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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Pedal Reviews

3.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Pedal?

Questions about the BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Pedal?

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  • James Dunham
    from Colcord, OK September 23, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Great Pedal! Does exactly what It's supposed to do!

    I was needing a clean boost in my effects loop to assist with leads and other passages without changing my tone. The Boosta Grande does just that! It's the last pedal in my chain and it plays well with all my other pedals!

    It's made of a metal case. I'd guess that you could drop it or whatever and it would still be ok.

    I use in the effects loop with a Paul Reed Smith SE Torrero guitar and a Peavey Valveking 212 amplifier.

  • rich
    from vermont August 9, 2016

    nice addition

    I've got lots of effects, but a clean boost wasn't one of them. it's added a new way for me to look at what my other effects can sound like. it even gives my fuzz tone a boost. I play in a band with another guitarist, and it can get pretty loud sometimes. (to the point of my guitar being on the verge of feeding back) in a small club where the band is crammed onto a small stage and you're practically standing on your amp this can be a very bad situation. with this "Boosta Grande" I can lower the volume on my amp, and eliminate that problem. it works really well with my new mel9 pedal and my boss digital delay as well. I've never owned a clean boost, and there may be better ones made by more recognizable, and popular brands. I'm only going by my experience with it, and I'm very happy with it. (btw I'm not the volume freak, he is!)

  • Judd Meece
    from Holly Springs, NC September 5, 2012Music Background:

    Decent Clean Boost

    I purchased the Boosta Grande because I needed a clean boost to bump up my guitar signal for solo sections when playing with our band. It certainly accomplishes this, although there is a noticeable high frequency roll-off when it is engaged. I am not sure if this is really due to the pedal or the way it hits my amp, which is a Fender Blues Jr. Either way, I actually like it because it fattens the tone and takes off what might be potentially piercing frequencies. The pedal appears to be well made and I liked that it included the power supply. I am happy with pedal as it does what I need it to do. If you would like more control over your tone once the pedal is engaged I would recommend spending a little more money to get a boost pedal with EQ controls.

  • Matt Jameson
    from Smithtown, NY March 12, 2017Music Background:
    20 years, songwriter, producer


    I'm on my 2nd Boosta Grande, and this one too has failed. I do not abuse or mis-treat my gear. I cannot recommend this pedal to anyone. It did work well, but those days are gone. There is a newer design out, but it probably has the same guts.

Questions about the BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Pedal?

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