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AirTurn BT-105-PB4 - BT105 + (4) ATFS-2 Pedals Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from North Carolina March 27, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Band

    4 pedal Air Turn pedal

    I use this pedal to control effects while using the AmpKit software on the iPad. This works great, easy to assign to individual effects and frees my hands up to concentrate on the instrument. Connecting via Bluetooth also cleans up the stage with no need for extra cables. This is a great investment.

  • from United States March 5, 2014Music Background:

    AirTurn BT-105

    Absolutely love my Airturn pedal and the service calls I have had from Patrick from Sweetwater, well what can I say, have been great! So helpful and always there if I have any questions.

  • from Aberdeen, WA September 20, 2013Music Background:
    Worship team guitarist/keyboardist

    A fantastic accessory

    I went with the 4-pedal job so that I didn't have to touch the iPad while playing. So far, it's been the right decision. This Sunday, I'll need to move from one song to the next while playing, and this will make that much more seamless.

    The unit is built well and easy to set up. I use it with OnSong, and it just makes life easier.

  • from Aberdeen, WA September 9, 2013Music Background:
    Christian guitarist/keyboardist

    The only way to go

    I went with the 4-pedal model so that I wouldn't have to touch the iPad at all. The pedals are programmed previous song - page up - page down - next song...so going through a set list, I don't have to touch the iPad to go back or forward through songs. Works great in a live context, and the switches make NO noise.

    Definitely worth the extra money for the extra two pedals.

  • from April 8, 2014Music Background:
    Church worship team rhythm and bass guitarist

    Surprisingly good

    I bought the 2-pedal AirTurn on the basis of some reviews and a YouTube clip (I'd never seen or tried one), but have been pleasantly surprised with how easily I've adapted to it, and the fact that set-up and operation have been trouble-free. I play in a contemporary church worship band, and use the forScore app to manage my music, so I was interested in the AirTurn in order to play from my iPad rather than printing out the music. (As a guitarist, my problem with iPad usage has always been the page turning, and the AirTurn solves that.)

    DESIGN/CONSTRUCTION: Seems fairly well built. Yes, it’s mostly plastic, but not cheap and nasty. (I doubt you’ll break it unless you start jumping on it or throwing it around the stage! :) Pedal operation is completely noiseless, which doesn’t matter in a band environment, but could be relevant in the studio ….. I’m not so keen on the somewhat “recessed” nature of the Power on/off button. Put it this way – you’re never going to accidentally turn the thing on or off, but then perhaps that’s a positive! ….. The various “modes” available (accompanied by their related combinations of flashing green and red lights) could be a nightmare for the technophobe, but I suspect that most musicians (like me) will use only the default (iPad) mode anyway, so that’s all pretty much irrelevant. ….. The supplied user manual covers everything you’d want to know in just a few pages, and I found it quite adequate.

    SET-UP: Set-up was easy. Charge up the AirTurn for a couple of hours via the supplied USB cable), turn on the iPad, turn on Bluetooth, turn on the AirTurn, pair the two, then set up the pedal configuration in the app. No problems. (Of course, your iPad app does need to support the AirTurn, so do check that first!)

    OPERATION: Based on some reviews, I had expected some stiffness in the pedals until they were worn in, but I haven’t noticed any of that. In fact, pedal operation has been 100% reliable – every time I’ve hit a pedal, the iPad has responded correctly, and I’ve never had an instance of a “bounce” i.e. one pedal press generating multiple signals. And, after the initial set-up, the devices automatically and quickly pair whenever I power up the AirTurn near the iPad, so there’s no fiddling required when you take it to a venue and set up.

    OVERALL: Very positive impression – better than I had expected. I bought the AirTurn as a bit of an experiment (I was a little unsure whether it would suit my needs, and whether I would be confident enough to chance using it in performance). However, within 24 hours of receipt, I had that confidence. Overall, this thing just works.

  • from Denver, CO March 4, 2014Music Background:

    Best investment I have made

    This is exactly what i needed when playing gigs using my iPad. My goal this year is to go 100% paperless, now with this, I feel enabled to do it.

  • from Somerset, Pa February 15, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Music and tech leader

    Works great with onsong on iPad!

    Got Onsong app, loved it, Onsong had this pedal info already in the app, I called my Sweetwater rep to see if they could even the 4 pedal version. They ordered this pedal in for me. I got it right away. It is so nice to put a song list together and pick up my guitar and not stop playing till I am done. There are so many possibilities. This 4 pedal model opens up so many doors. It is simple. And it works great. Thanks for getting me something that wasn't even on your website! Sweetwater difference at work.

  • from April 5, 2013Music Background:
    Guitars, keys, Bass

    great tool /AirTurn BT-105 (4)

    what can i say but , its a great tool to have in your kit if your doing some gigs by yourself. whereas the two pedal is just as good but only allows for "page left/right" this 4 pedal lets you bring volume up or down (or other functions) if your playing with a backing track's and seems the charging life is is bout the same as the two pedal in talking with friends who have them. I like it.

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