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TC Electronic BG250-210 - 2x10" 250-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the TC Electronic BG250-210 - 2x10" 250-Watt Bass Combo?

Questions about the TC Electronic BG250-210 - 2x10" 250-Watt Bass Combo?

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  • Phil
    from Massachusetts December 21, 2015


    Sounds much bigger than 250w coming out of 2, 10 inch speakers. Easy to dial in your sound. Sounds great with any style of music, I need that divereresity. Love the shape and portability. Cool on board tuner, aux, and headphone input. Haven't had it long, haven't uploaded any of the available sounds yet....... It might not be necessary, but being able to add another speaker ( extension ) might have been nice. But we are talking portability here. Would've been great to have a cover for it to protect against nix and dings..... Anyway I love this amp!

  • JB Smith
    from Dallas, TX February 6, 2014Music Background:
    Working pro

    BG250-210 A WINNER

    The idea of buying a bass guitar or amp on-line, even if you are familiar with the make/model, always seemed so ridiculous to me that even discussion of the subject, seemed silly; too many variables, too much to could go wrong.... But times change and astoundingly I've purchased both recently, without so as much as visiting the prospective purchase at my local music store; such is the power of user reviews and You Tube demos. Outfits like Zzounds, with their free shipping and hassle-free returns seal the deal... And so it was, again, with this SWEET little combo. Let's face it, every manufacturer is going to say their amp or whatever sounds great, but with so much more to go on now, I felt pretty good about this purchase even before it showed-up at my door yesterday. What a great time to be a musician! This thing sounds so good, is built so well, and sports so many impossibly amazing "star wars" like features to sculpt sound, I predict it will become a classic. TC's BG250-210 so reasonably priced for what you get, that nothing even comes close. The tried and true classics aren't so much sold as held for ransom these days ( read Ampeg). If you are in the market for serious bass amplification, TC now has to be part of the discussion ; and this high-end combo should top any serious list of finalists.

  • Wyatt
    from WV January 23, 2015Music Background:
    Bass moderate

    Good amp but different

    This amp is very simple and works very well for my needs as a bass player in a medium sized church. The amp is able to give a lot of slap and good picked tones but gets a little muddy when the bass passes 3

    This amp replaced an old fender bassman and I do not miss a single thing about the bassman.

  • prgardner
    from long island, ny April 20, 2014Music Background:
    60s/70s soul, r&b, motown, blues, rock & reggae

    tc electronic bg 250-2x10 bass combo

    i've only had it a few weeks and played a few gigs with it but i'm happy with it so far. it has a "thunderous" sound and it can really "growl" down in the basement when needed. i also like the light weight & simplicity because i play w/o any effects, just need volume, bass, mids & treble. i'll let you know again after the summer when my season slows down and i've run it thru the mill a few times.

  • Steve Cherne
    from Detroit, MI November 17, 2013Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Simplicity for Club Gigs and Rehearsals

    Everything you need for club gigs and rehearsals are all contained in this combo amplifier. Straightforward controls for gain and master volume, a "smart" 3 band EQ, and built-in effects and tuner. You can choose the two types of effects and load them into the amp with TC Electronics's "Toneprint" technology. With the optional footswitch you can turn the effects on and off and mute the output (while tuning) with your feet, leaving your hands free for playing. 250 watts is enough power for practice and smaller stages, with a built-in Direct Out to connect to PAs for larger gigs. And the tone is great!
    My signal path is simple: Bass > Cable > Amp. No more outboard gear and additional cables to add extra noise. At 44 pounds, this combo is easily half the weight of my previous amp - which was on wheels (wheels are handy for pavement, not so much for stairs).
    Professional players may miss such extras as a ground lift on the D.I, an effects loop, or external speaker jacks. But club players will recognize the ease of a single trip to load in and load out - bass in one hand, the amp in the other.
    Sounds Good - Easy to Use - Easy to Move.

  • Les Warren
    from Smithville, Texas March 24, 2017Music Background:

    Okay amp but didn't last

    I was a bit underwhelmed by this amp when I got it. It sounded okay.Just not a lot of presence. Good enough for a practice amp. I like that it has a headphone out and aux in - that's handy for learning new songs. I took it on one gig and it quit on me. Wouldn't power up at all. Fortunately Sweetwater will cover the repair under their warranty. I will have to pay shipping both ways, which for a 70 lb package is not going to be cheap. I have been regretting making this purchase.

Questions about the TC Electronic BG250-210 - 2x10" 250-Watt Bass Combo?

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