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Fender Blues Junior - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 18 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Chris McCown

    It's fantastic to put effects in front of this amp. I put my favorite distortion pedal in front of this, and had access to both the classic Fender tube clean sound, as well as my high gain distortion sound. Real tubes, real tone, real amp!

  • from South Bend Indiana July 26, 2010Music Background:
    Stage , Studio, and Guitar Teacher

    Sold my heavy Marshall That should say it all

    Powerfull,light, Fits in small places . But dont let this amp fool ya . The el 84s grind with sustain like my Marshall . I think putting the 12 inch speaker in has put the iceing on the cake. You could easily hook up a 212 cabinit to this amp and be prepared to be suprized.

  • from Spokane,WA May 17, 2009Music Background:
    jammer along with the iPod

    Great little amp

    I replaced my Fender Champion 600 with one of these. It lacked a little something.
    Fender reverb is what was lacking. WIth just a little reverb dialed in, this amp has that great sweet singing Fender tone. I've always liked single coil pickups and I finally have the tone I've been seeking. I love the way my Tele and recently added Strat sound through this amp. WIth a Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic and a foot switch for the "fat switch" a variety of sounds is easily available. You just can't beat a Fender tube amp.

  • from New City, NY USA January 15, 2009Music Background:
    Songwriter / Engineer

    Love my Blue Junior

    I love this amp. I use it pretty much exclusively as a studio amp these days. I'm running it through an Avatar 2x12 open back cabinet with one Vintage 30 and one G12H Anniversary speaker in it. I find running this amp thru the cabinet makes it a whole new amp. It's a good amp thru it's internal speaker, but it's a GREAT amp running thru the 2x12. The natural breakup is awesome on this amp, and you can vary your tones significantly depending on what guitar/pickup you're using. My Fender Tele with 48 Broadcaster pickup obviously gets all that surfy and clean tone I want. My SG with a PhatCat pickup pushes the Junior into sweet natural breakup territory that's packed with tone. I sometimes set the amp cleaner, and use a Boss Blues Driver pedal for my gain. Excellent combination. This amp will cover you from Surf to Blues, to Indierock, to Classic Rock, and so on. Another great thing about this amp, especially for studio use, is you can get great tone out of it without having it blaring. But don't get me wrong. This isn't a weak or quiet amp. It gets plenty loud if you want it to. You'll won't believe it's rated at 15W. I'll never part with this amp.

  • from Forney, Texas June 27, 2007Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Blues Junior

    This mobile amp will give you 10 times the sound you paid for at a quarter of the price you would expect to pay after listening to it and playing on it.

  • from San antonio,Tx February 18, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Blues,R&b,Gospel

    Fender Blues Jr

    Love my Fender Blues Jr. I bought it because I needed a portable tube amp that was loud enough to use instead of carrying my Fender Twin all the time.It has great tone with my Fender American Strat.For effects it works well with my Boss pedals & Crybaby wah pedal. you can't go wrong with Fender Blues Jr.

  • from maryland February 2, 2010Music Background:
    active musician

    Fender blues jur

    i bought one of these because my fender 4x10 deville was just too loud for anything i do. while not as loud, i think this little amp blows the sound away. it's clean is fantastic, and i think overall, when you push it the drive sucks. but it will take a pedal VERY well. i run an ibanez ts-9 and a digitech hardwire sc-2 through it for distortion and both my les paul and strat sing. like the other guy, i did the basic billm mods. it WILL transform this amp. it's a great amp, do the mods and it takes it to the next level for only $20. i also put a 12AY7 tube in the 1st position, and it delayed the onset of distortion, since i do not like the overdrive on this amp. i can push it a little harder, keep it clean, and get a little grit at a higher volume.

    these are great sounding amps, and take mods and pedals very well. they record well, and sound guys at the gigs love 'em, cuz they're loud enough for the stage, but take a mic very well. i'm pretty sure you're stupid not to get one.

    this is not a metal amp. anything up to hard rock and you'll be a happy rocker.

  • from Boston, MA January 14, 2009Music Background:
    Computer systems engineer, amateur musician, and recording hobbyist

    Wonderful value, wonderful sound

    For the money, this is hard to beat. It has a wide range of tones, a typical Fender reverb, and responds well to pedals. I can't think of a better (non-modelling) amp in it's price range. It really does sound alive. I'm not sure it could do "metal", but I don't want it to, anyway.

    I wish it had a standby switch and an effects loop. I wish Fender made a "Blues Senior" that addressed this and a few other shortcomings. I'd pay an extra $50 or so for these simple improvements.

    So glad I bought one!

  • from Fishers, IN October 30, 2008Music Background:
    Working musician

    Versatile Tube Tone. Usable Volume. Excellent Value.

    A single channel tube amp with master volume, the Blues Jr. has tonal versatility at volumes appropriate for your bedroom and band practice both. Single coils sparkle brightly and squawk appropriately. Humbuckers go from “woman tone” to growl with a roll of the tone knob. Plugging in a Stratocaster yields instant SRV tones no matter where the knobs are set. Engage the “Fat” switch and you’ll swear there is a green stomp box in your signal chain. The Blues Jr. is a far better amp than its price tag suggests.

  • from Austin, MN September 25, 2008Music Background:
    Working Musician

    Can't be beat for small club gigs!

    I love tube amps of all shapes, sizes and power ratings. From little 5 watt class A combos to fire breathing stacks. I made a huge mistake in never taking the Blues Jr seriously, a mistake I freely acknowledge now. The Blues Jr is an incredible small club amp, whether you're running straight through the amp, or adding a tone shaper in front of it, such as a POD. It is beautifully expressive and responsive to changes in your attack. P-90"s, 'buckers and single coils all speak clearly and with authority. I can also play at home at night without waking the wife or kids. Fender just does these small amps nicely,
    I don't think yuo'll find a nicer, better sounding small amp for under $1000 anywhere.

  • from CA July 25, 2008Music Background:
    Singer, Guitarist, Musician (everything: from Sinatra to Lamb of God)


    I play primarily Blues, R&B, Alt Rock, Acid Jazz -- a weird mix of everything...
    The Blues Junior is a stellar amp even if it cost a couple hundred more.

    The more I play it the more I feel very happy I took a year and a half to shop before I bought the Blues Jr.

    I actually bought the upgraded Blues Jr NOS (tweed cover, Jensen speaker).
    The NOS has got a better speaker and look (for only about 50 bucks more!)

    But these are GREAT little amps. Alot of players swear they love them better than Vox AC15 or AC30, or even Fender Blues Deluxes, etc. and some people are flat out in love with these amps --- check out the online forums. And it's pretty darn loud for it's size. GREAT for home, studio, rehearsal, and smaller gigs -- or bigger gigs if you mic and PA it I suppose.

    For what I do -- this amp is perfect. Of course this amp won't dial in Marshall tones, not what it's for. Killer pure Fender classic clean to warm grit -- a GREAT platform to build all kinds of tones. Very tubey and airy. Any guitar you plug in immediately gives you killer tones, and reacts very well to small knob turns on your guitar, and loves drive and distortion pedals.

    I give it a 4.5 instead of 5 only for a few small complaints -- I have a love/hate relationship with Fender -- they go right to the edge of great then try to save a dollar here and there by using an input jack with a plastic ring (WHY? it'd be a whole 2 bucks more at the factory, charge me 5 bucks extra, you jerks). If you're a psycho tone mod freak there are a few things you could mod easily (better tapered volume knobs, maybe a better reverb tank, rebias the tubes, the input jack...)

    But as is it's the BOMB DIGGITY!


  • from Mckinney, Texas December 19, 2007Music Background:

    Great Tube Sound!

    Man, I purchased two of these baby's! I play in Stereo through my Digitech GNX4 workstation. Sweeeet! There is no substitute for the sound of Tubes and there loud as hell.

  • from December 30, 2006

    Two Things: Fender and Tubes

    Wonderful tube warmth. Fantastic glassy clean sound. Unfortunately for those of us who want a lot of overdrive, this amp doesn't push very hard. But the clean is worth it. If you need gain, get a pedal. This amp is FANTASTIC. Amazing value. If you only have a stinky solid state and are low on cash. go out and buy one of these babies. Well worth it.

  • from Spokane. WA June 1, 2007

    Nice amp before/greatness after modifications

    I have a tweed Blues Jr. Looks wise, it's killer/vinatge looking. Stock this amp has a very boxy tone that alot of people attribute to the speaker. I had my amp modified by BillM (from the Fender forum site). This amp is now a tone machine! You can coax about any sound except metal from it. It sounds like an expensive Fender amp and is great for recording. the tonal palette is amazing. My amp has the following mods: presence control, tone stack, twin stack, bais control, Power Supply Stiffening Mod, Phase Inverter Oscillation Mod. My '52 vinatge Tele and EJ Strat sound amazing through it. Recording chain - Shure SM 57 off axis>Vintech 1082>UA 1176 LN and Rode K2 (figure 8 pattern) 5 feet away from cabinet>UA 610 pre>Focusrite 430 MKII vintage compressor option. Blend channels to achieve desired sound. Amazing!

  • from Gulf coast USA July 27, 2006Music Background:
    songwriter/pro jam artist

    Sweet and light, great tone,great value

    15 tube watts = 120 solid state watts. This amp's EL 84's allow it to be easily overdriven producing lots of sweet, toneful sustain. It sounds great at both low & high volumes. It lacks the bite of a 100 watt amp but also weighs a lot less. A great amp for playing small clubs and easy to transport. I use it for blues & classic rock. I've got two. Worth the $$.

  • from Kalamazoo, MI May 23, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Excellent Amp

    This amp is plenty loud, if you are looking for volume, it has a great clean
    tone and breaks up in a very musical way. There are a couple of things to
    note, personally I do not like the reverb unit, at all. It does not sound like
    a classic Fender spring reverb to me. (shorter or fewer springs?) Position
    make a big difference in the tone. This is always true, but it makes more
    a difference with this amp than the other amps I own. Also there is a sonic
    difference between the U.S. and Mexican made amps. I prefer the Mexican
    made, which seem to have a more balanced tone to them. It is a great value
    and I would say great with no modifications, and if you think it sounds
    shallow or box-like, move the amp around the room or off the floor ( or
    to the floor ) and you will find out it is a very practical, powerful workhorse.

  • from Los Angeles September 19, 2008Music Background:
    Audio Engineer and Performer.

    A Exellent Small Amp!!!

    The Fender Blues Junior is a exellent amp for those that are looking for a bedroom amp, rehearsal amp, small clubs gigs or a recording amp. On my studio I own the Blues Junior among other amps. This Amp is great, in the clean set up is where this amp chines. If you want that classic Fender sound, valvey and pure dont look elsewhere. I use my Blues Junior mostly everyday for the past 2 1/2 years for recording purpose and rehearsals and never had a problem with it, remember this is a tube amp so be aware of the maintanance of this amps. This amp covers different music styles, is perfect for Blues, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Country and some styles of Rock. What I mean of some styles of Rock is beacuase in the Overdrive or Fat mode is where is lack a little, at high volumes is where it start getting a bit funny. This is not for Metal but for Rock Ballads and Classic Rock it will suit you ok. The Reverb on this amp is good but dont expect the same reverb as the more costly Fender Amps. For me the only complain is that this amp is that it doesn't include a cover or footswitch for activating the Reverb or changing from clean to Fat mode or a Effects Loop. I consider this Amp a bargain for the price, there is no competition for this amp at this price range. For better results you can upgrade this amp like changing the speaker or replacing the tubes, is a good start. If you dont want to break the bank this is the way to go, get a Fender Blues Junior.

  • from Northern Indiana March 1, 2004

    nothing compares

    Nothing else compares to the greatness of this amp. I used to have a Craet GX15r and it pales in comparison. The tubes in this gem give it the warmest sound ever, and if you use the master/volume controls it gives some natural distortion that no pedal can compare. The 15 watt power rating is misleading because this amp gets extremely loud. This isnt a practice amp, it sounds too good to be one, and if you need anything louder run a PA systm.

  • from Maine USA January 1, 2004

    Fender Blues Jr!

    I actually dont have one yet ! But it is my next amp purchase without a doubt ! Fender Rules!

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