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Schecter BlackJack SLS Avenger with Floyd Rose and Sustaniac - Aquaburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Schecter BlackJack SLS Avenger with Floyd Rose and Sustaniac - Aquaburst?

Questions about the Schecter BlackJack SLS Avenger with Floyd Rose and Sustaniac - Aquaburst?

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  • from Indiana, USA August 22, 2016

    All Around Amazing

    If you're looking for an Avenger, this is the one to get. Absolutely stunning guitar. The satin finish on the back of the neck gives a whole new fluidity to any slides. Pairing the Floyd Rose and Sustainiac is one of the best things, able to add nice touches to any solo. The set neck w/ ultra access makes your shredding reaching all the way to 24. Cosmetically, pictures don't do this guitar any justice. The aquaburst is so responsive to lighting, from the blue becoming really deep, to the green taking the attention by becoming extremely vibrant. The only maintenance that is necessary is softening up the satin finish on the neck, which is easily done by applying a decent amount of pressure while rubbing it with a clean soft t-shirt or other cloth. The only downside is that you can't play it 24/7.

  • from Surrey, BC July 21, 2016Music Background:
    Web performer

    Just get to know what is a great metal guitar

    Even through I have not touched with metal before, but this guitar has take me into the field. I have to say Schecter Blackjack SLS will be the perfect guitar you want to have for your performance, people will get rocked. If you are an experienced guitar player already you would like to have this guitar just for how great looking it is.

  • from Alexander, AR March 27, 2014Music Background:
    16+ years of playing guitar, singing, writing, recording, playing in local bands

    Schecter hit a home run with this model

    Where do I start? Just look at this thing. It looks awesome! I also own a USA Custom shop BC RICH Supreme Quilt Top Mockingbird, a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Premium Plus, and a USA Jackson Kelly and I proudly display this guitar on my wall with them. However, this guitar doesn't stay on my wall. I love playing this axe. The Sustaniac is awesome (like having an E-Bow Plus built into the guitar). The Floyd Rose 1000 Tremolo does flutters, dives, and pulls as good or better than the German Made Floyd Originals on my Jackson and Charvel guitars. The neck feels really good. It basically feels like a happy medium between the Les Paul and the Jackson necks but the satin finish makes it feel very smooth. The sustain of this guitar without using the sustainiac just blew me away. It's very solid and has quickly become one of my favorite guitars. If they made a 7 string version of this guitar, I would buy it in a second. I also have the Schecter C7 SLS that I purchased from Sweetwater. It's great too but I love using a Floyd Rose (and now I also love using a Sustainiac).

  • from OH July 8, 2016

    Just a beautiful guitar!

    Good weight, fast neck, beautiful details and strong value for the price. Unlike any other guitar I own and the last electric I am likely to buy for a few years (I have 6) but here is the low down. The guitar will need a professional set-up. Between the sustainiac, floyd-rose, neck pick-up and overall action I guarantee the factory set-up, even from Sweetwater where I purchased mine, will be sorely lacking. I had the action lowered, .009 strings added, intonation set and a good extended check-up by a pro. Plays so much better than out of the box. Still don't know what I am doing with the sustainiac seems more of a gimmick and is the only part of the guitar that seems cheap.
    I will say this is even better looking in real life as opposed to pictures.

Questions about the Schecter BlackJack SLS Avenger with Floyd Rose and Sustaniac - Aquaburst?

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