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M-Audio BX5a Deluxe Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    The M-Audio BX5a Deluxe monitors are the "go-to" bedroom studio monitors that are perfect for your budget. If size and budget are an issue, you will find that the BX5a's will fit perfectly into both and give you a long-lasting solution. When you're ready to graduate to a larger speaker, these are great as a secondary pair to check your mixes.

  • Tim
    from USA April 11, 2008

    Perfect for the budget musician

    The older BX5A monitors were already outstanding in my opinion, but the updated versions really pack design, quality, and price all in one great pair of monitors. For the price this is really a good investment for your money.Sound-wise, you really can't pit these against higher priced monitors, but they sound really good especially in smaller studios.

  • Jeff
    from Port Aransas, TX July 10, 2009Music Background:
    Music for Film

    Power in a Box

    A great sound from a small package. You can feel your music from the BX5a speakers. M-Audio products continue to amaze me with quality sound at an affordable price.

  • Adam "Bassmint Beats" Wood
    from South Bend, IN June 25, 2008Music Background:
    Student and Music production as hobby

    Great speakers for producing with bass!

    I bought these to produce hip hop tracks and they are fantastic. The bass and kick really hits hard in these speakers and they transmit even some of the subwoofer bass. Great purchase!

  • Robert
    from Clintonville, WI April 3, 2008Music Background:

    Nice Monitors

    I bought these monitors over the studiophile av40's and I'm glad I did. The trebles and mid's are very nice, but the bass is a bit lacking. I plan on adding a sub later to help with the lack of bass, but for now, it's not bad. They also look really good, and have a nice form factor. If your looking for a cheap monitor that sounds good, these are worth checking out.

  • Brian Packard
    from Grand Rapids, MI USA November 5, 2010Music Background:
    Professional Recording Engineer, Live sound enginner, Guitarist, Trombone player

    Good Starter Monitors

    I bought these monitor's when I was first starting in recording. 5 years and an audio engineering degree later I'm still using them. Sure I would like to upgrade but I've got other things on my list before it becomes a need.

    I produced quite a few good sounding mixes of these speakers. I've learned there weaknesses though (atleast in my mixing room). They are little strong on the midrange and lack a bit of clarity in the bottom end. The rest of the mix translates well to other systems, I almost always though, have to go back and turn down the kick or bass drum.

    I would recommend these to anyone starting out in a project studio or if they are student. I put mixes on these that a brought to school and impressed my teacher with years of experience. Sure you can get better, but if you can get a good mix without spending a ton of money why not. And for the people that say these aren't loud enough, there probably monitoring WAY TOO LOUD. You should monitor at normal listening volumes, just listen to any engineer or watch a Chris-Lord-Alge video.

  • meiradam
    from Northern NJ USA October 24, 2008Music Background:
    Home Recording Studio, Computer Music, MIDI Programmer, Sound Architect

    Diamonds in the Rough

    I recently purchased the BX5a Deluxe after comparing them to the Mackie MR5 and the KRK RP5 G2. While each of these monitors represented my reference CDs well each also had its own strengths and weaknesses; with most monitors in the $300-$400 per pair price range you are going to have to make some compromises and learn how to work around their weaknesses.

    After listening to the BX5a Deluxe monitors in my home studio for a few weeks with many different genres of music I found that their two greatest weaknesses are that they are very bright, even at low volume levels, and their low end is lacking punch; the latter common to many monitors with 5” woofers. My remedy for these issues was to high shelve cut 2dB above 4k Hz and low shelve boost 2dB below 300 Hz from my mixer.* It is unfortunate that M-Audio did not choose to carry over the room and frequency correction which was available on the prior model of this series, the BX5, especially since most of the other monitors in this price point include these adjustments. However, with the proper outboard EQ adjustment the BX5a Deluxe monitors can sound quite balanced and detailed.

    Additionally, I found that proper placement is important for these near field monitors, especially in regard to accentuating the low end. My current set-up has them on a desk and sitting on decoupling Auralex Mopads (up firing), 1 foot in front of a wall, and toed in. I sit approximately 1 meter from them and together we form a triangle; my ears are level with the top of the woofers. When positioned correctly and by adding just a slight bit of low end EQ, as previously mentioned, the BX5a Deluxe provides reasonably tight and focused bass, along with good depth and imaging.

    I have very eclectic taste in music including period instrument classical, jazz, 70-90’s rock, DnB, techno, ragga, reggae, and ambient; and after I polished the rough areas of placement and equalization I have found that the BX5a Deluxe monitors represent each genre of music with good imaging, a tight low end, balanced mids, and detailed highs – these truly are diamonds in the rough given their sonic abilities and price.

    With any monitoring system it is important to not expect more of them than what they are and are capable of, understand their strengths and weaknesses (and how you can accommodate for these in your mix), be willing to take the time to adjust them to your studio, and train your ears to work with them; with these points in mind, I would definitively recommend these monitors to anyone that has a limited budget and is just getting started in DAW based music production, building out a small home based recording studio, does video editing and needs to monitor accompanying sound tracks, and to gamers who wish to update their sound systems.

    * I later verified via a spectrum analysis that starting from 3k15 Hz there is a +3dB rise peaking at 5k Hz and then dropping and ending at 8k Hz; and starting from 315k there is a -7.5dB valley with prominence at 200 Hz and 160 Hz and then a spike of -1.5dB at 125 Hz. The equalization mentioned above helps smooth these peaks and valleys.

  • Justin
    from Lake Charles, LA October 9, 2008Music Background:
    Jazz Musician, Student, Home Recording, Performer

    They get the job done well!

    These are my first set of monitors and I am glad my salesman recommended them. The first time I listened to them, I heard many different textures and sounds in the music that I had never heard before. Highly recommended for audiophiles! Great price!

  • Customer
    from ATL July 4, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Good for price

    These speakers have provided me with enough juice to get by. They are great for the money and I think surpass the others in the same price range.

    They have been giving problems though, I've owned them for maybe two years now, and it's the second time a speaker has gone out on me... Very frustrating, First it was the tweeter, now the woofer. I'd recommend for the budget... but if you can afford... go higher.

  • harryrichard
    from February 11, 2009Music Background:
    own it

    its ok

    What can i say. there ok. i blast these mofos full and it looks like there going to have a seizure. they dont eve sound that good. kinda good kinda bad.

  • Brad
    from Cincinnati, OH USA December 8, 2008Music Background:
    Recording and Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician


    These monitors are pretty good if you're just starting in the wonderful world of music production. They're a huge step up from computer speakers. They do sound good, but have their flaws:

    The bass response is lacking in these. Anything you mix that sounds good on these speakers will sound muddy and bass-heavy everywhere else. You'll have to compensate in your mix, or get a subwoofer to hear a truer bass end.

    The midrange and high end of these speakers is very harsh. It fatigues the ears quickly and makes for short sessions. Be careful with your ears! They are your instrument!

    Overall, these are a step up from computer speakers and decent for mixing if you know the speakers well. I would suggest these for someone looking to LISTEN to their music as opposed to MONITOR their music. They are NOT true, but are built well and will last quite a long time.

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