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Taylor Baritone-8 - Rosewood Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Maryland July 24, 2012Music Background:
    Pickin' and grinnin' since 1976.

    This is a Game-Changer.

    I'm going to gush, so hang on. And no, I have no commercial interest in selling these things. You've already read the reviews: a different tonal range and quality; slightly different ergonomics. All true. You will have to adjust your playing style to take advantage of this instrument, but the payoff is worth it. Finger-pickers: it can "feel" like a six string as your fingers pull up only on the larger string in the double-course positions. But as you strum down, you'll hit the octave strings and generate the sparkly drone that we associate with a traditional 12-string guitar. People who are accustomed to using a pick in unison with bare fingers, changing between picking and strumming, can sound like they're immediately changing instruments. The spacing between strings is a little broader, so get used to that. You can pretty much forget about bending strings. But if you like to play with harmonics, your options are exponentially greater.

    You've got a greater choice of what role to take as part of an ensemble. It's great as a contrasting rhythm guitar, doubling up with a six-string. It works well as a solo instrument, too. It can serve as a bass in a pinch. Just plug in and go. I would discourage using this as a beginner's guitar; it is ideal for players with some 6-string experience.

    I have no complaint with the construction. It comes with a nice hardshell case (with no locks on it). Curiously, it has no pickguard. The on-board electronics require a 9-volt battery which is conveniently integrated in the tail's strap button platform. I would have expected a slightly tighter grain in the top's spruce wood, but this is really nit-picking. Buying strings may prove to be challenging. If you use capos, get one designed for a 12-string.

    Pretty smart product development by Taylor, taking a cue from automakers: just add a little bit more sheet metal to a sedan, and you have an SUV with a much larger mark-up. This is the guitar world's analogous concept.

  • from Long Island, NY June 8, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-pro / hobbyist

    Taylor hit the nail on the head

    Unbelievable tone. Great combo of strings. I play with a mandolin player and was concerned about too much "twang" from all the octave strings but with it being a baritone I can play more open strings and get a great sound combo. Playability is typical Taylor quality, you hardly notice the octave strings when playing. I have an Ovation Glen Campbell early 70's model 12 string and this is nothing like a 12 string.

  • from Greenwich, CT April 7, 2010Music Background:
    Songwriter and sometimes performer

    I couldn't believe I bought it!

    okay, its the weirdest guitar I've ever owned. But it sounds like nothing else. I was in a bit of a songwriting rut, and I just had this instrument would pry me out of it. Sure enough, 15 minutes at home and I was onto new ideas in new keys with new progressions and just a different sound than I've ever had. Cool. Its the baritone thing that does it, but without the two octave strings, it wouldn't really work. Very smart niche instrument that every serious guitarist/songwriter should at least consider. By the way, now I have to own a 12-string...

  • from Sodus, Ny February 5, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer student, Active musician, Singer/Songwriter

    This guitar is simply amazing.

    Taylor is obviously known for making a quality instrument. This is no exception. The guitar is first off beautiful. It stands out amongst all of the other guitars in the showroom. When you pick up the guitar, it feels even better. The neck is just right, the body feels good, and it just feels like a solid guitar. The playability of this guitar is seriously amazing. Once you start, it hard to stop. The sound it creates is the most resonant, warm, crisp sound I have ever heard from a guitar. Everything is clear. This guitar may have a large price tag, but it is worth every penny. Save up a little at a time and get this guitar! You won't be disappointed. Simply amazing.

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