Grace Design BiX Acoustic Preamp Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Grace Design BiX Acoustic Preamp Pedal?
Questions about the Grace Design BiX Acoustic Preamp Pedal?

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  • from Windsor, NY November 13, 2020 Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Top Notch Preamp!

    I needed a way to bolster my nylon string. I have an old Baldwin pickup with no onboard pre. Part of my show is geared towards Chet, Willie, and Jerry Reed. The BiX fit the bill perfectly. Also,the sound guy was astonished with the pristine DI signal. As always thanks to Sweetwater for prompt and courteous service and having the gear I need.
  • from Colorido August 30, 2020 Music Background:
    Professional musician


    I've only played a few gigs with it but it sounds so clear and powerful!
  • from Nebraska August 13, 2020 Music Background:
    Dont u know,ill always be a music man (reo)


    Very nice at what it does, makes suble improvements & quiet
  • from Lapeer, Michigan June 27, 2019 Music Background:
    Long time player

    Wonderful sound

    I debated a long time over this and the Alix. $... was a lot for a home studio IMO. But I'm playing a guitar, mandolin and violin so I thought I needed the EQ. So I finally bought this and added a garden variety 7 band EQ in the loop and I've got all the tone shaping I need. This is the same preamp as the Alix and Felix and sounds absolutely pristine. Glad I finally got it.
  • from Ludlow, VT March 6, 2019 Music Background:
    Off-and-on semi-pro for fifty years.

    Clean, clean, clean

    Well engineered, beautifully constructed, and a delight to use.
  • from Kentucky August 29, 2018 Music Background:
    Over 40 years - Guitar and Vocals

    Clean and Clear

    I have had my BiX for a couple of weeks now and wanted to pass on my initial impression on the performance of this acoustic instrument preamp.

    First of all, let me share some background about my acoustic amplification journey. I have been playing acoustic guitar for over 40 years. For most of those early years, I didn't worry about amplification. When needed, it was basically a mic placed in front of the guitar. Good enough. Around 2002 or so, I started doing more performances that called for amplification and I started exploring acoustic pickups and amplification systems. Soundboard transducers, under saddle pickups, dual-source systems and others have been employed. I started just running those signals directly to a mixing console. Then I learned about DI boxes. My first acoustic amplifier was actually a keyboard amp, which actually worked out pretty well. I started to explore preamps when I felt the need of supplying a better signal to a front of house mixer. I have owned and used the BBE Acoustimax, DTAR Mama Bear, Ultrasound DI Plus, K&K Trinity Preamp, Fire-Eye Red-Eye, along with some other pedal combinations. All of these systems have their strengths and weaknesses. With most of them, I have been able to get a good acoustic tone. Yet, I have always felt the need to explore more options, seeking that elusive perfect tone.

    This has lead me to the BiX. My last system used the Red-Eye along with an Earthquaker Devices Tone Job. Frankly, I didn't expect much, if any, improvement in the overall tone. The main factor pushing me to the BiX was that I wanted to use the Red-Eye and Tone Job in another pedal setup for my electric guitar. I had discovered Grace Designs and read about their Felix, Alix and BiX preamps. It sounded like something that would work for me. As much as I would like the full features of the Felix or even the Alix, I felt like the simplicity of the BiX would actually be the best fit for me. Most of my playing does not put me in a situation where I need notch filtering or surgical precision with my EQ adjustments. In my case, the simplicity of the BiX is actually a benefit. What I really wanted was a high-quality pure signal paired with a good DI and an effective EQ that allows me to tweak my tone from my pedalboard. The included effects send and return were also very important to me for adding a reverb unit to my signal chain. The separate XLR out and 1/4 out also give the flexibility I need in my stage setup. Also critical to me was the inclusion of an effective boost, as I do need it for some guitar solos. The mute switch is also handy for silencing my signal.

    Now, there are several good preamp pedals out there that provide more functionality than the BiX. What really drew me to the BiX was the purity of the signal. Many of the preamp pedals that I have tried or heard have something in their tone that, for lack of better explanation, just sounds off. It might be harsh or slightly muddy or tinted in some frequencies. Of all the other systems I have used, only the Red-Eye along with the Tone Job gave me the purity in tone that I was seeking. Until now. The BiX truly does provides this clean and clear signal. Pair that with basic features that I need and it is a winning combination.
  • from April 25, 2018 Music Background:
    Guitarist 6 yrs., amateur recording and live sound

    Excellent Quality

    I bought this to replace a Fishman Platinum Pro EQ, and it was definitely a big step up tonally. There is no longer any noise, and the preamp just sounds much better itself. Another bonus is that the mute and boost buttons don't click like the Fishman does
  • from October 22, 2017


    I 've owned the Grace for a year and this comes very close at a better price for a simpler setup- one channel. I've owned almost every acoustic preamp and this is the new benchmark at this price point.
  • from Bonners Ferry, ID October 11, 2017

    Great Pedal

    Great if you don't need control over your mids. This thing is dead quiet and has a ton of features packed into such a little box. However, the lack of control over my mids just didn't work out for my setup.

    I used a modded cable where the tip on the guitar end TS connector was jumped across the tip and ring on the preamp end TRS connector; sleeve to sleeve. This helped get the right impedance for my K&K Pure Mini and tamed the boominess.

    No matter what, I just couldn't get a good sound without parametric mids. This is not the fault of the pedal, as I knew there was no mid control going in, but wanted to see how it played out.

    This will now sit nicely on a bass pedalboard with an Empress Compressor in the loop.
  • from San Francisco January 18, 2018 Music Background:
    Pro Latin guitarist

    Bix is Ideal for smaller venues

    Very high quality but NO MID control! For $... I don't care how good the sonic quality of the unit is if you lose an option of control. I sent it back and got a Fishman Platinum Pro and never looked back.

Questions about the Grace Design BiX Acoustic Preamp Pedal?

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