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Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Nick Church

    For a couple of decades now I've been making do with one of the light-blue-colored chorus stomp boxes from another famous manufacturer in my live bass rig. Not surprisingly (since it was originally intended for guitar), I have yearned for something that did a better job on my 4 and 5 string bass sounds. The Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus IS that pedal!
    All the controls have well-chosen ranges and allow me to set pretty much any style of chorus effect on my bass - from a gentle, subtle 'thickening' chorus, all the way to an over-the-top 'sickening' type of de-tuned warbling, and everything in between! The extra Mix, Tone, and Level controls add a lot of flexibility and control that is missing on most other chorus units I have seen or used in my rig. In my opinion, this is the only bass chorus stomp box you need to consider.

  • from Avondale, AZ May 15, 2015Music Background:
    Bass player since 1986.

    Boost for Bass!

    Designed especially for bass, it's fat and forceful, versatile and easy to set for desired sound and style. Having used other so called bass effects, I find this to be truly geared for bass guitar! Red Ripper is the next purchase, for sure. Made in America is plus, as well!

  • from Denver, CO December 27, 2011Music Background:
    Grizzled Veteran Bassist

    A Rousing Chorus

    Despite the brief description, this really doesn't do a slapback or echo -- I think that's the guitar version -- but it is the most flexible and mixable bass chorus I've ever used -- and I've tried a lot over many years. Not only can you tweak every aspect of the detuned half of the signal, the effect is IN PHASE with all my amps' effects loops, so the signal can be mixed AGAIN and totally integrated into the sound without losing any low end. Not every stompbox can claim that, and it's not to be taken for granted.

  • from December 25, 2016

    Sweet Upgrade

    I don't like extra stuff inline, BUT, this is the best pedal for electric bass tried to date. Adds a tube effect to even cheaper amps. Very clean effect. Like knobs over menus. :)

  • from Earth July 11, 2015Music Background:
    Always llearning

    Great analog chorus for bass

    Chorus seems to be a hard effect to duplicate on bass. Tech 21 really nailed. It has a real warm and rich tone. And if the effect is overwhelming for you, that can be easily fixed with the Mix knob.

    Some chorus effects lower your volume slightly or muddy-up your bass a little. So it's nice to have a Level and Tone controls to fix that.

    The down side: The power supply input is on the side instead of the top. That may complicate pedal board configuration but I was able to make it work with a PedalTrain board. Also, I wish the de-tune knob had a center indent so I could lock it into place when I don't to use that feature.

    Overall: I'm real happy with it. It's a great bass chorus at a reasonable price.

  • from Waco,Texas January 3, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-pro bassist,over 40 years

    Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus

    I'm really happy with the sound of this pedal.I've used guitar chorus pedals before,but nothing tailored just for bass frequencies.I had a problem with the first pedal I received,but the issue was taken care of quickly,and the service was great.I use it mainly for fretless,and I couldn't ask for more.Thanks again,Sweetwater,for the great customer service.

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