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Shure Beta 57A Dynamic Microphone Reviews

4.5 stars based on 29 customer reviews
Questions about the Shure Beta 57A Dynamic Microphone?

Questions about the Shure Beta 57A Dynamic Microphone?

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  • Stuart Niven

    The Beta 57 is my favorite mic for snare drums and guitar cabinets in the studio. It has a presence and punch that just cuts through a mix and provides an edge to my sound. It is rugged and durable, ready to survive the most hard-core band and yet able to catch the nuances and the subtleties of the softest, most dynamic performance. I own two of these studio staples and I am still not sure that is as many as I need!

  • from Lafayette IN April 27, 2017


    A friend had one of these and I liked the sound and volume he was getting without feedback. Bought one myself and wish I had done it sooner.

  • from Maryland November 18, 2015Music Background:

    Shure Beta 57a

    I have three of these that I now use on stage. Incredible, clear crisp sound.

  • from Chicago November 12, 2015Music Background:
    Experimental Industrial

    Just shy of indestructible

    I have spent 20 years smashing, slamming, pounding, grinding, scraping, yelling, and doing everything you have been told NOT to do to this microphone. After 20 years of that abuse I am ready to purchase a new one. The old one still works just not as well as it used to. Solid microphone.... Seriously!!!!

  • from Kingsford, MI July 28, 2015Music Background:
    Performing keyboard player and vocalist. Studio musician.

    Awesome Mic

    I've always used a 57 in the past, but was lagging behind in quality compared to my band mates who were using beta's. I finally bought one of these and the difference is incredible. What took me so long? I'm a keyboard player and am always right on the mic, so this was ideal and I didn't need to go with the 58 Beta as my guitar players do. Works so well for me!

  • from Hollywood, California. April 24, 2015Music Background:
    Pro vocalist and voice-over artist for over 50 years.

    "Best for live application sound."

    As a jazz vocalist who's still going strong at age 74, this is by far the finest sounding microphone that I've ever used in a live concert application.

  • from United States March 4, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician for over 40 years.

    Shure Beta 57A

    I've owned Beta 58's before (I dunno, they keep getting lost!), but a sound engineer of mine told me to go with the 57, because its color would match my voice better. I must say, I agree. And Shure just makes consistently good product. 5 stars.

  • from Washington, D.C. May 12, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Favorite Live Vocal Mic

    I love the focused presence and tight frequency response this mic has. It really brings a lot of clarity into our live vocals. I have to belt out a lot of high harmonies and it be difficult to achieve a nice blend with the lead singer, but the Supercardioid polar pattern of the Beta 57A helps achieve a focused sound between me and the lead vocalist (who also uses a Beta 57A).

    For whatever reason every now and then we run into sound guys who don't want us to use these because they say that the 57A's feedback and cause issues, and to them I say shut up. Not really, but there seems to be some strange myth out there that these cause issues with feedback, and that is simply not true.

  • from PA May 12, 2013Music Background:
    FOH engineer

    Best snare mic for live sound

    To get a great sound in live shows you need to pay to get good mics. You have to find mics that can stand up to the rigors of the road and take a few wacks from sticks. This mic, while not hurting your pocket hard at all, sounds more expensive than it is. Great crisp highs, awesome rejection, low profile, very durable. Definitely makes a snare drum that much brighter when used by itself on top. Then if your really into your snare sounding perfect, use one on top and one on bottom...you wont be disappointed!

  • from Montana December 24, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and Recording Engineer

    Great on Snare Drum

    The Beta 57A gets a much more detailed sound than a regular 57. In addition it rejects toms and cymbals better too. Compared to Heil, a 57 or i5, this one is the best for snare.

  • from Santa Barbara, CA USA June 22, 2012Music Background:
    Singer/songwriter Producer/Recording Engineer

    A truly amazing microphone for recording and live use

    I bought this mic after using one at a live venue and being amazed at the 'open airy' sound in the vocal range. Then I took it home and did A/B comparisons with my large diaphram condensor mic for recording vocals. They were almost identical in terms of detail, which is truly amazing for a dynamic mic. This mic uses rare earth magnets that are more powerful so it has a higher signal to noise ratio and more detailed sound than the non beta mic.

    I have found that I actually prefer this for recording my vocals now because it is less sibbilant than the condensor, it doesn't pick up unwanted room and outdoor noise and I can get right up close on it to use the proximity effect to add bass to my voice without getting unwanted sounds. Somehow this mic has the same detail as a condensor close up, but is less sensative a foot or more away. This is good for home recording or a place where there is periodic road noise.

  • from February 9, 2012

    Sexy sounds

    Beautiful clean crisp sound reproduction.

  • from Moberly, MO June 30, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, amatur recording engineer, occaisional live sound engineer

    Excellent mic Excellent company

    I've never really liked the goofy mid-range sound of the 58's, Beta or otherwise - the annoying pickup of room and stage noise, 'pinging' feedback problems, etc. I bought the Beta 57 A to use as a cab mic for guitar, until I tried it on vocals. This mic truly does cut through the mix. While my bandmates are busy eqing and constantly adjusting levels on their Beta 58's, I set mine and forget it.
    After 6 years of fairly rigorous gig schedules and bouncing around in a humid band trailers, mic stand being knocked over by drunks, etc. It finally stopped working. I sent it back to Shure with a flat repair fee. They sent me a new mic.
    If you're in the fence about what Shure mic to get for live use, get this mic. The Beta 57A is very natural for vocals and makes guitar cabinets sound great too. Its VERY versitile and Shure is a rock solid company

  • from london UK December 21, 2008Music Background:

    Really excellent mic.

    I have had the Shure Beta 57a for a while now and the more I am using it I am realising how it really does cut through nicely when singing live.

    I know the primary use is more for instruments but it really works with my voice.

    I find the frequecy responce to be vey smooth even when singing in my higher register, you can really belt out and close mic and it handles things very well. the sound is crisp and clear and warm without any harshness.

  • from Idaho/Wyoming March 6, 2008Music Background:
    live and recording engineer, guitarist, vocalist

    If I could have a sack full of one kind of mic...

    ...this would be it. For live vocals, snare drum, and amps, this thing is the best affordable jack of all applications. I work as a live sound engineer, and this has been my first pick for vocals for a while now, and the artists, including grammy winners, have been digging it too. Get yourself a sack of 'em!

  • from USA July 14, 2006Music Background:
    Producer / Songwriter / Mix Engineer

    What a mic!!!

    Superb Vocal mic next to being a great percussion / instrument mic. I bought this mic for studio recording, and chose it over the Beta 58A. I much prefer a dynamic mic for vocals in my studio, it picks up less noise from surroundings, i.e. computers, etc. The Beta 58 had a midrange bump that made my voice sound hard / agressive. The Beta 57A has a very natural sound and is more relaxed on vocals. Its sits perfectly in the mix and requires very little if No Eq. The vocals do come out very warm sounding with females i have tried it on, and its sounds extremely smooth. On my vocal i get a very rich open sound with no signs of top end sizzle or sibilance. The 57A is a very good pick up for a dynamic microphone I thing this has to be the best dynamic Vocal mic...period, and a great instrument mic after. Maybe sure need to swap the 57A for being a 'Vocal' mic instead.

  • from February 22, 2017

    Great mike

    Very strong, clean Mike! My lead singer has a powered Beta and was impressed. I've use 58s & 57s for as long as I can remember. I've been at it professionally and semi-pro since 1969. Shure G is the BEST!

  • from Michigan November 20, 2016Music Background:

    Shure Beta 57A

    used for a harp mic. the proximity effect is real good at boosting low notes. less handling noise than my 57

  • from Greensboro, NC February 3, 2016Music Background:
    Worship, Rock, Newgrass

    Great Live Vocal Mic

    A friend of mine who runs sound professional recommended this mic for me and my vocal register. I've used it now for 3 live shows and I have to say it blows away some of the other mics I have used. It replaced a TC Helicon MP 75 I was using with my VoiceLive 3. The fullness of the character of my voice is much better and the response is fantastic. I play in a little newgrass cover band (we are up beat and cover a lot of rock and pop tunes) But needless to say I'm pushing this mic quite a bit regularly. So there you have it

  • from Lawrence, KS June 16, 2015Music Background:
    Worship leader

    Great mic, great price

    I have always been a fan of the SM57 and SM58, and have used/abused dozens of them over the years. Our sound person at church tried a Beta 57A on my voice some years ago after fussing with trying to get the tone right with a 58, and although we're not sure exactly what the difference is, there *is* a difference in the way my voice sounds with the Beta 57A, and it's a good difference. We recently bought another 57A when our original one finally stopped working (after many years of faithful service), and it's got that same intangible sound. Still can't put our finger on it, but it just works better for my voice than any of the other mics we have. (I'm a baritone, for what it's worth.)

  • from nyc April 11, 2014Music Background:
    Pro drummer and percussionist. Home studio.

    Love this mic

    I record alot of drums and hand percussion and the Beta 57A is probably my mic of choice these days, maybe because it's just REALLY EASY and convenient, quick to plug it in and get going--the fact that it sounds great makes this possible. That is, sounds nearly as good as, as good as or better than various condenser mic options, covers alot of bases w/o much or any hassle involved.

    I very much like the focused grill design, less side/room noise, which, again, makes it more convenient to use than an LDC in the typical home studio--in my case, an apt next to a hiway.

    It sounds impressively close to my LDC, SDC mics--just turn up the level. And for loud, mid/hi signals, like snare drums, etc, it's perfect.

    Seriously, if I had too, I good probably record an entire album w this mic and not have too many complaints, but no, it doesnt have the richness and depth of a good LDC mic.

  • from Scott depot wva December 14, 2013Music Background:
    Drummer,45 yrs ,and going!

    Used on last CD recorded

    This mic works great on snare and toms , has the same specs as beta 56 and is several dollars cheaper ,plus works very well on vocals.

  • from July 2, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician


    This thing kills in the studio on snare drum. Well worth your extra $50 compared to an SM57.

  • from Anaheim CA September 3, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

    Great Detail

    This mic has incredible detail, especially for a dynamic. I won't repeat too much of what other reviewers have already said - it's a great sounding, versatile mic. The only caveat for vocal use is that it is somewhat susceptible to plosives, so some mic technique is needed - much more so than an SM86 or Beta 87. As with any supercardioid mic, they do pick up some sound directly from the rear, so don't point the back of it directly into your monitor - however, side rejection is excellent!

  • from November 8, 2013Music Background:
    Sound engineer, musician

    Has some great uses

    Suitable mostly for male vocals
    Intelligibility is as good as it gets in dense mixes
    Better feedback rejection then most mics, makes it suitable for small and loud venues, as well as ceremonies with people untrained with mics giving a speech
    Works well on FOH and wedges even if you tuned them with SM58 (not to be taken lightly!)
    Great HH mic, allowing minimal bleed and good tone.
    Good live grand piano sound for a dynamic mic
    Good price for what it excels at

    Harsh or lean on female vocals in a way you can't EQ easily, lacks the foundamentals in such vocals, which is noticable in the wedges to the singer.
    Sounds a bit sterile at times

    If I had to choose only 1 all around mic on top of the SM58 for the mic locker of an audio rental company, it's the Beta 57.

  • from LAS CRUCES, NM November 1, 2011Music Background:



  • from Tundra City, Iowa October 30, 2015

    Shure Beta 57A

    Like advertised, it's versatile.....

  • from Toledo, OH December 14, 2012Music Background:
    Southern Gospel Vocalist

    Decent Mic

    Good sound on instrumentals, fair at best for vocals. As a guitarist/bass singer, this mic was great for the low end. However, it was muddy on the mids and harsh on the highs. You will have to constantly change the EQ settings to use this mic. Low handling noise and high gain before feedback make this mic workable, but definitely not the best mic I've used.

  • from Cleveland, Ohio November 5, 2006Music Background:

    It's ok...

    I bought this mic intending to use it on top of snare drums for rock records mostly. I end up using it on the bottom with a 421 on top more often. It doesn't get much use anywhere else. I like it for live vocals for some reason. One of the selling points made to me was the hypercardioid polar pattern. I was supposed to get less hihats and cymbal leakage, because of it. In use, however it seemed to be more leak than my 421s, SM57s, and even some SDCs on snare. Thinking about it, I realized that hypercardioid patterns always have this litte area at the back that picks up, almost making it a lop-sided figure 8 mic. So not pointing it directly away from the hats actually helps, but then there's the sound...ehhh I like the SM five sevens better. The response sounds pinched to me... and sorta "honky" in the upper mids. I thought about getting rid of it, but I think i'll hang on until 90 dollars will help feed the kids. If I would have done it over though, I'd have saved my cash up for another 421 or something. Seems like everytime there's something that you think to put a 57 on and you actually want it to sound good, put a 421 there instead.

  • from Chandler, AZ July 1, 2005

    Great Microphone

    I am not the largest fan of the SM57 or SM58, but the Beta 57a is by far my favorite dynamic microphone for vocals and bass guitar. It is also excellent on snare drum,very durable windscreen can take the knocks well. A definate for your short list of must have microphone.

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