Fender Bronco 40 1x10" 40-Watt Bass Combo

40-watt Combo Bass Amplifier with 8 Amp Emulations, 12 Effects, and a 1-knob Compressor Onboard
Fender Bronco 40 1x10
Fender Bronco 40 1x10

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Fender Bronco 40 1x10" 40-Watt Bass Combo
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An Affordable, Recordable Bass Amp!

Laying down bass lines with a Fender Bronco 40 compact bass amplifier is incredibly fun, easy, and effective. Whether you're looking for a small bass amp for your project studio, practice sessions, or band practice, you'll be impressed by what the Bronco 40 delivers. This surprisingly powerful 40-watt amp sounds great, and it also comes loaded with useful tools such as a killer 1-knob compressor, a collection of 12 inspiring effects, and Fender FUSE integration that lets you edit, save, and share your own custom tones with other Fender Bronco 40 users around the world.

Fender Bronco 40 Combo Bass Amplifier with Built-in Effects at a Glance:
  • This amp was made for recording
  • Killer built-in effects and onboard processing
  • Share your custom settings with users around the world
This amp was made for recording

Despite the fact that 40 watts makes the Bronco 40 a formidable bass amplifier live, you can tell that Fender made it for recording, just by taking a closer look at the back panel. That's where you'll find an XLR output waiting to be plugged into your recording rig. And when you record with the Bronco 40, it goes from being a conveniently portable little amp to a bass blasting monster!

Killer built-in effects and onboard processing

The Bronco 40 isn't just an amp - it's eight amazing bass amplifiers in one, offering you a choice selection on the best bass sounds ever made. What's more, you also get 12 incredible effects you can use to dial in the perfect tone. Fender also knows how important compression is to getting great bass sound. That's why they gave the Bronco 40 a dedicated 1-knob compressor. Think of a tone, and this fantastic bass amp will help you find it.

Share your custom settings with users around the world

If you're not already familiar with Fender's FUSE software, prepare to be blown away. This amazing tool lets you climb right into the heart of the Bronco 40, giving you the ability to tweak its settings to your heart's desire. You can store 24 presets right on the Bronco 40, and countless more on your computer. Even cooler still, the FUSE lets you share your favorite tones with an entire community of Bronco 40 users online.

Fender Bronco 40 Combo Bass Amplifier with Built-in Effects Features:
  • Great 40-watt combo bass amplifier for the studio, practice room, or stage
  • 8 onboard amplifier models let you find the right tone for your music
  • Shape your bass sound with 12 amazing built-in effects
  • 1-knob compressor lets you get the thick and fat bass sound you crave
  • Fender FUSE software lets you tweak settings and share them with other Bronco 40 users via the online Fender FUSE website

Next time you record bass, do it with a Fender Bronco 40 combo bass amplifier!
NOTE: This product is available in the United States only - no international sales.

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Bronco 40 1x10 User Manual

Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 40W
Speakers 1 x 10"
Effects 12
Compression Yes
EQ 3-band
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 8
Inputs 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" Stereo Input Jack
Outputs 1 x XLR
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 15.25"
Width 18"
Depth 11.25"
Weight 30 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2302000000

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Fender Bronco 40 1x10" 40-Watt Bass Combo

Music background: NOVICE

Killer Little Amp

This is an amp designed for practice use and recording, and it excels at both. It's compact, light and puts out big sound for it's size. The palette of sounds gives you everything from ultra clean to Lemmy style dirt, with lots of meat and potatoes in between. The Fender Fuse software is a breeze to install, and it makes tweaking fast and easy. It has plenty of volume for a small gig, or to use as a stage monitor while running a line out of the rear XLR. For me personally, I can't believe the friggen balls the Ampeg model has for such a small amp. I'm impressed.
Music background: Songwriter, Producer, Musician


I played in two US Navy bands many years ago and then spent 20 years making a living with my basses. I bought this amp about 3 years ago and it was love at first sight and tryout. The models and effects are great and this little amp is loud for its size! The low end capability is incredible for such a small cabinet and it is clean as a whistle.No mud at all provided you EQ things correctly. It is solid right down to 40 Hertz and maybe even below that. As a jazz guy I could play at small clubs with no problem. For jazz and some other styles this is a gigging amp although I use it for practice at home. I also play my 300 dollar chromatic harmonica through it and sometimes my Telecaster Custom. It is versatile and high quality. Fender has hit a grand slam home run with this little beauty! My Fender Precision and Ibanez Fretless like this amp too and that makes me very happy!

Fender Bronco 40 1x10" 40-Watt Bass Combo

This is my first bass amp and I am impressed. The unit is well built, has a lot of features and sounds great. I am just learning bass guitar and had no idea about amps so I bought this one from Sweetwater. I have tried all 8 amp emulations. They all sound good but I really like the Bassman TV preset. I use the built in tuner every day before I start to practice. With the eq on the amp I turn up the bass a little, turn down the mid and high and it sounds great. The amp doesn't all that loud but for my learning now thats fine. I would recommend the Bronco 40 to any one looking for a versatile amp to use at home with of tone and you won't blow away your neighbors.

Pretty darn awesome!!!! Now where's my Bronco 100?!?!?

Well I own two Mustang I amps and love them to death, so I thought I'd give this a try... Not disappointed at all, it is everything I was hoping and expecting. It is pretty darn loud, it's true. In my humble basement studio with pretty good sound deadening, it definitely could keep up with my drummer, and it was rattling my house pretty good, and probably annoying the neighbors to boot. But yeah, it's not like a complete destroyer or anything, there is a limit to how much air a 10" speaker and 40 watts can move!!! The amp models, as others have reported, are excellent. The FUSE software makes tweaking the settings really fun!!!! It gives you access to other settings that you can't get to otherwise, such as the little front-panel toggles on the Ampeg model (excuse me, I mean "Rockin' Peg LOL) which really tweak the sound just like a real 'Peg. The 1-button footswitch is also practically a necessity if you want to have fun, it is very easy to create a "stomp box" to allow you to switch to a different amp and back. They should just include the footswitch with the amp, but they don't, BOOO. All I can say is, if they ever come out with "Bronco 100" with 2x10 speakers, hopefully in an upright config to put the controls closer to a standing human, I will upgrade so fast it will make Sweetwater's head spin. It would be nice to have a *little* more volume, and it makes no sense to have 10 different Mustang guitar models and only 1 Bronco bass option... Are you listening, Fender? Speaking of volume, I did tie the line-out into my studio PA/monitoring system and the sound is excellent, just like the sound through the speaker, so you can "reinforce" the volume by piping the line out elsewhere very easily. I didn't try the USB sound-out, but I know the Mustang can be recording very easily and accurately via USB and I'm sure the Bronco can as well. Hope that helps!
Music background: studio hobbiest/recording/jamming
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