Boss BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual No Longer Available

BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual
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Boss BR-1600 DVD Owner\'s Manual image 1

Sorry, the Boss BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Boss BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual
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This DVD Manual Gives You Rapid Training on the BR-1600!

Get to know your BOSS BR-1600 fast with the BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual. This handy DVD takes you through every step of the process - by the end, you'll be ready to make full-on, professional recording with your BOSS BR-1600. The BOSS BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual starts with the basics to give you a solid foundation, and it goes all the way into more advanced topics such as mastering, exporting, and dropping in loops. To know the ins and outs of your BOSS BR-1600, look no further than the BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual!

BOSS BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual Contents:


  • Front Panel

  • Rear Panel
  • Selecting Songs
  • Moving Around a Song
  • Using Markers

Your First Recording

  • Creating a Song

  • Setting Levels
  • Using the Tuner
  • Adding COSM Effects
  • Insert vs. Loop Effects
  • Arming Tracks
  • Setting up a Click Track
  • Recording our 1st Track
  • Overdubbing
  • Punching In
  • Repeat AB
  • Using V-tracks
  • Setting up Phantom power
  • Storing Your song

Using Rhythm

  • Selecting Bass/Drum Patterns

  • Creating Arrangements
  • Using the Chord Map
  • Setting Tempo/Time Signature Changes
  • Creating Drum Patterns
  • -Realtime
  • -Step
  • Recording Bass Lines
  • Microscope

Track Editing/Mixdown and Mastering

  • Track Copy

  • Track Copy + Insert
  • Track Move
  • Track Move + Insert
  • Setting up for Edits
  • Normalize
  • Cut
  • Erase
  • Mixing
  • -Using Pan
  • -Using Compression
  • -Using EQ
  • -Using Loop Effects
  • Bouncing/Mixing Down Tracks
  • Mastering

CD Functions

  • Burning Audio CDs

  • Burning Data CDs
  • Using SMF files
  • Import/Export Options

Working with Loop Phrases

  • Importing Loops

  • Assigning Loop Phrases to Buttons
  • Dropping in Loop Phrases
  • Creating Loop Phrases from Tracks

Effects Editing

  • Rec Dry

  • Vocal Tool Box
  • Speaker Modeling

Additional Screens/Settings

  • LCD Contrast

  • Song Optimization
  • USB Functions
  • System Settings
  • Sync Settings
  • MIDI Settings
  • Fader Display
  • Scrub/Preview
  • HDD Options
  • Initialize Settings
Get to know your BR-1600 fast with the BR-1600 DVD Owner's Manual!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number BR-1600CDDVM

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