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Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo?

Questions about the Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo?

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  • Ryan
    from Austin Tx July 18, 2015


    This thing sounds incredible. I had a bunch of musician friends show up to play a set with this amp. Several of them gave it a whirl and we all agree at $299 this thing is a STEAL. It's sounds very rich. The 12" is perfect for my 20x20 room yet I wouldn't hesitate to take it to a club and mic it or use the DI out. Really nice piece of gear.

    Need a bit more boom? Go for the 15" it's sure to blow the roof off the house. I barely turn my 12" over half and the house is shaking.

    I JUST LOVE THIS AMP!!! I waited about 6 months since I first read about it...so glad I waited and went with this amp instead of something else!!! The look and feel scream quality. Doesn't feel cheap. People would never expect this thing was $299.

  • michael deilkes
    from cincinnati, OH June 13, 2016

    bugera bass amp

    great amp for the money i dont think it is really 1000 watts but it still sounds great

  • Alex
    from Saugerties New York October 28, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist, drummer, bass player, vocalist.

    As they say on the internet "Meh!"

    Sounds nice and has lots of options like the compressor and low and high overdrives. You can make it punchy, smooth, turn on the compressor for nice slapping sound and get just about any kind of tone you want but it's not even close to half of 1000 watts, more like 100 watts and the speaker is rated at 250 watts max. This amp turns up to about a modest 100 watts of volume at a little over a quarter way on the master with gain more than half way, anymore than that and it just distorts and doesn't increase on volume. Maybe a 500 watt Hartke replacement speaker would increase real volume a bit. Over all it is a nice little amp, just a little to light for the stage unless the house has it's own PA to plug into. Oh my, i just noticed The Bugera BXD12 has a little wattage rating right above the power plug that states it's true watts which is 140 watts "Shakes my **** head" Everything is a scam anymore these days lol Now i wish i just went and saved up for the 500 watt Hartke Kickback, they crank and can handle most venues. I tried to cheap out, i would of been happy with a modest 250 watts, that would have been fine for me, i figured well it says 1000 watts, it should be at least 300 real watts right? ... right?? Anope, notta, 140 watts but only sounds about 100 it'll be alright for band practice....maybe.... in a smaller room.... tiny.... and turn the guitars and PA's down..... and put another pillow in the drummer's kick ....Shhhhhhhhh.... LOL

Questions about the Bugera BXD12 1x12" 1000-Watt Bass Combo?

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