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Blue Microphones Baby Bottle Cardioid Condenser Microphone Reviews

4.0 stars based on 40 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Ted Hunter

    The Baby Bottle is one of the few microphones I'd feel comfortable using on just about any source. It's also very quiet, not to mention impressive visually.

  • Mike Conyers

    I've used a Baby Bottle to record many styles of vocals, from male rock to sensual female R&B, from aggressive hip-hop to gently-sung ballads, and this microphone has delivered every single time! It's versatile enough to use for acoustic instrumentation as well, and really brings out a 12-string guitar or acoustic bass. Tone, timbre, warmth and clarity; if you've never had a chance to track with a Baby Bottle, prepare to be blown away!

  • Jon Gillespie

    This is my mic of choice when I'm recording my OWN vocals! Of course, if you ever hear me sing, you would not be impressed, however, if you have a lower, more resonant voice, this mic will make you sound GREAT! It captures the warmth and BIGNESS of deeper voices like altos, basses and baritones, and at the same time, it is very balanced on the high end, providing clarity without being too sibilant. It's also Bob Dylan's favorite vocal mic!

  • Greg Baum

    I bought a BabyBottle to record vocals. What I didn't expect is how huge it made my acoustic guitar tracks sound. Next I tried it on an AC30 with my Rick12 and Apple Scruffs flocked to my front door. This has become my favorite go-to mic for virtually any session work I do. I like BLUE's products so much that I ran out and bought the Robbie mic pre to go with it. Gorgeous sound with absolutely no self-noise whatsoever.

  • Nick Schenkel

    Need a good vintage sounding vocal mic, but without the noise floor of a tube? The Baby Bottle is your solution. This mic delivers that classic vibe without all of the harmonic distortion that is inherent in tube microphones. It stands up favorably with mics that cost many times as much, and looks much classier.

  • Dr Proctor
    from USA November 24, 2015Music Background:
    I produce various types of music ranging from death metal to dubstep. Guitarist, vocalist, drummer, DJ

    First Microphone

    As the title says, this is my first microphone and I love it. Only used it for vocals, but it sounds great and it's Blue! You can't go wrong with Blue.

  • charly
    from bethlehem November 13, 2014Music Background:
    rapper, singer , composer,producer


    this mic roc, if you a singer looking for a mic that'll bring out the sound that you always wanted ,this mic right here is the right one .

  • Dave
    from Metuchen, NJ June 19, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Composer, Producer

    Great mic for the price

    Ok, for anyone considering this mic it is a great piece of equipment for the price. This a great condenser mic for the price… A bit of a story will tell the tale. I purchased this mic in a bundle during mic month (great deal that I am really happy about) as well as Blue's Blueberry. Now the Blueberry is more than twice the price (and that is a great mic as well, specifically for clean vocals and acoustic guitars… I'd imagine other acoustic instruments as well but haven't had a chance to put any others through the paces). Now one of the bands that I am recording with tried these out and the Baby Bottle was comparable to the Blueberry on the cleans, not quite as good but on a budget a great option. Moreover, the Baby Bottle is more well rounded for other applications. The slightly pronounced mid-range did a better job on screams than the Blueberry or the SM57 that we were previously using (the difference of the SM57 in all applications was night and day). Also the Baby Bottle did a great job on recording both distorted and clean electric guitars. The sound was so much more natural than the 57 and the mid-range did help the guitars come through the mix as they should (helping to balance the lower and higher end of the vocals with the Blueberry). Acoustics are also good, however, not quite as good as the Blueberry, but that should be expected… though again for the price this is a great all around mic. I've also heard that it is good on drums (notably the snare or back of the kick) though I have not gotten around to try these yet but I do imagine from its work thus far it will do a good job.

    Now a few minor negative notes to add… First, the pop filter that comes with the mic is pretty much useless. It doesn't really do much of anything so just get yourself a good pop filter to go with the mic. Second, this a a plus and minus kind of situation. The mic is styled and looks great, and the shock mount does a great job. This, however, does present some challenges in mic positioning. Not really for vocals but when trying to mic up a cabinet or anything in tight spaces. Again, these both are minor points, but worth mentioning (on a guitar cabinet I have found it best to just position the mic upside-down and go from there).

  • Joey
    from June 9, 2014Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter, producer


    Got this mic at Sweetwater's Gearfest 2014 this weekend. I got home and started recording immediately. Great sound, great clarity, really brings out the low end of my vocal range, as well as enhances my upper register. If you're looking for a GREAT mic and don't want to spend $6,000 for a Blue Bottle, or dont know what mic to buy, I'm telling you, this is the mic for you!!!!!!!!!

  • Troy Proctor
    from OK, USA March 26, 2014Music Background:
    edm producer, sound engineer

    Fantastical Mic!

    This is the third microphone I've owned and I can tell it will stand the test of time. Very high quality and clean. Recommended to anyone recording male vocals or guitars! Great product! :D

  • Ben
    from Orange County, CA February 21, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Sound Engineer

    Amazing Microphone

    I was blown away when I first got this mic. It sounds great particularly on male vocals. I've used it both with spoken word and singing and it sounds great either way. I've also used it on guitar cabs and have been pleased with its sound. An amazing mic for the price.

  • Tobias Chislom
    from Afghanistan October 27, 2012Music Background:

    Personal Favorite!

    When I first used this mic in 2005 I fell in love with it. Its crystal clear and Very appealing. It even intimidates new vocalists after doing a mic check on this beast. It has been years since me and the Baby Bottle crossed paths until a week ago. And she is exactly the same since '05.

  • Christian Ballard
    from WA April 11, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Doens't get better than this!

    I was just finishing up a project when I got this mic and loved it so much that I wanted to go back and record all the vocals on the tracks we just finished. I did the research on their website, listening to the samples they have up and along with reading the reviews, this microphone definitely lives up to all the hype about them. I am definitely gonna invest in more by Blue!

  • Alex Nieves
    from Bronx,New York March 14, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    WOW Awesome Mic

    This mic is a winner.With a smooth top end and clear low end My blue Baby Bottle is my go to mic I have used other mics in its price range no comparison to its quality looking to buy one more and I will not think twice this is a AWESOME microphone

  • Rogerio Neto
    from Miami, Florida April 1, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Producer, Recording Engineer

    Awsome for the price!!

    What I have to say about this mic is, its not just a cheap version of a Blue Mic. I have years of experience with recording and and high quality sound. And this mic is perfect for any vocal and acoustic instruments. Very sweet and warm sound. I use my baby bottle with PreSonus vintage channel preamp that gives me a warm tube sound. Baby bottle sounds awsome!!! This mic can be compared to $ 1000 dollars if you know how to explore good sound of your recording. Buy it!!! You will not be disappointed.

  • Dcalark
    from Rockford,IL January 24, 2011Music Background:

    Perfect for me

    I tested this mic along with the AKG C214 and the Neumman tlm102.
    I was pretty set on the Neumman just by the reputation alone and the resell value. The mics were put throw a $149 mobile pre nothing like Avalon or a Black Lion pre amp just to let you know. And in my opinion the other mics were good but the Baby Bottle really caught my attention. A great mic for a singer and singing groups. I'm not saying the other mics weren't impressive. They just weren't for my voice and the baby bottle fits me perfectly. I do christian music from gospel to comtempary and it's the right mic for the job for what I do. I encourage you to find a place where they can let you test the mics it never hurts to ask the worst they can say is no. But to invest in something that is going to cost you a lot go money and not hear what's coming out of the mic no matter how other people or the reviews on the internet pump them up. If you have to travel a few miles so be it. A few dollars in gas over a few hundred dollars is a great save. It all comes down to what best fit you forget everyone else. That's for people who have excess to stores.

  • Eldon
    from Oklahoma April 1, 2010Music Background:


    Absolutely a pleasure! I don't see how anyone can do without this mic. If you want a mic that makes you sound like you....get this mic!

  • en76
    from hawaii March 12, 2010

    can't go wrong in this price range.

    great mic !!! a must have. Thanks to Joe who recommended this baby. Now I can sleep well knowing I have a great tool in my possession to be able to do some crazy recording with it.

  • William Jones
    from Jasper, Georgia June 14, 2009Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician and Singer, Home Recordist and Hobbyist,etc.

    This Microphone Is Stunning!

    I really have to say that I'm really stunned by the presence this mic has on vocals especially. I actually prefer it over my tube mic for that. It also sounds darn great on acoustic guitar. I look forward to seeing what else it sounds great on.

  • DYTmiclover
    from Dayton, OH USA April 24, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    The Pride of My Collection!

    I love microphones more then anything else (as geeky as it sounds, but hey, im a geek). i have used more mics then i can think (C414, U87, k2,etc.) but have never had the money to buy one for my own personal home studio. but i saved up for a bit and took a chance on B.L.U.E., and i havent looked back since!

    the baby bottle does so much in my studio. acoustic guitars sound full and present when i mic them around the 12th fret about a foot away. the midrange is fantastic and sounds unbelievable when i put it on the cone of my guitar amp. there is none of the boomy bass sounds i get when i mic guitar cabs with an sm57 or something else, which i love. as for vocals, there is nothing i can write that would do justice to how this microphone sounds on vox. i have yet to EQ a single vocal track with the baby bottle. i have read some of the other reviews and i disagree with one that says the mic's quality somewhat diminishes the higher range you go. i have used this mic on female vocals, to male tenors, to myself (a baritone) and i have gotten beautiful quality and presence everytime!

    the baby bottle is a must have for every musician, songwriter, engineer or producer. i am confident it can do anything!

  • MR. KING
    from Los Angeles, CA October 31, 2008Music Background:
    hip hop artist/producer

    5 out of 5 in its price range!

    i bought this mic because i wanted to take blue mics for a test drive (i already owned a tlm 103, ma-200, c414, rode k2). to be honest, i really didnt think it would impress me in quality as much as my other mics because of its low price. I WAS SO SO WRONG ABOUT BLUE!!!!!!

    THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MICS IN ITS PRICE RANGE! nice clean transparency with subtle warmth. THE TRUTH for vocals! if your looking for the do-it-all mic to beef up your DAW setup or even add to your mic locker... get this baby...for you pros...grab a pair for a silky acoustic stereo track ...for home studio enthusiasts this is again THE TRUTH as a do-it-all mic! match with a high end pre for excellent results! trust me it bangs!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THIS IS YOUR PRICE RANGE YOU'D BE A FOOL TO PASS THIS MIC UP...BUY IT!

    from LOS ANGELES, CA USA October 12, 2008Music Background:



  • DB the investor/musican
    from west cocoa fl December 13, 2007Music Background:
    rapper and investor lamar music my company

    baby bottle rocks

    if you stuck on your neumanns and akg mics's check out the babybottle mic. i bought this mic and match it with a personus mic pre and was blown away. hey neumanns are great mics but thats if you have the bread but for 500$ this mic is well worth it. hell i bought mine for six hundred and i'm smileing.

  • Andre Tillman
    from Jersey city N,J April 20, 2013Music Background:

    Nice quality fast delivery and friendly service...

    Love the mic always live blue products and I'm happy to have it..

  • Ian
    from Long Beach, CA USA May 17, 2012Music Background:

    Great Microphone to start with!

    If you are just starting out in audio recording this is the mic for you, it is great for vocals, and sounds really good on my acoustic guitar

  • Steve Litras
    from United States May 12, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar Player, Hobbyist Songwriter/Producer

    Great Tone, Great Clarity, Great Price

    This mic is my upgrade from an MXL V67. This thing has great sound on my voice - side by side, it just simply blows it away.

  • Heriberto Perez
    from Puerto Rico August 24, 2011Music Background:
    Mix Engineer/Producer

    Very Nice!

    Great microphone for the price. Awesome quality and sound. Be careful with the shock mount.

  • B.Garland Cole
    from Nashville, TN July 17, 2011Music Background:
    Professional TuneSmith, Producer, Guitarist

    Blue Baby Bottle

    I bought this mic (with the Robbie Pre) to tame my loud singing voice - which it did. What I didn't expect was how good it sounded with a variety of vocal timbres, soft mid-rangy male, to pop female vocals.

    I bought the Baby Bottle over a year ago - along with a Studio Projects C-1, and a Joe Meek 127 condenser, I can produce vocal and acoustic guitar tracks that pay the bills.

    MacBook Pro, Duet, Logic Pro, Robbie Pre, Blue Baby Bottle - game, set, match.

  • Matthew King
    from Springdale, AR USA November 2, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Hobbyist Musician

    I'm now a BLUE fan!

    OK, I took the jump from hobbyist to "professional" mobile recording engineer. My large diaphragm mic was a Shure KSM27. I asked my Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Mike Baldonado, what mic I should start out with since all I knew was the 27 and the first words out of his mouth was "Baby Bottle." He told me that for the price, it's hard to beat. My comment to him after I got it at my house and tried it was "I love it when you are right." and, boy, was he ever.

    After listening to the 27 I then switched to the Baby Bottle without moving the gain knob so I could see how it compared. I almost thought it was DOA because there was NO BACKGROUND NOISE AT ALL. This mic is really, REALLY quiet for the price. Yes, it is built in China, but what isn't nowadays. Plus it's very cool-looking and that has a definite effect on a vocalist. Grab one of these with a BLUE Quad cable and you'll be set to go for a while. I'm already looking forward to the day I can pick up the rest of the BLUE line, including the infamous "Bottle."

    The half-star is for the popscreen that comes with the mic. It's a bit flimsy and doesn't seem to give enough pop protection compared to my other filter, but it looks cool with the logo on it.

    If you are starting out, then you should really consider this mic. You won't be too disappointed, considering the price you paid.

  • Fred Grande
    from NY, NY USA January 13, 2010Music Background:


    Having two of these in two seperate locations, explains the love for this mic. The babybottle is not a cheap mic, and out performs alotta mics in this price range. Blue dropped it to $400, which is a bigger steal. If u want some warm vocals, pair this up with a tube pre and u will capture that fuzzy sound. This mic is so warm, turn off the 48v and you will see the mic still picksup. Worked great on Vox. Again with the right Tube Pre u cant go wrong with this mic as far as vocals go. Color does come into play but its Blue Microphones, their mics add good color. FOR the price u wont regret coppin this mic, especially the new price sweetwaters pushing them for. NEXT STOP BLUE KIWI

  • Chris Henderson
    from Sugar Land, TX. USA October 7, 2007Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Great Mic For the Price

    i have owned the baby bottle for close to 9 months, and have been recording with it for most of that time. i have also recorded with other mics of varying quality...some nice, some not so much.

    to my ears, the bottle does an overall better job than any mic in a less than $1,000 specifically price range for many things. things i did not like micing with the bottle:
    - area drum mic - it sometimes pics up a little too much room noise, and i do not like the tone. you can make it work well though if you have a good gate and a good multiband compressor.
    - electric guitars - again, pics up too much excess noise and is too harsh in the mids for electrics unless you eq a ton.

    things i love recording with the bottle:
    - vocals - i put it about eye level and and boominess goes away. i have to bring down the highs a bit, but when i do that it sounds amazing!
    - highhat - dude!
    - acoustic - when you use this mic with one more to add depth, it really shines. i really do not have to even eq the acoustic after i record it...it sounds that good.
    - snare - crisp...clean

    overall, i'd say this mic is rock solid and would put it up against anything under a thousand bucks. you will need some eq'ng, as with all mics, but you can get it to work on anything you want. and with acoustic guitar, no eq'in required!

  • Ron Rhodes
    from United States December 27, 2014Music Background:
    Voice Actor

    The Blue is my "go-to" mic.

    At first, I was dubious of the Blue because I thought they were putting too much money into the pleasing aesthetics, but after using it as my go-to mic for the last 5-6 years, I am sold.

    I have used the Baby Bottle for many high-visibility voice acting projects, including Verizon, Bridgestone Tires, Kawasaki and many others.

    I'm only giving it 4 stars instead of 5, mainly because there is definitely difference a between the Blue BB and a top-shelf studio mic (which Blue also makes).

    But if your looking for a great mic in the $300-$500 price range, the Baby Bottle is definitely worth your consideration. My clients love it.

    You should always audition any mic in your environment. But if the Baby Bottle works on your voice, then buy it!

  • William
    from Studio February 13, 2014Music Background:

    The Clarity

    While a lot of mics gives your voice this thick, and smooth sound, this one makes it sound crispier, and more airy. It's definitely the mic you would want to sing on. Haven't heard any distortion yet.

  • Kevin
    from Delphi, IN March 1, 2013Music Background:

    This Baby does it all

    Needed a mic for a home studio that I could afford and sounded great. Love It's presence on my vocal range and acoustic guitars. Recently messed around with it as an overhead on the drums. Wow. Not sure there"s anything it cannot do. OK, obviously it is what it is(compared to world-class mics) but for the money I'm very happy.

  • hisroyalsucculence
    from Los Angeles, CA January 13, 2010Music Background:
    Producer/engineer, musician, student

    Wasn't for my liking, may be for yours

    I bought this mic because I really liked the Bluebird and was inspired to try out more Blue mics. I threw it up against my Bluebird and for almost every application I preferred the Bluebird. The Baby Bottle has less high end and is less focused (seems to be less up front, perhaps has a wider pickup pattern -- but I'm not sure what the cause is). Applications where I did prefer the Baby Bottle was with a female poet that I wanted less sibilance with, and on acoustic guitars. Most likely electric guitars would also sound better in the Baby Bottle. As a vocal mic and on several other applications I just found the Bluebird to be more pleasing to me ears. I tried to add high end using EQ to match the sound of the Baby Bottle with that of the Bluebird and still preferred the Bluebird.

    That said, the Bluebird is a fantastic mic that I highly recommend. I had been using AT4033's for many years until I discovered the Bluebird which has since replaced them as my go to mic.

    It's also worth noting that my production style leans more towards the slick "produced" sound. Don't let me dissuade you from trying out the Baby Bottle, it might be to your liking and fit your production style more then it did mine.

  • Eric Gay
    from Trussville, AL September 12, 2008Music Background:
    Producer/Recording Engineer

    Still nursing the Baby Bottle...

    I purchased the Baby Bottle about 4 years ago, upgrading from a Shure KSM27. The mic was intended for use on guitar cabs, ride or room mic, but primarily vocals. For guitar cabs it sounds great, it has some low mid stuff going on that beefs up the signal. On acoustic guitar I found the low mid boost was a curse. I found it to be too boxy and boomy with my Taylor 410. The mic sounds great on lower register male singers, you can hear the character in their voice. It starts to thin out on higher ranges. But in my experience, the Baby Bottle excels as a room mic for drums. I just plug it in to my UA 2-610 and crank the tubes. It is 50% of my drum sound right now, it's too bad I don't have a pair to make my drums sound even bigger!

  • Alan
    from New Orleans, LA USA September 3, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Decent Mic, Not so much all around

    This mic is fabulously well built. But like most of the Blue line of mics, it has specialties and pitfalls.

    The Bad first:
    Vocals have not been one of its strong suits. It seems to allways need quite a bit of eq to sound right at all. I'm sure though if you find that one type vocalist it will sound amazing on him/her. Also I've tried using it on some trumpets and saxes with less than stellar results.

    The Good:
    Best thing this mic has done for mis is electric guitar tracks. There is something about it that adds girth to an otherwise boring MD421 guitar track. As said in other reviews this mic is sort of an sm57 in that it will never sound terrible but there is probably something better.

    That said I bought this as my first mic, which was a mistake because it is very picky. It would be better to pick something more allong the line of the Shure KSM series, or even better the studio essential 414.

  • Jake S.
    from West Kentucky May 26, 2015Music Background:
    performing musician/sound engineer

    Solid Mic For The Price

    I got my Baby Bottle about 2 years ago and it's the only Blue microphone I'm familiar with. It's got a solid sound about it and anyone new to recording will be blown away by this microphone. It's got a certain something to it's mid range - it's particularly rich - and the low end (as a double bassist) is solid while not too much hype on the high end. It sounds like an expensive mic without the price tag. It is extremely versatile, and for the price point, would serve anyone well that was on a budget. You can make some great recordings with this mic.

    I have encountered problems with this guy though. I live in a very humid place and in the summer the capsule has a tendency to collect condensation. This sounds like a very electrical noise in your signal mucking up the works, not like a 60 Hz ground loop. Imagine the sound of electricity from a movie where someone's in an electric chair or there's tesla coils - that sound. So keeping in a climate controlled place is crucial because the mic isn't the great stress test taker. Also, in terms of noise floor, I've encountered better but nothing that would prevent a recording from sounding great.

    Don't expect a poor man's Neumann, you'll only get that out of a cheaper Neumann model, but you can certainly get good result out of it. The sound will initially blow you away, especially if you're new to the game, but in terms of serious work it might let you down or just come up short.

  • S. Nanni
    from NV USA June 27, 2014Music Background:
    Composer- Professional Musician

    Good cab or drum mike

    Rather than defaulting to the Shure Sm Class cadre of mics-it's a bit more pricey-however, if on sale-Bottle is a step up from the lower priced Shure cadre with a little more top end and presence/air in the mic especially recording Congas, Tom - Snare Drums or Amplified electric Guitar

    Decent SPL with a clean mic architecture makes for nice visual presentation

  • Dale L Wheeler
    from CA October 28, 2014Music Background:
    playing and composing all musical parts, Bass, Guitar, Piano, and Vox's

    Still In The Box

    elegant style great tools, and a new part of my Cubase 7.5 . Thanks for have great studio produce to grow.

  • Andy Kovats
    from Lowell, MA August 10, 2014Music Background:
    30+ years producer

    Quality is Not Job One

    I like Blue mics. The Blue Bird and Encore 300 are two of my favorites.
    But this one came to me with twisted and bent pop filter and a shock mount attachment ring that was warped and jammed so that you couldn't turn it...
    So Quality Control is an issue with Blue, especially these Made-in-China models.
    The sound of this model is good, with a very low noise floor and high output level. But it lacks the clarity and detail of other mics in this price range. Even the cheaper Blue Bird has better detail and clearer top end. You'd be much better off saving for a Neumann 102, where quality is perfect.
    I'm returning this Baby Bottle.

  • Dave Green
    from Nashville, TN January 24, 2010Music Background:
    Musician and engineer

    Baby Bottle? Not so Great

    This is a large diaphragm condenser mic. Capsule is from China. Sounds Ok but at this price point there are better sounding options from AKG, Shure and others. Some even have multi-pattern abilities at this price point. When I compared the one I bought to a friends BBottle, they both sounded OK but not the same. His had a little more bottom. Still just average sound to my ears. I returned my Baby Bottle for a Shure KSM32.

  • Ray
    from Chicago, IL April 15, 2010Music Background:
    Working musician / studio, engineer / producer

    Mediocre - misses the sweetspot

    There are at least three better choices for the money - some even have multi-pattern at this price point. The AT2050, Rode NT2-A and the AKG Perception 420 all have multi-pattern are in the same price ballpark and IMO sound better ... what's "Better"? I get more "air" around the vocals and they sit better where I want them in the mix, there is more there both in the LF and HF ranges which I can then EQ to suit. The mids are NOT muddy which I find to be the case with the Baby Bottle.

  • michael
    from portland September 1, 2004


    The Babybottle is, in my opinion, the perfect all purpose project studio mic (for less than 1,000 bucks). It takes your time and patience to get the sound that you want in any given application. However, you really can record almost anything with this one mic! Does it really do everything? No. It does _almost_ everything. Here are some things that it really doesn’t do: cymbals, tambourines and drum overheads, room mic, etc..

    Here are some examples of what it does do:

    The placement for acoustic instruments is quite finicky. If the guitarist moves a little with the music, you’ll hear it in the mic due to its exaggerated proximity effect, sensitivity and high output. If the guitarist grooves with the music, then the recording quickly become unusable. This mic lives and dies based upon mic placement, more than most directional mics. Still, be patient, you’ll get the sound that you’re looking for and without paying 3,000 bucks.

    About the same is true for vocals. If what you have is time, energy and creativity, and not a lot of money, then this mic will serve you quite well. I’ve found that I can dial in a wide range of vocal ‘sounds’ with this mic. Keep in mind, however, that this mic has an exaggerated mid range. You’ll find reviews on this very topic from the pros and its true. This mic will easily ‘boom’ your vocals and add a lot of power. Tilt it at a hard angle, facing the vocalist’s belly button, and you’ll get a much sweeter sound.

    Notice the patter? This mic can be an incredible asset, once you and your performer get to know it. But it takes time, patience and some creativity. You’ve heard of ‘working’ the mic? Well, the more control your performer has, the more you’ll be able to do with this mic. I know what you’re thinking: all directional mics are ‘workable’. Yeah, true, but with the Babybottle’s boosted mids, super hot output and sensitivity your options are either opened or closed based upon your performer. I’ve found that the time I’ve spent getting to know this mic has been time really well spent. I can do nearly everything with this one mic, and do it well given time and patience. It’s the perfect studio mic. Well, not really.

    The perfect studio mic costs between 3,000 and 6,000 bucks. So, if you happen to have 3k burning a hole in your checking account, buy the Neumann. Otherwise, you can accomplish _nearly_ the same thing with the Babybottle, you’ll just need more time, more patience and creativity – as apposed to cash.

    If you can only buy one mic right now, buy this one.


  • Alex Calvo
    from CT May 1, 2004


    I'm enjoying using this mic. I have to EQ my vocals a bit to get the sound I want...but overall...quality is excellent for the price...If you want to hear it, listen to my "Cloudy Blue Angel" tune, on ACIDPlanet.com...search for "Alex Calvo"

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