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Strymon blueSky Reverberator Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 21 customer reviews
Questions about the Strymon blueSky Reverberator Pedal?

Questions about the Strymon blueSky Reverberator Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Beaufort, SC June 8, 2017

    Lush and Expansive

    Initially, the shimmer mode got my curiosity but after listening to lots of demos online, I realized that just the normal plate, room, and spring reverbs were really smooth, deep, and dimensional. The plate just goes on for days, the room using the pre-delay really creates a fully believable change in room size. I was (very) fortunate to use an original 1963 Fender Super Reverb and I remember always loving the wonderful sound of the reverb. The BlueSky is as convincing a fine spring reverb as I have ever heard - really knocked me over. The low and high damp controls add superb control to the ambience. The mod mode adds a really wonderful low key chorus to the tails and is different depending on plate/room/spring settings - lots of options. I ran a Godin with 3 Lollar P90's through the Riverside Drive with the plate/mod setting and notes just hung and boiled, growled, and sustained almost endlessly. Unbelievable. And the shimmer mode: this is not something that I expect to use a lot but I must say that I have not heard a better, more unique sounding shimmer effect, again very different for each of the three reverb types. I mentioned in another review that five stars is getting way over used and for the most part has become meaningless. I have played this pedal for over two months and I have to say that it is another Strymon pedal that has added so much enjoyment to my playing that five stars is well earned. This is simply a smooth, detailed, lush, and expansive reverb pedal and I have not heard anything better.

  • from Seattle May 4, 2017Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Pricey but worth it

    I love my blueSky pedal. I first saw one in action on my friend's pedalboard and instantly fell in love with the shimmer mode. After getting one slightly used over a year or two ago, I found myself playing much more bass in bands and playing less guitar all together. While I've thinned the herd of my guitar pedals, this pedal isn't going anywhere. The blueSky is so tonally versatile and sturdily built that even without the shimmer I'd be sold. Bottom line: definitely worth the extra money; the last reverb pedal I intend on ever buying.

  • from April 12, 2017

    BlueSky of Heaven

    Ok I am in love and I am a believer, this unit produces a sweet, honeyed, richly harmonious, and lyrically gratifying sound that I have only seen in the highest priced studio reverb units in the past. BlueSky you are what I have been looking for. The main stay for my gigging and studio effects. Quality is awesome, product details check for yourself. Look at the videos no hype here. Strymon I love you!

  • from April 6, 2017

    sweet sound.

    love the sound of this pedal for reveb and the shimmer effect is ridiculous. Just wish there were more pre-sets . Only has one favorite setting to switch to. The quality sound outdoes every one I have used.
    It is very simple to find the sound you want also.

  • from Missouri April 5, 2017

    Bluesky reverb

    I had a Mxr 300 reverb prior to this and it was decent, but not easy to switch between wet and dry tones. Mxr usually makes a decent product, but why not make it easier to switch considering the technology put into that pedal. When afterwards I tried the Bluesky reverb by Strymon it was great, easier switching from wet to dry, and it worked better with other pedals sounding more live, and professional. If you can afford it the Strymon is much better. Sweetwater staff will always help when needed!

  • from Fort Myers, FL April 3, 2017Music Background:
    Pro Musician since 1970

    Great Reverb Unit, not just for Guitar!

    So far I've used the built in reverb on the BOSE T1 ToneMatch for my vocals, but it doesn't even come close to what you get from Strymon the Blue Sky! The same can be said of the Straymon El Capistan, a great Echo/Delay unit of the same size.

  • from SW Florida March 18, 2017Music Background:
    Performing since 1970, Record contract with EMI in the 80's.

    Blue Sky also great for Vocals!

    I bought this unit for my voice, not for my guitar. I'm very happy I did! I just did a gig where I frequently perform and was told by two regulars in the audience, that I sounded especially good tonight. I sing many of the Pop hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Neil Diamond, Elvis, etc., plus some Crooner tunes, from Dean Martin to Sinatra, and wow...it sounds just like a studio reverb.

    I've worked in many recording studios during my career and reverb was always an important factor in every professional studio. Most have invested thousands of dollars in reverberation systems. The Blue Sky gives me the closest to that for a small fraction of those prices. I haven't tried it for home recording, but I will a.s.a.p. I hope I'll be just a happy with it there.

  • from VA March 13, 2017Music Background:

    Amazing Pedal

    I own a strymon timeline and absolutely love it. I would say that I would never play a set without my timeline. The sound is clear and my tone is pristine. So naturally, I decided to give strymon another try. I chose the blue sky because I need another reverb pedal that would give me some basic sounds. I dont need the big sky, though I absolutely want it. The blue sky has a WIDE range of reverb sounds. I am honestly blown away again. Every dial is super responsive and some of the more decayed, higher mix sounds become so immersive that I get lost in the moments.

    The pedal looked amazing in the box, but even better on my board. The price is kinda high, but if you consider you would spend $149 on some of the more commercially affordable reverbs but you only get one reverb at a time then getting two reverbs out of the blue sky (favorite and current settings) then the price is actually quite fair.

    I love every sound out of this box. The normal, mod and shimmer settings sound amazing and get be shaped in many ways using the five control nobs along with the reverb types (plate, room and spring). The only problem that I have had and continue to have is which setting is my favorite.

    Really a great pedal all around. Can't wait for my next strymon purchase. Thank you Kevin Spunde!!!

  • from Plymouth, MI March 6, 2017Music Background:

    Strymon blueSky

    I love my new Strymon blueSky pedal. It creates an amazing and diverse variety of ambient effects, from natural to supernatural. It definitely alters the way I play guitar in unexpected ways. I feel like it's almost like bringing in a new player.

  • from Fort Wayne, Indiana December 17, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist for 6 years, Sweetwater Employee, recording and producing, worship guitarist

    Can't believe I played without it!

    One of the best reverb pedals out there plain and simple. Very simple to use and compact design. From huge room sounds to amazing shimmering ambient swells this thing can satisfy all your reverb needs. I could not believe I had played without this pedal for all these years. The favorite button is very handy to store one of your favorite reverbs you have created as well. If you are on the fence about getting this pedal just pull the trigger you won't regret it.

  • from October 17, 2016

    Yes, please.

    Lush, spectral goodness. Great for guitar and synth. I love that what you see is essentially what you get. Very easy to dial in a great sound. And having a favorite button is pretty handy.

  • from Princeton NJ August 16, 2016Music Background:
    Pro Giging Musician

    Lush Blue Sky- One of the best

    This reverb constantly get me complements from other musicians and folks in the audience. I am using e blueSky on my nylon string flamenco guitars with a LR Baggs Dual source pickup and Grace Design AliX preamp. My guitar sounds like the reverbs I use in the studio but now live. The simplicity of use and ease of tonal shaping is excellent. I use the hall reverb setting 90% of the time and for lead playing I will use the shimmer mode. Other worldly reverb that's angelic. Thanks you Stromon and Sweetwater.

  • from Tennessee August 11, 2016

    Best verb ever

    Simply the best reverb I have owned in 38 years of professional playing, buy it!

  • from Indiana July 12, 2016

    The BEST reverb!

    This pedal is absolutely amazing! It helps create some of the most heavenly swells you've ever heard. So versatile!

  • from Lancaster, OH June 11, 2016Music Background:
    Noisemaker extraordinaire.

    Strymon blue sky

    I was immediately blown away by the tones in this thing. Other pedals on my board are the Peterson tuner, Carl Martin plexi tone, mark 314 boost, and the T. rex replica. I like to keep a simple, high quality board to cut down on noise, confusion, etc. but something was missing...reverb. I did some research on boutique reverb pedals and the strymon kept coming up as one of the best. But I still wasn't sold. I contacted Ryan Sloan at sweetwater and based on his recommendation and my needs I bought the blue sky.
    Nothing about this unit is subpar. Exactly the opposite. It sounds fantastic, feels and looks incredible. I was right at home with this pedal. It's inspirational. Not too many knobs but a lot of options. Switches are excellent and the pedal is dead silent. It makes me just want to play clean with this pedal, and then when you add a dose of the trex replica, that's THE tone! Their are other good reverb pedals...Tc electronics makes a couple good ones. But this is in another league. I would put the quality up against the eventide space but the blue sky gets the nod because it's not as big, doesn't cost as much, no scrolling through banks to find the right setting,and doesn't feel, look, or sound as digital as the space. It's way more reverb than I'll need practically speaking but it's nice to have those options. Comes with an adapter which I'm not using currently but is good to have. What more can I say, I'm in love with this pedal! Others may be perfectly happy with TC or other reverb pedals, for me, the strymon blue sky is THE reverb pedal. And one more thing, if you're watching YouTube videos of this pedal on your iPhone and are not knocked out by the sound well, neither was I. Experiencing the strymon first hand is what confirmed the fact that I made the right purchase.

  • from High Desert-California May 17, 2016Music Background:


    Bluesky is the most awesome pedal I have ever bought. There are so many sound variables possible. I use it with an acoustic guitar in church for worship. I have had so many compliments by congregants and musicians alike. I set my favorite as a pad to emulate a keyboard and have a milder setting I use to back fill the guitar. I couple that with a delay and it's amazing. It is very easy to use. It is a bit pricey but well worth it. It is the one pedal I use almost always.

  • from texas May 12, 2016

    Sweet Sounds

    Hands down the best reverb I have ever used. I am sure there are some with more options but I just dont know how they could sound "better" especially at the price. Does exactly what I needed it to.

  • from May 7, 2016Music Background:
    Professional guitarist and professor of guitar at Mary Pappert School of Music, Duquesne University and California University of PA

    Exceptional Reverb and Other Fine Sonic Candy

    I needed a reverb pedal that could record direct and have a pre delay. Plate is my usual choice for reverb setting and the Strymon gears up for that sound. Fabulous! And I have guitarist Ben Monder's mod setting that I got off of Strymon's website stored in my favorite area. What a pleasure it is to be able to switch to a completely different setting. Coupled with the Strymon Ola chorus and you have many incredible sonic options. Buy this pedal. You will be blown away by its sonic offerings.

  • from Killingworth, CT February 8, 2016

    The BEST

    This is the best reverb pedal out there. I have had mine since 2011, and I am still finding new sounds. If you admire the "shimmer" effect this pedal does it better than anything else I have tried.

  • from March 30, 2016Music Background:
    serious hoblyist

    Strymon blueSky

    I have not had the Strymon blueSky long enough to be expert at it. but experimenting is hard because I have found a few settings that work for me and I am so pleased with the sound it makes that I don't need to change very much, very often. I tried the TC HOF and T2 but for some reason wanted to try the Blue Sky and I am glad I did. Sure we all want the next level up device and I also didn't want a "so-so" device but to me this suffices eminently!! If you try this I would give a 75% chance you will buy it and a 95% chance you will not regret it. It is simple to use and sounds great
    I use a stereo rig and stereo reverb is sooooo cool...a little mod on top of compression, delay and chorus is awesome aural candy ...add some overdrive and my little rig sounds HUGE.
    I think this is the best reverb pedal at this price point

  • from September 16, 2016


    I would have given it a 5 star review except for the draconian no discount pricing policy of the manufacturer.

    The product is good but the strict - No discount, No free shipping feels like price fixing to me.

    Also one more thing, its got a weird glitch, this product must be run horizontally if you mount it vertically the switches don't work.

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