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M-Audio BX5 Carbon 5" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the M-Audio BX5 Carbon 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the M-Audio BX5 Carbon 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Robert Maier
    from January 17, 2016

    Beautiful and reliable

    The best. Have several sets that have lasted many years. Smooth response, powerful enough to fill a big classroom, no distortion. Never mind the bigger names. Plus, you see these babies in the background of many top music documentaries-- no need to wonder why.

  • nathan warnke
    from oklahoma city, OK November 11, 2014Music Background:
    Musician/Producer/Sound Designer. Been recording since high school and am now 33. I will be going pro soon enough!

    Giant AV 40's + Acoustical Space Control, A Must

    I really loved my av40's. I tried another brand and they did not work out after trying a couple sets of the same pair. They were not magnetically shielded enough for my setup. I use synthesizers, electric guitar/acoustic, and a hardware sampler plus some software drum sampling and sound generation. I am also a vocalist. and have two fender tube amps. The M-Audio av40's are excellent for the money, but I needed more control over acoustics in my home studio and needed extra bass. These monitors are well shielded, and from what I have seen and listened to thus far, they translate very well. Like other peoples recording setups I do not triangulate towards the ears I keep them parallel. and will move backward and forward and side to side when monitoring. This cuts down on ear fatigue and works best for me. THANK YOU SWEETWATER! YOU have worked with me like no other company and your support is unparalleled.

  • Reggie
    from North charleston,sc by way of NY. December 17, 2016


    Ive had bose,klh and paradigm speakers.i just bought the bx5 and im very impressed. i love them.i use them in my dj room at home and they sound like big speakers.they are my first pair of powered speakers. im a 35yr veteran dj of oldschool.my next pair will be the QSC k series 12" im in love with the sound and power output. be prepaired to bring your credit card and check book.

  • Kelvin
    from August 23, 2014Music Background:

    Love them

    My first studio monitor. have had them for like 12 hours now and they are just showing me the difference between my mixes and the commercial mixes. So much detail 500hz going up. Clear highs and the low end is quite good for a 5' speaker. The mid range feels squeezed but I am sure if I get it right on these my mixes will sound great elsewhere after all what your speaker is not good at will be what your mix sounds best at. Definitely a good budget speaker

  • Customer
    from January 9, 2017

    Subpar Computer Speakers - Great Marketing

    Listen to these and then compare to the KEF X300AW.
    One sounds like a toy and the other sounds like a small version of a High End Audiophile speaker.

    All three of the M-Audio speakers are in essence the same bad speaker.
    I once bought one and then returned it within less then a week, after listening a few times to it.

Questions about the M-Audio BX5 Carbon 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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