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Dynaudio BM15A 10" Powered Studio Monitor (Left Side) Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Dynaudio BM15A 10" Powered Studio Monitor (Left Side)?

Questions about the Dynaudio BM15A 10" Powered Studio Monitor (Left Side)?

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  • from Doylestown, PA February 24, 2011Music Background:
    Studio Owner, Recording/Live Engineer, Producer, Musician

    Professional Monitors!

    I have had these monitors since 2003 and I love them to death. When I chose them it was in a shootout with 7 other very popular brands (ADAMS, Genelec, Mackie, etc), and it was not even close. The most important plus of these speakers to me is the phase-aligned crossover. Most speakers seem to have their tweeters designed on Mars and woofers on Venus and then have a hell of a time making them play well together resulting in a cloudy, phasey crossover right in the most critical frequency band for music. Dynaudio, more than any other company I've seen, went to great lengths to use similar materials and design both components to seamlessly work together from the inception of the design.

    It's easy to get blown away by ribbon tweeters but what at first seems like a less articulate top end on the Dyns is actually a more true-to-life, unfatiguing top that blends effortlessly with the woofer giving you a much more accurate imagine overall.

    I only have one reservation in recommending them, and it's a big one. These speakers are really mid-field, not nearfield. They're big and loud and they fill whatever room they are in. That means you ARE going to hear your room for better or worse. If you are not working in a professionally designed room, then I would suggest going for the smaller BM6A along with a sub. In a good control room the BM15a don't really need a sub unless you're working on hip hop. I've found that to really get the low end accurate in my less-than pro designed room that I needed an acoustic correction system. I went with the KRK ERGO. The combination of the ERGO and the BM15a is phenomenal, but it's an expense to factor in.

    That caveat notwithstanding, I can work on these speakers all day/night and feel great and the work is fun, unlike some speakers that are "flat" to the point of not sounding pleasant.

  • from Levittown Puerto Rico February 18, 2011Music Background:
    Sound Engenier

    The Best world Monitor/ i strongly recomend

    I`m from Sonux Studios Of Puerto Rico.
    We often recording latin Music, Merengue, Salsa & Bachata.
    After i used for long time the event precision 8, i heard this monitor and is incredible how much can change the final mixing a good monitor.
    every thing in this monitor is hi quality, the center sound, bass and hi, are the best you can buy today, even compared with Genelec this is better sound by far.

  • from Tortola British Virgin Islands May 12, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,Sound Engineer

    Dont Sit To Close To These They Will Blow You Away

    Before these i was using the mackie hr 6.9" monitors they are great but i wanted a bigger sound in the studio my mixes were great but not in the low end the first day i hook these up i put on some rap pop and r&b stuff man i nearly was blow away the kind of sound was coming out of them monitors the bass was just up in your face the mids was like yes am home and the highs was just want i wanted am happy with these dynaudio bm 15a now when i produce my music people are coming to me asking where did you mix that song blame it on the dynaudio bm 15a need that up in your face sound get these please why wait another day.

  • from Melbourne, Australia January 27, 2009Music Background:
    DJ/MC/Live dhol drummer/Music Producer

    Superb sound, low fatigue!

    I'm a dance music producer and recently upgraded to these from the Dynaudio BM5a's.

    I'm very happy with the sound, I can now really feel the music and bass and crank them up loud when required without ear fatigue. I highly recommend this product and Dynaudio studio monitors in general.

  • from NY NY March 22, 2008Music Background:
    pro composer/producer 20+ yeaars

    The class of near-midfield monitors

    The day I ditched my Tannoys (which I loved, by the way) for the 15As was a revelation. First thing - I reviewed some of my favorite mixes. Wow. I heard little problems with the mixes - small bits of distortion or noise I had never heard before. No such problems now! These babies will keep you honest. Plus, there's none of the feel-good hype I associate with Genelecs. Just brutal honesty. And the low end is amazing.

    GO for it.

  • from RI May 7, 2016

    Missing piece of the puzzle

    My setup is an UAD Apollo, Antelope Isochrone OCX clock with the Dangerous Music D-Box. I already purchase the isoacoustic stands for my old Mackie 824's and the room is treated.

    I instantly noticed more detailed midrange and silky high-end. Originally my center was smeared and it was hard to hear the position. The center vocal now is clear and my stereo field is more pronounced. Reverb decay is clear and I now hear small details in the mix.

    It seems the Dynaudio BM 15A don't get a lot of attention... Focal is the most desired speaker in this price range. I've heard the Focals and they sound beautiful, but I didn't have enough $$ to purchase the Twins, so I decided to try the BM 15's.

    I did my homework for months and drove myself insane.. The BM 15's fit my studio and my taste perfectly. There's a reason why these speakers have been around for so long.

  • from Big Top Chautauqua Recording Engineer, Bayfield, Wisconsin May 2, 2006

    Dyne Audio BM15A Powered Monitors

    I've had the pleasure of using the BM 15A's for 2 years now as Recording Engineer for Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua's nationally syndicated radio program - TENT SHOW RADIO. I record up to five live shows a week all summer long - (for over 12 years now)- and listening fatigue can be a problem with inferior, harsh, or strident monitors. The BM15A's have the smooth and accurate sound I'm looking for and still sound sweet at the end of the night whether I'm recording rock, blues, jazz, country or bluegrass. The imaging is fantastic and post production is minimal due to their accuracy (even when mixing at fairly loud levels). I highly recommend them for near to medium field monitors and wonder how I ever lived with out them.

Questions about the Dynaudio BM15A 10" Powered Studio Monitor (Left Side)?

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