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Dan Dean Productions Digital Model One Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from bay area February 3, 2008Music Background:
    music obsessor

    Unlike Any Piano VSTi

    I give it a 5/5, because of it's realism factor.
    It sounds amazing in that sense.
    I say it is unlike any other sampled piano out there because it does NOT sound like any others out there. This piano is VERY colored. It is not any good for lots of styles, such as rock. For classical, it can be truly a jewel however. Just listen to it.

    I will admit, this piano is kind of a "hit or miss" kind of deal. It is very very specific sounding. If you don't like it, it will be because you simply do not like the piano that was sampled, not the actual samples themselves

  • from Austin, TX September 11, 2007Music Background:


    I own many of the more popular software-based piano samples, but the Bluthner sets the bar even higher. In my opinion, this is the one to beat. The clarity of the Bluthner is unbelievable. Not only does this sound like a real piano, it "feels" like a piano. Add in the impulse responses and you've got one sweet sounding piano sample! I can sit and play with this for hours. Highly recommended!

  • from Wilmington, NC September 18, 2008Music Background:
    Gigging jazz pianist/vocalist

    BDMO is deep and tasty

    This baby cost time and money to work well: software, Macbook, Duet, quality stereo PA, the 'right' midi kybd, and lots of time twiddling and fiddling. But what I get is a piano that has more richness of tone and playing depth than my 7ft Baldwin SF at home. - Software: using the much-improved rev. 1.1.- Macbook, with 4G RAM: get ready to deal with all kinds of typical compatibility and efficiency issues. With this setup BDMO works fine when launched from Apple Logic.- I picked the Duet A/D. Beta58A in, piano and vocal out.- If you want to play a concert with BDMO, you need a stereo PA and stereo monitor system. Mono loses lots of mid-range and isn't worth setting up.- I have three MIDI keyboards: K2500, Casio PX and Studiologic Organ. Believe it or not, the Casio works best because it has the stiffest response. - Customer support: SUPERB! I bought BDMO just as Apple was switching to Leopard. FUBAR. But, Dan Dean and Ernest Cholakis at PAV and engineers at Native-Instruments worked hard to make it right. - Sound. Did I use the word 'delicious'? The BDMO has an extremely large dynamic range and timbral range which means that you can get really nice shadings of tone within chords and single-line melodies. But it also makes the keyboard choice, velocity curve and BDMO settings critical since a key pressed harder will not only sound louder but will have a different timbre, (not just an opened filter as on typical stage pianos). This will take considerable time and patience to get right. Hint: the 'keyboard scaling' feature is very helpful. For my latest recording, where I wanted an even-volume but expressive piano, I used the 45 (highly compressed) setting. For concerts I use 65. It would take a much better MIDI keyboard to use less compressed settings.- What's missing for me: ease of use in the BDMO settings. (There are hundreds of choices for piano timbre, reverb and sustain, but few descriptions to help choose.) No soft pedal. I don't use sostenuto, but in accompanying a singer its handy.

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