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MOTU BPM 1.5 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the MOTU BPM 1.5?

Questions about the MOTU BPM 1.5?

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  • Scott DeMarko

    BPM is MOTU's new amazing drum & groove production software. With incredible ease and power at your fingertips you can program and create awesome beats, instrumentals, drum layouts, and songs in no time at all. The included 15GB sound library is incredible and covers a little of something for all types of musicians from Urban to Hip Hop and more! **Please note that this is SOFTWARE ONLY and a drum pad controller would be a recommended add-on to get the most from this fantastic beat production tool. Give Sweetwater a call today for recommendations on the best controllers to use with BPM!

  • Carson McClain

    If you want to turn your laptop into an MPC or MV-8800, BPM is the plug-in to do it. Plain and simple this turns a laptop into a sampling workstation. You can even use it in stand-alone mode meaning you do not have to run it in software. It's a fully-featured workstation that can export audio and MIDI.

  • Paul Barber
    from Nevada December 18, 2015Music Background:
    Smooth Jazz Recording Artist

    Beware If using with ProTool 11 & 12

    works great with Studio One3, LogicPro X and Cubase. However if you are you ProTools 11 or ProTool 12 with a Mac and the current OS it does not work. Please check the MOTU Nation website for more Info. I talked with MOTU six moths ago about this problem, they are aware, but are doing nothing to fix or update the crashing problem when using BPM with ProTools. but when you use other DAW's it works great and the sound Library is fantastic, prefect for R&B and Hip hop

  • Jonathan S.
    from Cincinnati, OH USA October 29, 2013Music Background:
    Experienced Hip Hop Beat-maker with Education in Recording

    Worked well for a while

    MOTU's BPM worked well (never great) for the first year that I had it. I haven't upgraded my OS or my DAW; therefore, it should run just as it did out of the box - it doesn't. It now crashes after about 10 minutes. I went to the MOTU website and apparently my best hope is a paid upgrade.

    All in all, MOTU's upgrages of BPM have been few and far between - showing me that they're not that interested in supporting this application. Also, hardware/software combos like Akai and Native Instruments have been updating with out charge - and more often!

  • Jack Poley
    from Miami February 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Level Musician

    Good item for the Price

    For the price this is a good RPS, though I don't believe it's special compared to other software rhythm devices I possess - in short I mis-assessed its capabilities for my purposes, based on text write-ups. it is a memory hog, too, and that will mean I use it in limited fashion, even though I have 16G RAM in my maxed out iMac.

  • Mike Vee
    from May 17, 2012

    the best!

    I have used all the other drum plugins and this one is BY FAR the best. If there was a demo everyone else would be saying the same thing, but it's hard for people to just take the plunge without a demo. This IS the software MPC except it's updated for 2012 with every feature you could ever dream of. The included sounds are good ESPECIALLY the new beatbox anthology. It;s amazing. Just buy it right now.

  • a. ford
    from usa April 9, 2012

    MOTU BPM 1.5

    Great easy to use!!!!!

  • William Gilbert
    from Memphis, TN March 8, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician


    I have been using BPM for over six months now and I am very impressed with the software and sound library. There are sooo many sounds including synths, strings, guitar, bass, drums, etc. I also have MSI (made by Motu) so I can import the sounds into BPM and use the sequencer to fit it perfectly into the song. It also comes with effects and it's own mix board so you can mix on your beat before you ever get it into a DAW. It is easy to use and will inspire your creativity.

  • Redlion Productionz
    from Louisville Kentucky February 26, 2011Music Background:
    Producer, Singer


    First, here's what I'm using with BPM. I have an Akai MPD 32, Yamaha KX 61 controller, and a Macbook Pro.

    Now on to BPM. I originally had version 1.04 and upgraded to 1.5 with the courtesy upgrade. With 1.5 you get the beatbox anthology which costs $149 by itself. Value!! Now 1.5 allows me to use my MPD 32 to control tons of parameters like effects and filter automation. Almost everything can be midi mapped in the software even navigation of the sound browser.

    The sounds are very good. What's great though is that you can drag and drop sounds to the pads. I have tons of drum samples that i like to use to add a different feel to the preset patterns. I can even drop loops into an instrument rack and it slices it automatically to play on point at any tempo. I can take those slices and automap it to the pads as well. FLEXIBLE!!

    The effects can be assigned to a pad, track, bank, and master output. The effects are really nice! Definately really nice reverb! Then to add grit BPM has that SP-1200 emulation too.

    This is gonna be my go to software for drums and whole lot more since you can use any of the UVI soundcards (expansions) within BPM. I'm putting tracks together faster than ever before.

  • DJ Dean O Browne
    from New Bedford, MA USA August 5, 2010Music Background:
    Hip Hop DJ, Emcee, Producer & Activist

    Feeling It!

    I like this software alot for my drums and samples. my sales engineer Derek told me I was gonna like this one. Its real easy to use if you have ever played around with any high grade sampler/sequncer. The sounds that come with the software are pretty good, I rather use my own samples and sounds. The sequencer for BPM is on point and with the new BPM 1.5, there is even more drums and editing options. Keep it up MOTU!

  • K.E.V.
    from little Rock AR August 7, 2009Music Background:
    Fulltime Recording Engineer/Music Producer

    Great for Hip Hop!!

    This thing is Stupid! I mean that in a Good Way! I had a problem with it loading at first.It said that libsndfile-1 was missing but i found it on the internet and wah-lah. Sounds are GRRREEAAT for hip hop. I used a mpc and this thing comes close. Thanx Motu. Finnally i can say money well spend for a software product besides for pro tools.

  • Michael
    from Athens GA February 27, 2009Music Background:

    BPM is tight!

    To start with, if MOTU will really listen to their customers on this product, it could very well be the ultimate MPC crossbreed. The only thing really holding it back right now is some simple timing issues that need to be resolved to open up odd timing signatures. Other than that, this thing has pretty much got me sold on beatmaking all within the pc.

    One of the coolest things about BPM is the rack module. It allows you to play piano roll notes with any sampled instrument of choice (your own samples or ones that come with BPM). This helps to keep your instrument tracks separate from your drum tracks. It's like having a complete daw right in front of you and at your fingertips.

    One of the coolest things I did with this bad boy was to get the AKAI MPD32 controller for it. When I first paired the two together, I was a bit frustrated with the fact that it wouldn't map correctly to what BPM had as their drum layouts. But I discovered from others in forums that I had to map my own notes (tapping on the MPD, looking at which note was striking the pad in correlation with BPM. I have to admit it was a somewhat tideious amount of work, but once your familiar with the MPD, you'll blaze right through it -- and here's why you'll want to do so as well...

    Well the whole mapping thing got me kinda frazzled, but it ended up paying off because of an idea that came to me. You see, I don't own a midi keyboard and probably won't ever, but I needed a way to play the rack module with all those keys...

    So, what I did is create about 7 or 8 templates covering each key range in the rack module, tediously mapping for at least 30 minutes...

    But once I was done, it payed off big time because now at the twist of a knob (Generic setting 20, Generic setting 21, and so on...) I've got access to the entire key range of the rack module. Here's what I mean by this...

    This means that I can play any one sound through all the octaves on my MPD...it's like having autochrmatic on the MPC but on steroids because of how fast you can access the mappings. And if anyone out there knows about autochromatic on the MPC, you know that you can never play off tune because everything is in key. You can't go wrong.

    This feature alone makes the bpm worth it to me because I can now play the MPD32 both like a keyboard and drum machine built into one!

    And like I said earlier, if MOTU follows up with their customers requests on this thing, advancing some of the timing features, this is going to be one piece of software to really start changing how music is made on the pc as far as workflow is concerned.

    Great work MOTU!

  • 7 Days
    from Minnetonka, MN February 21, 2009Music Background:
    Music Producer

    BPM is Super Nice !!!

    Before I brought this, I had read some user comments saying that the bpm didn't work and that they wanted to take it back to the store. Well I brought it anyway and had no problem installing it. I really love the bpm, its the fastest way to get my drums down. I use it stand alone and as a plug-in in Sonar 7 and it worked just fine.

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