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Blue Microphones Blueberry Cardioid Condenser Microphone Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Blue Microphones Blueberry Cardioid Condenser Microphone?

Questions about the Blue Microphones Blueberry Cardioid Condenser Microphone?

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  • Carson McClain

    The Blue Blueberry is the perfect mic for modern recording. It cuts through the mix like no other mic and it can be used for multiple purposes. Today's pro engineers as well as home recording artists need a mic that will consistantly work well for different vocalists, instruments, and styles of music. That's why I suggest using the Blueberry.

  • joe
    from st.thomas December 21, 2016Music Background:
    hip hop artist/engineer

    super silky and smooth

    i don't normally review a product but i just picked up one of these for hip hop and its prob the best mic ive ever used for my vocals. silky and smooth top end with a nice bass rolloff. sits really well in the mix but also stands out (wierd and hard to explain). Ive prob went through 7 different mics and i finally found the one that best suits me. I would definetly suggest giving one of these blueberrys a try before purchasing anything else. This product is an apsolute gem. i couldnt be more happy, if i had to buy a second microphone it would be another blueberry because my studio peeps love this mic just as much as myself.

  • Don
    from Nashville February 14, 2015Music Background:

    best mic for my voice

    I'm a songwriter, not a singer. My baritone voice is marginal. I went through a slew of < $500 then < $1000 mics trying to find one that took out the "wince factor." I thought it could be done because when I heard singers on the radio going sharp or flat, it did not make me wince. So I tried multiple ATs, AKGs, Oktavas, CADs, Rhodes, Mikteks, some ribbons and tube mics. I don't know about other voices, but I sound best on this mic, it is so smooth and forgiving. I'm running it through all Class A gear: a BAE (Neve 1073 clone) preamp, into a Valley People compressor. The wince factor is gone.

  • Semi-Popular Recording Artist
    from Kansas City, MO January 20, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Artist

    Sonically Sweet

    No exaggeration, this microphone is the best sounding option for my vocals. I have a very unique tenor voice so great mics have been difficult to come by. After comparing this mic with several other big name brands, paired up with the Robbie Mic Pre, this mic was the solution hands down.

  • Tom Battaglia
    from Montana, USA January 24, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer.

    Warm and up front

    I've had one since about 2008, and for female vocals, we keep going back to it. We have a CV4 and have tried a TLM103. The tone is thicker than the CV4 running through a Neve 1073LB. It's a great combination that puts the vocal up front with no EQ.

  • Marc
    from MA November 29, 2009Music Background:
    Studio Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Studio Tech.

    Great for most things!

    After using an Audix dynamic and a Sp C1 to record my voice for 2 years, I decided to step up to decent mic that suited my voice. And that's just what this is. I have a thicker huskier tenor voice and any mic showing signs of darkness or with an extended proximity effect makes my voice muffled and almost impossible to mix without tons of eq. The first time I recorded with this I was only 2 inches away, but that fake bass was gone and there was a nice presence to my voice that I have never heard before. The reason why I don't give it 5 stars is because I used it on a female belter with a very pronounced voice and it just made her sound tinny. So this mic is not for everything, but if you have a boomy instrument and you want to tame it, this may be the best option out there under 1k

  • Wil Key
    from Denver, CO October 27, 2007Music Background:
    Artsist, Producer

    Don't Be Fooled By The Price!!

    I used this microphone on recent CD project at a studio where we had access to well-known top microphones (Neumann, Gefell, Schoeps, AKG and AT, etc). This mic often won out over mics costing 3X to 5X as much. Very intimate and warm on vocals, brings out a sultry-jazzy sound especially on female alto voices. Great on hi-hats too. The BLUEBERRY holds its own against the big boy mics!!!

  • Scott Hoyer
    from Chicago, IL February 28, 2016Music Background:
    Used to work at Sweetwater

    Good, not Great

    This sounds amazing on guitar cabs and is a great addition to any mic cab. If it's your go-to mic for everything though I think you could do better. It is a direct representation of the room that you are recording in. VERY transparent. I don't think it's the best on vocals though. If you need something for vocals you're probably better off getting a tube mic like the Mojave, or Copperhead.

  • Zachary Kimball
    from Brooklyn, NY April 27, 2015

    5 Stars for the Right Voice -- 3 for everything else...

    There is no question that if you're looking for a bright, airy vocal, the blueberry is going to be a killer choice. Don't get me wrong, it's not AWFUL on other voices, instruments, etc -- it just requires some EQing to get the right sound sometimes. There are better sounding mics for the price. If you're looking for a mic for female VOX, this is the right mic for you. If you're looking for a versatile LDC, look elsewhere in this price range.

    from Bay Area / Phoenix Area January 5, 2012Music Background:
    Rapper / Producer / Audio Engineer


    I bought the blueberry back in 2009. The mic sounds good. At first I was blown away because I'd never had a mic like this, but after a while, being around other set ups, I began to dislike that "airyness" they talk about. I found myself wanting to perform subtractive EQ on my vocal mixes to get rid of it. The fluffy, airy presence in the high end detracts from the vocal clarity that I've come to desire. I never had EXCELLENT pre's in my chain (presonus firestudio, fast track, behringer fx, etc) so I guess I will never know how it really sounds when the best is brough out of it. I'm looking now for a TLM 103 or something with a more clear signal and not so much the airy color of the blueberry. She will be missed :(

  • Jayson
    from CA August 27, 2016Music Background:

    QC issues

    Having owned the older version of this mic and wanting to revisit the Blueberry sound, I purchased NEW and got a NEW MIC with a capsule dislodged and dancing around inside of the head basket. First time I ever got a mic like that. Returned it to get a replacement mic w/ the same issue (different serial number as first doa mic). I'm currently waiting on another replacement for my purchase. I also contacted Blue Mics about this issue as I'm not the only one who has experienced this (read all reviews of this mic @ dealers). Blue QC issues??

Questions about the Blue Microphones Blueberry Cardioid Condenser Microphone?

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