Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular 4075 Eurorack Filter

12HP Eurorack-format Modular 24dB/octave Lowpass Ladder Filter with 7 Patch Points and Full/Half Track Switch
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Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular 4075 Eurorack Filter image 1
Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular 4075 Eurorack Filter image 1
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Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular 4075 Eurorack Filter
Special Order

Vintage ARP Filter Tone!

If you dig the sound of the classic ARP 4072 4-pole 24dB/octave lowpass filter, then this Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular 4075 filter module belongs in your Eurorack synth rig. Just shy of rude and delightfully aggressive, the Boomstar Modular 4075 embraces the hard edge of square waves and carves out sonic space in a way that basslines gritty and leads catch fire. Sweetwater synth gurus love pushing this filter to the limits, where self-oscillation bubbles over into a tirade of squeals and sonic booms. If you want freakishly aggressive filter action, then you want a Boomstar Modular 4075.

Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular 4075 Eurorack Filter Module Features:
  • An ARP-style 24dB/octave lowpass ladder filter for your Eurorack-based modular analog synthesizer
  • Aggressive sound goes from slightly rude to self-oscillating insanity
  • Seven patch points provide extensive modulation and manipulation options
  • Frequency and resonance attenuators let you dial in your sound
  • Classic full/half filter frequency keyboard/voltage switch offers multiple ranges of control
Go off the deep end with the Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular 4075 Eurorack filter module!

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Tech Specs

Type Voltage controlled low-pass Filter
Sound Engine Type(s) Analog
Modular Yes
Frequency Controls Frequency Cut-off, Resonance filter, Frequency control voltage, Resonance control voltage, Full/Half voltage tracking switch
Analog Inputs 1 x 1/8"
Analog Outputs 2 x 1/8"
Other I/O 2 x Control Voltage In, 2 x Frequency Control Voltage, Resonance Control Voltage
HP Size 12hp
Power Usage 27mA-34mA (±12V DC)
Power Supply Requires Eurorack power supply
Manufacturer Part Number 4075

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Why Studio Electronics is Worth the Extra Money

In terms of filters, SE is kinda pricey, especially when compared to the output of Doepfer and small independent companies like Uoki-Toki. In this case, you most certainly get what you pay for, though. When I traded out my fixed-architecture synths for modular last year, I was reluctant to let my Boomstar 4075 go, but when I found out the 4075 was available as a filter, I wasn't too miffed about it. In typical Arp tradition, the 4075 is warm and buttery. The resonance screams, and overdriving the input makes for this nice wooly tone reminiscent of a Moog Ladder. It's a great filter with a ton of modulation options. It's big and burly for bass and it screams angrily at leads, but it can be toned down for building string and pad sounds. But what really makes it worth more is the customer service. Since this was early on in my modular journey, I made the dreaded mistake of flipping the power cable upside down in my unkeyed Doepfer power supply. The smell was awful, but knowing I had just annihilated one of my favorite filters was even worse. This was at a time when my funds were limited, so replacing it wasn't an immediate option. So, I reached out to Marc in hopes of getting it repaired. I told him I goofed and he offered to repair it for me. You know how much this repair cost me? Shipping and beer money. That's it.
Music background: Noise Maker
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