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Fender Blues Deluxe 40-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Tweed Reviews

4.5 stars based on 38 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Blues Deluxe 40-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Tweed?

Questions about the Fender Blues Deluxe 40-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp - Tweed?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Randy Akins

    What a great amp! This little tone monster is ideal for everything from solo playing to small venue gigs. The clean channel has all the sparkle, spank, and bouncy lows that you'd expect from a Fender... instant SRV tone for a surprisingly affordable price!

  • from Seattle, WA January 5, 2017

    Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

    Fender makes great amps! Had a vintage Fender Deluxe for years. This Blues Deluxe has an amazing tone.
    Perfect, crystal clear cleans to gritty overdrive and man is it ever loud if you need it. Sounds amazing with quality pedals. Sweetwater is the best. I have been serviced by my rep Matt Masek for nearly a decade and he is truly the best! Thanks Sweetwater! :)

  • from U.S.A. December 21, 2016Music Background:
    Non-Pro Musician

    Blues Avenue

    What a GREAT amp. Had a few years now, still amazes me every time I plug one of my many electrics into it. You can play anything your hearts desire through this amazing amplifier. Not only Blues, but great for Country, Jazz, Rock, and probably about any other genre of music can be played through this beast. Great for practice, small to medium venues, studio work. This amp really fits the bill when it comes to looks, quality, and performance. Can't go wrong with a Fender backing you up. I would highly recommend this amplifier, you won't regret buying it.

  • from Washington October 16, 2016


    Great amp I love the tube sound it doesn't hurt my ears like a transistor does. It's hard to know why it's like that.

  • from New York August 31, 2016

    Best amp Fender makes

    I have a 2 x 12 Deville thats 60 watts but this 40 watt Blues reissue sounds better -- its a late 1950's early 1960's sound before Fender launched the super clean 1965 series. This is the type of amp Mike Bloomfield and BB King used.
    The speaker is ok. The amp doesnt get all that loud with volume on 10 but is just loud enough to cut a drummer. This amp doesnt have the nonsensical useless tremelo crap that Fender still has on their 1965 amps.

  • from Massachusetts May 26, 2016Music Background:
    Rhythm / lead intermediate

    Couldn't be happier

    Sweetwater couldn't have been better. I spoke w/ "my" sales rep, Brent who answered all my questions, no hard press sell but when I did buy gave me a great price, beating a competitors price I had found. I bought it Thursday morning, it was at my door ( Massachusetts ) Saturday.
    The blues deluxe is right for me. I'm getting too old to lug around my twin reverb. The BD weighs 45 lbs. Plus I don't play venues large enough to necessitate it. I play blues and the classic tweed look is what I was going for. The color was a little more orange than blonde. I'll have to find a vintage one to compare. That would be my only complaint. The sound is sweet ( I'd been practicing in the house with my Mustang II and even my wife noticed the big difference). Clean, sweet with great reverb. I don't shred or even care much for heavy metal so I can't comment on that. It would seem to me with all the controls and stomp boxes one should be able to drive hard. I play clean bb king stuff. This amp is all I need to play my 1970 SG and my American Fender Strat. Lately mostly stat, but that can change. I recommend sweetwater. The amp depends on what you want. It works for me.

  • from Tacoma WA May 20, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, Blues, Grunge

    Perfect Rock & Blues Amp

    This amp is perfect. I am very very picky with my tone but this amp delivers in every way. I originally bought a Vox AC15 but returned it because it failed with my pedals, & I couldn't get those classic SRV, Hendrix, or John Mayer type tones with it. This amp was my next & final choice. The cleans are deliciously warm, fat, & act as a blank canvas for any type of pedal you can imagine. The overdrive channel sounds pretty similar to a tube screamer, & is pretty low gain. If you're looking for a high gain amp this doesn't have it built in BUT my DS-2, Wampler Sovereign, & Big Muff all sound fantastic with it. Also, this amp is LOUD! It's volume gauge reaches 12, but I've never turned it up past 5 even for live situations with no mic being used. I can't say enough good things about this amp.

  • from April 10, 2016

    Warm and fat!

    I have been using this amp for a while now and decided it's time for a review. I was skeptical at first because these amps are made in Mexico, but the amp has really surprised me. I have owned several US made Hot Rod series amps in the past so I was somewhat familiar with the basic design of the Blues Deluxe as they are similar amps. My own research led me to believe the Blues Deluxe reissue was warmer than the Hot Rod Deluxe III, and my Sweetwater sales rep confirmed that. I am very happy with my choice, this is one of the warmest and fattest amps I have owned - and I have owned several expensive high-end amps over the years. The amps sounds superb clean and handles my effects perfectly. I don't really care for the drive channel, but I never planned on using that so its a non-issue for me. I know some have complained about the touchy volume knob. It is sensitive, but I have no trouble playing this amp at bedroom levels.

    The fit and finish of this amp is what really surprised me. The tweed looks and feels amazing, and the overall attention to detail is right on par with the US made versions I used to own. There are no rattles or loose parts, everything is nicely assembled. I am a little skeptical when it comes to the rubber handle, if it breaks I will replace it with a nice leather version. The included cover looks great and is a nice touch. This is a great amp, I am very pleased with it. This amp is a good combination of power and portability.

  • from March 8, 2016Music Background:
    at home blues player.

    It is the tone KING!

    This is the first real guitar amp that I have owned and thus far the best! For my playing and experience level it is more than I'll ever need and this will be the last amp that I'll have to buy because it just that good.

    The fit, finish and build quality is all top notch. The tone in both the clean and drive channels is amazing. I love having the foot switch to go between channels and engaging the reverb or turning it off. There is plenty of power here to get you pretty darn loud as well. I could not be happier with this amp. I have played both my electrics (Epiphone DOT and Fender Squire Bullet Strat) and they both sound fantastic with this amp. All my guitar playing friends tell me I made an excellent choice in amps.

  • from Pfafftown, NC February 29, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Director/Lead guitarist

    Classic Fender Tone

    I was amazed at how easy this amp was to dial in! I had so much fun tuning in that fat, crisp tone that I have come to love from Fender Tweed Series. It plays well with my 50's tribute LP and I could not be happier with this blend of tone and sound. It is everything I have been looking for in a versatile amp. I can get so many tones out of this thing and have fun doing it. I highly recommend this amp for anyone playing in a small gigging band. It definitely serves my purposes very well. Very happy!

  • from Shelbyville, KY December 26, 2015Music Background:

    Great Guitar Tube Amp

    This really is a great piece of equipment. The main reason I purchased this model version the Blue Jr. is because of the separate power and standby switches. From the research I did on tube amps the standby option really helps make the tubes last longer. It gives them a chance to power up and power down before using the power switch.

    The sounds is awesome. The clear crisp clean sounds and the other options are really fun to try for different song genres. You can't go wrong with a Fender Guitar or the Amps.

  • from November 24, 2015Music Background:
    Semi Pro turned Hobbyist

    Sweet Fender Tones!

    I read all the reviews and watched every video I could find and then pulled the trigger. All the positive reviews are spot on. I also have the DSL40 (awful reverb) and a Bel Air 212 but there is just something magic about the Fender circuitry and these 6L6 tubes. The cleans are awesome, put a tube screamer in front for distortion. Mine is lacquered tweed which is nice looking, but I buy for tone not just looks. I was prepared to replace the tubes and speaker but after a few hours of playing it's perfectly fine stock and I think it sounds great as is. Adjusted the bias to 71 and it seems sweet, as I remember the factory bias was about 63. Be careful removing the back cover, the lacquer was making it stick so work slowly to remove. Have it in my office/studio and it is loud so I had to apoligize to mama, but it just makes me grin at the same time! Want to try it with my rock crusher and see if that helps the loud, but for blues and rock we need loud! Comes with footswitch and it is all well packaged by Fender and Sweetwater. Now I am going to sell off some of my other gear because this seems to be a major piece for my tone puzzle-finally!

  • from Dallas July 30, 2015Music Background:
    Professional, performing musician

    Great amp!

    I got one of these guys second hand and had a local amp guru replace the caps and pots and man, this bad boy is great! I've used it for recording and in rooms of all sizes. I've had a Pro, Jr. III for years and love it and man the Blues Deluxe Reissue has that warm sweet tone my Telecasters were designed to produce.

  • from Lakewood Co June 12, 2015Music Background:
    Long time player. Classic old time rock

    Affordable bliss

    Bought this right after my blues Jr. You just can't go wrong with Fender Tweeds. Never thought I'd get rid of my Hot Rod Deluxe but traded up for this one. The tone is pure. the over drive channel and effects loop
    are nice. And of course Fender reverb is tops. Added an OCD pedal and wow the combination is fantastic! I think my search for my two favorite amps is over. And is this Loud! No need to mike this baby.
    if you want a tweed powerhouse without breaking the bank get one of these and get it from Sweetwater.
    Can't beat their Knowledge, advice and service.

  • from Riverside, CA USA December 29, 2014Music Background:
    Student of the Blues, Playing in a Band

    Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

    Outstanding amp with the right amount of drive and classic Fender clean tones. The included footswitch makes it easy to go back and forth between drive and clean channels. Very versatile either on its own or with pedals. Plenty loud and holds the tone at lower levels. Great customer service from Sweetwater, as always!

  • from Northern Michigan August 20, 2014Music Background:
    50+ years of playing

    Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

    I LOVE this amp!!! When I ordered this amp I also ordered a Peavey Delta Blues and a Peavey ValveKing II to try at home for a few weeks with my own equipment. I also own a vintage (not reissue) 1965 Fender Super Reverb, a early 70's Kustom Tube amp, and four others. I was looking for an amp that had some nice breakup with out artificially creating it through high gain controls. I also wanted shimmering cleans. I play some Jazz, some Blues and good old 60's acid rock and folk rock. The Blues Deluxe was the only amp to truly show this range. The other amps were nice but just sounded almost digital in comparison.

    Even though this is 40 watts you can play it at low volume and still enjoy its tonal range or you can crank it up and play most small or medium sized venues with power to spare. Also I love the vintage tweed appearance.

  • from Washington, DC July 21, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Student

    Warm enough to heat the whole house

    I have had a fair few of amps in my day and this has been the only one that has completely satisfied me. It has nice rich lows and the signature fender mids that complements any hollowbody with flat wound strings perfectly. Very nice amp for the price. Great for jazz and obviously blues. Has some of the best cleans i've ever heard come out of an amp.

  • from Austin Texas April 25, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician for 42 years.

    Fender blues deluxe

    I love this amp. I knew when I saw the presence knob and the shape of the amp that it was a copy of the old fender Bassman. Anybody that ever owned one of those would do anything to get another

  • from Altoona, Pennsylvania,US of A November 11, 2012

    All around working man,s amp!

    Has the sweet round sound you look to for all sorts of playing different rooms and strange and sometimes welcomed acoustic properties.Changed the master volume linear potentiometer to an audio type. I did not change the speaker as it only needs to (weather) or break in, which it is doing. Every weekend play date it sounds better and better. I will be installing a cooling fan and definitly receive twice the life from the valve components as well as the output and power transformers. My next grab will be a 59 Bassman reissue but this rig will probably outshine in sweetness-but I,ll let you-all know, one way or the other. Jam on people.

  • from Tazewell,TN USA August 25, 2011Music Background:
    Part Time Pro Musician


    I tested this amp out at my local music store (GC) and knew right away this was my next purchase. So I called up Dave at Sweetwater to make my purchase. Because, well after getting the kind of service you get from Sweetwater, I would feel like a real cheater not to give them all my business. BEST SERVICE AVAILABLE HANDS DOWN. Now about the amp. If your looking for a " Deep Clean Reverb Tone " this is the amp. Two channels clean and drive, the drive is not too much, just breaks up slightly with my Deluxe Strat. Heavy Metalers buy something else. I use the clean channel with my pedals to make a clean tone and an overdriven tone. on the drive channel I keep it dialed back clean and adjust the seperate volume knob low so I have a seperate channel for my E-Bow to keep the volume levels close together when switching back and forth. This amp sounds great anyway you play it, adding effect pedals or just plain Tube Tones. Buy it, you won't regret it.

  • from Johnsondale, Mich USA February 27, 2009Music Background:

    I Need The Tweed

    Wanted the tone of a vintage Fender tweed amp, like the Twin Amp, or the '57 and such. But those guys cost like large chunks o' change. This amp is priced fairly right, looks perfect, has great appointments, is almost all "toob" and has the powuh to roll yer eyeballs if needed, and it's got the . . . "tone." I love this amp! It's clean channel is so clean you want to record every sound for posterity. True vintage Fender vibe. When distortion and such is required, just add your favorite pedal in the effects loop and away you go. The covering is very well done too. No sloppy workmanship here.

  • from Brooks Ky September 16, 2016Music Background:
    Semi professional

    A nice addition to the stable of Fender Amps

    I purchased this amp as an additional amp for gigging. However, the first one I received had a problem with the reverb circuit and had to be returned. It's replacement, however, has been working fine and is a joy to play. I own other fender amps including a 65 DRRI that I mainly use for recording. Due to the amount of gigs this year, I have been using the DRRI for that purpose and wanted a nice amp for home and studio use. This amp fits the bill nicely. Although at 40 watts it can get extremely loud, the volume is very controllable. It's the tone circuit that l like about this amp. With the three band EQ and presence control, I can use any guitar in my collection and get a nice robust tone. From humbuckers to single coil, this amp sounds great with either set of pickups. With the channel switching, you can go from clean to crunch at the push of the button on the included footswitch. This is a very nice amp for the money and shouldn't be overlooked when looking for the "Fender" sound. I look forward to many years with this amp as well as my other fenders. They are the only amps for me! Also a big shout out to Nick LaMendola and the Tech service staff for their time and effort in replacing the amp. This and excellent gear and prices are the reasons I only buy from Sweetwater Sound!

  • from Texas March 7, 2016Music Background:
    40 years playing rock and blues--US and Europe

    Blues Deluxe delivers

    Tremendous amp. I own the original Tweed Deluxe which is an awesome amp---often call the most recorded amp in history. But it has two drawbacks-- only 15 watts and you can't get a truly clean sound out of it when that's called for.

    This amp is the closest to the original tweed deluxe sounds except you can dial in a very clean sound of a twin very easily. The two channels allow you to set your tone in each and foot swtich back and forth as needed. The reverb is of good quality and the tone controls are precise. The classic combination of the 12Ax7s and the 6L6's make this a quality tone machine that is very, very responsive to your pick level. A bit heavy at 45 lbs, but small enough that you can pack that LP/335/Tele or Strat with this amp and do all you need to do. I think this is the best amp fender has made in many years.

  • from NJ November 20, 2015Music Background:
    Jazz, Folk, Country, Rock

    Great Amp - Perfect Size - great tone with the Cannabis Rex Speaker Mod

    This amp replaces my old Fender Blues Deville Reissue 4x10 - man I loved that amp, but it was too much amp in every way. Too powerful and too heavy.

    The Blues Deluxe gives the same basic tweed tone as the Deville, but with 40 manageable watts (vs 60) and 20 lbs lighter.

    One caveat is that my rating is AFTER replacing the stock speaker with the Eminence Cannabis-Rex.

    This speaker has vastly improved the sound of my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue.

    As many have written the BDRI stock speaker is not very good - even though it is also a Eminence speaker, made to Fender specs. The Cannabis Rex really does tighten up the bottom and tame the highs.

    I purchased the amp primarily for use with my full sized L-5 style jazz guitar, but I found that with the stock speaker I had to dial back the treble and bass to next to nothing, and use a 5 band Parametric EQ and compressor to get a musical sound out of the amp. Having done my research I fully expected to replace the stock speaker and I got the amp at such a good price from Sweetwater that it was worth it to me. The C-Rex does not disappoint and at a great price. The stock speaker has a more traditional tweed sound, but was so piercing up top and flabby at the bottom as to be very limited without the use of the compressor and EQ noted above, whereas my goal is to plug and play - guitar, cable, amp.

    The Cannabis Rex did exactly what I needed - enabled me to get rid of the off-board EQ and compressor and allowed me to actually use the full range of EQ on the amp. Now I can still get a vintage tweed tone by scooping the mid a little or a darker tone using the EQ on the amp alone. Also the speaker gave me significantly more clean headroom on the amp. Though they say the C-Rex is louder than the stock speaker I found that I was able to turn up higher because the tighter lows reduced feedback and the tamed highs made for a much smoother sound.

    I also use a mid 70s Telecaster with a Fender noiseless lipstick pickup in the neck position and a very hot lead pickup (I think it is a Seymour Duncan, but I changed it so long ago I don't recall) and the C-Rex sounded very musical with that as well. Telecasters can be painfully trebley, but not so with the C-Rex.

    Bottom line is if you want tight lows, smooth highs, and the ability to actually use the full range of EQ settings of the amp then this speaker is a great choice.

    The amp itself is very attractive, people complain about the configuration of the knobs (backwards facing from the front of the amp) but that's what you get with this amp.

    The reverb is lush and classic Fender. The tweed on my amp is a little darker in color than the amps I've seen in person (and in most pictures) I jokingly asked my sales person (Phil Schwan) to pick out a nice dark tweed and I guess he did - more great customer service from Sweetwater.

    The EQ - with the C-Rex speaker - is very usable, and the 4 control (Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence) are interactive, so it could take a while to dial in your tone. The standby is a great feature. I tend to like darker tone, so I find that I use the 2nd input more so than the 1st.

    I bought the amp for the clean channel. The overdrive channel is fair - it will take some dialing in on EQ, but it is not as warm as the clean channel. The clean channel does take overdrive pedals very well.

    I would have given 5 stars if the stock speaker was more useable. I'd have paid another $90 if the amp came stock with the C-Rex.

  • from Indianapolis, IN January 16, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Touring Musician

    Sounds great!

    The amp sounds great! I love the warm bluesy tone.

  • from Tampa, FL March 27, 2014Music Background:
    2 years playing

    My First Amp!

    This amp is great yes it also have a circuit board and its not hand wired. This keeps cost down for consumers but the skimp on build quality.

    Pros: Good price
    not too heavy
    Sounds amazing have a change of tubes and speaker

    Cons: speaker is to pingy to many highs (easy fix get a celestion Gold)
    Groove tubes are a joke from fender they always go out in a month of purchasing a new product. Change the tubes and speakers and this amp is amazing power house.

    On a side note because with taking this think apart the the threads on the screws are very fragile. Do not use power tools to start or unscrew the amp out. You will strip it. If this happens just purchase a rethreader drill bit and a pair of fender screws should fix it up like brand new. Also upgrade your speaker like the one fender comes with is cheap and I wouldnt use in my Lexus care stereo equipment.

    I still give this product 4.5 for what its worth. Yes I changed a few things around in the amp but my end result made me satisfied and now I do not want to sell it ever!

  • from Woodstock GA December 15, 2012Music Background:
    Working pro most of my life

    Great Clean Platform

    Great amp for the money. I tried many other amps before buying this.

    What it is:
    Great basic, Fender clean sound without the harshness of the other Hot Rod series amps. Better voicing in my opinion. Great platform for drive/distortion pedals. The addition of an effects loop is a nice feature too. Plenty of headroom with a somewhat scooped though not quite "blackface" sound, especially with a more efficient replacement speaker. Suprisingly good, fat bottom end for a combo. It has been stated that this amp is good for solo playing to small venues. I disagree. It is more than that. This amp will suit for any venue (clean or when used with pedals for distortion). Even if you were playing the Royal Albert Hall, 40 watts is plenty and will keep up with any drummer on the stage. Just stick a mic in front of it. Don't take my word for it (never played there). Ask Eric Clapton (has and still is).

    What it is not:
    If you are looking for the natural tube distortion of 50's era tweed amps (no pedals), this is NOT it. If you are looking for that sound in a 40 watt combo, you would be much better off with the 57 Twin Reissue (or the new EC Twinolux). I have both the Blues Deluxe and the 57 Twin and there is no contest in this department. The tweed twin gets that glorious tube distortion when pushed. The Blues Deluxe does not, and the drive channel doesn't do it either.

    All around solid and great sounding 40 watt combo. Fantastic clean tone. Just don't expect the natural tube breakup of the golden era tweed amps.

  • from Portland, OR June 24, 2012Music Background:
    Roots Rock and Americana

    Better Than a Deluxe Reverb?

    I own a Deluxe Reverb Reissue, a Vibro King, buy my Blues Deluxe is my go to amp. More powerful than the DRR, more portable than the VK, and really great all round amp. Not as pristine as the DRR or VK, but since I replaced the stock speaker and the preamp tubes, I got signifcantly more clean headroom and crunchier crunch than before.

    This is a seriously underrated amp. Okay as it comes stock, killer with a speaker and/or tube upgrade. At a little over $700, it's a steal.

  • from Denver August 16, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist 21+ years

    Lot of amp for little money

    If you want vintage, 'boutique' tone for not a lot of change, this is where you get it. C'mon, it's a Fender! They wrote the book on amp design back in the formative days of rock 'n roll! For me, I keep everything stock, and this amp is definitely at its best when cranked--the 'normal' channel emanates a warm, sparkly, spongy yet crunchy overdrive when maxed out, which is just the ticket for classic rock, punk, or hard blues. The 'drive' channel, with both gain and master knobs maxed, gives even more compression and warmth, though it may be too throaty and not focused enough for metalheads. It's great as a lead channel. Playing at max (if possible) also helps wear in the speaker and tubes, so that when going back to playing at bedroom volumes, you can get even more warmth and responsiveness. At low volumes, of course, the 'normal' channel exudes those pristine Fender cleans, and the 'drive' channel sounds very much like the 'normal' channel when cranked. The only complaints I have are that a resonance knob would be useful, as well as a half-power switch.

  • from VA August 4, 2011Music Background:
    Professional musician


    This, right here, is the Sound of Rock & Roll. This is what you want if you play classic Roots rock, especially from the 1950's - 1970's era. No compromises in tone or punch, and it has PLENTY of power to get you heard. If you play any kind of classic rock, you smply can't beat this amp for the price. Period.

    It looks the part, too. Sure, it's not as flashy as a Mesa TA-30, but it has a classic vibe and elegance that makes you want to just jack up and roar.

    My only quibbles - 1) it;s hard to control at low volumes. In the basement, or garage, you will have the Master between 0 & 1, and it's touchy in that limited range. Solution: a volume pedal, or gain-sucking buffered effects pedals. 2) The channel selector button is parked right in between two knobs - one of which is the Master. Solution: use a channel-switching pedal.

    Two MINOR issues (and half a star), against an absolutely fantastic amp. And c'mon, what do you really need to worry about? THIS is the Sound of Rock & Roll.

    I smile every time I hear it.

  • from South, Louisiana April 2, 2008Music Background:
    Music is my hobby and my passion. Play daily and with a band weekly.

    Fender Blues Deluxe RI - Classic Fender Tone without the Bite

    I bought this amp new a little over a year ago for that classic Fender clean and a crunch that I could use. I play a lot of blues and classic rock. This amp fits the bill. It is NOT light, it is LOUD, it sounds GREAT at home or at gigging levels.
    I used a variety of pedals in front of this amp and eventually went back to the just a tuner and Blues Driver. The BDRI does the rest. Great tone, multiple tones and responsive to different guitars. I play an Am Dlx Strat, Am Tele and Gibson LP Std thru this amp and it responds very differently to each guitar. The best combination is with the tele. You can get great rocking/blues tones as well as classic rock crunch. I use the clean channel 90% of the time and use the Blues Driver or sometimes a FullDrive 2 Mosfet to get the crunch I need for rock.
    Fender has done a great job with this little gal. She is ultra sweet.

  • from middleburg, FL September 27, 2016

    Good amp but needed a speaker upgrade to get there

    I've been playing for 27+ years, I'm a working musician and wanted something different. I had used this amp in a backline a few times and liked the clean channel but not the stock speaker .... at all.

    Enter the eminence swamp thang, it completely changed the tone, chords are full and distorted lead lines are thick.

  • from July 6, 2016


    Very nice amp great tone and the punch you need when wanted. I can't give it 5stars do to the MDA CABINET the baffled is pine ply though.

  • from June 6, 2016

    Great Tone Upgrade

    Fender amp 1x12 with 3 tubes 12ax7w and 2 power tubes 6L6
    This amp has 2 inputs (high and low impedance) and 2 channels (clean and dirty) . On the clean channel my first impression was that it could nail that big amp fender clean sound that has tons of headroom, so you could definitely imitate that sound heard on countless records (Jeff Bucklley live @ sin- kinda sound) clean and beautiful.
    With the dirty channel you can nail the clapton tone from the 70's but other than the old tweed amp saturation you will find that it does not have more drive.
    The second input has less character if you want to nail t a funky or thin sound and with humbuckers you will find that the 2nd input (low) suits them better since its not heavy handed on the bass unlike the 1st input (you would still have to eq. to the like of your ears).
    Fender heads tend to highlight the bridge pick up and make it sound fat, well this amp tends to highlight the neck pickup of your fender guitar (not that its bad its just simply the fact that the neck pick up drives the amp a little bit more).
    Overall its a great amp for mid-size gigs and recordings (although for recordings it may sound a little bit dark so you'd want to play with the EQ or go through a plug-in to bring out brightness).
    The only downside I can think of its I don't see why this doesn't have 2 speakers instead of one. You will find that 40w its just too much for the speaker and really won't turn ir past 5 for rehearsals or mid-size gigs, anything after 4 and the speakers just starts to break up even on clean channel (I feel that this speaker is way too big to kind of enjoy that speaker breaking up sound that happens in a 58 deluxe).

    You could change the 6L6s for 6v6s (I have) which changes slightly the character on the amp and adds just a tiny bit more of distortion earlier on (otherwise you kinda don't get distortion until maybe 3 on dirty channel). On the clean channel you will have the ability to turn it up until 6 without the amp breaking up but you will lose a part of that big fender amp sound and add a bit more of the old tweed sound

  • from Westfield, MA May 12, 2016Music Background:
    Bar Bands

    Great Sound, but Some Reliability Issues

    This amp took me a couple months to break in, but once it did--boy, did it sound sweet! My strat sounds best through it. Crystal clear chime in the top end with a nice reverb. For some reason the reverb in the blues jr. seems to go even deeper, but the one on this should be plenty in most situations.

    Yes, the amp's volume is tapered in a way that past three you are really rocking the house, which is not always useful practicing at home (or in an apt) and it sounds so good at louder volumes that you will be tempted to push it. Of course, if you live in a rural area, then this is not an issue!

    I HAVE had some reliability issues with the amp. It started making this horrible buzzing sound after playing with it for a couple years. Took the amp tech a little bit to figure out what was wrong, but just turns out I needed some tubes replaced. Okay, that's normal wear. But now the reverb is completely dead. Won't work at all, and the reverb is half of the fun of this thing, which means I have to bring it back. There is a 5 year limited warranty from Fender, so I am hoping the reverb is covered in that (will be 5 years this summer), but twice in the shop in 5 years does some a bit much to me considering I bought it new. Maybe I'm wrong about that! This is my first tube amp.

    I should mention this amp has seen some time on the road and in the back of a large passenger van, so maybe you wouldn't have the same issues with limited mobility.

    Tweed is beautiful. I was stupid enough to leave it in the basement for a week and it got some mold on it. Respect the tweed! It also sounds excellent with Rhodes--fat and punchy.

    So would I buy it again given the chance? Maybe...but I'd really be looking hard at a DRRI...

  • from Fort Worth, TX December 7, 2013Music Background:
    Student, Semi-Pro

    Great Amp for the price

    Bought this amp and the first thing I did was replace the speaker with a Tone Tubby Red Alnico and replace all the tubes to my warm, clean spec. Been breaking it in and over the past year have had people borrow it to do gigs and use for albums. Great platform for tube and speaker swap. Wasn't that great stock, but once you replace those items (bringing it to about 1100) its killer.

  • from Connecticut December 2, 2008Music Background:
    hobbyist, weekend gigs

    Great value

    I look for an amp that has a good clean tone to build off of that still can get a nice subtle tube "drive" at higher volumes. This amp has the ability to provide that but, like most stock amps, requires a little tinkering to get the best results. I swapped out the stock speaker for a Jensen C12K (very clean and powerful speaker), upgraded the power tubes to JJ's and RAISED the bias (it comes biased VERY cold from the factory), and then swapped out the 12AX7 preamp tubes for two JJ's 12AT7 - this lowers the gain in the preamp stage and has the greatest impact on providing more headroom.

    This amp definitely has the quality of the "fender clean" but it is darker and less spikey than the Hot Rod Deluxe. More useable in my opinion. It is designed to have the "Tweed" character in its stock form so it will breakup rather early (around 4 on the volume) if played stock.

    Depends on what you want, really. For just the "dirty blues" thing a la bassman/tweed tone - it's fine stock (maybe just a speaker change). But if you want more versatility then it will be great with just a few mods (total cost was less than $200 for the tubes and speaker). For me it has worked very well with all pedals and, with the mods, provides just the right amount clean headroom and slight breakup at around 6 or 7 on the volume so it is useable with a band in a decent sized venue. Great looking amp, not too heavy, not too expensive.

  • from southeast February 21, 2017Music Background:
    25 year pro guitarist/ 15 year Luthier

    Bedroom Grunt

    So many reviews about this amp but it is awful. No volume barely any headroom and muddy as ever. I suppose for a novice or beginner it would be great but gigging at almost any level would be a Nope. Ive been a Fender fan for over 20 years but this is definitely not the Fender I know.

  • from athens January 14, 2017Music Background:

    not tha good distortion channel

    The od channel actually works as a boost for od rhythms and sparkly leads.It is a blues amp and the word reissue is the right word to use instead of modern. I Also have a multieffect pedal that recieves the greatest of all responds from the amp for heavy distortion presets or ambient sounds.It is an overall clean amp with the right amount of cranking when you push it louder

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