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Arturia BeatStep Pro Controller & Sequencer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Arturia BeatStep Pro Controller & Sequencer?

Questions about the Arturia BeatStep Pro Controller & Sequencer?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from ypsilanti, MI December 17, 2016

    Build is A+

    Just got it and build quality is way better than expected (was thinking plastic for some reason). Made out of (I imagine) aluminum...pads and knobs feel like they'll outlast styrofoam. The box is even high quality with a magnetic closing feature to double as a carrying/storage case. First box I'm going to keep. Great product!

  • from NY June 12, 2016Music Background:
    professional synthesist since early 80s

    excellent gadget

    Exactly what I needed to merge my eurorack gear, old midi and Ableton.
    Extra bonus, I can control my stuff live w/o a computer.

  • from December 3, 2015Music Background:
    Electronic, dance, ambient and sound design

    Solid manufacture, effective controls

    If I was to try and dream up a sequencer on my own, it would be pretty much exactly like this. It can be simple or you can go deep, very deep. This unit can be configured in a custom setup to be as unique as your sounds are. I like to think of the way this sequencer works as a type of audio braiding.

    One comment i would like to share with people thinking that this may be what they need is to point out that most of the videos and comments could be more forceful in describing the solidity of the BSP, it is no lightweight toy. If i saw this in the 1980's I would have sold my motorcycles and paid a fortune. Someday, sure, someone (maybe Arturia) will make something that goes even further in the sequencer design field, something yet un-invented. Mean while, I am absolutely convinced that this is one of the best tools in my home studio environment, well, except for my brain.
    This is a wide open slate to draw on and if you are a preset synth player you can live without it. If you are the kind of musician who hears a buzz or bleep and thinks, "I am making you into a sound that expresses my music, my music, not some rehashed and boring work..." this is the tool you need to massage the music into a form you feel is best. I doubt that I will let this go within the next decade. It's that good. Massive sequence ability, huge flexible approaches, and user friendly for people who are ready for it- and attractive as can be-that's beat step pro. Arturia, you have it together. Thanks to Sweetwater I have one now. When these vanished off the shelves recently I thought I was too late...

  • from Oakhurst, NJ November 27, 2015Music Background:

    This. Just… awesome!

    The BeatStep Pro is everything that I had hoped for and more. It is the electronic glue that holds my entire rig together, and changed the way I create music. The ability to run 2 sequences and drums is enhanced by the fact that I can clock all of my devices, as well as trigger samples (manually) on my Volca Sample, from one device.

    All but one complaint that I might have posted here has been solved with the latest firmware update. The only remaining issue I have is the inability to save your MIDI assignments on a per-project basis. As of this writing, MIDI assignments are global, and although this is not a big deal for me, might be a small hurdle for a live performer.

    A few major issues I had that were solved include the addition of pattern chaining, waiting to load a selected pattern after completing the one that is running, and being able to copy patterns between sequencers.

    A few bugs were added (or not fixed) with this update as well. I've noticed that I have issues with double-triggering during live recording drum patterns. This does not occur on playback. The other thing is when notes are tied, they get stuck on when muting a sequencer. i.e. There is no "note off" when hitting mute.

    The build is solid, and the pads are nice and thwackable. You actually have to push/hit them pretty hard to get full pressure/velocity out of them. The knobs feel really good, and the fact that they are touch sensitive (so much so that you don't actually have to touch them), is great for feedback when you want to make adjustments on the fly.

    All of the features and technology that Arturia put into this (and other hardware) should be a wake up call to other manufacturers that these things can be done well… and more affordably. Between this and my MiniBrute, I look forward to seeing what else this company has in store.

  • from Atlanta August 6, 2015Music Background:

    Arturia Beatstep Pro

    The things you can do! Very quickly replacing my Doepfer Mag 16 sequencer (at 4x the cost). Definitely the new standard to beat.

  • from Boca Raton, FL July 16, 2015Music Background:
    all over the place...

    Loving this sequencer!

    After months and months of waiting for it's release, the Beatstep Pro is here! I have only had it a few days and all I can say is that my sequences never sounded so solid and the BSP really makes you program in a way you wouldn't do with software sequencers.

    I use it to trigger my Aira TR-8, Juno-106, and Moog Minitaur

    I just got it the other day so I don't know it inside and out yet, but I am sure it will be a blast getting to that point. Also, I want to give a huge THANK YOU my Sweetwater rep Paul Rowan ext. 1380 for keeping me in the "loop" on the release of this awesome/ fun product.

  • from Laconia, Indiana March 1, 2016Music Background:

    Great piece of gear!

    I purchased the BeatStep Pro to control some of the synths I have in my collection. It's a really useful product with great build quality.

  • from September 20, 2015Music Background:

    Connectivity is impressive

    I have many different sound producing devices including an old 80s simmons drum brain and various moogs and so on and this one unit can unite and controll them in a small and affordable package .My only real critical wish is that that they give pattern selection a one touch option instead of the 2 button method of needing to hold down a button and then selecting the pattern.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update

  • from Los Angeles September 10, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist / Producer

    Pretty Good

    First off, I was really impressed at the build quality of the BSP. It's very solid and a lot heavier than I thought, but that weight keeps the controller from bouncing around when jamming on the pads. The different scale features are great and the "randomness" feature really helps a short sequence seem more exciting. I gave it four stars because since it's so new there are some bugs to be dealt with. With a few more firmware updates, this thing will be almost perfect. Also, coming from Maschine, I was a little disappointed in the pad sensitivity, but for the price its a great controller.

  • from benton harbor, MI April 18, 2017Music Background:
    compulsive SoundCloud uploader

    A User's Assessment of the Beatstep Pro Controller & Sequencer

    These are some observations regarding the Beat-Step Pro for your consideration. I've used it frequently for about 6 months with a variety of analog and digital gear.

    Positives: versatile, easy and fun to use, pleasing to look at and solidly built, price is low, included colored patch cables and bag are nice, knobs feel good and can be touched to display note data without changing note. Drum sequencer pairs well with my digital kits on my other devices. Sequencer itself is snappy and pleasingly rhythmic.

    Negatives: If machine goes off by mistake or bad luck, all current settings are lost, reverting to your last save point. Occasionally hangs midi notes. The USB Y connection cable system is bulky and doesn't integrate well. Has no stand or rack or method of propping up towards the user.

    For the price the Beat-step Pro delivers a lot of performance capability, and does a great job of integrating analog and digital devices, but after regular use the shortcomings become glaring and nearly disqualifying for production in my setup. A hung midi note during a recording can ruin a track. Someone kicking or bumping a power cable can destroy a composition. Having to set up your gear based off of the length of the double USB cable system is limiting and not ideal. If you want a professional sequencer for music production, I would definitely consider other options (if you can afford to). However, If you are looking for a fun, easy, and relatively inexpensive sequencer for anything but serious audio production, I would strongly recommend this product.

Questions about the Arturia BeatStep Pro Controller & Sequencer?

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