Boss BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual No Longer Available

BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual
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Boss BR-900 DVD Owner\'s Manual image 1
Boss BR-900 DVD Owner\'s Manual image 1

Sorry, the Boss BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Boss BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual
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This DVD Manual Gives You Rapid Training on the BR-900!

Get to know your BOSS BR-900 fast with the BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual. This handy DVD takes you through every step of the process - by the end, you'll be ready to make full-on professional recordings using your BR-900. The BOSS BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual starts with the basics and goes all the way into more advanced topics such as inserting effects, arranging, and setting up patterns. To know the ins and outs of your BR-900, look no further than the BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual!

BOSS BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual Contents:


  • Features

  • Front Panel Overview
  • Rear Panel
  • Playing the Demo Song
  • Moving around the Song

Your First Recording

  • Creating a Song

  • Selecting an Input
  • Setting Levels
  • Using the Tuner
  • Recording Two Inputs
  • Adding Insert Effects
  • "Insert" vs. "Loop" Effects
  • Recording with a Metronome
  • Example 1:Bass Track
  • Example 2:Guitar Overdub
  • Punching In
  • AB Repeat Button
  • Deleting Punch Points
  • Using V-tracks
  • Using Microphones

Rhythm Section

  • Creating Arrangements

  • "What is an Arrangement?"
  • Editing Arrangements
  • Creating Patterns
  • -Real-time Drums
  • -Step Mode Drums
  • -Using Imported USB Patterns
  • Copying Patterns
  • Erasing Patterns

Track Editing/Mixdown

  • Track Edits

  • -Copy
  • -Move
  • -Exchange
  • Undo
  • Using the Scrub Function
  • Mixing
  • -Fader Levels
  • -Pan
  • -EQ
  • -Track Mute
  • Loop Effects
  • Bouncing
  • Mastering

CD Functions

  • Creating Audio CDs

  • Play/Import
  • Finalizing
  • Backup/Recovery
  • Import/Export

Additional Settings

  • Pitch Correction

  • Utility Screens
  • USB Functions
  • System Settings
  • Initialization Screens
Get to know your BR-900 ultra-fast with the BR-900 DVD Owner's Manual!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number BR-900CDDVM

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