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TC Electronic BMC-2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Los Angeles December 11, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Video Editor

    Versatile Monitor Controller

    I own three of these - for my video editing workstation, my composition station, and another for live music. Using the digital optical output of the Mac allows you to eliminate grounding problems and benefit from the device's re-clocking/jitter reduction. To interface with higher end audio interfaces with AES/EBU, Hosa makes an AES/EBU to toslink converter that works well.

    For video editing:
    Provides crystal clear output to my near field speakers and the ability to cut, dim (loud b-roll) and set a reference mix level is amazing. When leveling my dialogue, I can always use the reference level to make sure the whole piece is consistent without worrying where the monitor knob was last set. When my producer starts gabbing on the phone, I can quickly cut the speakers and pickup on the headphones which also have a separate reference level setting. Overall, a solid value with great clarity.

    For music/sound mixing:
    The same features outlined above are incredibly useful for mixing. The small size of the controller makes it a great way to interface with your big clunky rack mounted audio interface. It fits nicely on my crowded desk. The D/A conversion is stellar and provides a wide stereo soundstage to work with.

    As a Direct Box:
    I play keys in band using MainStage as my sound module.Connected to my Macbook Pro's digital output, I use the BMC-2's XLR outputs to feed my keyboard amp/PA and then use the headphone output as an additional output for my in-ear monitoring system. It ensures the sound guy is getting a high quality, hum-free signal without having an external sound card to worry about. Also, when I need to "goose" my lead sounds, its nice to have a big fat monitor knob to do so - the level control makes this better than using a traditional direct box.

    Used almost everyday for over 2 years, none of the controllers have had any issues.

  • from NYC April 16, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Outstanding D/A for the price

    I love simple, high-quality gear that does exactly what it's supposed to with no frills. If you want a great D/A and monitor control, this is great. Preamps in both the monitor control knob and headphone amp are both excellent, and function very linearly in extreme ranges (very quiet & at the high end of the range). There's no extra features in this box, so if you're looking for monitor switching, handling additional analog inputs, or talkback, this isn't for you.

  • from Saint Paul, MN USA March 24, 2010Music Background:

    Accurate sound, classy-looking, and no drivers to contend with

    Purchased as a replacement for the built-in audio output of an Intel iMac (2007) to use with Logic Studio monitoring and general purpose playback. Connected via optical Toslink using the iMac's combination audio port and running to a pair of Dynaudio BM5a loudspeakers.

    For the longest time, I was unconvinced that this unit or any unit could greatly improve the output of the built-in sound, as the nominal specifications of both are quite close, and I liked how the iMac sounded at the time.

    I suppose you could say, I didn't rightly know what I was getting into! After hooking the BMC-2 up and listening, it was immediately apparent that this device provides greatly reduced distortion, which results in improved dynamic range and huge sound-staging. For my ears, it was a vast improvement over the on-board audio. It was obvious that I had been listening through an inferior pre-amp. Big improvement; big wow-factor--and this was in the first few minutes. I have yet to log many hours listening.

    It is easy to configure the device as there are no drivers. Just set 44.1 or 48 in "Audio Midi Setup" (for OS X).

    At this point, with nice monitors and the BMC-2, I feel like have have completely transparent playback of digital audio!

    I suppose it would be nice if the unit did have USB or firewire connections, but then again, it would need a driver. And it is so nice not to need a driver.

  • from Los Angeles, CA. March 4, 2010Music Background:
    20 Year Pro Recording Engineer

    TC Electronic BMC-2 Hard to Beat For This Price

    This unit has excellent sound. Pro design overall while keeping costs down. You won't find a monitor controller that sounds as good as this one for anything near this inexpensive or even triple the price. The volume control is large enough, feels pro, and works well with good left to right imaging. The switches are a little small and the mono compatability switch needs to be pushed twice to go from mono back to stereo. Limited I/O flexibility. I would like to see an analog input, an AES/EBU input as well as an additional analog speaker output., but then the unit may be too small for all that. The headphone jack needs to be on the top or on the side, not the rear. Otherwise, this is the best deal in town. I would have given a full 5 stars if it wasn't for some of the less flexible features. The sound of the DA converter is WOW, especially for the money.

  • from August 21, 2013Music Background:
    recording enigneer

    nice tool

    sounds great! it's a major step forward in comparison to the rme ff800 d/a converters. separated buttons for mono and sides on another position (sometimes you accidently move the volume knob) would make this thing perfect.

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