Meinl Cymbals Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series Cymbal Box Set Free 16" Trash Crash

4-piece Cymbal Pack with 14" Hi-hat Pair, 18" Thin Crash, 20" Ride, and Bonus 16" Trash Crash
5/5 4 Write review Item ID: BV480B16TRC
Meinl Cymbals Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series Cymbal Box Set Free 16
Meinl Cymbals Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series Cymbal Box Set Free 16
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Meinl Cymbals Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series Cymbal Box Set Free 16" Trash Crash
In Stock!

Confidently Sit in the Mix

The Meinl Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series 4-piece Cymbal Package not only sounds wonderful on its own, but is a real problem solver when sitting in a whole band's mix. Designed with drummer extraordinaire Benny Greb, (Bobby McFerrin, Wayne Krantz, and more), this cymbal pack is engineered to never lose your own unique character, and still sit perfectly in the confines of a whole band. And not only will you love the sound of these cymbals, but the sandblasted surface also gives this Byzance Cymbal Pack a great vintage look.

Meinl Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series 4-piece Cymbal Package at a Glance:
  • Engineered to sit great in a mix
  • Designed in conjunction with drummer Benny Greb
  • Free 16" Trash Crash cymbal
Engineered to sit great in a mix

Hammered into form in Turkey, the Meinl Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series 4-piece Cymbal Package truly holds to tradition in so many ways. But at the same time, they offer you unbelievable modern versatility. Each design aspect of these cymbals took into account the need of drummers to not overwhelm their band's mix. Across the board you'll hear a warmth and dryness that, while giving you crisp definition, never washes out the other musicians. And they sound great in practically any setting from jazz and blues, to funk and rock.

Designed in conjunction with drummer Benny Greb

Benny Greb is a highly-accomplished percussionist. His credits include his own Benny Greb Brass Band, Bobby McFerrin, Wayne Krantz, and many more. So when it came to designing a set of cymbals that will work in many different situations, he was the perfect guy to help out. Among the specifications Greb requested was that the cymbals keep their character, even while sometimes playing a supporting role. Meinl achieves this with a special sandblasted procedure, offering you more warmth, dryness, and a wonderful vintage look.

Free 16" Trash Crash cymbal

Along with the Sand Series Byzance cymbals, this 4-piece package also includes a bonus 16" Vintage Trash Crash. Meinl's Trash Crash is a superb, durable effect cymbal to round out your drum kit's sound. And it blends with the other cymbals in the pack immediately, with its dark and smooth sound. You'll love the specially cut holes in the cymbal. They give it a dry, trashy, and fast response with a quick sustain that never overwhelms the rest of your kit.

Meinl Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series 4-piece Cymbal Package Features:
  • 4-piece cymbal pack that blends well in a mix
  • Sandblasted for more warmth and a fantastic look
  • Hammered into shape by artisans in Turkey
  • Warmer toned to not overtake other instruments
  • 14" Hi-hat Pair: Dynamic and responsive
  • 18" Thin crash: Fast response that opens up immediately
  • 20" Ride: Smooth, controlled wash, with a great bell sound
  • Free 16" Trash Crash
With the Byzance Vintage Benny Greb cymbal pack you'll own your mix, not overwhelm it.

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Meinl Cymbals Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series Cymbal Box Set Review by Sweetwater

Tech Specs

Series Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Series
Ride 20" Sand Ride.
Crash 1 18" Sand Thin Crash
Crash 2 16" Trash Crash
Hi Hats 14" Sand Hat
Manufacturer Part Number BV-480+B16TRC

Customer Reviews

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Benny greb

This is a great cymbal pack!!
Music background: Drummer

Epic sound,versatility in sound and tunning

I became tired of buying single cymbals and trying to match them with the rest of my drum kit to get this sweet spot of sonically matched set. I noticed that on gear forums people talked a lot about Sweetwater, so I started doing research. I came across Benny Greb's videos,and became instantly hooked on sound of his cymbals. I knew I could not go wrong with the sound,and could not go wrong with buying from company like Sweetwater.The cymbals are simply fantastic! Unlike many other thicker cymbals, Benny Greb's cymbals from this set can be easily tuned by using piece of tape on the undersite. This way I can make the sound decay faster,the way we can often hear in presentation videos, where compression and gate in use to tighten the sound so the cymbals do not ring forever. I am very happy with the sound,and the quality of the cymbals,and also with the quality of Sweetwater's customer service.
Music background: Drum enthusiast

These won me over to Meinl

Honestly, a review won't even do these cymbals justice. If you are thinking about getting these cymbals, do it. First of all, you would only be considering these if you are into the dark, dry stuff. These are everything you would want out of dry cymbals. Perfectly balanced with wash, color, tone, and musical sound. These will fit into almost any style. I wouldn't even be afraid to take these to a hard, loud gig. They can be played very gently as well. They are beautiful cymbals. My only issue with these was that they did not sound identical to the demo with Benny Greb. His sound more aged and developed, but that could be from the acoustics and mixing. I have been an avid Sabian supporter for about 10 years, and decided to risk changing brands. I am happy I did so. Meinl seriously rocks! These cymbals are the product of true artisan craftsmen.

Get Control of the wash out when recording Drums

So, I have always had this problem recording drums, this is were the drummer bashes the cymbals and peaks out my VU meters, even a good compressor can't even fix it and It is seems to be mostly with thin cheap cymbals and an aggressive drummer. These cymbals have solved all this with there heavy weight design and very controlled volume characteristics. Each cymbal is pounded to perfection in Turkey by serious craftsmen, and it really shows on my recordings with clear pings and smooth crashes, the Hi Hat has a sweet solid tone that doesn't over shadow the snare and stays tight unto itself so now using a separate Mic on the hi hat works great with more definition. The lower hi hat is very thick and solid allowing hard hits and smooth tone never overshadowing the drums and the top has a custom hammered finish with large round hammer marks and many small hammer hits that look like art. The ride cymbal has a very thick resonant bell and a dramatic change in tone as you move every inch towards the outer ring from a tight center ping to a deep droning growl at the edge. My Drum recordings from here on out will be much better and looking forward to using them on all my recordings from Rock to Jazz.
Music background: Bass,Guitar, Recording Studio
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