-studios.

  • from Summerville, SC January 19, 2011Music Background:

    Super Job For The Price

    I needed a condenser mic to replace an MCA SP1 mic. Needless to say, the mic is solidly constructed and comes in a nice case for protection. We mainly use it at church with a phantom power supply and clearly picks us the voices of the choir, even the ones in the back. Dave Brow, my sales rep, hooked me up right away and I had the mic at home within days. Fantastic service and good gear, that's all I need.

    PS: Sweetwater = Awesome

  • from Whittier, CA January 11, 2011Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter - Producer

    Decent All Around Mic

    While it may not be the cream of the crop, the price tag on this microphone should tip you off to that right away. What it is, however, is a wonderful "starter" condenser that can give you demo ready results on your instrument cabinets when paired with an SM57 or e835. What I have found though is that this mic truly excels beyond any other in the Metal Vocal department. Screams sound amazing on this low-cost gem and I was absolutely blown away by how much better they sounded, with no doubling required, against the typically used Shure and Sennheiser mics, among others. The quality of this type of vocal has cemented the C01's place in my equipment locker as a go-to mic.

  • from Virginia October 4, 2010Music Background:
    Home Studio Owner

    Go to Mic!

    I mainly track drums in my home studio and originally bought this in Samson's drum mic bundle to be used as overheads. I occasionally have to record acoustic and vocals, however, and this thing sounds great! Super affordable and all around great mic!

  • from Palm Springs Southern California March 29, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

    Perfomer's Best Bang 4 Y'r $

    Well -
    it's marvelous -

    When I plugged it in and checked the sound first time everyone in the room had a big smile on their faces -

    That said it all with out one word said , then the comments came and they were all positive ! I can't wait to see what is does for an acoustic banjo , guitar , violin , flute or harmonica! The vocals come out smooth , silky sweet and warm . To say the least I'm impressed big time .

    I have been around studios in L.A. and heard quite a few great mics - this one for the money is ridiculously priced cheap while delivery the high quality sound results a more costlier mic would demand in cost to equal .

    You can't loose with it and when it dies like all mics eventually do I can use it for a hammer , man it's built like a brick :)

  • from Queensbury Ny August 11, 2009

    Great Mic for the Price

    I had this mic for about 6 months and i was amazed with it i ran it threw a Yamaha MG82cx via XLR and had no problems with the hiss...im looking to get another right now i have the CO1u usb mic and I absoultly hate it i cant wait to get my old set up back

  • from Grand Cayman August 8, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,Pro Musician , Bass Player, Singer, Live Sound Enginner


    First of all let me tell you my story,I own a Neumann u87 Ai, 4 years ago Hurricane Ivan destroy the Cayman Island alone with my studio.A year after I started working to get my studio back and running and to find out the Neumann would not work. so I started shopping for a mic that would work just as good as the $3,000 microphone.A friend of mine had a Samson C01 that was not using so he told me to use it until I find one to buy.Well what do you know 4 years later I am still using the Samson C01, I am in love with this microphone that I have 2 extra C01's just in case, trust me on this for the price my Neumann is not even near my studio,if I had the money Neumann will be my first Love.(WILL GET IT FIX SOME DAY I HOPE)

  • from Parkersburg, WV October 14, 2008Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer Wannabe

    Great Starter Mic.

    Sounds great on vocals and acoustic guitars, but watch the self noise. If the source you are recording is loud enough you wont need to worry about, but if you have a soft singer/player then be prepared for some hiss. I hear it more on acoustic guitars than vocals. I run this through my 003 rack into Pro Tools LE. It works well and is one of the best starter mics out there IMHO.

  • from Los Angeles February 13, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Guitarist, Composer

    Great Starting Mic

    Although I do really like the sound of this mic, I can't really justify giving it a good review. Mine really hiss's. I have been using my Rode NT5's for a while now and when i went back to my samson as a vocal mic for a classical pianist and singer i couldn't believe how noisy the samson was. Considering the C01 was my first condenser mic i was blown away at first but after getting the proper perspective I can't really justify recommending this to anyone interested in a long term investment. If your just starting out and your not sure how much recording your gonna be doing but want to get into it for cheap then great go for it. Otherwise i'd spend a little bit more money and get a mic that you can keep for more than a year.

  • from Charleston SC October 1, 2007Music Background:
    Recording musician

    You can't go wrong with this mic.

    I have been recording for more than 25 years and have used quite a few mics. I have been so pleased with the way this mic responds to my voice and my acoustic guitar. It's been nick-named the "Poor Man's Neumann" for good reason. In my home studio I am using it with an Avalon 737 Sp Vt and a MOTU 828 Mk II. This mic doesn't even cost the sales tax of the more high-end mics, and the sound is very, very nice. I have an AKG 414, and a Neumann ksm 105.

    This mic doesn't back down. It works very well.
    Samson would probably sell more if they raised the price a few hundred bucks : )

  • from chicago, illinois August 27, 2007Music Background:
    40 years of music.

    This mic defines "Bang for the Buck"

    i bought a Samson C15CL for a vocal mic as a (cheap) test and loved it. i had been using the Shure standards forever (58's). i was then looking for a second mic for acoustic guitar and picked up the C01. what great deals, what great open sound. i record vocals and guitar into a Beringer 12 track mixer, into a M-Audio Jamlab, and then into a notebook PC using Adobe Audition. i swear it sounded like i had taken blankets off of my mics the sound was so clean.

  • from Washington, D.C. July 9, 2007Music Background:
    Music Producer, writer, performer

    Not Bad...Not Bad At All!

    I own a studio inside of my apartment and this is the first mic that I bought almost a year ago and I must say that I have been using this mic for alot of my own singing and rapping needs and it has never failed me in quality and performance. I use this mic alot and I love the way I sound on it. I plan to upgrade to higher end mics but for now, this one will do.

    This is, by far, not the best mic but if your funds are limited get one or two of these. Don't waste your money at radio shack thinking a $30 mic will cut it. This is an excellent first mic.

  • from MO June 6, 2007Music Background:
    Professional Audio Engineer

    Great "Small Diphragm Mic"

    First of all, the specs are wrong. I took mine apart to do some mods and this mic's diaphragm is actually about the size of a small to medium size diaphragm (like you would find in a pencil condenser mic like the KM 184).

    That said, this mic is an outstanding value. I work with high-end, expensive mics all the time and I have to say that this mic is one of the best budget mics that are available compared to those sonically and price wise. Unlike other budget lines like the MXL line (which I usually find harsh and spitty in the high end) this mic has a smooth, articulate high end (albeit a bit noisy). It is indeed great for drum overheads, piano and some vocals. It's a bit too boomy in the low mid-range for me for use on acoustic guitars. Overall, if you are in a budget studio or just starting a project studio, I would stock up on these mics as they are great in quality and price! Hope this helps!

  • from San Antonio Tx February 9, 2007Music Background:
    Bassist, Drummer, Recording Engineer.

    Great Mic

    I have used this mic on two c'ds now for overheads and vocals and i have no regrets.

  • from February 8, 2007Music Background:

    buy this

    you don't have to feel like yours settling for something in your budget with this mic. it does incredibly well on acoustic guitar and vocals. amazing.

  • from Layou, St.Vincent and the Grenadines August 2, 2006Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer , Live Sound Engineer

    Great Mic

    I own a small recording studio in the Caribbean country, St.Vincent and got this mic to do my first set of recording projects. I've had it for over ten months and it never failed me it.

    I also use it in live performances for Backvocals. As much as five persons surround the mic and still it brings out the vocal harmony A+.

  • from New York July 27, 2006Music Background:
    Recording engineer Adonai Christian Center, NY

    Exelent Mic!

    Exelente microfono para grabacion de estudio, buena recpecion, especialmente para gravaciones de voces.
    Una buena compra!!

  • October 1, 2005

    C01 a Great buy.

    I've got two of these and first I want to clear something up. They are NOT "large diaphargm" condenser mics. They are Medium size diaphragm mics. The diaphragm diameter is only about 3/4". But what they seem to be is capsules similar to the Marshall 600 series etc. mics that are widely used and praised for drum overheads. The C01 case is larger, but on the plus side the case is very light but still looks good.

    You might think that the smaller capsule migh not sound as good as true large diaphragm mics. Not so. These are killer sounding mics! They don't quite have that large diaphragm sound, but they don't have the characterless sound of tiny electrets either. Basically they are a good balance between the two mic types. They make really great overhead mics but also work well for many other applications. Make really nice stereo pairs.

    My advice is do what I did. Wait for a sale price and stock up. Not the only mic you'll ever need but a great addition to your mic collection.

  • from Boston, MA USA August 1, 2005


    I bought this microphone almost 3 years ago and have used it consistently since then. Because this is an exceptionally sensitive Microphone, the available shock mount is highly recommended. I have found this mic to be durable, clear and of high quality. The recordings produced with this mic are very responsive to any EQ I throw at it which doesn't always seem true with other mics of this price range.

  • August 1, 2005

    Great Mic for the Price

    For the money you can't beat this mic! I've used it on several of my recordings and I have found that it shines on uses such as acoustic guitar or vocals. For use on amps and such you really have to crank the amp up to get this mic to shine but in the end it's worth it. I found that it captures the sound perfectly and it's great for any home studio

  • from Murfreesboro August 1, 2004

    Cheaper can Be A Good Thing

    Samson's CO 1 is Great mike, The perfect all around microphone

  • from New York, USA April 1, 2004

    Excellent Value

    I like this mic. Excellent value. Used it first time as drum overhead. Bright but not harsh.

  • from January 1, 2004

    Great Buy

    The Samson CO1 is the best $80 condensor mic. I've used it in live performances and was very impressed. It can be used to mic choirs, pianos, dulcimers, and vocalists. Rock solid.

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