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Squier Bullet Strat HSS - Brown Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from Libertyville, IL February 25, 2016Music Background:

    Built So Well..

    It was everything that I expected and more. Considering this is an inexpensive guitar, I didn't expect the pickups to sound great; 2 out of 3 isn't bad; I switched the humbucker. It was built so well and with precision that I barely had to set it up, straight out of the box. The tuning machines and tremolo also worked better than I expected. Compared to an affinity strat that I've had, the tremolo has a better design. From a craftsman standpoint, the cavities of the guitar seem to be routed nicely, and they took the time to lay down pickup shielding paint. It is also weighs less than I expected.

  • from Haverhill,Massachusetts February 11, 2016

    great guitar

    for the price you cant beat the quality figure for a quality guitar such as this would go for a lot more. has beautiful clarity and sound an beautifully constructed would definitely consider someone who's money's tight an wants a quality instrument to buy this. you wont be disappointed. Glad i found sweet water web sight. will definitely use this again for guitar needs

  • from San Antonio July 24, 2015

    Great deal!

    Had to give this 5 stars. What a great guitar for so little money. I got mine new/used. Still had the clear film over the pick guard. Played it a bit at the store. I guess I got lucky and the neck was really straight, with a very slight relief bow, perfect. This is the least expensive guitar I've ever bought. Got it home, messed around with it a bit, then made some adjustments to the string heights and set the intonation. Plugged it directly into a mixing board and played it thru the studio monitors, no effects, no EQ, just dry. The monitors are flat, real time analyzed. The guitar had some really nice tones! Especially liked the bridge pickup or the bridge and middle pickup combo. Nice clear highs and warm sounding bottom. Couldn't help but notice the craftsmanship on this was near flawless. The action is nice too! The tuning machines are very stiff, got a torque wrench?, but it stays in tune really well even when using the tremolo. Springs were adjusted tight. Next I plugged it into a Vibro Champ amp. Mine has a ten inch Celestion speaker and I use it for recording, miking it live or using it for my own monitor on stage. Got the tubes powered up right on the edge where playing lightly is clean, and nailing the strings it does that tube thing. I call it my sweet spot and it was easy to get there with this guitar. I have a lot of guitars, and this one is really a nice guitar. I've paid tons more money for guitars, and some don't compare to this. As you can tell, I really like this guitar. It wouldnt be a good heavy metal shedder type guitar, but for classic rock, country, alternative rock or whatever it's great. Some will think of this as a beginner guitar, yes it would be a great guitar for beginner or student, but it's no toy. This is a good guitar for anyone at any skill level. I'll use mine mostly for jamming and recording or onstage too. It's fun to play, the action is good, has nice tones and looks good too, not to mention it seems really crafted well. If it's not the sound you really like, you can always upgrade the pick-ups too. I may split the coils on the humbucker and put a switch to go from dual to single coil soon. It's an easy mod to do. Anyway, I don't care that it's not a boutique or expensive made in USA model. I'll worry bout that after my first gold record, lol. It's all about making music. Good luck.

  • from Lk. Hopatcong, NJ USA February 14, 2015Music Background:

    Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo HSS - Brown Sunburst

    I purchased this as a first electric, I have a classical and electric acoustic but wanted a electric and everything the other reviewers have said is true, this is a great quality manufactured piece, fender has really stepped up and built a real beauty, the action and sound are really versatile between the humbuckers and single coils it gives you a great choice of sounds. Pair this with a fender mustang amp and your off to the races!!. If you want a fantastic starter electric you cant go wrong.

    Mark G.

  • from Littleton, CO August 8, 2014Music Background:
    Played on/off for about 40yrs

    Absolutely Blown Away

    I returned an expensive defective Epi and on recommendation of my sales rep (Bart), bought another guitar brand I never seen or held before. I was apprehensive but put total confidence and trust in him and it turned out to be what the Epi should have been and a heck of a lot more. With left over money, and because I stated I never played a Stratocaster in all my years, I added this Bullet to the invoice(originally as a joke).

    OMG WOW. The guitar is absolutely flawless. Like a few others I bought in the $100-$200 range, this one is beyond belief and has turned me ifrom a Gibson/Epi fan nto a Fender/Squier fan..

    The finish is beautiful and totally flawless. Not one mark, ding, machine mark, or scratch anywhere and the wood grain is beautiful. The fretboard has no machine marks, the neck is perfectly straight and the frets are so level I kept lowering the bridge until I got 1/32" action. I told Bart this is the very first guitar I ever had to raise the action on so I can hear hammer-on's. It has a $1000 flawless finish and feel. The neck is less than 1 inch thick and very fast. The tuners are as good as the pickups.

    And the pickups sound good, especially the humbucker. Fender tech support said I could buy good Fender pickups (cheap) and a new pickguard(because of the large cut out for the humbucker) and have a nice Fender guitar.

    Note that the neck is raw wood with no finish.so it may get dirty over time. But that bare neck never has to be wiped down and your hand always slides effortlessly-never sticky like finished necks. The only "bad" thing I can say is that the frets are not polished, so when you bend strings you can feel roughness on some frets. I'll address that when I change the strings(it came with Fender 250L's-.009).

    Oh, one other thing, it was also missing the top strap hook. The hole was there but no thread marks. I called Fender tech support and they sent me a new set(they only come in pairs) and threw in a pair of Fender 250L (.009) strings. The hooks were different than the original one so I put both on.

    I don't use the whammy bar since it's not a locker and I'm quite sure it would knock the tuning out. It holds tune for days and only need a slight touch up periodically regardless how long it's played.

    Overall I give this guitar 5 stars times 10 because it is much better than $700 guitars I have bought. I've had this guitar for months now and every time I pick it up I still look at in awe. What a job Fender has done with Squier.

  • from Chicago, Il February 4, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome Guitar for the price

    This was my first guitar, and although my experience is limited, this guitar blew me away. Even my friend who is a guitar guru is amazed by this. The neck and frets are sanded down for a smooth satin finish and feel. The body finish is also very smooth with a poly finish. The two singles and humbucking pickups, it offers versatility and you can really decide which sound is right for you.

    Easy to play
    Smooth finish
    Great sound
    Great feel in the hands
    Thin neck and body
    Easily adjustable action and intonation
    Well-leveled frets

    Tremolo bar knocks you out of tune almost instantly
    Small scratches are quickly noticeable (but it does give it that "worn" look that some do like)
    Tuners may be a bit sticky

    Great beginner guitar, 5/5 recommended

  • from July 16, 2015

    Surprisingly Nice for the Money

    Surprisingly good for a very cheap guitar. No machine marks or scratches (unlike my expensive Epi's) and the wood grain is nice. Overall, the finish is flawless and has been very durable-not one scratch or wear mark over a few years. The neck is raw wood, smooth and very thin, frets come unpolished and feel rough when bending strings though they are leveled well and you can get very low action.

    The tuners are disappointing but will stay in tune. The pickups are ok, especially the humbucker, and give a broad tonal range. Whammy bar knocks it out of tune everytime and it's been impossible to adjust to keep it in tune-so toss the bar.

    Mine was missing the top strap hook-hole was there but no thread marks. I called Fender tech support and they sent me a new set plus a few pairs of strings. They suggested by upgrading the pickups (cheap), tuners, and pickguard I would have a nice Fender guitar. Not so sure about that as, over time, the neck has bowed near the 15th fret (passed the end of the truss-rod).

    For the price, Fender has done an impressive job with Squier-for the additional cost of tuners, pickups, etc. you can get the Squier Deluxe Strat or the Vintage Modified which have better parts. Still, for beginners, this guitar is surprisingly good for the money.

  • from July 8, 2015

    Great for the price!!

    Great guitar, extremely light and has some nice tone. The only problem I would say is the humbucker which buzzes quite a bit. Other than that, it is pretty decent.

  • from May 22, 2015

    Fine guitar for the money

    like it a lot,plays as good as an expensive strat.

  • from Ely, MN 55731 USA June 19, 2012Music Background:

    Well customer care

    Still didn,t get the uniform design on the face of the guitar, but the sound and placement of the strings wre well liked by my son withthe nice tone of it. Couldn"t figure how two items could look so much the same compared what they show in the illustrations. Oh well that"s how it goes. Thanks for the wonderful service..

    Bernard Portinen

  • from key west , florida July 9, 2015Music Background:
    before becoming a musician i was a drummer in rock and roll bands from 1967 to 72 in 77 i hit the road as a busker and have made my living that way since

    a squier is all you require

    i have had the bullet strat for about a month now.. for the first two weeks i played it through a horrible little amp that a friend of mine had modded (replacing diodes) so that i could get screaming overdrive from my epiphone les paul ukulele.. though i have made my living with a guitar for 36 years without a day job , i never messed with electric guitars .. the bullet strat was playable out of the box and i had a lot of fun playing the blues scale to backing tracks . even though the amp had only two settings 1 no sound 2 screaming overdriven distortion with feedback if you so much as looked at the amp...... so i decided to get an amp and bought a vox vt20+ what a difference . with the vox the first thing i noticed was that i needed to do some work on the intonation and so i went online and learned how to do that and after two weeks of dinking with it i am pretty close (it doesn't sustain as much as i suspected it would , but i haven't had anyone who knows about electrics look at it yet ) and i am having a lot of fun with it. it is easy to play all the pots seem to do what they are supposed to it stays in tune pretty well. the neck was straight with no adjustments and i am impressed at the sounds i am getting out of it through the amp. . for me there is a learning curve because of the difference between acoustic and electric techniques but i have a good headstart with 40 years of daily guitar playing under my belt... still i think it will take a month before i go "play out " with it.. ... so all and all yeah it is way worth the money i expect to play this thing for a long time (of course i will hit up my friends for the parts they took OFF of their strats when they did upgrades) so folks don't be afraid of squiers maybe i am lucky but i think i got a good one. and don't be embarrassed to play a squier . heck what could be more fun than going out and sitting ion with some friends and tearing it up with a 100 dollar guitar.....

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