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DigiTech BP355 Bass Multi-FX Pedal with USB Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Central IL. March 10, 2017

    Effects that affect...

    Love this all in one multi effects. I can get any sound I can imagine out of it. Built solid and easy to use is a huge bonus. I like alot of bass players thought effects isn't necessary but after getting this it adds so much more to getting that right sound in my cover band.

  • from October 13, 2016

    Great on electric guitar, not just bass!

    I recently purchased a bass guitar, and found that I needed more signal gain. So, having already purchased a Digitech RP355 for my electric guitar (and loving it) I decided to get Digitech's bass pedal. The BP355 has the exact same chassis as the RP355. It also has many of the same amp & cabinet models, distortion modules, and effects as the RP355. I have actually started using it on my guitar, as I can usually replicate most of my settings on my RP355. The unit is very, very tweak-able. Fantastic pedal for bass, and electric guitar Get it!

  • from Ohio August 8, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Engineer in training and Session Bass player.

    Nice unit!

    I'll say at the beginning that I didn't personally purchase this pedal from Sweetwater. I received one as a gift last year from a friend and fellow bass player. While this unit takes a little getting used to in order to fully learn all it's functions, it's truly a bass players dream come true!

    There are tons of presets that sound really good. Your could play for hours or days without ever needing to edit anything. When your ready to come up with your own sounds, man oh man are there the options! The drum machine is a nice touch (and surprisingly doesn't sound too bad) and the unit is built pretty rugged.

    It's stood up to a few gigs with no issues. It's darn near silent as far as the noise floor is concerned. You will appreciate this if you use yours in the studio. (Just try chaining the equivalent amount of analog effects this unit offers and see how much noise you have to deal with!)

    My only dislikes about this unit are as follows:

    1. The power adapter connection is a bit on the fragile side. Mine hasn't failed (yet) but something more sturdy should be designed from DigiTech on future units.

    2. The Wah effect didn't seem to be that pronounced no matter how I set it. While "there" it left me wanting.

    3. If your using this in the studio I'd recommend recording your bass through a good outboard preamp/DI and patch the effects in after. The onboard preamp, while good, isn't as good as a outboard pre. This won't be a issue live though.

    4. The cab sims. While good they are not great. (I wouldn't expect them to be great at this price point.) Get a Torpedo Live/Studio unit from Two Notes for the cab sims if you really need them.

    5. The tuner on my unit is a bit finicky. Sometimes it shows my tuning as being way off. When I check my basses on two other tuners they both show the tuning is fine and so do my ears. If I back out of the tuner menu and go back in, it works right for a while and does the same thing again. Maybe my unit is messed up. I don't know.

    Overall, despite the few small issues I listed above, this is a really great unit with some great sounds and for the money, it's really going to be hard to beat it! All in all knowing what I know after having this unit for a year I'd buy it again.

  • from Washington DC July 19, 2016Music Background:
    R&B / Contemporary Jazz / Motown, etc

    Great Piece of Gear

    I've had this for a number of years now and still use it just about every gig. Great to be able to interface with a computer and dial in your presets for your own tastes. There are more than enough stock presets that you can tweak to fit your playing style (more than you'll really ever use). Everything you want and need for live, practice, or recording situations. Only thing missing is perhaps to have an 12AX-7 tube in it to give it that tube warmth. Digitech has done such a good job on this product that they have yet to come out with the next generation bass multi FX pedal!

  • from Sparta March 14, 2016

    I like it

    Nice pedal. Many good options. Very good pedal for beginners and intermediate players. I'm familiar with Digitech RP models for guitar so this came easy. My first one was buggy but Sweetwater was great about a replacement and the 2nd one is rock solid (so far). I've owned the 2nd one about a month now. I'm a beginning bassist so my perspective is from a newbie but I like many of the tonal options.

  • from Pennsylvania April 29, 2015Music Background:
    Hard rock/metal

    Great Pedal! Ignore the negative

    Nevermind the negative reviews saying "it takes too long to program". It's lies, lies I say. When creating your own sounds, it actually involved simply just going through the effects (bypass the eq if you have a decent amp) and sculpting them as you would a 3 or 4 dial stomp box pedal. If you can play bass, then I'm sure you can read and it comes with a booklet that dives into more precise tone sculpting capabilities. The drum machine is decent as well.

  • from United States January 17, 2014Music Background:

    Nice piece of gear!

    I bought this for my Dad who'd recently started playing bass. I own an RP1000 guitar multi-fx unit and knew from experience that Digitech units were well made, durable and offered a lot of usable features, so really, the quality and usefulness of this thing were no surprise.

    What was a surprise was how much my Dad loved the unit and because of that, he's been playing and practicing more, and the aux- and headphone jacks mean that he can learn by playing along to his favorite records, the tunes that made him want to play in the first place.

    I can't speak to the quality of the patches or ease of use firsthand, but my Dad is a complete novice, and this thing makes him want to play more. All the time in fact. Every time I call him, he's playing.

    Any piece of kit that makes you want to play more is a good purchase, IMHO.

    And of course, the Sweetwater staff are the best in the industry. My Sales Engineer was out of the office, but another staff member took great care of me.

  • from Burlington, N.C. January 8, 2013Music Background:
    Berklee student for over three years; 30-40 yrs. on road, live!

    Good product, difficult operation

    I had used the BP200 for about 8 years so I was somewhat expecting difficulty in operating the device. The tech support with DigiTech is excellent in that they get back to you promptly and have been able to solve all of my issues! My only problem with the pedal is the complexity of the manual. I mean, I have been around the performing side for over 40 years and have a pretty good grasp on most audio systems, etc. However, this manual assumes you have a very thorough knowledge of audio and the terminology is beyond my capabilities. I have inquired about addtional support for this pedal but that seems to be limited to seminars conducted at misc. music stores around the country. My methods are simply hit and miss and when I back myself into a corner, I call DigiTech to get me back to square one! The sound and effects are very impressive through headphones but I have yet to transfer them to a live amp situation.

  • from olympia, Wa USA December 11, 2012Music Background:

    DigiTech BP355 not just another B-pedal

    DigiTech BP355 has all of the pro and beginners covered with tone library you have 30 tones and effect library you also can select from 30 different effect chains which can be edited and placed in your own user. the sound tones that you can come up with seem endless I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you Sweetwater for your great service. T.R.H

  • from Antioch,Tn USA December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Bass player


    Great price,great pedal,GREAT service.Sales engineer Wes is great at answering questions.(I'll probably be bugging him with more,as I've also purchased a Tascam 4-tk digirecorder....)

  • from central NY March 11, 2012Music Background:
    Still Learning

    Better than expected !!!!

    I have had this Bass Multi-effects Pedal for a couple of months now and I still have not used all of the features. It is everything that I was looking for and more, way more. The price from Sweetwater.com was excellent.

  • from NJ October 11, 2011Music Background:
    Band Member

    Versatile Unit for the Money

    Bought the BP355 from Sweetwater Online, and it showed up at the door 2 days later. I have had the pedal for a month now.

    As soon as you power it up there are 70 effects just a pedal click away. Some of the effects, Fish for example, sound pretty ridiculous so I just modified them to my liking. The expression pedal is very sturdy even in a gig. My only critique of the effects is that the wah is pretty weak and the distortion effects lack variety. The octave effect is probably my favorite.

    For 199.95 this pedal is a solid addition to your bass playing. My band plays songs from pretty much every genre and the ability to switch between any type of sound is incredibly useful. If you don't want to blow a thousand dollars on stompboxes, then the BP355 is definitely the thing for you.

    1 month and 2 gigs later I am very satisfied with this equipment. The interface is easy to use, the effects range from decent to exceptional, and it works great with both my active and passive basses. The tone, range, and simplicity make this a very versatile unit for the money.

  • from Washington DC metro January 25, 2011Music Background:
    Bassist, guitarist, semi-pro musician. R&B, funk, soul, jazz

    So Far So Good

    Just got this recently. The effects are great, easy to edit, and performs very well for live applications. Only complaint is that the "envelope" effect is weak for bass (no presence) and probably more suitable for guitar. However, there is a second type of envelope filter effect that 's smoking for a bass. It's seem to be all about tweaking things to one's liking. Soon I will get into the recording aspects which may take a litte time to tweak.

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