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Squier Bullet Strat - Arctic White Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
  • from September 25, 2015

    Squier Bullet Strat - Arctic White

    Great guitar - was given away to one of our registered guests at the concert this year. Thanks for your continued support of our shows!

  • from June 3, 2015

    My new guitar!

    I was very happy when my guitar came! It was delivered quickly and well packed. You cannot beat the price for such a nice guitar!

  • from San Diego, CA USA May 27, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, church musician, aging wannabe

    Great-sounding guitar for travel, practice, maybe even gigging.

    I was looking for a "beater electric" I could kind of abuse: take it on an airplane, do a lot of string bending practice (which totally trashed the frets on one of my nice guitars), and not have it be a big deal if it got stolen.

    I expected some rough edges and found some: one sticky tuner, some frets poking out a little, the frets not polished smooth, and the neck a little sticky. A little filing on the ends of the frets, a little steel wool, and a little break-in period, and those issues have faded away.

    But a lot of things were way better than expected: the 5-way is quiet, the pots are quiet, the action is perfect for me, the neck is straight with no choked off notes, and the tone knobs give a decent range of sound. It also, contrary to most of the 'net chatter, holds its tune just fine if you don't go wild with the whammy bar. (I don't put it on.) It also does not pick up any noise from my flourescent lights.

    It's my everyday electric, played through a cheap headphone amp or my multi-effect pedal into my keyboard amp or my 100 watt Randall monster. It gives me a lot of tone options, is comfortable, and I don't worry about it being damaged or stolen as I would with a "real" Strat.

    Just what I wanted, especially at $129. I gave it 5 stars for the value it represents at the price. Yes, a few warts, but nothing that a little work won't fix.

  • from Colorado May 18, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Bullet Strat Arctic White

    For the price, this can't be beat. I installed new tuners and this guitar is awesome. Can't put it down.

  • from Louisiana November 25, 2011

    Great guitar

    This is a great instrument. When you hit the strings & feel the vibration you'll know what I mean. And it stays in tune! For $119 this is amazing. I got a Fender Mustang I amp with it and the combination can't be beat. Do yourself a favor and get one of these. If you don't like it, which I doubt, you can send it back - so what
    have you got to lose?

    Dealing with Sweetwater is easy. No tax, no S&H charges, and you get your order fast. I've ordered twice. Ask for Justin at extension 1391. No, we are not related and he didn't pay me to type that.

    This guitar not only sounds great but it looks good enough to eat. And it's easy to play for somebody like me who doesn't have big hands. Maybe that's why it's described as a "beginner's" guitar. It definitely is not.

  • from maine July 31, 2011Music Background:
    playing off and on since the 70's

    You can MOD this

    Love these guitars. You can modify these. There is a whole community out there that just loves these bullet strats. Do some homework and for an extra 200 bucks you'll have a vintage 1969 strat. Replace the tremolo block with a solid steel one. A wired pickguard with new pickups that you drop in. Some nitro lacquer to make it look old. Look on Ebay for some vintage tuners. You're done.

  • from PA December 26, 2007Music Background:
    Obssessed Hobbyist

    You won't believe it.

    With apologies to brand snobs everywhere, Squier is turning out some great products. Last Christmas I got a "51"--amazing quality, beautiful, and more tonal variety than just about any guitar I've ever played. This Christmas, it's a Bullet Strat in Arctic White. Out of the box, it was beautiful in fit and finish. I was still a little leary, because I had played the old "Bullets" and was not at all impressed. This, I am happy to say, is a totally different animal. I've been playing "Jimi" for two days, and have found every sound from Clapton to SRV to Hendrix. Will it play thick, chunky jazz chords? NOOO! But rock and roll and blues are what I want from a Strat and that's what this baby delivers. The only reasons I can find that they are advertising it as a beginner's guitar are the price and the fact that the superfast neck is incredibly easy to play and makes bluesy bends a breeze. The string-through body sustains well, the intonation was spot-on out of the box, and even the strings were fine--something almost unheard of on a budget axe. The dot inlays are a welcome upgrade from the painted on dots on many budget strats. I've read in several places that Squier is making this in an even more limited run than the "51", so my advice is grab one while you can!

  • from Phoenix, AZ February 1, 2016Music Background:
    Advanced guitarist

    Incredible Value for Money

    So I've had this guitar for about 4 years now and felt it time to write a review about it.

    When I first got this guitar it was just something that I was going to keep around the house as a beater guitar to practice with at home. It has become my 2nd favorite guitar behind my treasured Les Paul and honestly, it's been getting more playing time than the Les Paul lately.

    The thing that I love most about this guitar is the comfort of it. It's incredibly light (probably guess a little less than 7 lbs.) and it doesn't dig into my ribs and forearm the way a Les Paul can. The neck on these Bullets is barely finished, which I prefer as it makes it easy to just slide up and down the neck as opposed a lacquered neck which I've found can be sticky.

    The sounds are classic Stratocaster. Last night when I played it at church through a Vox AC30 that classic Strat sound in the 4 and 5 pickup position was right there. Another reason I've been transitioning from a Les Paul to a Stratocaster is that I'm not really using the heavy rock humbucker sound anymore. I love the ability of a Strat to clean up when you turn down the volume knob and this guitar does it very well. I suppose it would benefit from a pickup swap but honestly I don't see the need. I'm never been the greatest audiophile and have always subscribed to the "plug in, sounds good, let's go!" philosophy of guitar.

    The 3 critiques I have of this guitar are the vibrato, tuners and fretwork out of the factory. The bridge and the vibrato are a little thin and not as strong as other bridges. I can't complain about it going out of tune when using the bar because just about every guitar that doesn't use a Floyd Rose goes out of tune.

    The tuners are cheap and I would like to replace them with smoother, more precise tuners sometime. But honestly once the guitar is in tune it actually stays in tune surprisingly well.

    The fretwork was my biggest problem with the guitar. Some of the fret edges were incredibly sharp and the high e string would actually get caught on the fret while playing. Thankfully a set of files was able to fix that up.

    This guitar isn't just for home use, practicing or beginners. I have gigged with this thing multiple times and have really enjoyed playing it. Honestly my biggest problem with the guitar is that is says Squier Bullet on it and of course there are comments by gear snobs. But that's their problem so screw 'em. This guitar is well worth it and is definitely gig-able.

  • from FAIRVIEW TN July 27, 2011Music Background:



  • from Deltona, FL September 29, 2016

    Pleasantly Surprised

    Very nice player for the money.Asked if this had a skunk stripe on back of neck and was told no.Was surprised it indeed had one. The action is very good with no buzzing on neck. This could be a very good
    project guitar for those who like to upgrade on a beautifully finished body.

  • from BLOOMINGTON,NY 12411 August 15, 2016Music Background:

    Arctic White Squier Bullet Strat

    You'd be hard pressed to find a better looking and sounding guitar at this price point.This is sweet.i'd have no reservations gigging with this ax.Give it a try!!

  • from Atlanta, GA February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Hobby Drummer

    Great for the price

    You get what you pay for. Great guitar for the price! If you want a real strat, just replace the tuning locks. This thing goes out of tune often, but is a great "first guitar" for learning or as a backup instrument. Sound is awesome!

  • from WV January 21, 2016Music Background:
    Noodler for 15 years

    Solid B-

    It's an ok guitar to begin with. Sounds good right out of the box. Frets are a bit jagged on the edges but that can be delt with. I doubt the beginner guitarist will be shredding all that much anyway. Tuning is meh. If you play lightly they may stay in tune for a few songs. Just don't try to hammer out any TOOL on it and you'll be fine. You can remedy that for fourty dollars with new tuners. All in all i'd say it's a good deal. I imagine if you put another 100.00 into it, it would be a super solid axe. I bought one for a gift for my beginner brother and he loves it.

  • from Conway, AR April 30, 2014

    Not a bad guitar

    Good build of an instrument. Inspite of the fact that it is a cheaper options, it can take some punishment and still hold up. The only negative I can sayis that this is the first guitar that I've bought where the lack of money spent did effect the received quality. Although it plays good, you feel the lack of higher quality builds.

  • from New England June 26, 2012Music Background:

    Not me

    I am a music student and I bought this guitar because I commute to school (sometimes by city bus) and I did not want to subject my higher end instruments to the New England weather and possible hazards that come with constant transport of an instrument to and from where ever. Unless this is to be your first guitar or you are purchasing for a child or begginner, do not buy this guitar. These guitar are very cheaply built. The frets are not flush with the fretboard. If you stop in a shop and check one of these out you will see that if you slide your hand along the side of the neck where the frets end, the jagged edges of the fret wire will score your skin, this makes for discomfort during playing. Strat lovers enjoy/expect the hum/buzz created by inferior single coils and tolerate this...I do not know why. The noise is all kinds of annoying and yes, it is blatantly present on the cleanest of settings at low volume when in 1, 3 or 5 position. The guitar itself is not alive - real players understand what was meant by that. The intonation was terrible when I purchased mine. Got it set up by a tried and true tech who told me before handing it back that it cannot be close to perfect. What do you expect from a $130 instrument? If you need an instrument in this price range for whatever reason buy a base Yamaha Pacifica - They are well built and finished comfortably, Ive carted mine around all day every day for 4 years, in and out of: the case, cars, busses, practice rooms, friends houses, etc. it has held up to the NE climate and holds tune and intonation, only adjusted the truss rod twice in 3 years.

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