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MXR M103 Blue Box Octave Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the MXR M103 Blue Box Octave Pedal?

Questions about the MXR M103 Blue Box Octave Pedal?

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  • from Charlotte, NC April 25, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging/studio guitarist

    Mxr blue box

    Exactly what I was looking for. Makes your guitar sound like an 8bit Nintendo. Beware, significant volume drop when pedal is engaged. Performing an r11 mod will get your volume back and expand the synth-sounds out of the pedal. Would buy again.

  • from United States August 14, 2012Music Background:

    great solo pedal

    this pedal blew my mind. i watched the video and other reviews. i had a good idea of what it would sound like. the video portrayed it to be a tight thick fuzz when the blend knob is all the way up and two octaves low fuzz bass sound when the blend is all the way down and blend of the two in between. What you get is a a fuzz that sounds battery starved, it get intense, and on the low end you get a pedal that cant decide if its an octave down or two octaves down. its really all about how you have your neck pickup set up with the octave sound. this pedal is great for those nasty experimental solos but its not for everyone. If you like the edgy experimental rock/indie stuff and off the wall solos this pedal is yours and i reconmend it toanyone looking to toy around with a new sound. this pedal is one of a kind.

  • from Atl, ga May 9, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist, project studio owner

    Brown note!

    This pedal is beyond great. If you want something unique, look no further! The fuzz is very gated like a Devi ever kind of sound. Roll back your tone knob and it is a classic fuzz sound. Octave down fattens up single-note riffs and 100% wet sounds like an analog synth. Use the neck pickup or roll back tone for better tracking. Also, cutting out the capacitor marked c11 will make this pedal louder and cooler.

  • from Wyandotte, MI August 21, 2014Music Background:
    Studio Recluse

    Pandora's Blue Box

    Great pedal, if you have a particular purpose. Otherwise, it is a pedal you noodle with to find an inspiration. But I suppose most unusual effects pedals are that way. Love MXR products.

  • from January 23, 2013

    Unique Pedal for Unique Musicians

    All of the review videos pretty much capture the whole spirit of the pedal. It's uncontrollable, glitchy, monstrous, and incredibly fun. I actually play my ukulele through this pedal and it sounds great. Tracking is a little delayed and sometimes can't decide which octave it wants to go to, but that's perfect for my sound. A little Jack White-y, and little Beck-y, and, of course, Led Zeppelin...y (Fool in the Rain). A straightforward pedal for a great price, though I'd recommend trying it out just to feel it before you buy it if you get the chance.

  • from Orem, UT October 24, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Lots of fun

    The MXR M103 Blue Box is a lot of fun to play around with. I wouldn't use it on stage even though it's a unique sound because I'd rather use a normal fuzz like the Big Muff. This gives you a video game sound and that's what it's meant to do. You could maybe do a Jack White type of thing but there's better options for that as well. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend unless the video game sound is what they're going for. It's built well and feels like it'll last, but the sound is limited.

  • from July 13, 2016

    A Day At The Heavy Fuzz Arcade

    It's appearance I think, is meant to be deceiving. Just a lil' blue box. It sings on repeated thwacks, and croons heavy blues on the bends.

    The output knob has to be 75-100 percent up or it will muffle the sound when it's low. (A Boost put after will bring out the sound) A lot of interesting crazy things happen when you tweak the blend knob. It just has the right amount of glitchy characteristics, it is definitely what makes this pedal. Experiment by how hard/soft you thwack the strings, I think it is meant for monophonic sounds/solos. Playing muted strings is something to try too! You can recreate some 8-bit sounds!

    The only thing I had a gripe about was, It sometimes decayed notes faster than usual. It's plenty of fun, buy it, try it out for yourself.

  • from Los Angeles, CA February 20, 2011Music Background:
    Sound Co/FOH

    Love mine...

    Very simple, rugged pedal, with a very wide range of potential tones. A little time spent getting to know it's quirks and it is capable of smooth expressive tracking. If that isn't your bent, it can get weird and glitchy too, varying pick attack yields wild octave jumps. Unique character sets it apart from other octave pedals.

Questions about the MXR M103 Blue Box Octave Pedal?

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