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Taylor BT2 - Mahogany Top Reviews

4.5 stars based on 65 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor BT2 - Mahogany Top?

Questions about the Taylor BT2 - Mahogany Top?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Cali and beyond February 8, 2017Music Background:

    Baby Taylor, sounds like a man

    This down scaled Taylor has a great tone! Great harmonic, and the playability is so comfy!

    Picked this Baby up for travel and to keep in my vehicle.

    Nothing negative about this purchase!

    Smooth reliable safe transportation provided by Sweetwater.

    Thanks guys and gals of Sweetwater Sound.

  • from January 11, 2017


    LOVE LOVE The lil Taylor!! It sounds and plays sweet as ever!!
    And Thanks to Sweetwater for being great to deal with!!!

  • from June 29, 2016

    Love my Baby Taylor

    I am really thrilled with my new baby Taylor! I'm an older (young at heart!) person who has always longed to play the guitar and I think I will finally stick with it. I think the service and personalized attention that Sweetwater provides to customers is really special. Thanks!

  • from SoCal June 25, 2016Music Background:
    36 year player/student of the guitar

    A Pleasant Surprise

    I've been buying gear from Sweetwater for well over ten years now and have never written many well-deserved reviews. I must first say the people and the company are amazing! Ryan Sloan has been my contact for years and his customer service is second to none! And if Ryan isn't in, everyone I've dealt with is incredibly helpful. Flat out the best business I've ever dealt with, so thanks for making my gear purchases informed and easy.

    Ok, now this little gem. Been playing for about 36 years now and needed a little guitar I can take on road trips and down to the beach or wherever. Also, I have twin 9 year old daughters who are curious, so I wanted something that would fit them. I saw photos of three and chose mine from the gallery. It arrived from fedex well-packaged and perfectly unscathed. Tuned it up, and from the first chord I was stunned by the clarity and fullness of tone emitting from this small instument. I was a little worried about the workmanship as this guitar is built in Mexico. I've eyeballed this thing up and down and it's rock solid and immaculate! The fingerboard feels great and plays easily everywhere on the neck. In a word the setup is excellent right out of the box. It comes with a travel backpack that is surprisingly well made. If you're in the market for a travel guitar, this one's a gem. Martin also has an offering in this category for the same price which makes for a tough decision when you aren't playing them first. I picked the Taylor hoping it plays as good as it looks. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • from Nashville, TN May 2, 2016

    Baby Taylor

    Got this for my wife, I guess she figured if i was going to play all the time maybe he could too!!! Sounds better than I thought it would, what a great little guitar. Got to Love Taylor Guitars

  • from SAN LUIS OBISPO , CA December 15, 2015



  • from Illinois October 1, 2015Music Background:
    Comeback Player

    Sweet Baby

    Great Bang For Your Buck! Great Tone, Good Looks, Easy
    To Play. Don't Hesitate To Purchase This Sweet Baby From

  • from Texas August 22, 2015Music Background:
    Part time semi-pro

    Really a Taylor

    Excellent tone, superb fit and finish. Perfect first guitar for a young student with small hands.

    Thanks to Ryan for helping me select the right guitar!

    Total Sweetwater experience was the best as it always is!

  • from Omaha Ne July 16, 2015

    sounds bigger then it looks

    I bought my baby Taylor June hands down best traveler guitar at music shop that day probly one of best sounding guitars ever played I love it more and more every day

  • from SANTA MARIA, CA June 19, 2015

    Great Baby Taylor

    This is my first travel guitar and my first Taylor and have to tell you, I was impressed with the sound quality emitted from this little wonder! Also impressive was the fact that it was ready to be played right out of the nice gig bag. Great job Taylor Guitars!

  • from March 16, 2015

    Great Little Guitar

    This is a great little guitar. It sounds much better than what I was expecting. It is a high quality build and a beautiful guitar. The tuners are excellent. It is very comfortable to play sitting at my desk chair. Just the right size.

  • from Basking Ridge, NJ USA January 7, 2015Music Background:

    LOVE the Taylor Baby Mahogany!

    Beautiful guitar with great sound! Perfect for my 9 year old who is beyond a beginner but not an aficionado.

  • from Seattle, WA USA October 23, 2014Music Background:

    Taylor Baby Mahogany

    This is a great guitar for my son who is learning to play. He is very happy with the quality and sound. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from October 21, 2014Music Background:
    retired pro

    Love it

    brought back my youth.

  • from San Angelo, TX USA October 2, 2014Music Background:

    Amazing product

    Very small and best sound ! This acoustic guitar is amazing.

  • from Lynchburg, TN September 26, 2014Music Background:
    Just a picker.

    Great Guitar - Great Service

    Opened the box, pulled out the guitar, and began playing. Amazing sound from the Baby Taylor and light as a feather! Bought it with the idea of passing it on to my granddaughter some day, but not sure I will be able to part with it. While I was impressed with the guitar, the "in your face" service from Ryan at Sweetwater was beyond expectations. From the initial order to the follow-up calls and emails, I couldn't have asked for better service. Absolutely the best!

  • from Wimberley, TX September 2, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong Musician

    Love my Baby! Taylor, that is!

    I just can't get over how wonderful this little guitar is! It's not a big dreadnaught, but for ease of traveling and portability, it packs quite a punch. I can feel this guitar, despite it's diminutive size. And I cannot say enough about how great the customer service is from Sweetwater. this will be my go-to store for all things musical. This is how retail is supposed to be! I'd give y'all 10 stars if I could!

  • from Cascade, ID July 22, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Baby Taylor

    I had been looking for a travel guitar that had great sound and would be a solid playable guitar... I acquired (and still own) a Taylor GS mini Rosewood as a gift specifically for travel, which is an amazing smaller guitar with a full sound. After I received the guitar and felt how nice it played, I didn't want to jam it up in an airline carry on space and take the chance of damage. And with the way airlines are with restrictions these days, it is a hit and miss with certain airlines. Called my rep Ryan Murphy here at Sweetwater and ordered the Baby Taylor Mahogany... Not one regret! The Mahogany top adds just enough warmth to give this guitar what it needs for sound in a small scale guitar. It's great for travel and fits nicely in overheads without taking up space and getting those looks from other passengers. I also go to this guitar if I am working on the computer with charts, tracks or writing music... it fits in my lap and still gives me room to lean over and type comfortably... Thanks Ryan for all your help with my gear!

  • from Pomona, MO May 2, 2014Music Background:
    espiring musician

    Great little guitar

    This guitar is big on looks and huge on sound. It has a beautiful tonal quality that I don't get out of my Ovation. I had originally purchased this just to take with me on trips but I have had it now for a few weeks and have hardly put it down.
    It was delivered in a timely fashion and the service is great.

  • from April 1, 2014Music Background:
    Ex pro,rock,celtic,fingerstyle etc.

    taylor baby mahogany

    WOW! What a big sound from a small guitar.! Every guitarist should have one.

  • from Huntington, TX March 1, 2014Music Background:

    That done the trick!

    My Pastor told me about the Taylor Mini and how good of a guitar it was. I wanted something a little smaller to start my 9 and 12 yr old daughters with. After reviewing the Baby, I believed that it would fit the girls a little better. I received the guitar and was really surprised of the sound. I did however notice that it was hard for the girls to fret the strings during chords. I took it to our local guitar guru and he lowered the neck and the bridge and put a new set of extra light Elixir on there and it was like night and day! Made a really good guitar into an awesome guitar! I believe I'll be getting more use out of this Baby than they will : ).

  • from citrus heights, ca. January 11, 2014Music Background:
    life long musician and writer.

    baby taylor

    no better little guitar. sounds great and plays great.. everyone is amazed. thanks......

  • from citrus heights, ca. usa January 8, 2014Music Background:
    musician and writter.

    baby taylor

    no finer sounding small guitar. ive played prof. and just for the love of music. I loved the guitar so much I ordered another one for my brother in law for Christmas. weve been playing and writing since 1975 and still going.

  • from Centralia, Washington USA January 2, 2014Music Background:
    pleasure only

    Rita Laudenbach

    I haven't played guitar for 30 years and retired now decided I needed a few hobbies to fill my spare time.
    This guitar is so wonderful that I am using youtube daily to take lessons. I love everything about my Baby Taylor.
    Now I am best at playing my air guitar, but in time who knows.

  • from NC USS November 14, 2013

    Baby Taylor

    This purchase exceededy expectations. The Baby Taylor is perfect for me. It's a beautiful instrument as well as it sounds great. My salesman was great. He answered all my questions and even called me! Sweet water is the best.

  • from PA USA November 11, 2013Music Background:
    Piano, learning guitar, for recreation.

    I love my Taylor Baby Mahogany!

    I just love my beautiful Taylor Baby Mahogany acoustic guitar! It is beautifully made, and it sounds wonderful. It's better than I expected. I have been taking lessons and I have been playing a classical style guitar. I love it but I don't have long fingers and my fingers aren't super flexible so I have struggled with this. My instructor suggested I find a smaller guitar. I did a lot of shopping on-line comparing guitars. I finally chose this one and I am so glad I did!
    I am also glad I shopped at Sweetwater. I liked it that the customer can view the individual guitars and choose the one they want. I loved it that they e-mailed me photos of my guitar from all angles before I received it. And I loved the way it arrived, double packaged for protection, and in a beautiful and rugged soft case.
    I would definitely shop Sweetwater again, and I will recommend it to my friends.

  • from Torrington,Ct. October 10, 2013Music Background:

    Dynamite comes in small packages

    This little gem arrived exactly when my great sales engineer Bob F. said it would.I was a little taken aback by its diminutive size (more like a big uke than a guitar), but when I started playing it,I couldn't believe such big sound coming from this little guy!This is the perfect traveling guitar.No tweaking was needed.Ready to play right out of the box.Can't say enough good things about my contact Bob.Made me feel like family..Excellent follow up from beginning to the end of the sales process.Sweetwater, you've won me over.Bob Taylor, nice job on this baby!

  • from SoCal June 22, 2013Music Background:

    Beautiful Guitar

    I'm in my 50s and was looking for a good beginner guitar. My friend has the baby Taylor and I was very impressed with it. I have small hands, so this is perfect for me. Being a woman, looks are important to me and this baby is so cool I just don't wanna stop looking at it. I like the way Sweetwater shows you every individual guitar so that you can pick the one that really appeals to you. Customer care is awesome and I love that they completely inspect the guitar before they send it to you.

  • from NJ May 2, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro, etc.

    Too much fun!

    Be careful when you pick this up because it's hard to put down. I travel for work so this is a great ride along guitar. Unlike other travel guitars this feels and sounds like a guitar. I also have a young daughter that I plan on teaching guitar this summer. This Baby will surely get her hooked. Funny I think I play this more then my T5!

  • from Kansas City Area April 9, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, collector, guitar lover

    Baby Taylor Mahogany

    An extremely nice guitar. Frankly, I didn't know what I'd truly receive in this lower priced Tayor. First off: the neck is great and the frets near perfect; and the tone is remarkable. The body is well crafted, but you need to be careful, it's quite thin. I'm an older dude, and I wanted a nice bedside acoustic guitar. The one I purchased is outstanding!

  • from Torrance,CA February 19, 2013


    This is an amazing little guitar. Perfect for traveling. All the rage everywhere I take it. Sound is out of this world for such a compact guitar. Literally haven't touched any of my others since I got this girl!!! Thank you to Jason and the people at Sweetwater for making it possible to own such a fine guitar!

  • from Southlake, TX January 3, 2013Music Background:

    Baby Taylor

    The Sales Engineer was excellent, and the guitar arrived within less than a week. Sound was perfect straight out of the box. Since Christmas Day I've seen two people traveling with the Taylor Baby aboard airplanes. Yesterday's passenger was in his 50s and commented that he took the guitar everywhere and absolutely loved it.

  • from Albuquerque, NM December 17, 2012Music Background:

    Baby Taylor

    This Baby is AWESOME! Exactly as advertised and a great sound. I wish I had ordered this a long time ago. The Baby has a rich sound just like my full size Ovation. The one thing I would recommend is to buy the hardcase when you order the guitar. It comes with a wonderful softcase but realized I would at times require a hardcase. The shipping is also a plus with Sweetwater since the merchandise comes as promised or sooner!

  • from Troutville, VA USA November 6, 2012Music Background:

    great guitar

    i bought this guitar about 2 months ago and it is great. beautiful wood and very well built the tone is very bold for its size. i use elixer medium strings and they sound the best in my opinion. if your thinkin about buyin it you wont be let down with this one

  • from October 15, 2012

    3/4 Baby Taylor has been a great investment.

    This guitar was purchased for my 12 yr old son. We received the package much quicker than we thought possible :)!!!! He is enjoying it now and hopefully will for many years to come. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from October 2, 2012Music Background:

    Great guitar for small hands

    My 6-year-old son loves his new guitar. His instructor was impressed, and said he plans to buy one for his boy. We thought we'd have to get a hard case for it, but the soft one it came with is well-enough made that we don't see the need now. I was happy with how well packed it was too, padded and double boxed!

  • from Kansas City, Mo May 14, 2012Music Background:
    Composer, Music Teacher

    Easy on arthritic thumb.

    I have severe arthritis at the base of my left hand thumb. Since the Baby Taylor has a smaller neck, it fits my hand so much better, and now I can play the guitar again without a lot of pain.

  • from Sunnyvale, CA April 13, 2012Music Background:
    Retired grandma

    Baby Taylor Guitar

    Love my Baby T.... So much easier to handle and not having to worry about grappling a regular sized guitar; so when I'm learning to play there's not a thought of how cumbersome it could be. Makes concentrating on what I'm playing a breeze, and the sound is great. In fact, I see other gals in our slack key class w/baby T's, so its a winner among the ladies.
    Mahalo, for making such a great little, big sounding guitar that's a winner for sure.

  • from Knoxville, TN USA July 5, 2011

    Baby Taylor - guitar

    What a great service, product, shipping etc.

    everything went so well and my baby girl is happy.

    thanks sweetwater team

  • from Union, KY March 10, 2011Music Background:
    Chief Engineer at the Studio of Light

    Perfect Studio Guitar

    I had a martin and knew that it was a little big/warm/boomy for certain applications where the acoustic is not the center of a song and you wind up doing som serious carving to get it to find its shiny little spot in a busy mix. Not this bad boy!! I did a song where this was the center, and tracked it with an AT4021 through a 73 Pre and did almost no EQ other than a minor dip at 500!! I changed the strings to Daddario medium 80/20 as the elixers are thin and feel like rubber, the bigger strings also keep the taylor buzz at a minimum.

  • from Meridian,Mississippi "Land'O Peavey" February 19, 2009Music Background:
    I'm 48 and have been in love with Making Music for Over 38 years

    Alan Say's "BUY IT!"

    Just bought two of these babies and the skb hardshell cases.Joel Gragg is my SweetWater Sales Technician and He Hooked me UP! I can't put this little mahogany guitar down.I've got several acoustic guitars and they are all fine Guitars, but for the money you'll not find a better sounding acoustic anywhere and SweetWater beat all the competition on Price. This Guitar is as beautiful as it sounds. Very handsome looking Wood! Thank's Guy's

  • from Kamuela,Hawaii USA September 30, 2008Music Background:

    Amazing sound for a small size guitar !!!

    my wife and my pastor surprised me with this baby t2 mahogany for my birthday. At first, i was questioning about the size being small but when i played it, i was blown away by its sound. It sounds full for its size. I've been playing it ever since. Try it! You'll get what you pay for.

  • from Wise, VA December 5, 2006Music Background:

    Now that I own this Guitar.....

    Now that I own this guitar, I thought I would give another review. One of my friends let me play one is how I knew about it. Like I said before, it is an excellent guitar. It has a wonderful tone. I am blown away by how low they can keep the costs on these things. You would expect to pay $1000 for something this good. I got mine installed with a Fishman Matrix pickup. It sounds just as good plugged up, as it does not plugged up. No volume or EQ controls, but with the high quality pickup system, you really don't need volume and tone controls and you can adjust it on your mixer. This is a great instrument for the price. I have heard other reviews say, "This guitar is only good for a campfire guitar" But I could easily see someone using the baby on stage or in the studio.

  • from Wise, Va July 29, 2006Music Background:

    Excellent Taylor Quality

    Taylors make some of the best acoustics. Ranging in price from $269.97- $3,000+. The tone of a Taylor is superb, rich, and full. Even Though the Baby Taylor is $269.97, and is smaller than full-size, it is still an excellent sounding guitar. The action is low and has little buzzing. If you are a beginner, this is perfect for you, if you are a seasoned player on a tight budget, this is right down your alley.

  • from Borrego Springs March 9, 2017Music Background:

    Nice travel guitar

    I was more than pleased with my purchase it met all expectations for playability and exceeded those for sound. It is a sweet little guitar.

    Half star deduction for the two drywall screws making a spectacle of themselves at the 16th fret. I expected better from Taylor, even at this price point. But if someone steals this one, I'll buy another just like it.

  • from Asheville, NC USA August 25, 2014Music Background:
    Self taught guitar player of 4 years

    Great Guitar

    This guitar plays great and has a really bright sound! It would be good for a beginner or and experienced player looking for a cheaper guitar. I would recommend this guitar to anyone.

  • from June 4, 2014Music Background:

    small and perfectly formed

    A quality Mexican-built Taylor. Not very much wood to pick up, but even at this price you get an ebony bridge and fretboard. Nothing visually fancy here, just quality workmanship and materials.

    Plays beautifully, and surprisingly loud if you use a pick. Could be the supplied strings, but there's a warm softness to the sound that even on my new guitar gives the mahogany top version a distinctive voice. I can even imagine it sounding a bit richer with age.

    in three words: fun. fun. fun.

    And of course Sweetwater's customer service is second to none.

  • from Florida, USA March 26, 2014Music Background:
    Beginning again

    Great instrument

    I am amazed at how good this guitar sounds every time I play it. Sounds bigger than it should. Clean and warm across all strings. The screw heads in the fretboard take a little getting used to, but you get over them pretty quickly once you play it. Travels really well and takes up almost no space. Everyone I play for loves the sound and I think it makes me sound better than I should.

  • from Asheville, NC August 8, 2013Music Background:
    Playing guitar for 45 years

    A keeper

    I sold a 12-string 9 months ago and bought a Bay Taylor Mahogany. Love it! Small and lightweight, it goes with me to the office and I play it between clients. Excellent sound. I tried the spruce top model first, but it sounded tinny. The Mahogany is deeper, fuller, richer--mid range. I have an expensive, big guitar yet over 9 months I've played the Baby much more. Great finger style guitar and the shorter neck allows easy string bends and vibrato. Totally satisfied.

  • from Sacramento, CA March 7, 2013Music Background:

    Tayloy Baby Review

    This little number is a must if you are looking for that travel companion that doesn't sound like a toy, rather a musical instrument. Very bright sounds, extremely travel friendly and the playability of this 3/4 size beast is much better than I was anticipating. Maybe I shouldn't sound so suprised....it's a Taylor!!!

  • from Tennessee September 19, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist for 40 years

    great little guitar!!

    Comfy, easy to play, set up was great out of the box. I play it every day and love the tone. I gave it 4.5 stars because the low E is a bit lifeless and disappears amongst the ringing mid-range. But for the price an EXCELLENT buy. So impressed I'm purchasing another model Taylor guitar to go with it.

  • from SW GA July 11, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student

    Good for students and Pros loking for a second, portable axe

    I've been playing guitar off and on for 15-20 years and just recently got the opportunity to take lessons from a pro. I have a old Fender acoustic series that needs some bridge and neck work. I decided to try this Baby Taylor as a second guitar (and for portability) so I could keep practicing while I get the Fender fixed, but the Taylor may become my main guitar unless the fixed Fender comes back pristine. The Taylor is easy to play,sounds good, stays tuned and has good intonation even up the neck. This is very surprising for a 3/4 scale guitar that's under $300 dollars. I think it's a great starter guitar for students but I think many pros would appreciate its sound and portability.
    As usual, Sweetwater was fantastic with great customer service. If I can't get my equipment from Sweetwater, I may not get it at all.

  • from henry, tn December 8, 2008Music Background:
    58 year old hobbyist.

    baby mahoganey

    My friend from NC showed up with small guitar case. When he opened it up, I just looked at the intrument and said "dang thats a pretty little uke. When I finally had the chance to hear it and then play it, I was truly amazed. Beautiful, full sound and tone range. I'll be in touch.

  • from Kona, Hawaii January 29, 2007Music Background:
    Part Time Pro

    Great Guitar for Travel/Songwriting Companion

    This is a great guitar for camping, taking to the beach, keeping in your car in case you're somewhere you want to play, keeping at work to take a break and play, etc. Sounds good for what it is, and well made. A few notes-

    Volume is loud enough for playing alone or rhythm with a friend. You may want a full size or the Big Baby to cut through at larger jam sessions, though. Would be fun to have one with a pickup on stage.

    Tone is very good for a guitar this size. I got a spruce top guitar by mistake and then the mahogany top came. I would recommend the mahogany top even if you prefer a spruce top guitar for your full size. The tone is better and warmer on this size guitar. Still not "deep bass", but good midrange tone. Perfect for blues, folk, or fingerstyle.

    Size - perfect for travel, sitting on the couch at home, etc. As a former full time guitar teacher, though, I would recommend a Big Baby (15/16) for young kids 7-10. Much younger than that and you're better off waiting 'til they get older anyway - start them on piano or drums.

    Workmanship is good - I'm not sure if they're making these in Mexico or US, but in any event my guitar is well put together... though the one I got at first by mistake had a buzz on the 1st string. Bottom line is they use good materials - Ebony Fretboard / bridge , TUSQ nut, that they use on Full Size Taylors. Tuners aren't the "Taylor" ones on upper end models, but are still good quality. Bottom line - this is the most well made 3/4 size travel guitar you will find. I've played the ones by Martin and Washburn and this one blows them away.

  • from Jamesville n.c. July 23, 2015Music Background:
    guitar player since 1970

    Love this BT2 mahogany guitar

    I wanted a travel, practice, guitar that I could give to my grandson in a couple of years. After looking at reviews and playing one I decided that the Baby Taylor fit the bill. The one I ordered & received was not to my liking. The action was terrible the fit & finish and sound were very good. I called my sales engineer Matt Mckible & told him of the problem. He put me thru to Shaun Bryan the tech rep. Shaun issued me a Fed Ex pickup for the guitar that I was not happy with right then. I picked another guitar and it was sent to me Fed Ex overnight. I received it the next business day. This guitar was spot on. It played great and the sound that came from such a small guitar was amazing. This guitar is really loud and has great tone and projection for such a small guitar. I have not been able to put this thing down since I got it. I have purchased another guitar and other items from sweetwater & this is the first thing I have had a problem with. I dont think the first guitar was checked out but mistakes can be made. Sweetwaters timely response & professional manner in handling this glitch made me appreciate them more. I ran a music store for 6 yrs in the 70"s & know it can be difficult at times. Sweetwaters commitment to their customers & their commitment to do the right thing is what separates them from their competition. After what CBS did to Fender & Norlin did to Gibson in the 70"s proves that a bunch of MBA bean counters & shareholders who know nothing about music gear and musicians dont care about doing the right thing. Do yourself a favor & purchase all your gear from Sweetwater. If you are looking for a small carry anywhere travel, practice in home or office guitar you cant go wrong with the Baby Taylor

  • from Big Rapids, MI March 16, 2015Music Background:
    40+ years

    Sweet baby Taylor

    Well made small, travel guitar, that I bought for my grandchildren. It is perfect for the smaller hands, yet sounds great and projects with some surprising power. I highly recommend it.

  • from Deltona, Fl February 20, 2015Music Background:
    Still learning after 67 years

    Baby Taylor

    Love it. Plays and sounds like a Martin.

  • from August 20, 2014

    Sturdy and simple guitar

    I like the clarity of the sound. Very light-weight but the sound is quite durable. Also I like the color of the body and neck composition. Definitely recommendable for travelers!

  • from Covington, LA October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Enthusiastic hobbyist

    Nice guitar for what it is intended to be

    If you want a quality, well made instrument for travel, a child's first guitar, office guitar, small hands, etc, the Baby will fit your needs very well. If you own nice full size guitars, understand that the Baby will sound different. You won't get as much range out of this guitar but you will get a nice, clear sound that is good on the mids and highs but a bit lacking on the lows which is a compromise due to its small size. That's OK because the guitar is easy and fun to play. If you want more sound that is still a relatively small size, spend the extra $200 and get the GS Mini.

    Ian from Sweetwater was great to work with on my purchase of this guitar. Great followup before and after I received it. I have since purchased a Yamaha THR5A portable acoustic amp and Fishman dual coil pickup with Ian's assistance.

  • from SALEM M A September 15, 2013Music Background:



  • from Baltimore, Md. July 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Educator

    Very nice guitar.

    I picked this up for my two daughters. They each have small electrics, but I thought now was the time for an acoustic. The electrics of course, can handle much more abuse. I've tried Baby Taylors before, but they were too bright-not natural sounding at all, at least as far as acoustics go. But the mahogany on this guitar adds the warmth needed for its smaller size. Plays well, tunes well and sounds great!

  • from Upstate, NY April 12, 2013Music Background:

    Sweet little guitar!

    I'm not a virtuoso by any stretch. I'm just a 50 something guy teaching himself to play some blues. This guitar sounds deeper and richer than one might expect from a parlor size guitar. I opted for mahogany for that reason. This is a fun little instrument to play and I look forward to many hours of blues-playing enjoyment. Plus, service and follow-up from Sweetwater is always top-notch!

  • from Lewisville, NC, USA June 15, 2012Music Background:
    student in high school. playing the trombone and guitar and having musical experience in bas clef. also as a hobby.

    Great lasting guitar

    it is a really beautiful sounding guitar that i had since i was 9 and now im turning 15. i love it so much but i out grew it because it was way to small for me. i think its the best baby guitar you can ever get for a price like that. the only problem i saw is the finish on the fret board was a little off in color contrast and the action is great. if someone is planning on getting it as a first guitar i believe its a great idea to do that for a beginner.

  • from North Kingstown, RI March 23, 2009Music Background:
    guitar nut

    Nice Baby

    I just picked up the Baby Mahogany for a family vacation in the tropics. The Taylor had attributes that I felt were important: solid wood top, ebony fret board. This is a very lively instrument for it's size and with great action and intonation. My bar is set pretty high as I have vintage Martins and I am very satisfied. If you are considering a travel guitar, this is a winner.

  • from NJ September 16, 2015

    Mahogany Baby Taylor

    For a travel guitar, small scale and small price, it's OK. Playability and construction are good as are the body and neck materials but I'm still struggling with the sound. I know I'm spoiled by my full size but I was expecting better from Taylor. The tonal balance is not as resonant or as full as I would like and the non-wrapped strings always sound twangy to me. The nut looks to be plastic and I think that's the source of my dislike. I would have been returning it if I wasn't off on an extended trip and felt that something is better than nothing.

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