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Rode Blimp Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Sydney, Australia June 1, 2012Music Background:
    Over 40 years as a Sound Supervisor/Audio Director, mostly live and on location.

    Simply The Best

    Bearing in mind the thousands of "zeppelin-style" mic systems I've used and/or owned over the last four decades, why am I of the opinion that (aside from being cheaper than most of the others) the Rode Blimp's "the best"?

    Among others, here are eight good reasons:

    1) It's cheaper than most of the others.

    2) Nobody else matches the amount of "spares" included (at no extra cost) in Rode's pile of hardware that caters for ALL types of mic.

    3) The long Allen driver (included) allows matchless ease and solidity of re-configuration.

    4) I reckon there's nothing else out there that's even CLOSE to being as "hurricane and shock-proof" rugged, which is (I'm guessing) the basis of Rode's unique TEN year warranty in respect of manufacturing defects.

    5) In my experience, the Rode Blimp's the ONLY system that (mic geometry permitting) can cater for quick and secure re-location of its mounting pivot to virtually ANY point along the full length of its underside. This allows a greater range of comfort-inducing "balance trim" than systems from other manufacturers.

    6) Rode's unique concept behind the "knob-twist preloadable lever action" mechanism (for locking the "tilt" of the Blimp's pistol-grip) is nothing short of genius. All other pistol grips seem painfully crude (and "last year's model") when compared with THIS grip's well-crafted "spongy" feel, world-beating ergonomics and rugged security.

    7) The suspension, the "Blimp Basket" and (included) "Dead Wombat" furry cover yield the best mechanical isolation and acoustic transparency that I've ever experienced. The "Dead Wombat's" drawstring closure leaves others' fastenings (...Dare I say it?) ...for dead.

    8) It's cheaper than most of the others.

    Bad points ? Just two:

    1) The comfort, ruggedness and lever-flick security built into its amazing, cable-locating pistol grip have made it heavier than its vastly inferior competitors. This additional weight's only an issue with extended periods spent at the end of a fully-extended fishpole, ...when it's a truly MAJOR pain. This application would demand the additional purchase of Rode's Universal Blimp Mount, a lightweight adapter that effectively replaces the pistol grip by attaching directly to the fishpole's thread while maintaining the Blimp's "end to end" re-balancing capability.

    2) It's a shame there isn't yet a version long enough to house an "816/MKH70-length" LONG shotgun.

    Oh, ...and (...by the way) ...I really should emphasise that...

    ...it's CHEAPER than most of the others.

  • from Cleveland March 5, 2011

    Well worth the price!

    I thought the price was a bit high for some plastic ... stuff. Once I tested out this unit, I could see the price was well worth it. The handle detaches from the blimp, making a great shock-mount for shotgun microphones. The blimp and dead wombat are terrific for reducing wind noise when shooting outside.

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