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Boss MICRO BR BR-80 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss MICRO BR BR-80?

Questions about the Boss MICRO BR BR-80?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Johnny
    from Canada, East Coast April 22, 2016

    Love it!

    Just love my unit.. Boss BR 80... I have a problem, my own fault..duh , i wanted to delete many songs of the e Band play list when I purchased it...I deleted the whole thing.. What can I do... I
    at look at downloads, don't kow if I want to do that, could do more damage ?! I can't seem to buy a new sim card of have it just replaced, don't understand why..Any ideas folks..Thx..

  • Robert McGowan
    from Milwaukee, WI February 19, 2016

    New, but so far...

    I got this because I like to play guitar and I like to do things by myself. When I was younger I was in a few bands, but nothing serious. I never got serious. I do things for my own happiness. I already love this little gadget. It's new so my rating is just on a brief look. But so far I like it a lot.

    What I will say is I was blown away at the service side of my order. Marshall Oliver couldn't have been more conscientious about my purchase with Sweetwater. Called to make sure the delivery address was all correct and with follow up like that I am sure to purchase from Sweetwater again! My order even included a personal touch! A big thank you to all the people at Sweetwater for a great shopping experience!

    Thanks, - Bob in Milwaukee

  • Customer
    from February 11, 2013Music Background:
    Drums, Guitar, and Keyboards (Hobbyist)

    Excellent Instrument

    Fully integrated and flexible, with good quality sound

  • Jon Molitoris
    from Pennsylvania USA December 17, 2011Music Background:
    guitarist/recording engineer

    Excellent device!

    The BR 80 is excellent. It is packed with features. Effects, built in drum machine, 8 track multitracker, stereo recorder, mastering effects. You can create some very convincing demos on this thing. Is it perfect?...well, it is very close. It can even be handy as just an effect. I had a gig on bass ( I am normally a guitarist) took the BR 80 and my bass. Pluged into the PA and used the bass guitar efx in the br 80....worked great. This is the swiss army knife of portable multi trackers. It has more bang for the buck than any of the rest in this size/ price range. Sweetwater has tip top service, as always. Thanks.

  • Krontab
    from Eagan,MN July 22, 2011Music Background:
    Guitarist and recording engineer

    Great Trainer and Idea Capture Device

    I'm a guitarist with a modest home studio but, since my daughters birth I haven't been able to spend as much time in the "Man Cave" as I would like. Not that I'm complaining I just needed to retool to something portable so that I could practice while keeping an eye on my daughter. I first tried the 4 trk Micro BR and really enjoyed it but, it was lacking in odd meter metronome functions and the ability to import midi files. So I returned it and ordered the BR-80.

    It is well laid out for such a small interface. If you are expecting a lot of versatility in workflow this is not your machine. It really is designed as a practice aid and idea capture device. You could with some effort produce a fairly good song with this device but, it really shines when used in conjunction with a computer running a software suite like Sonar, Garage Band or Pro Tools.

    My current workflow involves using Sonar X1 or Guitar Pro 6 to create a backing track and then load it on to the BR-80. I can then either jam with it as an eBand song or record my guitar part in the multi-track mode.

    The rhythm functions really are only good as a glorified metronome. The SMF(midi) import function works well if you need to load in irregular beat progressions or entire midi drum tracks. The sound of the kits is pretty primitive but more than antiquate for tracking along with.

    So, for my situation this really fits the bill. I can export the audio from Sonar to the BR-80 and then record additional tracks. I then can upload the track to my computer and integrate it back into the Sonar project.

  • James Barter
    from Ware, MA USA March 14, 2014Music Background:
    self taught musician, though have studied music theory, begginers guitar, midi and basic studio recording

    sweet recorder

    excellent piece of equipment
    haven't had any issues with its functionality
    overall understanding how to use it and navigate around the various feature is fairly easy. even a younger teen could prob master it.
    portability is awesome and its amazing how much you can do with something so small.
    the sound is great just wish that the mic built in didn't cause a loud ambient sound that makes it obvious its in use in the recording, probably just need to purchase a decent condenser mic i would recommend this product to my friends if they are shooting for inexpensive, portable, and functionality that is fairly simple to operate.

  • Jeff
    from San Francisco, CA August 6, 2011Music Background:
    Home recording

    Better but not perfect

    This is an excellent tool for any guitarist to have and I highly recommend getting one. As there are lots of ads describing great functions of this devise I am going to concentrate on shortcomings only.
    1. If you have finally figured how to use the previous model BR-4 and want to upgrade it to BR-8 all the time and effort spent on learning BR-4 is now a waste of time. BR-8 is an absolutely different devise that must be studied all over again. Even worse, when you try to apply BR-4 logic to the same function you get frustrated each time pushing the wrong button.
    2. On BR-4 you could record a song and during the mastering convert it to MP3 which made lots of sense to me. BR-8 does not give you that option. Your song will end up being either WAV or AIFF that take lots of memory and cannot be emailed to your friend. You will have to import them to your computer and covert them to MP3 on your own.
    3. BR-4 could be used as a MP3 player, BR-8 is not designed for that. Though you can copy MP3s to its memory under eBand folder for Mastering or even Live and use them from there that is something for you to figure out as it is not in the manual. If, say, you copy them under User, that would make more sense than Mastering, you won’t see them.
    4. There are a few software applications that are saved on the memory card. You will have to open, unzip and install them from there. Why couldn’t they come on a CD? If you accidentally delete one of them, it’s too bad.
    5. eBand being a great idea otherwise does not fit into this devise in terms of the reason you buy this recorder for. I would rather not have it as it takes up memory and has all kinds of functions that are unnecessary. And if you have not backed up your memory card and accidentally deleted some files while figuring how to use it then too bad again. Your eBans turns into a dead feature.
    6. If you created some songs and you want to back them up on your computer you will have to figure where in the vast majority of existing folders they are hidden. This is where I miss BR-4 most.
    7. For backup operation you will have to copy the WHOLE memory card to your computer. If in the meantime you created a nice song and suddenly your memory card shows a problem in order to restore the functionality of BR-8 you will have to copy back the WHOLE content back to your card. That automatically deletes your songs that you just recorded. Really?
    If you are a computer programmer that wants to learn playing a guitar you will like it a lot. If you are a guitar player that tries to figure how this thing works you will not be thrilled. However, by no means I am trying to discourage readers from purchasing BR-8. The service you can eventually get from it will overpass any of the above.

  • GuitarDisciple
    from Downingtown, PA July 27, 2011Music Background:

    Boss MICRO BR-80

    Just received my unit yesterday and have been playing with it for several hours ever since.

    This unit really has a wonderful number of attributes, all of which compelled me to sell my Tascam GT-R1 and purchase this unit as a replacement. I won’t bother trying to rehash all of the features; one can easily read about those on the Roland site. In short, the ability to record via the built in mics, leverage the built-in 8-track recorder and/or jam with your favorite tunes, while slowing them down if necessary, with a single, compact & portable product is remarkable.

    That said, of all the great features that this unit has, one of the most compelling for me is eBand. In fact, I about a year or so ago, I purchased the eBand JS-8, but since it doesn’t work on batteries and I usually have a battery powered amp available, I returned it and simply leveraged the aforementioned Tascam unit for most of my play along needs.

    Of course, the BR-80 is actually three units in one, which includes the JS-8 less the speakers. So together with its size and portability, it is definitely a keeper.

    However, I am a little disappointed in one aspect that you may want to understand before purchasing too. It is the reason that I am only giving a rating of 3.5 stars…nonetheless the unit is still a keeper.

    The issue that I have is twofold:

    1) You have to use the Boss Song Editor application to import songs into unit’s database and hence have access to the song through the eBand interface on the unit. That is, you cannot simply drag & drop files to the unit and expect to see them in the menu;

    2) It would appear to me that you are restricted to the limited folders provided. That is, if I want to add a bunch of music to the SD card and maintain a folder for each artist and perhaps each album, it won't see the music – it appears that all the MP3/AIff files have to go in one of a couple of folders. I have placed a call into support just to double check, but I think my understanding is correct...

    This unit is great for everything that it was intended to do, but the silly DB/folder hierarchy that it uses prevents it from also being an “organized”, general MP3 player. That’s not to say that you can’t put your favorite songs on the unit and jam with them while having the ability to slow them down, for example. But, the means by which the unit was designed to support your pre-recorded files is clumsy and one quickly realizes that it is less than an organized as one fills up a 32GB SD card with MP3 files, for example…

    If I find that my understanding is incorrect, I will post here, but this is also how files are handled with the JS-8, which supports my understanding for this unit…

    The unit is not meant to be a general MP3 player, so I can live with the DB/folder hierarchy. The MTR and Live Rec functions work flawlessly.
    If you want all of this power in the palm of your hand, buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

  • John Setzler
    from Valdese, NC August 3, 2014Music Background:

    Functionally Amazing... Technically Difficult!

    If I was just rating this device on its functionality, I would have to give it a full 5-star review. The capabilities are simply amazing and the rest of the reviews here have most of that covered along with a lot of great video demos of this product that are available on YouTube. I bought this device for two main reasons. First of all, I wanted to use the E-band feature with headphones to play over backing tracks. Secondly, I wanted to use it to record riffs and ideas that I come up with for future reference. All of that works great. The problems come into play when you want to import your own backing tracks that you may have accumulated from various places. The unit is capable of doing this but I ran into quite a few issues when trying to make it happen. First of all, you will need to update the firmware in the BR-80. Mine came with version 1.02 and 1.06 is the latest version. You will also need an updated version of the Eband Song List Editor software. The unit ships with version 1.00 and you need 1.01 (or 1.02 for Mac) if you want this functionality. Of course, the documentation does not mention any of this. I had to use Google to search for solutions to this problem. The third issue I had in making this work was the fact that I had immediately replaced the 2gb SD card that came with the BR-80 with a 32gb model so I would not have to worry much about space issues on the card. No big deal. I backed up the contents of the supplied card and copied it all to the new card. HOWEVER... if you replace the supplied card, you MUST change the volume label on your new card to BR-80 EBAND or the Eband Song List Editor will not recognize that you have your device connected. Once you have all that sorted out, you are going to hit one more stumbling block! If you are trying to import MP3 files to use on the BR-80, those files MUST be 44.1khz tracks or they will not import. Just be aware of these things so you won't spend 4 or 5 hours trying to figure it all out like I did :)

  • A. Guy
    from San Francisco Bay Area August 24, 2011Music Background:

    Botched "upgrade" that drops key features

    Botched "upgrade" of original Micro BR removes 2 useful features: (1) You can no longer set auto punch-in/punch-out points on the fly, by tapping the A/B button. Instead, you must navigate menus, then key in specific time points or measure numbers -- insane. (2) No more onboard track export or mixdown to MP3. You can only mix down to .WAV -- also crazy.

    Many people will find the original Micro BR (which is now discounted) more usable. It's a good multi-track recorder, and an outstanding practice tool for guitar (etc.) Also consider the Zoom H4n: Similar onboard amp models and guitar/bass effects, but with higher sampling rates, better specs across the board, better onboard mics, and XLR inputs.

    This BR-80 adds several new features/models that the original Micro BR lacked, but they don't offset the removed features. Odd anachronisms and limitations remain: No 96 kHz/24-bit recording or modeling. Only two delay models, each limited to 1 sec. New auto-tune and auto harmonizer can't be chained to amp models or guitar effects.

    What's new? You get 8-track mixing and 64 tracks per project, instead of 4 and 32. Stereo onboard mics, instead of mono mic. Support for SD cards up to 32 GB, instead of 1 GB. Limiter and 4-band EQ are now chainable to the guitar amp/FX bank. Several new amp models for guitar and bass -- but they aren't that well-differentiated, and their 44.1 kHz sampling leaves them sounding a generation behind Zoom's 96 kHz models. Several new FX models: distortion boxes, Uni-Vibe phaser, rotary speaker, octaver, guitar-to-bass (fun), and "acoustic simulator" (poorly rendered). MP3 playback no longer locks out reverb bank. Meh.

Questions about the Boss MICRO BR BR-80?

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