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Ibanez BTB776PBAM BTB Standard - Amber Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from August 6, 2015

    Ibanez BTB7776PB Amber

    I absolutely love this bass. It gives me a combination of power and clarity. It has clear precision tone and i can amp up the punch at the click of a switch. Since i purchased it, its the first ax I grab out if my war chest everytime i do a gig. Believe me, you will not be disappointed! !!!!

  • from July 21, 2014

    Great sounding Bass

    This bass is awesome. It's not a heavy bass. What I like most is the sustain you get from it and the crispiness off the sound.
    And finally, a Neutrik connector.

    Great piece of gear.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA November 18, 2013Music Background:
    Experienced semi-pro bassist, playing for country artist, Chris Higbee


    So I actually got this last Tuesday...GREAT mail-order company, btw. Sweetwater let me choose the exact bass (by serial #), and they did a pretty darn good setup, too. Let it be known that I'm VERY picky with my setups, also, so props to Sweetwater.

    Anyway, this thing is UNBELIEVABLE for the money, and especially because I've owned/played the best, as I also went to Winter NAMM '09. The BTB easily rivals basses costing waaaaaaaay more, both in playability and sound. The action is super-low, reminding me of when I was at Mike Tobias' booth to try a 535 and a Saratoga (US model). I really like that the BTB line has two truss rods, which is one of the reasons I came back to the series. I only had to flatten out the treble side a bit...maybe a 1/4 turn. Aside from a few higher frets, the neck is pretty flat, imo, and almost plays itself. There's a little buzz here and there, but not that noticeable live, and I like a little buzz for that "Rex Brown/Jason Newsted" grind, anyway. The funny thing, is that this 6'er plays a lot more easily than my last BTB, which was a Prestige 1005e (5'er, Japanese). Not only is the action lower, but the string spacing isn't as wide, 17mm as opposed to 19mm, so the 35" doesn't bother me now. This is definitely my favorite neck of all time, and the gloss (as opposed to satin or oil) didn't phase me one bit. The only other company that glosses their necks, that work nicely, is Carvin. The neck has an assymetrical shape, so it has a nice wide and thin profile, with juuuust enough beef to it, ala grand BTB tradition. I was really enjoying the substantial volute this past weekend, too, which was the bass' debut appearance. The overall construction is as solid as a tank, and it basically weighs as much as one. But, I actually prefer heavy basses, as they seem to just have more impact, and don't throw me off like a light bass does...balance seems to be better. This one clocks in at 11.6 lbs, and actually doesn't seem too much heavier than my old Prestige. I have a big Mono strap, so the weight is no problem for me. It's a good thing I work out a lot!

    Now, the sound is the other amazing aspect...it ROARS. The open strings are consistent in volume, as are the fretted notes, from the highest C to the lowest C. You should hear the sustain on this monster. It rings out like a grand piano, and I grin like a bastard when I do big slides on the low B...love it. I always have the on-board mid up to max, and other than needing a little more treble from my amp and on-board eq, compared to my Prestige, it's sound is identical, if not growlier. Oh, and the on-board bass isn't overpowering or maybe "unuseable" like my Prestige was, so that's a plus. Our monitor guy said that he thinks that this one actually has hotter output. I can't tell a real difference between this one's 9-volt power, versus the Prestige's 18. It sounds louder in a band mix than any other bass I've ever had, and we have two guitars at times, or a guitar and banjo, or guitar and fiddle, along with four vocalists, and a LOUD drummer, and yet still it punches right through. The sound I hear in my in-ears, is what comes out of the PA. I love my GK amp, too, so that helps. The low b is as growly as the others, so it's nice to not hear any dropoff compared to the other strings. Elixir strings came stock, and they're my faves, so that worked out perfectly for me.

    Once again, I've come back to Ibanez...now I just need a sponsorship or endorsement....

  • from Anderson, SC May 9, 2013Music Background:
    Church Band

    Ibanez BTB 776

    Really great looking and sounding Bass, I love the monorail bridge

  • from Oklahoma June 1, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyist with aspirations.

    It's A Beautiful Bass

    I'm self taught, and still in the intermediate stages of learning to play bass, but I am a natural on drums, on which I took 6 years of lessons when I started on drums as a kid. Over the past 27 years I have been around music, and musicians, garage bands, bar bands, and arena bands. I know what looks good, and I know what sounds good. This bass does both very very well. I want to get a better amp to play it through, but my old Peavey Combo 115 isn't being reviewed here. I was a bit bewildered at first by the neck's width. I have a Samick 5 string that has a neck which now feels so tiny, like a broom handle compared to this Ibanez. Don't be afraid of it. After I started to play it, it's width quickly became irrelevant and my playing quickly opened up into grooves and melodies I had never found before. The neck is heavy, plenty thick, but not so thick that it is hard to maneuver my fingers on. Getting to the low B string with my relatively short fingers isn't hard even at the first fret position. Next there are no dead notes on this neck from the b string's 1st fret low C to the c string's 24th fret high C and all notes in between. I don't think it would be physically possible to get all the fret buzz out of this bass while maintaining play ability. It isn't overly loaded with fret buzz out of the box but there is a little, though not enough that I want to change the action. The action is fairly low and easy to play, but some softer strings could make it even easier which is something I plan to change. I want a softer string just a little softer. The stock strings sound okay, and when brand new almost felt like flat wounds, smooth, but I'm not well experience on strings so I want to try a lot of different one's. I wasn't blown away with the tone of the bass at first until I spent some hours playing around with it. One reason I want a better amp, or tonally uninhibited amp I guess is that this bass can likely produce any electric bass tone that I could want. My amp doesn't do upper midrange and highs so well as it has no horn, but on the neck pickup with all the amp EQ flat and the bass EQ flat I get smooth clean deep lows that you can feel. That classic tone ala P Bass I guess. I put the pickup selector in thecenter position and bass level is slightly reduced and...well, you know how moving the pickup selector changes the sound, neck big deep tone, bridge sharp cutting tone. This is no different. This bass isn't a one trick pony on tone. It is also a sustain monster. With a good full range bass amp you can dial in smooth deep tone or cutting growl, and all tones between and the active EQ on this thing is very powerful and capable of drastically altering the perceived tone by itself without even changing the pickup selector,(2-9volt batteries required) but you can use the pickup selector too, win win. I can't wait to get a really good amp for mine and explore the full tonal possibilities of this bass. I play for my own enjoyment at this point, so you don't have to take my word for it, but if you want to spend $2,500-$3,000 on boutique 6 string bass, go ahead. You will need to spend at least that to rival this bass which I paid $1,000 for. I recommend the Ibanez hardshell case that fits the BTB basses also. Very well done.

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